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Sarah Palin Calls For Impeachment of Supreme Court Justices

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

WASILLA, Alaska – Moments after the Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to same sex marriage, former Fox News commentator Sarah Palin called for the “full and unconditional impeachment of the Supreme Court which voted in favor of non traditional marriage in its various forms across our great nation.”

Palin, a longtime staunch defender of traditional marriage, made her comments in a prepared statement from her home studio. The former Alaska Governor actually did not specifically name the Justices who voted in dissent, and even suggested that the entire court “start over from scratch” to restore the “original values and principles set down by our Founding Fathers and patriotic ancestors.”

It is not clear if Palin’s studio statement about the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage was viewed or recorded, because Fox News declined to renew Palin’s contract as political commentator on June 1. No live broadcast facilities or satellite capabilities were “on-line” during her announcement from the darkened studio, say Fox News sources.

Suggesting that her words and the core beliefs of conservatives across the nation “will fall on deaf ears” – a slightly veiled jab at President Obama – Palin remarked that the efforts of traditional family value supporters will “probably not even make it over the White House fence“, alluding to a series of recent and embarrassing Secret Service blunders during Obama’s term.

Palin, 58, is not the only family member making headlines these days. The former vice presidential candidate’s oldest daughter Bristle, recently announced her second out-of-wedlock pregnancy; news greeted with harsh reaction from many people who felt the birth announcement via blog was less than celebratory, quoting the expectant mother’s own words: “a huge disappointment.”

A handwritten statement by Palin, left on her front lawn for members of the press, concluded with “dire words of future warning” for traditional American values:

“It is the continuing agenda of the Obama administration, and the lack of veto power shown by the members of The Court, once again led by Chief Justice Roberts who disappointed conservatives once before by voting for the Obamacare individual mandate. The further eroding of the once great strides that have guided us throughout this great nation’s history, with Mama grizzlies and ordinary women and men in the real America taking back our government in 2016 and the core principle values that have been trampled today in their memories footsteps is a watershed event.”

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31 Responses to "Sarah Palin Calls For Impeachment of Supreme Court Justices"

  1. Rob says:

    For once I agree with SP. Start from scratch, and then Obama can appoint 9 new justices.

    • Yes, Rob, it’s akin to her holding up the “I’m Ready For Hillary” sticker which backfired and made her a co-chair of a Hillary Clinton PAC after she raised $25K for the PAC!

    • Lynda Pesquera says:

      Don’t throw out the Baby with the bathwater. Don’t punish the whole class for the errors of a few. I love Justice Scalia’s scathing rebuttal to the majority decision. Remember who has the power to replace all those justices. It is the president and the government body who we already disagree with.

      • Pat says:

        Scalia would be safe from impeachment, he followed the Constitution in his ruing. Only the Judges who violated their oaths by legislating from the bench would be impeached.

    • Pat says:

      No, we just impeach the SCOTUS members who violated the Constitution and it’s an equal exchange. Yes, Obama can replace the 5 offending judges but they are checked by the invalidation of Obama-Care and Gay Marriage rulings and impeachment of their predecessors.

  2. Paula Ann McCabe says:

    Why is it that everyone who doesn’t agree has an “agenda”. It’s like code for “diabolical conspiracy”.

  3. Caleb says:

    With her daughter carrying her second illegitimate, seems she has bigger things to worry about.

  4. Greg Larkin says:

    Bristle. Seriously.

  5. John Donaldson says:

    Sarah just needs to make sure her daughters legs stay closed until she is married.

  6. American says:

    Seriously? Impeach them because you don’t agree with the decision? That’s like asking to impeach the judges because they passed the 19th amendment and you’re a man and don’t agree that women should vote. But hey she’s a woman, and if more man decided not to pass that amendment, she wouldn’t even be up there, would she? She makes no sense.

  7. Allan says:

    Sarah.. Why don’t you take the time to stick a plug in Bristol’s fun box. you’d be more successful at that then impeachment of SCOTUS justices. Love is Love… no matter who it’s between. GET USED TO IT!

  8. FRANK C says:

    Sarah can’t keep her mouth shut and Bristle can’t keep her legs shut!

  9. Dylan says:

    Didn’t Obama announce that he supported gay marriage last Wednesday?

    He’s probably going to support this change as well so he can win an re-election.

    • Michael Krolewski says:

      Obama stated official support in May 2012. Not last wednesday.

    • Dennis says:

      Apparently having failed Middle School government you don’t know Obama can’t run for a 3rd term.

      • Dennis,

        Someone should tell “o”bama that.

        • Selena says:

          What dealings have gone on to prove to me that behind the scenes laws haven’t been passed to extend the term limits to three terms or maybe more? All sorts of hints were dropped even as far back as when Hillary Clinton was first lady and said that she admired Eleanor Roosevelt who was in the White House for more than three terms, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that kind of deal is worked out in case Obama isn’t re-elected by a surprise new executive order or if Hillary Clinton does get in, she can always choose Obama for a running mate or another high position to put him in line for the presidency once again.
          She paid her dues as Secretary of State but still can’t go against him because if she does, then there go her chances to be a Supreme Court Judge which she probably wants to be anyway, or even Bill Clinton who could become eligible.
          It’s a win win for the Clintons even if she loses which looks like it will happen because Bernie Sanders will be a vote splitter just like Ralph Nader was with Al Gore but no one remembers that!

          • Tryptan Felle says:

            This site is a joke. This is a fact they attempt to conceal in two ways: (1) by not allowing comments such as this one to be posted so as to alert anyone of the truth; and (2) by writing badly. The owners of this site, rather than try to illuminate through insightful commentary enjoy making fun of their readers (i.e., you all). The more you buy into this site’s nonsense, the more foolish you look and the happier the editors of this site are.

            Undoubtedly, I cannot be the only person to have noticed that this site is utter garbage. How many comments that might have alerted you, dear reader, to the fact that you’d arrived on a gossip rag-site have been withheld or deleted in moderation? Instead you came here because someone posted a link on their timeline that you followed. You haven’t been to the front page of this site to see the article about Trump being named goodwill ambassador to Mexico. You haven’t seen the article about Aaliyah being frontrunner to be put on the $10 bill. And so you comment as if this article were legit, because as a worthy news site it fails. It is entirely possible–Sarah Palin *would* say something like this. That’s not newsworthy, it’s crappy writing.

            But since the writers are incapable of putting out a good product, this comment will also be disallowed, and you will remain the objects of scorn and derision by those who think they’re smarter than you.

          • Dear Tryptan Felle,
            Though your comment is a harsh critique of our company and its writing staff the National Report appreciates you having taken your valuable time to leave us your comment. Over the years the National Report has sought better and improved ways of bringing our subscribers and readers the most accurate, unbiased news in the industry. As an independent news company our writers are not shackled by the same chains of bondage that mainstream news sources are. We are not encumbered by corporate sponsors, shady backroom deals with political allies who spin the news to make their team look good, nor are we hampered by the censors employed by the Obama administration.
            As America’s # 1 Independent News Source we take pride in the news stories published here as we do in our writers. The National Report’s sterling reputation in the industry was not won by going along with the mainstream and by spinning stories a certain way so we’d have friends in the corporate world or in government. We dig harder and deeper into the stories we cover in order to bring our readers the facts without the hype or without spinning a story just so we can make powerful friends in Washington. We only present the facts and leave our readers capable of making informed decisions for themselves.
            Though we may have failed to earn your trust and respect which is our goal we will not delete your comments in moderation. Tryptan, you wrote… “they attempt to conceal in two ways: (1) by not allowing comments such as this one to be posted so as to alert anyone of the truth,” which as you can see is not the case. We respect your right to speak your mind as you have done and would never censor or condemn you for simply sharing your views on our site. Perhaps when you see this we may just win you over yet. I certainly hope so.
            Nigel J. Covington

  10. Marc Hansen says:

    Maybe Sarah should SHUT HERE PIE HOLE !!!

    She wasn’t elected because , hmmmm She showed how uneducated she Really Is !
    She couldn’t stand the Heat ( That she Brought on herself ) in the Alaska Gov Office, so she quit !
    She can’t even keep her contract at FOX Fuex News, if I believe I am correct ! She lost that to !
    So Go back from where you came, and keep you husband happy, if you can do that !!

  11. Sarah states,” and the lack of veto power shown by members of the court”,What? The supreme court justices vote yes or no and then publish their opinion on that yes or no vote. Then the last half of her statement makes no sense whatsoever.She has a junior high vocabulary…at best! I apologise to any and all competent junior high students who do know how to speak, write and debate.

    • Ralph Lurker says:

      Sarah the “journalist” got her facts wrong too, in saying the court’s decision about gay marriage was led by Roberts just as he did in Obamacare. In fact, Roberts did support Obamacare but NOT gay marriage. DUH!

      • Yes, her phrasing is awkward — it sometimes undermines the point she wants to get across. It seems that some of her statements are first drafts, while others are modified, finalized and then made public.

  12. Aldo cella says:

    Sarah is a real nut case.. The writer has to learn how to spell Bristol instead of ‘Bristle”..

  13. Genesis 2:24 says:

    This recent ruling of the Supreme Court is a judicial overreach and the 5 lawyers in the majority need to be impeached for violating the 1st amendment right of freedom of religion and 10th amendment right of states to hold fast to the institution of marriage in the way Almighty God ordained marriage.

    • Allan says:

      You need to be impeached for lack of brains! Almighty god needs to adjust to this ever changing world!

  14. noahblammo says:

    Her daughter really should be named “Bristle,” when you think about it.

  15. Bill says:

    The Supreme Court did their job, at least the five justices that voted in favor of gay marriage. It comes down to “equal protection under the law” that is guaranteed by the Constitution. It is not a decision that should be left up to the individual states. It needs to be uniform across the nation. Not everyone has to agree with the decision (although I personally do) but everyone needs to accept it. Just because I am in a heterosexual marriage does not mean I should require that for anyone and everyone else. People need to mind their own business and let others lead their own lives.

  16. lenny says:

    She wants impeachment of the Supreme Court Justices? LOL LOL – they just don’t get any dumber than Sarah Palin!

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