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Trump Paints Himself Into A Corner in Oval Office

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Donald J. Trump, fresh from a second contentious Oval Office meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, wasted no time blaming both Democrats for the breakdown in negotiations designed to bring an end to the federal government’s shutdown, now entering its third week.

“Donald Trump’s done the impossible,” said Capitol Hill pundit Althea Thoone. “He’s painted himself into a corner in a room that has no corners – the Oval Office!”

Sen. Chuck Schumer called the President’s latest behavior a temper tantrum. “Unfortunately, the president just got up and walked out,” Schumer told a throng of waiting reporters. Trump reportedly threw papers on the floor and stormed away after Speaker Pelosi again denied Trump funding for his border wall.

The shutdown has been a particularly sticky wicket for the president, particularly after the trio’s first meeting, when Trump, seated beside a stoic Vice President Pence, told the two Democratic leaders that he would take the blame for the shutdown.

“He’s painted a picture of himself as this border security warrior,” said Thoone, “but he’s bristled during recent meetings with Pelosi and Schumer because of his refusal to back down on his principal campaign promise — to build the wall.”

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7 Responses to "Trump Paints Himself Into A Corner in Oval Office"

  1. Lighteredknot says:

    This is horse puckey. They had told DT in the prior meeting, no. Subsequent to prior meeting, they said; if DT would open the Gov, they would continue to talk about funding. They would talk but nothing would be committed by them. DT should have never scheduled this last meeting which he walked out of.

  2. Abablab says:

    But Donnie doesn’t remember any of that.

  3. Snuffy63 says:

    Oh, he’s just putting on an act, he remembers very well. The President is a very wise man, knowing how to hold his cards close when negotiating, of which he is the King, having written The Book on negotiation. Our President is gonna come out a winner…ahem…gonna come out a winner…OH JESUS, JOSEPH, AND MARY, HE’S A STUPID TOTAL FUCKWAD WHO COULDNT TELL SHIT FROM SHINOLA! I CAN’T DO THIS! OH GOD, THE HUMANITY!!

  4. Cyril says:

    Well, to be fair, he hired someone to do the painting for him.

  5. Jameel says:

    Where’s the satire?

  6. Hostind says:

    Man of action
    We Americans love you

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