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35-Year-Old Man Sues His Mother After Being Evicted From Basement Of Her Home


Pictured: Duane Hollingsworth, Loser evicted from mother’s basement.

Duane Hollingsworth shuffles around the cramped confines of his temporary home–a tiny 5th wheel trailer filled with boxes containing clothes, personal effects, and other meager belongings. After spending his entire life dwelling in the basement of his mother’s home, she had finally become fed up with her unmotivated son and gave Hollingsworth the boot.

The unemployed 35-year-old who has never lived on his own was clearly distressed when I spoke with him Wednesday. “She’s destroyed my life”, he exclaimed bitterly, staring at the photo in his clenched fist; A photograph of his family during happier times.

Duane has 3 younger siblings who have since gone on with their lives and become successful, driven adults, but Duane’s life just never seemed to take off. He remained content with frittering away his days playing video games and watching anime cartoons; Things that are mostly enjoyed by children. Duane is an adult male who just absolutely refuses to grow up.

After the death of Duane’s father 2 years ago, his mother Janice gave him an ultimatum: Either get a full-time job, enroll in college, or find somewhere else to live. After a handful of paltry attempts to secure employment at various fast-food establishments, it was clear that Duane would rather spend his time nestled among My Little Pony figurines in a musky basement than actually work for a living.

“It was clear he wasn’t serious about making a living for himself”, Janice explained. “He always had some excuse and frankly all these excuses were wearing very thin. I just wanted him out so I could enjoy retirement after having lost my husband. He was becoming an enormous financial burden and didn’t seem to care. Duane wouldn’t budge. He would frequently lash out and blame his siblings and myself for his lot in life.”

Eventually the moment of reckoning finally arrived in January of this year. Janice gave Duane 30 days to find somewhere else to live. “It was 30 days of pure hell. He stormed around the house screaming and crying. I could not believe what a spoiled brat he was at 35 years years of age! He always resented me for having more children after he was born. I suppose he just thought he would be the baby forever, but that clearly is not a healthy way for an adult to live.”

Duane finally found a tiny trailer for rent on the outskirts of town. He is currently supporting himself by selling off his vintage action figures and other collectibles on Ebay and pawning items for loans at Eksperten. He has also began taking steps to sue his own mother for damages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma and illegal eviction, all to the tune of 750k.

“I have PTSD now”, he exclaimed during our short interview. Duane sat across from me looking distressed and disheveled, wearing grimy gray sweatpants and a threadbare Power Rangers t-shirt which was clearly too small for his hulking frame. “My mother is going to pay for kicking me out! I had squatter’s rights! That was my lifelong home and my mother did nothing but torture me the whole time I was there! My parents neglected me when my other siblings were born so I totally deserve to stay there as long as I want! Nobody knows the hell I have endured!”

When questioned about the impending lawsuit being served up by her own son, Janice just shakes her head. “He only has himself to blame for his situation and obviously, he’s going to lose. Our only crime was being too nice and enabling this sort of behavior. Unfortunately, by coddling a weakling for far too long, I created a monster.”

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19 Responses to "35-Year-Old Man Sues His Mother After Being Evicted From Basement Of Her Home"

  1. larryfine says:

    I wonder if 35 is too old to join the military. If this man joins one of America’s armed services, he will get room and board and get to kill foreigners with cool weapons. You can stay in the military for 20 years and then retire on easy street. That would be my advice to him.

    • lynn fletcher says:

      Yes. 35 is too old, unless one is a doctor, or a lawyer. An unskilled 35 year old is a liability the military would not take on.

    • juandos says:

      I wonder if 35 is too old to join the military“…

      Maybe he can be a Taliban IED quality control tester…

  2. Lillian Fabricant says:

    Great Story Jane! I’ve lived down the street from the Hollingsworths since they moved here when that Duane was just two years old, and I know what a great job Janice has done raising those other kids. They love their Mom, but could not WAIT to get out of that house! (her daughter Ginger and my son Pauly went to Case Western together, so I KNOW a thing, or two!)

    That Duane should of got a good smack once a week starting years ago, but because of their situation you can see why that never happened. I’ll BET Janice is enjoying her retirement after Old Henry’s death, finally getting out of the house for more than grocery shopping, since she couldn’t leave those kids alone with their father for two minutes all those years. That Duane looks just like Old Henry did, and that Duane is the only one of them kids, them pretty girls, that didn’t ever seem to fall off a bike everyday and get all flinchy if you tell them how pretty their hair is. I never saw a bandage or stitch on that Duane, and he was the clumsy kid, like his Dad, always breaking things. I honestly don’t know how Janice held that family together all those years, or, frankly, why. Old Henry’s (he was only 55) tragic lamp-related accidental death, by all those lamps up on shelve above the bed, that all fell down on his head while he was sleeping, and then all got tangled up around his neck and throat, and all that broken lightbulb glass in his face and eyes, all while Janice was sleeping next to him with those cucumbers she always has on her eyes and didn’t hear a thing, while all the kids were back home from college for break, just goes to show you how freaky accidents can happen in the safety of your own home, surrounded by loved ones. Even if Duane had been home that weekend, as usual, what could that lummox had done against such random happenstance? If you ask me it was a blessing his siblings chipped in and sent him to that comicon/toy show dealy in Laffayette that weekend, because I’ll be honest that was not a pretty sight to behold.

    I imagine it’s hard for Janice to see that Duane around the house, he’s the only one of those kids that looks a lick their their father, though they all got their mothers beautiful red hair, even that Duane, at least when he was little. She says it herself, she needed to put her foot down and stop spoiling him YEARS ago. Sometimes there’s no other way to get them out of the nest. I’m so glad none of my kids were trouble like that Duane, touch wood.

    I’m so happy Janice is looking to the future again, nobody deserves a little happiness more than those that have walked through a desert without any, certainly not since the girls went away to school. Good thing for her she kept her figure, no easy task around here, ha, ha. And I know I shouldn’t gossip, but I think that handsome young fireman transfer up from Joplin, Skylar Dodson, with the dreamy singed blonde hair and piercing blues, and that (I hear) huge, long writhing dragon tattoo curving all over those shoulders and back muscles, if you like that kind of thing, who inherited his uncle’s properties downtown, thinks so too! I don’t care about the age difference, I know what I see when I see it, and if you ask me having that Duane underfoot doesn’t help Janice out one bit more than continuing to baby him helps that Duane.

  3. One guess who Duane voted for. Hint: It starts with O, and ends in BAMA !

    • Nick says:

      Please are you kidding me. This is such an old attack that morons use. I voted for him and I have never been unemployed. I moved out at 19 and haven’t went back. I’m now 40. Obama is the best president of my lifetime.

  4. Me says:

    Please Lilian, are you joking? We you really neighbours with these people?

    • Lillian Fabricant says:

      Ooh, you can bet I got an earful from Janice. Apparently my recollections are (and she DID say it in the very nicest way) better left unspoken for the peace of mind of the family. So I must respect that, because I do not want to lose Janice’s friendship. I owe her this apology for intruding where it was none of my business, and I freely give it, and regret any discomfort my ill-advised words may have caused her.

      But that Dwayne, ugh. I’m sorry, if you think that slob ever voted you’re a deludenoid from Mars. He has never left the house on any voting day, and I was WATCHING!!!!

      • A.L. says:

        Have you noticed if Duane did any growing up since the article? What’s the relationship with him and family now? I wonder. An updated story would be interesting.

  5. CT says:

    You might not want to be so quick to judge. A lot of this behavior could also have roots in mental illness – Asperger, bipolar disorder, etc.

    • Lillian Fabricant says:

      The missing cats up and down the block aren’t a very good sign either.

    • Fegelein says:

      Surely somewhere in this big report would they have mentioned he had a mental illness if he had one.

      • Lillian Fabricant says:

        I’m not saying he was a firebug as a kid, I just know Janice used to buy fire extinguishers on a weekly basis, laughing about how good an upper body workout half a dozen of them things was.

        • Boganboy says:

          Lillian. Do you know if Janice’d like a job with the Aussie government. Those squatters in PNG are a real nuisance. Maybe she could make them go back home.

  6. Fegelein says:

    Eh, seems like yet another typical brony to me.

  7. Bryan says:

    Very lazy man is what he is. How can you be 35 goddamn years old and still not want to grow up??

  8. Joe S. says:

    The lazy moocher needs an incentive beat down by a few biker types. He should have been separated from his video games before they became an obsession. PTSD my butt. He’s just a lazy slug. Family should have gave him the boot at 18.

    • Ray says:

      That’s the same thing I said, the only mental illness he had, was not having his a** whipped by Ms Janice. I know those types, I went to school with entitled brats like this.

  9. sandra says:

    Sounds and looks like an Asperger. Sometimes Asperger is not diagnosed until very late in life. Aspergers condition came to be know in the 1990’s. Once diagnosis is made, it will explain a lot about him.

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