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Alex Jones Suggests Flying False Flag at Half-Staff for Shooting Victims

<Austin, TX>Renowned radio show host and fake news creator Alex Jones has reportedly asked his audience to fly the false flag at half-staff in honor of today’s shooting victims.  While details of the shooter have not been released, Alex is likely spinning up all kinds of untruths in order to satisfy his legion of brain-dead followers.

“Was the shooter a Muslim? A Mexican?  Antifa?  BLM?  A disgruntled employee? Was he radicalized by the gay agenda?  Why did he hate Christians?  Did anyone actually die?  Are these the same crisis actors used during the Vegas shooting?  Did you see that Craigslist ad recently seeking extras for a mass casualty exercise?  How was Hillary involved?  Could Obama have done more to prevent this attack?  Did some crazed liberal shoot up this those folks to blame Trump and take away our guns?  If this story is even true why did none of the victims shoot back?,” Alex likely opined during this afternoons editorial meeting.

This is a developing story.  Please check back for additional information.

Image Source:  Flikr

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One Response to "Alex Jones Suggests Flying False Flag at Half-Staff for Shooting Victims"

  1. Tumblebaby says:

    Bwahahhahaha hilarious

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