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Melania Trump To Promote Healthy School Lunches, More Exercise As First Lady


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THE WHITE HOUSE — Melania Trump wasted no time in announcing her pet project as the nation’s 45th first lady. During a luncheon hosted by outgoing first lady Michelle Obama, Mrs. Trump said she wanted American children to adopt healthier eating habits, and to get more exercise.

“I would like to speak with schools to help improve the diets. Too much fat and sugar are on school menus, and there is not enough exercise. I hope to bring awareness to these things and would like to make our children get moving more.”

“Sounds like a great idea,” Mrs. Obama said, between bites of a cucumber sandwich.

While the wives went on an informal White House tour, the husbands met to discuss early transition plans. President-elect Trump was briefly shown The Cabinet Room. “It’s very, very impressive,” he said. “Reminds me of my boardroom on The Apprentice.”

Melania was shown the West Wing Dining Room, the Queens’ Bedroom, and the Lincoln Bedroom. “This house has six more rooms than Mar-a-Lago,” said Mrs. Trump. “I thought there would be more gold furniture,” she added.

The well-being of active duty service members, veterans, and their families is another of Mrs. Trump’s concerns.

“If we could join forces to work hand in hand with military families and public and private businesses, we can help to improve the lives of service members and our veterans.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” agreed Mrs. Obama.

The president-elect publicly commented on his day in Washington via his recently re-accessed Twitter account:


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9 Responses to "Melania Trump To Promote Healthy School Lunches, More Exercise As First Lady"

  1. labman57 says:

    I’m having the strangest sense of déjà vu.
    Must be a glitch in the Matrix.

  2. El Ja says:

    Please don’t do this.. Unless you let the schools give the lunches that they will actually eat. There is nothing wrong with pizza, ice cream and they also need meats.

    The school lunches are the main meal of the day for countless students. Please give something that they will eat. Or they will just continue to be more mal nourished than they already are.

    I know of some children that live like this.
    PLEASE allow the children to get something that they can actually eat. Don’t do this–PLEASE.. That is, unless you just allow the children to get the foods they like.

    They need calories to learn and grow. The crap that they were getting was adding to their ill health.
    I hope you will listen and don’t even start this.

    • Ehal says:

      this was a joke article. It is meant to be funny because everything Melanie says min the article is a copy of what Michelle Obama has said and done for last 8 yrs. except the republicans (see Sarah plain) attacked Michelle for trying to make lunches healthier. You probably didn’t read about it because you are reading fake/joke news instead of real news sites.

      You probably also don’t know that Melania’ speech at the GOP Convention was a straight up copy of a speech Michele Obama gave. Melanie read it out on live TV as if it was her own speech. That is the basis of the joke.

      It is sad when people don’t know enough real news for jokes to even be funny. Jokes become the truth. Jokers become presidents.

      • Greetings Ehal,
        It’s a good thing Ehal that our readers and subscribers, like you, get your news from America’s # 1 Independent News source the National Report. Our journalists are willing to do the research, do the fact checking in order to bring our subscribers the unbiased facts in a straight forward manner. Our sterling reputation in the industry is second to none.
        And Ehal you’re dead wrong about Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin reasonably questioned the success of Miss Bama’s healthier lunches for school children program, when after the first day the children wanted nothing more to do with them and refused to eat them.
        In other words Ehal, the health of children in the US public school system began deteriorating on day 2 of Michelle’s crap for lunch school program. The longer Michelle’s food Nazi’s tried to force feed America’s kids into eating her tasteless lunches which was a shameless effort to make her look good.
        But the fact is Ehal, 30 days into Miss Bama’s nutritionless school lunch program a video surfaced on Youtube of her jackbooted brown shirt food mercenaries slapping some pre-schoolers around for refusing to consume the vile slop that was dumped on their lunch trays. Kids in tears, many crying for their mothers were screamed at by the uniformed thugs shouting “You’ll eat it and like it!”
        By this time hundreds of kids all suffering from malnutrition started dropping dead like flies on school playgrounds and in classrooms across the nation. But you never heard about all that from the lamestream fake news corporations did you?
        I hope you’ll continue to get your news from National Report.

  3. peg kazda says:


  4. Hawk says:

    I'm so sad that over 6000 views now only get 900, damn, and the worst is that pages like aruoitlo.crg or zimbio.com, pages that have copied my articles, they are now in the top of the results, !with my own original articles!, damnSomeone tell me ¿do you believe this to return to normal?I had planned to go to college in July, but this has ruined me

  5. Billy Bob Stankins says:

    Exercising and eating healthy food is just part of propaganda pushed by Big Healthfood. It’s a huge conspiracy. I think Trump tweeted about it once. If I remember right it said something like, “Not giving into Big Healthfood scam. Eating McDs again. BHF are a bunch of losers.”

    I believe everything he says, so I am pledging to eat fast food basically every day even if it means I need to buy a more powerful mobility scooter. Anyone know where I can get one with an extended seat size and extra horsepower? I’m even willing to buy a gas-powered one. I’m not giving into Big HF.

  6. Ashley R Nave says:

    Fast food could be recreated into healthier food choices and options. Deserts and treats could also be recreated in a light and healthier version, too. Fast food in itself needs to have a entire makeover. Everything food options at schools, restraunts, and other places need a real new design, makeover, etc. In addition it’s all about balance. Making a fast food restaurant become more like a diner sounds great, diners are better than fast food restaurants.

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