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Donald Trump Hires ‘Clueless’ Stacey Dash for ‘Negro Outreach Program’


TRUMP TOWER — With his poll numbers among black voters hovering around 1%, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump reportedly tapped actress and FOX News contributor Stacey Dash as his “Negro Outreach Program” Ambassador.

“She connects with that group,” said Trump, “and she’ll be terrific. Did you see her at the Oscars? She was terrific as the Minority Outreach Director, so we brought her on board. We’re lucky to have her. She’s controversial, but she’s one of the good ones.”

Dash recently created controversy by calling Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams a “plantation slave” after his BET Awards speech calling for an end to racism and what he called “cultural appropriation.”

Trump said now more than ever, “especially with ‘Crooked Hillary’ siphoning off my blacks,” minority outreach is the difference between winning and losing in November.

“You know what will happen,” said Trump. “The media will come down on me for saying ‘my blacks.’ They did that in California with that African-American fellow in the crowd, but you know what? I don’t’ care. Stacey will respond to all the groups we need to reach.”

One of those groups is the transgender community, Last June, the Clueless actress’ comments about bathroom use by transgender individuals created heated controversy. Dash said people who “can’t decide what they wanna be that day” should go to the bathroom “in the bushes.”

Sources say Trump’s camp may even be vetting Dash for vice president. So far, Trump’s short list includes New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and former House Speaker and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich.

“She’s very well-informed. She’s quite affected. We’ve been looking into it,” said Trump.

When asked if the term “Negro” was a proper term to use in 2016, a Trump spokesman said, “The trouble with saying ‘African-American’ is that not all blacks are from Africa, and some of them aren’t even Americans. Some of them are from Central America, and even Puerto Rico.”

“To be inclusive, we decided against ‘colored,’ since the NAACP still uses that. We said no to ‘black,’ because that sounded too polarizing. In the end, we went with ‘negro.’ It’s historically accurate. Nothing racist about it.”

“Not everything is about race,” added the spokesman. “We hope Stacey Dash will make that fact clear to you people once and for all.”


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59 Responses to "Donald Trump Hires ‘Clueless’ Stacey Dash for ‘Negro Outreach Program’"

  1. Jacob Franklin says:

    I was reading the other day that scientists are saying that since everything came out of Africa that black isn’t really a race and that it’s something else but they’re not sure what.
    So I guess I agree with Donald Trump’s choice.

    • Johnny Jones says:

      Well the Caucasian didn’t call themselves white until after they came to North America but if you want to be called white then that is fine. If the Black man prefer to labeled as Black then that should be fine too. It’s not up to you, Trump or no one else to tell Black folks who they are or who you want them to be. Most Blacks just want to be Black. Not African American, not Negro or anything else. Just Black if it’s ok with ya’ll.

    • E.C.Rick says:

      Who in da hell is the author talking about in his last sentence you people????

      • Ladaryc says:

        I caught that too, it’s written as a quote so I’m sure it’s Trump and not the author

      • Nikki P says:

        That’s what I’d like to know. I do know that Blacks want to be called Black, not Negro or anything else.

        • Michelle Westbrook says:

          I’m not black! I don’t wanna be called anything but Michelle. I have black shoes and clothes and my skin looks nothing like them. So much for what you know.

      • Jaquan says:

        ‘You people’ be racists white devil speak for God’s chosen. May the nasty orange Trump be struck down by the fury and might of the Lord. Amen !

      • Abablab says:

        It’s Trump’s spokesman who said ‘you people’ and he may have meant the media since Trump calls them the lyin’ media or whatever third grade word he feels like using that day. I hardly think Trump’s spokesman would be talking to a group of black people without being surrounded by a wall of security thugs!

    • darsell says:

      You are an idiot. No scientists ever said that. What was said is that the oldest human bones discovered are in Africa . They belong to a human who happens to be Black. There are people living today who have the same DNA . You Stacey and Donald Trump have the same idiot genes, so it would stand to reason that it’s people like you who “are something else “.

      • Steve M says:

        Actually, they did. Look it up. Stay informed. Stop talking about stuff you know nothing about.

      • Bullshit says:

        Jacob, Most scientists agree that race itself is a biological construct.No credible scientist has ever said that ridiculous nonsense.
        That poster is right, you are an idiot. Stop making up crap about blacks.

  2. Jeff says:

    “To be inclusive, we decided against ‘colored,’ since the NAACP still uses that. We said no to ‘black,’ because that sounded too polarizing.”

    Sadly, Donald Trump seems to be succumbing to political correctness. I’d honestly prefer if he called it the Nigger Outreach Program just to assure us all that he doesn’t give a shit about what the PC echo chamber media wants their sheep to think.

  3. Cassidy Pen says:

    I’m not sure it’s a good idea to suggest the transgendered relieve themselves outdoors in nature when they’re about the furthest thing FROM nature there can be in the human race with having their wangs and fish holes altered in that manner.

    • roddy1984 says:

      Funny, I never thought of it like that way before.

    • MB says:

      Most of these people no longer want to alter their fish holes or their wangs. Many of them want to enjoy the best of both worlds. Then that gender reassignment surgery is still very costly…… . II I I I

  4. roddy1984 says:

    Pitch perfect,

  5. Anna M Draper says:

    He needed a black person just like Stacy what took him so long?

  6. Kathi Brown says:

    This could not POSSIBLY be true! The Black delegation traded her for Rachel Dolezal last year!

  7. Nia says:

    You got to give it to her. She’s grew I the projects. She had was a baby moma. Was the video girl and now she’ll take any job that will keep her from going back to the projects. Especially since that 2nd baby daddy left her

  8. MartiB says:

    Many of these people do not want to change their fisholes or their wangs. They want to enjoy the best of both worlds. Gender reassignment is still very costly. I’ve also heard that the ones that’s had the reassignment surgery aren’t happy with it. Their new things doesn’t work to their satisfaction.

  9. James Williamson says:

    You-all are totally clueless. Stacy Dash’s credibility within the Black and Hispanic community is Zero. She is not even respected among many Black Republicans. If you think using the term Negro is somehow complimentary, you are even more clueless. It is insulting. Why do Irish Americans consider theslves Irish American when they were not born in Ireland? It has to due with ancestral descent. White folks do not get to determine who we are. You did that during slavery.

  10. Cathy says:

    These comments and this article is a bunch of bologna. If you agree with Trump and his views and think Stacey Dash this AMAZING person, I feel sorry for you.

    What you’ll all didnt think about how the black community receive Ms. Dash, well let me tell you. The black community doesnt trust her, her comments are disgrading towards her self and the black community. Born and raised in the Bronx – I can tell New York has disowned her so Trump don’t look for help over there.

    But she has been divorced 3 times – the only thing Trump has in common with her. Trump is using her for her skin color. This is a game for Trump.

    A Former White Republican who cares about the US.

  11. Justin says:

    Trump is just as clueless as Stacey if he thinks having her as the head of his “negro outreach program” is going to gain him any type of anything in the black community. Stacey Dash is the devil and an enemy of the community on top of it being called the”negro” outreach. Not to mention he turned down the opportunity to to speak

  12. Justin says:

    at an NAACP event- he insults while trying to court and that’s not the game hunny. He is as transparent as scotch tape.

  13. Monisha says:

    “his blacks” that sorry SOB…Trump is a stupid, egotistical, horrible, racist pig, dildo looking, nasty looking, rude, slutty wife having, Deceitful, inconsiderate, Irritating, arrogant, boorish, cunning, irresponsible, Machiavellian, patronizing, pompous, vulgar ass hole

  14. Tyrell says:

    What a bunch of bullsh*t. The author is fraud using loaded words. Hillary don’t care about black folk. The only black friends she have are politicians. Trump hires blacks, work with blacks. Friend of Don King, Mike Tyson. Hillary want to import lots more illegals to make it harder for our kids to get jobs. And lets not forget that her mentor was a Klansman.

    • Carmen says:

      Hi Tyrell. Everyone is always bringing up HC’s mentor being a former. How many of you know that Trump The Chump’s father is/was a member of the Klu Klux Klan? Also during the 1970s, and working in his father’s real estate firm, he helped make sure blacks could not rent apartments or buy houses their firm was in charge of.

      • Chris H says:

        Tyrell dear,
        Trump does not care about black people. You might not believe Hillary does and that’s your right, but don’t be fooled into thinking that just because he accepts some of the more prominent African Americans despite their race, that he is for you. Of course he employs minorities as a businessman he will face multiple lawsuits if he decided to deny employment based off race he’s stupid but he’s not an idiot

    • Chris H says:

      Tyrell dear,
      Trump does not care about black people. You might not believe Hillary does and that’s your right, but don’t be fooled into thinking that just because he accepts some of the more prominent African Americans despite their race, that he is for you. Of course he employs minorities as a businessman he will face multiple lawsuits if he decided to deny employment based off race, he’s stupid but he’s not an idiot. The reforms and legislation that he is proposing will definitely hurt us as a community he doesn’t care about us

  15. Joseph Hicks says:

    Does he not realize the black community hates her

  16. Tia says:

    Trump and Dash are both pieces of shit!

  17. staccee says:

    yep you made it perfectly clear with that YOU PEOPLE comment at the end. she is one stupid witch

  18. Melanin Mel says:

    He so stupidly out of touch wit Blakz! Blakz don’t even like thiz airhead heffa!!!

  19. Jus1896 says:

    First (Stacy Dash) what an embarrassment to the human race and black people, finally to be stupid enough to accept a job with Donald Trump she will do anything finally who the hell is the person that wrote

    “Not everything is about race,” added the spokesman. “We hope Stacey Dash will make that fact clear to you people once and for all.”

    I mean it is pretty clear and they say “you people”

  20. L DUMAS says:


  21. Angie says:

    Well said Jus1896.
    I have a name. It is not black, negro, nigger, mulatto or white. I am biracial. When I was growing up in my very upper class to society family we NEVER were taught to identify with any race because my family would tell me that was the root of this nation’s divide. We were taught that we were “AMERICAN’S” just like everyone else who were blessed to be born in this nation. All of this black, white, yellow, red stuff creates division among classes of people. I consider myself blessed to have had grandparent’s who suffered and struggled in a country that didn’t want to be here from the beginning; who worked and died for my freedom, along with parent’s who traveled many miles through the European countries (beginning in Turkey, and were Jews) who also helped build this country and suffered through the depression to give me the freedom I am so thankful that I have to this day and have passed on to my children and children’s children.
    There are so many EDUCATED FOOL’s in this country it scares me to death, but this is MY home, My country. Before you start sending Ms. Dash out to do your dirty work have her become an Ambassador to changing the Constitution, especially the part where people of color are identified with their slave owner’s and master’s horses and cattle (not a human being just like everyone else). Bottom line, we call ourselves Christian’s, let’s start acting like one. I believe Ms. Dash is atheist, right? Enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to those of you who took the time to read this. Great forum! We’d better start watching all of the inflated EGO’s, it’s going to send everyone further back in time or be our demise.

    • Dex says:

      Very well put Angie. When I was much younger I used to think that biracial children would eventually bring races together and help toward reducing prejudice seeing that they get experiences from both sides and the best and worst of both worlds, also I thought the families love for the children would give them commonality and bring them together also. Sounds like i’m hearing that from you and I applaud you for embracing and appreciating that insight. I say that because way to often the biracial people I have met have a total different experience. Oftentimes I hear how they feel like such an outsider because they are shunned and looked down upon by both sides and have difficulty with being accepted, not to mention one side of the family or the other disowning the parent and the biracial child because of race mixing as they call it….lol. After all is said and done, really there is only one race, the HUMAN RACE.

    • Dr. Verna says:

      Very well written and said. Listen What were caucasians before they crossed over the caucus mountains? Some were “Africans”

      Although the Mormons believed people of “hue” (color) had no souls; that light and breath was given to the first formed (hu)mans. Remember the soil or dirt has many colors. The female spirit was then encamped with humanity to be comparable with
      the human male race. I and all human persons were procreated and are of the same race “Human”

      Would Trump have deported his birth mother back to where she came from? Since I was born in America and on a military base at that. Humm seems to me I am more American than Trump . My parents were also born in America.

    • Jeff says:

      Wow, there’s all kinds of well-written stuff in this thread. I respect all your opinions. But it’s still hilarious that none o y’all realize that National Report is a [CENSORED] site, and this article was written for comedic relief. Therefore, your completely serious, honest opinions are WAY out of place.

  22. Phe says:

    Does he really think any black people will vote for him. Shame on any if they do.

  23. TreeHill says:

    Isn’t she the same person that said BET needs to go off of the air?? That the BET awards shouldn’t be on the air??? She is a white “wannabe”!!

  24. SICK AND TIRED says:

    Donald Trump, like so many others, is ignorant to so many things when it comes to Black people and instead of just not saying anything, they say the incorrect thing. All black people around the world are of African descent. The slave ships dropped slaves from Africa in numerous parts of the world to be slaves in the fields of sugar cane, coffee, tobacco, etc., in Brazil, Jamaica, Central America, Puerto Rico, DR and the list goes on and on. It’s ignorance like this that keeps people in these countries from knowing and acknowledging the truth about their ancestry. They didn’t just enslave African people in America. American slavery was probably the most cruel and inhumane of all.

  25. Andy says:

    Clueless, meet clueless!

  26. Bruce Peterson says:

    If he calls Blacks “Negroes,” will he call Whites “Blancoes?”

  27. Phil taylor says:

    Kudos!! The comments are better than the article!! Lol @ “jaquan” hahahahahaha!! What? The comments are real?? Get outta here!

    • Jeff says:

      I have no idea how many people are serious. I for one was being satirical in my post where I said the N-word, but then a bunch of people took me literally. I’d guess that maybe 60-80% of comments are serious. It would be lower, but the moderators sometimes hide comments made by people who are in on the joke.

  28. Ellie says:

    One quick google search and you find all you need to know about this website. I honestly have no idea if these comments are real or not… but I would not be surprised if they are real. Or is everyone playing along and I’m ruining it? XD


      Gtfoh with that BS! This country I swear…we better rise up quickly!

    • Jeff says:

      Phil, you are what’s wrong with this country. Anyone with even half a brain knows that Google is controlled by the Illuminati. The National Report, Daily Currant, and Christwire are the only sites left that report the REAL news.

      • Jeff
        We thank you for helping spread the good word. Phil know Jeff speaks the truth, and we stand be our commitment to continue to bring you fact-based journalism. Know the Illuminati controls much more than Google, they also control the state run “mainstream media” and Facebook as well.
        Nigel Covington

  29. Bartholomew Origami Stempleston says:

    I applaud Trump’s racially sensitive and historically accurate outreach initiative. This is the kind of trail-blazing, outside-the-box thinking that will make America great all over again. However, I would have chosen Rachel Dolezal (former president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP) as Program Ambassador. No one, and I mean no one, connects with ‘negro’ better than Rachel.

    In any event, It will also give our organization a much needed boost.

    Northern Idaho spokeshuman for Negro Lives Matter

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