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Trump University Offers Sarah Palin Honorary Degree in Climate Science

 (AP Photo/Bill Haber, File)

(AP Photo/Bill Haber, File)

Manhattan – Earlier this morning, Trump University issued degrees to 4,500 students online, and drew the attention of national media when the university announced several high-profile recipients of honorary degrees, sources say. Among those to receive honorary degrees, Sarah Palin was offered a honorary doctorate in climate science, a M.D. in advanced neurosurgery, and a PhD in “having total class”.

“We doctors are the shakers and the movers, the pokers and jokers, the wheelin’ and the stealin’, Obama’s been to that mountaintop, that I can tell you…” Palin told a crowd of the stupidest humans alive Saturday morning. “Let’s get that Trump Train behind us, in front of us, in our hearts, our minds, our mouths… Get the word of mouth out for Donald!”

Palin has been in the headlines this week after questioning whether or not Bill Nye, “The Science Guy” was in fact an actual scientist.   “Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” Palin said at an event in Washington, D.C according to The Hill.  Palin targeted Nye over his statements on global warming featured in the anti-climate change documentary “Climate Hustle”.

Donald also reportedly offered “one hundred degrees from my university” to John Kasich for his delegates, but the Kasich Camp has not responded to our request for comment, and sources close to the governor say he may be holding out for Vice President.

With the announcment, Palin becomes the first minority to receive the prestigious degree without paying an exorbitant amount.

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22 Responses to "Trump University Offers Sarah Palin Honorary Degree in Climate Science"

  1. Boganboy says:

    A pleasure to see that Trump University is offering degrees in climate science that I can agree with.
    Needless to say, I know that all this rubbish about global warming is actually a sinister conspiracy by the gas producers to sell their radioactive methane.
    After all, wind and solar power is so unreliable that it must all be backed up by gas turbines. Since this means that, in effect, two duplicate power generation systems must be built, the turbines are naturally the cheap, inefficient once-through type which burn even more gas.
    In addition to the huge quantities of radioactive radon pumped up with the gas, there’s also the leakage of methane, which means the overall greenhouse gas production of gas power generation is greater than coal. It’s thus a good thing that we don’t really need to worry about global warming, because the use of gas means we’re actually going backward!!
    This conspiracy was started by the KGB, back in Communist times, as part of their plot to subvert Europe by making it dependent on Russian gas. It naturally has the enthusiastic support of the Saudis, the Gulf Arabs, the other Middle Eastern gas producers, and of course the American gas industry.
    Thus the Greens, as has long been obvious, are shills for the fossil fuel industry.

  2. SquashDuke says:

    Palin a degree at all … an absolute affront. America is getting dumber every day Drumpf bombasts and barrels on. Wake up, America, wake up … u r not going to like the Drumpf/Trump u wake up next to, one day this coming November …

  3. cheryl says:

    the scary thing is that this stupid (and i’m being nice here) female (and I am one so i’m not discriminating) vapid piece of work could feasibly be Donald (clueless, bigoted, racist, terror-inspiring) trump’s choice for vice-president. need I say more. God help America.

    • MEW says:

      Cheryl – time to dump your mother. Shame on her for not supporting your freedom of speech and undermining your integrity.

  4. I’m so sorry. I’m Cheryl’s mother. Cheryl, unlock your door and give me my laptop back. Please excuse mentally ill daughter cheryl’s comments.
    I’m going to have to have the doctor adjust her medication.

    • Cheryl's Dad says:

      What’s going on here? Is that Cheryl’s boyfriend sneaking out of her room? Make sure he didn’t steal any of her meds.

  5. Wow! I circulated this. New to your site. I subscribed. This one is up there with teh best of Borowitz Reports. Try to limit the profanity and you can go as widely mainstream as Borowitz does.

  6. BillD says:

    Hard to tell whether this is just a joke or not. In any case, “Trump University” has no accreditation, so any degrees that it offers are meaningless. Trump thinks that climate science and science in general is a joke. Anyone who ignores science is doomed for failure.

  7. Cheryl's boyfriend says:

    I am Cheryl’s boyfriend. I’m sneaking out of the bedroom before Cheryl’s mom catches us.

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  9. Jim Freemon says:

    A mail-order bumper-sticker coupon from a pseudo academic commercial company, given to an empty headed mouth-piece for scientific obstruction. Congratulations Sarah.

  10. Cheryl's Dad says:

    Honey? You know how sometimes Cheryl loses her medicine? I have a confession to make..

  11. Z for D/P '02!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) says:

    Oh that trickster Nye and his “science”! Let’s get those Obamaphones out, and keep our binoculars aimed directly on Russia. Since Palin is the closest, we must rely on her. Kudos to Drumpf for recognizing the genius hiding behind that pageant queen!!! We all know that he, of all people, knows how to grab a woman when he sees one! Way to go, Sarah! I knew you had it in you. As soon as I saw your chestnut brown hair and manicured nails, I knew you were a woman who really took care of herself. What an honor!!! I hope to be as fruitful as you one day, with a lovely, albeit slightly “off” family. (But what’s a good Christian woman to do but accept and forgive????) And that Drumpf!!!! I don’t know why he ever changed his name. Drumpf is much more masculine. He is clearly a very smart man. He took millions of dollars and made several buildings, only being sued a few times, and declared bankruptcy only once in a while! What do you expect, with that much money? Obviously it’s difficult to manage. All while marrying several different women!!!!! What a man. Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!!

  12. David Smith says:

    Palin should know, she was President of Alaska. Guess what? It’s COLD up there, you stupid global warming jokers, get a clue, she knows what’s real. She introduced Putin to Trump because after all she can SEE Russia from there. Don’t believe it, why, cause whiny crybaby CNN says it ain’t so? Have you been to her home and looked out her COLD windows? NO so tell your lies, Mr. Phd, pile it higher and deeper. Trump University is the only one teaching stuff no one else is, they have the best facts. You hopey changey welfare weather watchers might know that of you ever left your public housing and saw real weather,like Palin has from the seat of a helicopter, like a man!

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