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Sarah Palin Wants Arabic Numerals Banned From America’s Schools

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

WASILLA, Alaska — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who recently curbed her demanding speaking schedule in order to care for her injured husband Todd, found time to support Ted Cruz’s call for stricter monitoring of Muslim neighborhoods throughout America.

Taking to Facebook, the 56-year-old former vice presidential candidate listed several “easily enactable proposed neighborhood educational implementationary actions” that the country must adopt to slow “the growing Arabian influences” throughout the US:

1. It is a well-documented fact that Arabic numerals are implicated in phone numbers of suspected terrorists, so I urge an immediate ban on the teaching and use of Arabics in our schools, including those dangerous numerical symbols and radicalized icons.

2. Islamically potential influences in our schools start with early subversive teachings along with spoonfed indoctrinations which are often used as recruitment tools and the resulting weaponry.

3. I urge homeschooler parents to more heavily scrutinize informational materials and enact self-regulated Arabics bans throughout the home, if applicable, especially for the younger pupils.

4. We need a more Americanized system of numerology throughout the United States and her vast holdings and territories.”

In keeping with the Republican party’s platform of proposed safeguards, Palin also called for advanced screening for all teachers:

“If foreign elements can swimmingly cross over the river and through the woods, they can just as easily infiltrate the teaching profession in ways we must not encourage. These dangerous foreign walk-overs who look more and more like real every-day normal Americans, lured with gift baskets and teddy bears, often blend into the very footholds of our societal norms after establishing dangerous toeholds.”

Palin, known as a vocal and athletic supporter of Donald Trump, said that she is now a “double-barreled, locked and loaded supporter” of both Trump’s and Ted Cruz’s proposed guidelines for stricter immigration laws, border protections and neighborhood “scrutinies.”

An earlier version of this report incorrectly stated Mrs. Palin’s call for the removal of Aerobics from physical education courses. The author regrets the error.

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106 Responses to "Sarah Palin Wants Arabic Numerals Banned From America’s Schools"

  1. DinahSure says:

    Well we all should be aware of influences in schools. It all started with the removal of prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance in the classroom. Governor Palin is the only one who speaks up for those rights.

    • CSmith says:

      You just don’t get it do you? Arabic numerals are the ones we use every day; 1, 2, 3, 4,5. I was hoping this was a satirical site (that means not true) but whether it is or not there’s a sucker born every minute.

      • DinahSure says:

        I understand what numbers are, thank you very much for that educational update.

        What I’m saying is that we have enough multi culture in our schools without another foreign influence, probably taking time away from American History lessons or other regular school curriculums. Between Common Core Guidelines and history that’s got to be politically correct (ha ha ha) kids today don’t learn anything that will get us out of this mess the country’s in.

        • Beth Ostlund-Wood says:

          Dear God talk about ignorance. People should have to pass an IQ test and a basic knowledge test to vote in this country. You would not be eligible. Unbelievable ignorance. And being snide doesn’t hide the fact that you’re dumb, although I am continually impressed by how common snideness and meanness accompany ignorance, stupidity and bigotry.

          • DinahSure says:

            Well I certainly hope you feel better having gotten that off your chest. I have never missed a vote in my entire life, so your statement about not being eligible is a mute point.

            Your entire comment is the pot calling the kettle black if you know what I mean and makes you sound like a self-hating woman which is sad if in fact you are that way.

          • tc says:

            That should me “moot” point not “mute” point.

        • Charlie says:

          Dinah Sure, In your reply to Beth Ostlund-Wood you said the following regarding your voting eligibility, “so your statement about not being eligible is a mute point.” The correct word is ‘moot’ not ‘mute’. They are two very different words (look up the definitions on Google), and anyone with half a brain who made it out of high school knows the difference.

          You are obviously dimwitted enough to have been bamboozled beyond redemption by right wing propaganda and media. You have lost your humanity.

          • DinahSure says:

            So of all the things we’re discussing here, I mispelled a word, and that’s what you’re complaining about? You aren’t really adding much to the conversation except to say that you don’t watch the same news programs or read the same news as I do.

            Namecalling isn’t very mature and is a last resort so I’m just going to consider the source. Amazing that every Sarah Palin article that gets comments are from angry people who she’s obviously intimidating.

          • Levi says:

            Feel the burn

          • Diana says:

            WOW, someone really thinks that Palin intimidates people? She’s as dumb as they come, her lack of intelligence astounds me. I’m rarely surprised by people but she beats the cake. Beth was not talking about being eligible to vote but how people truly should have to pass and IQ test to vote, some truly would not pass.

            This came up one time and a Trump supporter proudly announced to me that his IQ was 75 so it was a pass, I just about died laughing and thought OMG they should not tell people with low IQ’s their results, to brag about a 75 is pretty dumb.

          • steven richards says:

            may be it should have been mute and she would just stop spouting her fox news,Donald (tr)dump politics

          • Jeanette DePorre says:

            Ms. Wood and Charlie seem more concerned with correcting grammar than addressing the valid concerns of the writer. School curriculum and textbooks are political. If you like what the public school is doing, great. Many do not want to raise politically correct atheist/Marxist/socialist children who despise their country. Many do not want to have schools promoting a religion that is hostile to Christianity and the West. It has nothing to do with losing ones humanity, and everything to do with preserving traditional values and culture. Ever see a Muslim child’s hand removed for stealing?? THAT is a loss of humanity.

        • Nancy Jones says:

          Palin is an IDIOT!

        • Me says:

          American History lessons? That will take about 3 minutes, unless you include the bits where you massacred the entire indigenous population of the country you have stolen. Oh the irony that you hate foreigners so much now 😀

          • Me,
            Apparently you’re not educated about American history. The land mass today known as the U.S., excluding Alaska and Hawaii was won by conquest, not “stolen.”

          • Edward says:

            Surely conquest equates to stolen? It wasn’t yours, you conquered the rightful owners and took their land. In what way is that different to me mugging (conquering) you and taking your property?
            It is still theft, but one carried out by a State rather than an individual.

          • Jeanette DePorre says:

            Who massacred an entire indigenous population??? Have you been taking history lessons from that fake Indian– Elizabeth? Anyone who committed the indigenous atrocities you are aluding to are long dead…and buried. Good Grief!!!
            The very people– who are in the grave– that you accuse had their own sins…We could unearth those dead people, but there would be more sins to follow. You could sanctimoniously follow the guilty to the beginning and end of time. No one has been massacring indigenous people here for some time. There was a massacre in an Orlando nightclub recently. Why don’t close the book on ancient history and worry about CURRENT history? You might want to pick up a psychology book and review the chapter that discusses CO-DEPENDENCE. The left seems to be suffering from some sick national co-dependence that makes them feel responsible for solving the problems of every nation on earth….EXCEPT AMERICA. People who want a strong and secure nation do not hate foreigners…what they hate is being taken advantage of by a government that is eroding their citizenship and treating them like slaves.

          • Me Too!! says:

            Since Americans believe in equality they naturally think foreigners are just like them. Of course they expect the wicked monsters to massacre them and steal their entire country. Wouldn’t you hate someone who was going to do that to you?

        • Sultan mirza says:

          I wonder what the Native American Indians would make of your comments! Especially the one on immigration. You too for those people are undesirable and unwanted.imposing your ideals on those poor people who are the original residents of America!!!

          • Jeanette DePorre says:

            That is very funny. I don’t spend too much time wondering about what a poor original resident of America would think about my comments. Why??? Because they are dead. You can’t impose your ideals on people in the grave. Why are you trying to create illegitimate guilt in people who were not around a few hundred years ago? The left is normalizing insanity. Just to tolerate this pablum –the rest of us need to have a good sense of humor–and Courage.

      • Charles says:

        Exactly..this shows the Sheer ignorance of those trying to Brainwash people!! Hahahaha What a bloody Idiot this Sarah is and those who lieten to her!!

      • Gerald says:

        The numerals 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are a Hindu invention from India. The Arabs stole it from the Hindus and passed it off as their invention just like they ripped off the the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible.

        • HazelMotes says:

          The zero is a Hindu invention, but not the other numbers which were already in use.

          You are correct in stating that the Muslims “ripped off” the Bible, however, the Christians also “ripped off” the Old Testament, as Nietzsche put it, they “pulled the rug out” from under the Jews by making the Old Testament nothing more than an extended preface to the Gospels.

          Wasn’t there something about “he who is without sin, cast the first stone?” Maybe you should pay attention!

    • HazelMotes says:

      You want prayer in school? You realize that includes Muslim prayer, right?

      You people seem to think that your particular brand of prayer will be the only one. The reason there is no school prayer is because ALL religions would have to be accommodated. Keeping prayer out of public schools protects YOU, you ignorant bigot.

      • DinahSure says:

        Well you certainly don’t sound very American to me. You should educate yourself about the separation of church and state and how it affects our schools. And once again, I’m talking about American prayers and American religion, so dragging politics into it doesn’t bolster your argument much.

        • opalwolf says:

          so Dinah, does that mean that my people- Native Indians, can practice the original religion again as Christianity is not the original religion of this land ? good to know.

          • DinahSure says:

            You can do whatever you want to, that’s the point.

          • Sam says:

            Opalwolf, I love your comment. This dimwit half a brain DinahSure doesn’t know when to give up. She certainly comes across as idiotic through each response. In case you are reading this DinahSure, Opalwolf raises an excellent point! I hope you know something about the Native Indians that owned the land that you are living in.

        • HazelMotes says:

          Either I’m being trolled, or you’re not aware that “American” religion includes Christian (many denominations), Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Scientologist, and every other religion that’s represented here.

          Also, “America” is not mentioned one time in the Bible, so the logical conclusion is that the Bible does not apply to America.

          • DinahSure says:

            I’m talking about regular, sit down and go to church religion, no jumping up and down, crazy fanatics blowing themselves up over politics or whatever it is those people are doing to make people who believe in The Bible the bad guys.

            Old fashioned traditional American values, where church is a big part of it, or it used to be, and now our families are falling apart tand that’s a big reason why.

            You’re not even talking about Sarah Palin here and our education system, all you are doing is going on a tangent disagreeing with whatever I say. I’m over your convenient “facts” which just sound like opinions to me.

          • LeeLindsay says:

            I hope you are being trolled – sadly it doesn’t sound like it. No one intellegent would try to differentiate religion by calling it “American”. This country is and has always since inception been filled with people of many different religions. I doubt the person would like to give up their crazy science ways and return to a very popular religion at the beginning of the United States….Quaker. Lets see people return to a “sit down & go to church” religion where buttons are too austintatious and cars are right out. Don’t even mention computers and phones. TThere are

          • HazelMotes says:

            Got it – your church is “regular,” and every other church is weird foreign weirdness.

            I’ve attended Muslim worship services, and they’re more sedate than many Christian services I’ve seen. So by your definition, those Muslims are more “American” than many American Christians.

          • DinahSure says:

            Well I’ve been a guest at other churches than my own, and when you’re a guest, people put on their best behavior. I’m sure the minute you left and the doors were closed, things happened that the public doesn’t see. There’s more than two sides to everything but at least you tried. It’s something I’m not sure I could do to be honest because I would be afraid of trying to be recruited.

        • Charlie says:

          Dinah, You need to log off, and stop embarrassing yourself. You have yet to make an intelligent observation. You’re just conjecturing about a lot of things you know nothing about, and that’s a long, long list.

          • DinahSure says:

            You can have your say but I can’t? Isn’t that’s what comments are for?

          • Diana says:

            I have to agree with you Charlie, she seriously needs to log off. So according to her churches are on their best behavour when there are guest so her church does odd things that other wouldn’t see if they were visiting, strange things, bad things?

        • Smarter than you says:

          American religion?! YOU JUST MADE YOURSELF SOUND SO RACIST!! You’re right that I don’t like Sarah’s politics, but that’s because she THINKS SHE CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM HER BACKYARD!! If that’s the case, I can Japan from California!! In other words, she is stupid. Trump is a racist.

          I’m gonna say NO!
          Because if you had a clue, you would know that America has no religion.
          The separation of church and state, (a law- part of politics !) , means that the state cannot fund an institution that that has any religious affiliation.
          Why? Because it would mean that the government, or for clarity to your narrow mind, AMERICA, supports a certain religion.
          Why do we have such a law?
          Because America was founded on freedom of religion, and freedom from religious tyranny.
          Why is that?


          • DinahSure says:

            There’s nothing wrong with being proud of my religion. And that fake story about Sarah seeing Russia from her porch is from Tina Fay, as I’m sure you know, but you just wanted to slam Sarah Palin again, which is getting pretty tired after all this time.

            You say that America wasn’t founded as a Christian nation? The forefathers didn’t have that in mind? I know America was founded because of religious persecution, so they set up their own in the New World. Maybe you don’t remember your early history lessons, but that’s one of the first ones kids are taught here.

            Sorry but that sounds an awful lot like America was founded on religion to me. I’m going to ignore your insults about being racist and Sarah Palin being stupid. You don’t get to become Mayor, and then Governor of Alaska, then hired as a major network political commentator for being stupid.

            Anyway thanks for the history lesson (revision history).

        • Kevin says:

          Now THAT is just too funny…..there is No Such Thing as an American religion, unless you include the numerous cults that are out there.

          • flabbergasted says:

            MY WORD, DinahSure (btw, the singer’s name is Shore), you have got to be a troll. Kind of funny, but remember, those of us who actually understand separation of church and state and the first amendment and such things know better — the government has to stay neutral, and cannot favor a given religion or political position. Also, yes, maybe people fled religious persecution to go to the New World. And what did they do there? They drove (killed, displaced, infected) natives in the name of Manifest Destiny. So…that’s history, and your version isn’t accurate either. Finally, yes, as many others have said, the numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. are Arabic numerals. Go ahead and count in Roman numerals. Good luck with that (there’s no zero). P.S. You are possibly the most ignorant person I’ve seen recently. You can’t be for real.

          • DinahSure says:

            Since when is a cult a religion? It’s funny how one subject (Sarah Palin) can always bring out the crazies in the comments section, and things just veer way off. I comment on other things and they never get the response, which means she’s doing something right.

        • Tiffanie says:

          I think you’re a toll No one is that stupid. So you dont 1,2,3. How do you want to count? Roman numerals? A new system? Dear God save me from your followers! Prayer in public schools? Why? American religion? What does that even mean? It is a fallacy that we were EVER a Christian nation. Some of the framers HATED religion, such as Ben Franklin! You are hopefully a troll, otherwise, you really are that dumb.

        • Fi says:

          Dinah – I’m all for a return to all American prayers and American Religion, it would be a great thing to see a return to animism, to the sun dance,to the trees and the plants and the animal spirits and the spirits of the ancestors and to once again commune with the Great Spirit. It would sure be better for the environment as well.

          • Jeanette DePorre says:

            Isn’t that what we have in the green movement??? You guys are so abusive toward Dinah and I can’t figure out why. This multiculturalism that you promote to the death of your own nation and pocket is interesting. The hostility toward Christianity makes me think your real fight is with God. All those other religions exist in this country because we are tolerant. If the state would give educational vouchers to the child– that could be used to attend any school the parents wanted their minor child to attend– it would solve the prayer in school problem. Christian and Jewish children could attend schools of their choice. Muslim children could do the same. Parents who are atheist could send their children to an ungodly school that teaches them facts without wisdom. Who would care? The left. If they aren’t indoctrinating, controlling and teaching revisionist history, they aren’t happy. History is complex. The first public schools were Christian schools and the Bible the first textbook. Note: Franklin had his own bias toward German immigrants in the Colonies who didn’t adapt to the Colonies. Again, I think Dinah was expressing a reasonable concern. The response to her has been nothing but funny… White man hurt Indian. You stupid , me smart. Religion bad — unless it is anything but Judaeo-Christian. Informed by the secular popular culture, you trash and ridicule Sarah Palin too.
            Personally, Sarah is far nicer than those who want to reduce her to some caricature on late night television.

          • HazelMotes says:

            No one has an argument with Christianity, only with the bigots who use it as a tool to oppress others.

        • art.vandelay says:

          Dinah, come on. You’re really Mr. Barnard in room 12A, aren’t you?

        • Henry Completo says:

          Dinahsure, please knock it off. Everytime I see your post, I keep wondering how a goat learned how to type! You are not getting the rebuttals to your posts. You are exposing your lack of education. You don’t deserve that GED!

    • Angie says:

      Oh my goodness! Are all the Palin supporters like you??

      • DinahSure says:

        Of course not Angie. Sarah Palin supporters come from all walks of life from all across the country and we all have our own opinions and thoughts just like everybody else, which explains her broad base. She’s a sellout everytime she books an arena, conference, etc. so what’s wrong with that? It’s her job.

    • Pontificate says:

      Keep your pathetic religion out of my kid’s school, thank you. Lemme guess, Christian, right? What makes YOUR religion better than others?? If little Timmy had to bang his head on a prayer mat facing east you’d be singing a different tune, wouldn’t you?

      • DinahSure says:

        Say what you want, but I’m not bashing anyone else’s religious beliefs like you are. I’m not a follower of the Islamic religion obviously but I’d never say something like “bang his head on a prayer mat” just to be snide because it’s disrespectful and so you’ve lost your credibility. You’re the one saying “YOUR” religion is better than theirs. It would probably help if you re read your comments before posting!

        It’s comments like yours that give true Christians a bad name.

    • Rachel says:

      Gov Palin is a moron, the number system we use is based on the Arabic numerals.

    • Abablab says:

      How much is Sarah PayPal paying you?

    • Derrick Amin says:

      You people can’t be serious. Why don’t we stop using paper (Chinese), gunpowder, alcohol, algebra, eyeglasses, I could go on with this, I think you get the Idea. None of the things I just mentioned are European inventions. Oh, I forgot gunpowder.

  2. Ian Sedwell says:

    A return to Roman numerals is long overdue. They look so much nicer too. I feel at home with my Colt IXmm and MXVI (Ooops! that one’s a bit confusing) and I can tell my grandkids what is was like to fly the FXIVD.

    • Bob Franklin says:

      ROFLOL!!!!!! Epic reply! I really needed that after reading such a disheartening article. I’d rather hoped this was some sort of “Onion” – style April fooley, but apparently it’s on the level. The truly terrifying takeaway here is that people like Dinah Sure actually buy into & expand upon this fear mongering dreck.

  3. Morris Browne says:

    I guess that she wants everyone to use fingers in lieu of Arabic numerals.

  4. Robert Upshall says:

    You could use Roman numerals I suppose. Not sure the IRS would be happy if you used them for your tax return. Doing any kind of calculation would be a nightmare. Of course, I am sure that Dinah Sure and Sarah Palin are unaware that not all Muslims are Arabs and not all Arabs are Muslim. The Iranians aren’t Arabs for a start – they’re Persians. Neither are those from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Then there are the Croatians (for the ignorant, that’s in Europe — part of the old Yugoslavia). We actually fought to protect the Croatian Muslims in the 1990s from the Serbian Orthodox Christians under the war criminal Slobodan Milosovic. By the way Sarah Palin’s own telephone number will be in Arabic numerals so she must be part of the conspiracy – god save us from such idiocy.

    • DinahSure says:

      Why are you dragging another entirely different culture into this story? Aren’t Roman numerals going back even farther away from Sarah Palin’s point? You’re proving that she’s right about influences that we don’t need., It doesn’t make any sense to me to go back to ancient system that doesn’t reflect our culture these days.

      I never understood why are there Roman numerals still in use anyway. While were at it, why don’t we go get the metric system up and running again in America. That was a great success haha!

      • Smarter than you says:

        I’m going to type out all those super scary Arabic numbers. But don’t you do it!! The terrorists will attack!!?????????

        123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 95 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100

        Do you fee stupid yet?
        These are all Arabic.
        What I’m telling you, and all the stupid people in your life, and that fall out of you, is that math was created, fostered, given birth to in the middle east.
        You want to get rid of all other cultural influences on your children?
        There is no math without Muslims.
        There is no science without Muslims.
        There is no astrology without Muslims.

        All the greatest European scientists you revere built upon the work of Muslim men.
        Muslim men they respected as equals.
        Something you fail to do.

        • DinahSure says:

          Those are not Arabic symbols, they’re plain numbers. I know you all think you’re having so much fun (haha) posting all this anti Sarah correspondence my way so I’m just going to sit back and watch you all make utter fools of yourself.

          • Geowyn says:

            Dinah, they are not Arab symbols, they are arabic numbers. That is where we get them from. The whole world uses arabic numbers.

          • HazelMotes says:

            Dinah Sore,

            OK, if those are “plain numbers,” please give us an example of the “Arabic symbols” that your children are being forced to study in school.


          • Diana says:

            OMG go educate yourself, well no that is not a good idea, here I will educate you, IF you can read.


          • Robert Upshall says:

            So who invented those plain numbers do you think? They weren’t invented in America and they weren’t even invented in Europe – because the best that the Europeans could come up with was the Roman system (which was my point). You couldn’t do arithmetic with them and they had no concept of zero or minus numbers. We had to get proper symbols that we could use for mathematics (and that included the invention of algebra) from those dusky non-Christians. How does that make you feel DinahSure. And if you accuse me of being non-American that’s because I am non-American. I’m a Brit where we do have an established religion and prayer in schools – and we are probably one of the least religious countries on the planet so be careful what you wish for.

          • DinahSure says:

            Diana, since I don’t allow Wikipedia to be used as a source for my students, and I’m certainly not going to rely on your link as a source.

          • Robert Upshall says:

            Dinah (not sure you are real – I think that you might be a journalist on the National Report taking the Mick because usually people with such ignorant opinions have difficulty writing a sentence without a dozen grammatical and spelling errors) – if you are real though I find it scary that you have students. What do you teach – astrophysics?
            Anyway, you didn’t answer my question as to where you think that the numbers that we are calling Arabic and which you just see as regular American numbers were invented? I can assure you that they weren’t invented by Americans, Europeans or anyone Christian. By the way, if you don’t like Wikipedia (and although they may get details wrong they are usually right about subjects like this) how about Collins English Dictionary : http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/arabic-numeral

          • Henry Completo says:

            OMG! First of all Dinah, this is a fake conservative website. The purpose of such sites is to expose uneducated ‘conservatives’ like you. The world uses Arabic numerals. Period. The fake news is to make uneducated people like you get angry and post their stupidity just like you did!

            AmericanNews.com is a Satire or FAKE news website

            September 6, 2014 2:07 pm

            AmericanNews.com is one of the many new satire or FAKE news sites currently on the internet. Their mission is to make the Tea Party and conservatives look bad by sharing their fake news stories. In essence, this site is like the Onion, just not funny.

            What this and sites like it do is take video clips or facts from a real story and make up the rest. This does 2 things:

            Gets people angry because they believe the story
            Aids in discrediting alternative media

            Other fake news sites are:

            The Daily Currant
            You can view other fake news sites at About.com

        • flabbergasted says:

          So right. And hilarious that this person (not sure it’s a woman, not sure he/she is for real) keeps going here.

      • Oscar says:

        Dinah: obviously, when you’re talking about ancient numerals you don’t even know what you’re talking about, right? If you wouldn’t use Arabic numerals,those used ALL AROUND THE WORLD… You should know maths, something that reigns all the physics of nature the human has studied and learned about are based on maths and Arabic numerals, and you call them not to be “Americans” (another concept pretty strange, since additionally for many US people to say Alerican is to talk about your country… For le it is about talking the whole continent we live in… I’m Mexican, and I live were I was born: Mexico City… And gues what?: I’m American, since all of the 35 countries from this continents ARE AMERICA. So now back on the numerals: wich numerals are those you would call “Americans”, and this applies the same for religion: wich is the one you call “American” religion? Because actually the one that you could call, because of facts, the “American” religion is the one from Mormon, a religion that actually is, at these days, not very extended, in fact for many people considered a denomination. Now, it looks like at some point you talk about “religion” ehen talking about things like your pledge of allegiance… That is not about religion, that’s about civics, and this shouldn’t involve religion belief; it’s really strange that since I’m Mexican, from a very religious country, yes, we have strong patriotic, civic beliefs, and this is to ALL COUNTRIES, not just us, or America (the continent) or any other country around the world, but just like most of the countries at this continent and at all the developed and more civilized countries, like most of Europe, particularly the west, Japan, Australia, etc., all countries with several religious ideologies but always with one that is the most important, yet all of them, just like Mexico: the education is secular, and no religion is teached at schools, for that is that you have your family education, your church, and yes, if you want to: to go to private schools that share your same beliefs; we’ve been a secular country, even being deeply Catholic, for more than 150 years, and it’s really strange that you still have, at the XXI century (yes, in Roman numerals) one of your two political parties that is STILL totally about religion; we have our own right wing party (PAN), but even then, that of course are much more religious than people at other parties, don’t mix that with politics, and when they bring some of the things that could be related to religious beliefs, they don’t use religion as an argument, but ethics (yes, an ancient heritage from Greece) or morals. And since you think Roman numerals would be “ancient”, well, those Arabic numerals that are universal all around the world are actually much older. Now, to make you learn a little bit about numerals: Roman numerals are used at certain occasions because of some universal conventionalisms (that means they are used all around the world that way) stablished to make it clear what you’re talking about, like centuries, ordinal numbers (for events that repeat from time to time, for example), and sometimes just to make it look more serious (at a tumbstone, credits for the year a book is written, a movie is made, etc. in the end Arabic numbers or a Gregorio’s calendar and all kind of systems used all around the world (so there is no such thing as “American numbers”) is because of having a universal system that can work for all the world at times like these where communications and interaction among countries and even people are global; actually it it would be because of efficiency: the world wouldn’t be using a Gregorio’s calendar but a Mayan calendar, since it’s actually way much more precise, and also a legacy from Mayans: we wouldn’t be using Arabic decimal system, since the reason the Mayan calendar is much more precise is the better numerical system it uses: the vigesimal mayan system. 😉

        • DinahSure says:

          You must be getting paid by the word. I don’t have time to read your foolishness.

          • BebyImAmazd says:

            Last time I checked, you have written quite a few more words here–and we‘re supposed to read yours? But for real, I have to admit it‘s entertaining that you have been able to fool so many people into thinking that you are posting on-the-level. Pretty crafty of you!

          • DinahSure says:

            Well BebyImAmazd since you’ve made up your mind about someone who you have never met, you must be the clever one here and not me

            Can you give me the winning lotto numbers in your next post please because I need a new car? I’ll give you 10% as my agent as a sign of good faith haha!

            It’s hilarious that people think comments are a substitute for intelligence, or when you make a post, you are all knowing and all powerful. LOL

  5. Lillian Fabricant says:

    Arabic Numerals are really only a problem when used backwards in countdowns, and maybe in the bazaar when everyone seems to quote you a higher price than what the signy-pricey tag says, and thentries to drug you with that gross tea and do Lord knows what if you pass out from the smell of all that Cumin. I mean, COME ON, who needs that much Cumin, really… SATAN Mrs. Muriel Arawaddapatti-Rosenstein?? No, Thank You. NO NEEDY CARPET. Bam-Boo Flooring. America has BAM BOO FLOORING Ok Ok Kimosabe? Om Nimoy Shankya too Am Ba Bin Blamblim THANK YOU

  6. HazelMotes says:


    America was NOT founded as a “Christian nation.” The words “Jesus,” “Bible,” and “Christianity” appear nowhere in the Constitution, and the First Amendment does not single out any particular religion for special treatment. The framers were well aware of the history of religious violence in Europe, and intended to avoid it here by not establishing an official state religion.

    However, most of the framers were Christians of one sect or another (some of them were Deists). The most popular ones were Episcopal, Congregationalist (which is the United Church of Christ today), and Quaker – interestingly, some of the most liberal denominations in America. They would have been revolted by the hyper-religiosity of frauds like Palin or Dominionists like Ted Cruz.

    • flabbergasted says:

      well put!

    • DinahSure says:

      They wouldn’t have been revolted by Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz because they both are patriots who follow the Constitution. I think the framers knew that history would change things and true patriotism would have to change with the times. But I do agree that they would be surprised at how campaigns are run and the way politics is presented in the media. What did they have back then, a printing press and pamphlets, etc. They never could have imagined how things have changed, but the patriotism stays the same.

    • Jeanette DePorre says:

      Many of the churches mentioned in your post are nothing more than social clubs today. I think our framers would be revolted by the secular religiosity of many of these ‘Churches’ that reject the Biblical God in favor of a feel good religion that rejects authority. A Christian is a follower of Christ. Jesus didn’t like ‘RELIGION” . America did indeed begin as a Christian nation. The intent of our founders was to protect religion from state tyranny, NOT the state from ‘Christian” tyranny. It would be a real stretch to think America would be the same country without our Christian heritage. If our founders had been Buddhist or Muslim, no doubt we would be a different nation today.

      • HazelMotes says:

        ALL churches are social clubs, including the one you attend.

        You seem to know a lot about what Jesus would or wouldn’t do. Maybe you should bring him into this conversation so he can speak for himself, instead of allowing an ignorant bigot like you to represent him.

        If America began as a Christian nation, why didn’t the framers of the Constitution indicate that when they wrote it? Seems to be a big oversight on their part – unless, of course, you’re just talking out of your a$$.

  7. nicky scarz says:

    this woman is nuts… isnt there something more important she can care for?? esp in 2016??? or is she using this ridiculousness to star relevant???

    • DinahSure says:

      The first thing I talked about was American culture and keeping it going and foreign influences and how they are trying to change things. Please tell me what’s not relevant about that especially nowadays.

  8. flabbergasted says:

    And yes, I want to bet this article is Not even Sarah Palin could say something this ridiculous.

  9. KnowledgeIsPower says:

    Dinah… I took the liberty of preparing our forefathers constitution for you to refresh your memory of “American Values” if you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them for you. (U.S. History Teacher of 25 years)

  10. KnowledgeIsPower says:


    Please visit http://www.archives.gov. Click on the proper link and read our constitution, free of charge provided by our government. There is a photocopy of the original constitution, written on parchment, just so you know it is legitimate. These people may be kinder to you if you know what your speaking of.
    Sincerely yours,
    U.S. History Teacher of 25 years

    • DinahSure says:

      People are going to attack anything that is pro Sarah Palin, so I don’t care about people being kinder. Every time something’s written in support of her, people get very upset and resort to name calling and childish insults because they have nothing else to say,

  11. Edward says:

    I think that this article may have appeared on 1/4 (April Fools Day). However, given the rantings from Ms. Palin, Mr. Fart (Trump) and other members of the less intelligent section of the Murican population (Republicans, Rednecks etc.) one can never be too sure, whether it is a prank or not. 🙂

    The person posting as seems to have some major gaps in her education.
    1) The numerals we use are based on the Arabic system, but they are not Arabic numbers (anyone who has been to the Middle East will know that).

    2) The concept of 0 came from Indian counting, where they had a circle with dots in it representing each number (4 dots in a circle for 4 etc.). A circle with nothing in it became zero. Before this, 0 didn’t exist. The Romans, despite having a very large Empire and being master engineers, never used it. Anyone who wants to get rid of Arabic numerals, wants to try doing arithmetic using Roman numerals. 🙂

    3) Those rotten Arabs are indeed responsible for inflicting much pain and suffering on humanity, at least in the form of Algebra, Algorithms, etc) they invented them! No doubt, many school kids would love to see them removed. However, what would replace them?

    4) We have always been wary of countries where one has to swear allegiance to ones flag every day. It’s always seen as being a bit European, third world and generally suspicious.

    5) Dinah is correct (in her own mind anyway), regarding religion. The supporters of every religion and sect all believe that there way is the only true way to God and Heaven. Anyone who doesn’t believe, is going to Hell. Therefore we are all going to Hell.

    6) The Pilgrim Fathers didn’t leave the UK because they were being persecuted. They left because they thought that the CofE was being too liberal in its teachings (some-things never change). They left the UK, went to Holland, seeking a new life there, didn’t like the religious freedoms of the Dutch and eventually set sail for the colonies.

    7) What is really scary is that you guys have people like Palin, Fart Dinah Sure and thousands/millions of others like them running around free. Seriously people, they need urgent psychiatric help.

  12. Shriven says:

    hahaha such a moron. Way to many things have an arabic background in the modern western world. she might also like to know that christianity also started in the middle east. whoopsies.

    • DinahSure says:

      What do you consider “middle east?” when you talk about Christianity starting there? I’m asking because I never was taught that but since you called me a moron are you even going to bother to give me any sources or just namecall.

      • afzal says:

        “What do you consider middle east” ? Seriously? No seriously, what do YOU consider middle east? I am so looking forward to an answer!

      • BebyImAmazd says:

        “Jerusalem” “Bethlehem” “Nazareth” are identified in your Bible, which could possibly be considered a source. If they are not in the Middle East, there is no such place.

  13. Got to be a joke, surely? But I see some commentators on the page agree with the idea. This after calls to stop the teaching of the filthy Arabic al-jabr (algebra). Trigonometry was Islamic too. Hell. Let’s get rid of all of it and go back to the Dark Ages. http://www.storyofmathematics.com/islamic.html

  14. SuchindranathAiyerS says:

    These are not “Arabic” numerals. These are Brahmin numerals that the Arabs learned while trading with the Aryas and took with them.

  15. Saywhat? says:

    Its time to come clean…I am Dinahsure! (Dinasour?)

    • Saywhat? says:

      Damn and blast!! I’d hoped for a sequence of replies along the lines of “No! I am Dinashure”…….”I am Dinahshure!”…….etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…

  16. Saywhat? says:

    Not sure if the Arabic numerals and Dinahsure stuff isn’t a spoof but this is an alarming reality, well, Sarah Palins at least, mind you, David Karst isn’t far behind her.

    Its also 22 minutes and 16 seconds of my life I won’t get back again……..


  17. iEKOS says:



    I see everyone is having a go at you. And I see your adamant and feel your right. American traditions means allot to you.

    BUT, do you wonder why everyone is calling you an idiot? If just one person said your an idiot, it wouldn’t matter too much but near EVERYONE on this page is calling you an idiot. Think why..

    PS. Hint, you really really are ignorant. The world is a bigger then America.

  18. PatRiot says:

    Sarah Palin is 51, not 56, you insufferable ass.

  19. AllanB says:

    As someone from the UK reading some of the stuff on here is frankly terrifying. Much of the civilised world is genuinely terrified that you might have Trump as your leader and the dire consequences this will have.

    Some of the comments just back up the views many peope have in the UK of most of the people in the USA being thick as pig shit. Going on about immigration when most of your population are immigrants , oh FFS.

    • It is frightening, AllanB. The double-edged sword of open comments is that you have, forever in print, the oftentimes disheartening thoughts and beliefs of your “average Joes” and your “average Janes” who let others do their thinking.

      Thank you for your perspective from “across the pond.”

  20. archie archive says:

    The Arab influence as going overboard – I have had to give up coffee since I found that it is an arabic invention. Even the most widely grown variety of coffee is “Aribica”. I also discovered that it is Halal. BAN COFFEE!

  21. senalb says:

    Actually, the numbers used in Arabic speaking countries are NOT the same numbers we call Arabic. I don’t have the right font to show you, but check out some license plates in photos of Syria, Lebanon, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, etc. and you’ll see the difference.

    • Abablab says:

      Yeah, I’ll just hop right on the Internet and do a search for all those things and then just wait for the authorities to come knocking at my door!

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