George Zimmerman to throw out first pitch of world series

George Zimmerman Slated To Throw Out World Series First Pitch

<National Report>Authorities in Ferguson, Missouri are expecting another week of unrest ahead due to a controversial move made by the Kansas City Royals baseball team. The Royals are hosting Game 1 of the 2014 World Series in Kauffman [...]
Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

Judge in Peterson Case Asked to Recuse Due to Fantasy Football

<National Report>The judge in the Adrian Peterson child abuse case has been asked to step down due to a conflict of interest arising from his fantasy football team.  Judge Kelly Case’s team, “Case Closed,” is in a fantasy [...]
bristol palin

Bristol Palin Signs Contract With UFC

<National Report>Police reports have revealed that during the September brawl that involved members of politician Sarah Palin’s family, that her daughter, Bristol Palin, punched the host of the event “several times in the face”. [...]

San Francisco 49ers Announce Cowlin Cowpernick

San Francisco, CA — Ever since Colin Kaepernick‘s block buster deal with Jaguar Cars last year, there has been rumors of pending deals with other major sponsors for the rabidly popular 49ers quarterback. But how is all of this possible? [...]

NBA Suspends Dozens Of Players In Advance Of 2014-2015 Season

<National Report>After seeing the disaster that has recently befell the NFL; National Basketball Association officials have proactively suspended over 30 players. NBA officials have not formally announced which players have been suspended, [...]

Racism Greets Derek Jeter In Boston

BOSTON, MA – The outpouring of affection and admiration for Derek Jeter, shown by the 50,000+ fans who packed New York’s Yankee Stadium for the team captain’s victorious last home game on Thursday, will long be remembered as one of the [...]

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Arrested for Assaulting Wife

By: Cassidy Pen, TNReport Investigative Reporter NEW YORK NY – National Football League (NFL) Commissioner Roger Goodell was arrested this morning and arraigned on charges of domestic battery to his wife, Fox News Channel Anchor Jane Skinner. The [...]

NFL Crime Power Rankings – Week 3

New York, NY – It’s week 3 football fans, and boy, have we seen some movement in the weekly NFL Crime Power Rankings.  Each week we take a look at team performance, off the field, to see where they stand in the league.  Our scouts [...]

ISIS To Cripple 2014 Fantasy Football Season

Just days after President Barack Obama issued a directive to “go after” ISIS in Iraq and Syria, cybersecurity experts are warning of a new threat from the terrorist organization. Larry Norman, chief security consultant for Technicode [...]

NFL Season ‘Just in Time’ for Americans to Forget World and National Problems

<National Report>The NFL Season kicked off this weekend, and according to a report released by the National Institute for Public Safety, it couldn’t come any sooner. Americans are riding a “summer of turmoil,” according [...]
Ray Rice cage match with wife Janay

Ray Rice And Wife Janay Charity Cage Match Scheduled For October In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV — Just days after the elevator knockout heard around the world, Ray Rice and wife Janay have announced a charity cage match to help abused women in India. “This is for a really good cause,” Janay Rice told reporters. [...]
Ray and Janay Rice

Gun Control Advocates Applaud Ray Rice for Using His Bare Hands

NEW YORK – Given its recent history, the National Football League would likely be demanding more gun control if running back Ray Rice used a firearm to attack his wife in an elevator instead of his bare hands. But today the NFL is using [...]

Californian Becomes First Gay Fantasy Football Player

<National Report>Late last night, Randy Rolfolk of Temucla, CA, announced to the world that he was gay, becoming in the process the first gay fantasy football player in history. Sources said Rolfolk had first told his team prior to making [...]

North Korea Proudly Declares World Cup 2014 Victory

On Sunday (not long after this article is published), the world’s most popular sporting event will be kicking off, as the World Cup wraps up with its final match between Germany and Argentina… well, unless you live in North Korea, [...]
The New Logo of the soon-to-be Las Vegas Gamblers of the NBA

Clippers Sign LeBron, Announce Move to Las Vegas

Shockwaves Felt League Wide By: Cassidy Pen, TNReport Sports Reporter Las Vegas — Get ready for the NBA’s newest franchise shift. Donald Sterling, the embattled Clippers owner, today made not one, but two startling announcements [...]

German Staffer Alleges Brazilian Players Were Drugged

Brazil’s earth-shattering 1-7 loss to Germany in the 2014 World Cup semifinal match on Tuesday sent shockwaves through the world of professional sports, setting a record for most goals scored in a semifinal match in World Cup history [...]