North Korea Proudly Declares World Cup 2014 Victory

On Sunday (not long after this article is published), the world’s most popular sporting event will be kicking off, as the World Cup wraps up with its final match between Germany and Argentina… well, unless you live in North Korea, [...]
The New Logo of the soon-to-be Las Vegas Gamblers of the NBA

Clippers Sign LeBron, Announce Move to Las Vegas

Shockwaves Felt League Wide By: Cassidy Pen, TNReport Sports Reporter Las Vegas — Get ready for the NBA’s newest franchise shift. Donald Sterling, the embattled Clippers owner, today made not one, but two startling announcements [...]

German Staffer Alleges Brazilian Players Were Drugged

Brazil’s earth-shattering 1-7 loss to Germany in the 2014 World Cup semifinal match on Tuesday sent shockwaves through the world of professional sports, setting a record for most goals scored in a semifinal match in World Cup history [...]

World Cup Doping Scandal Worsens; More Players Test Positive

On Monday, sources inside FIFA revealed that despite the organization’s best efforts to cover up their ongoing World Cup doping scandal, as many as 28 different players from 7 different teams have now tested positive for using performance-enhancing [...]

FIFA’s Ultimatum to Suarez: Lengthy Ban, or Wear a Muzzle

In one of the most bizarre rulings in the history of sports, FIFA handed down an ultimatum today to Uruguay star striker Luis Suarez, who recently bit an Italian defender on the shoulder during a vital group stage match.  Either he takes a [...]

Agent Blames Bath Salts for Luis Suarez Biting Incident

Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez made global headlines on Tuesday after biting — with his teeth — Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder, during their critical final match in the World Cup group stage.  It’s a [...]

LeBron James, Soccer Star?

Social media is abuzz with questions regarding where basketball star LeBron James may end up, now that he’s a free agent again and will not be returning for another season with Miami Heat.  There are strong indications that he’s [...]

German Star Is “Seeking Vengeance” Against USA in World Cup… for WWII

German midfielder Mario Götze is looking forward to Thursday’s World Cup match, where his team will take on the USA in the final game of the group stage of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  If team USA manages a draw or a win, they’ll [...]
June 17, 2014:  Miami Heat's LeBron James gestures as he answers a question during a news conference in Miami. (AP)

LeBron James Speaking with LA Realtor

  <National Report>Los Angeles, CA–Rumors have been swirling about the fate of LeBron “King” James following his epic loss in the NBA Finals at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs.  The Associated Press is reporting [...]
Gay wedding at the white house

Obama To Ordain First Gay Marriage At The White House Between Michael Sam and Vito Cammisano

Washington, DC — In what is being dubbed as the “Wedding Of The Century”, openly-gay football star of the St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam and his long-time boyfriend, Vito Cammisano, are to be married at the White House, with President [...]

Dale Earnhardt Jr Blacked Out During Pocono 500

…still Won race! By Cassidy Pen LONG POND, Pennsylvania. Officials for NASCAR have revealed Dale Earhardt Jr. blacked out during a huge portion of the recent Pocono 500 in Pong Pond, PA. The driver won the race when he passed Brad Keselowski [...]

Burglars Make Off with Shocking Goods from Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hotel

Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is now officially the first player in the 2014 World Cup to endure a hotel room break-in, with an estimated $32,000 USD worth of items stolen from his suite in Manaus, Brazil. Amongst the missing items, [...]

Qatar Loses 2022 World Cup

<National Report> Amid mounting pressure to remove Qatar as the host of the 2022 World Cup, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has announced that they will initiate an abbreviated bidding process to identify [...]

FIFA’s So-Called “QuickBribe” System Taken Offline

The World Cup has a long, sordid history of corruption, with match officials taking bribes to call games favorably for the teams with big enough purses to afford it.  And according to several anonymous sources, FIFA recently not only allowed [...]

Sources: LeBron James to Retire, Will Focus on Rap Career

<National Report>Sources close to NBA superstar LeBron James have begun reporting that James plans to announce his retirement from the NBA to focus on his burgeoning career as a rap artist. As speculation has risen regarding the star’s [...]

Netherlands to Continue In World Cup Despite Doping Scandal

The Netherlands’ shocking 5-1 blowout win over Spain on Friday made headlines all over the world.  But on Saturday, FIFA officials discovered something that should jeopardize the team’s future in the 2014 World Cup: that several [...]