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US Soccer Team Announces Boycott of 2018 World Cup Held in Russia

Source: pixabay.com

<National Report>While Donald Trump has spent the last few weeks picking fights with the dark skinned players in the NFL, the US Men’s Soccer team has made the strongest statement yet in professional sports against the President’s legitimacy.  The team today announced a boycott of the World Cup scheduled to be held in Russia Jun 14-Jul 15th, 2018.  According to an inside source with no knowledge of US soccer, officials have announced the boycott in retaliation to Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election.

The decision was made late this afternoon following a devastating loss to the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.  The move marks the first time since 1986 the team will not be participating in the games.

National Report reached out to the White House for statement, however as of press time no comment has been received.

This is a developing story, please check back for updates.

Image Source:  Pixabay

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10 Responses to "US Soccer Team Announces Boycott of 2018 World Cup Held in Russia"

  1. Phil Williams says:

    Kudos to the U.S. soccer team for boycotting Putin’s 2018 World Cup in Russia. Putin’s authoritarian kleptocracy launched what it secretly called a campaign of “information warfare” against the U.S. elections of 2016. Please consider signing the boycott petition at MoveOn.org.

  2. a person says:

    wow wow wow. USA isnt “boycotting the games. they didnt even qualify. they werent good enough. sad country i live in”

    • Alex says:

      Crawl back to the swamp you came from

    • On The Nose says:

      You are right, ‘a person’. You would expect such shenanigans from kindergarten children …. but a nation?! Sheesh!

  3. Jason O'Higgins says:

    Panama booted the U.S.

  4. marek dybacki says:

    It is the right decision to boycutt the cup. Russia is a communist nation that has no human values. why in the right mind to go there and show support and even put in danger all the players. It is a sick country with a sick leader running it.

  5. christopher snow says:

    We are now 2 and 1/2 days into the start of the World Cup games and was waiting to see how I would feel once we actually got to this time. I love the World Cup . And it only comes around once every 4 years. But I can actually say that , with no regret , I have not watched and that I do not plan to give it any attention at in 2018 because of my deep, deep resentment towards Russia and all things that it corrupts (including the American government at this time).
    I do support the decision of the US Men’s National Soccer Team to boycott this year’s WC games however. Screw Russia and fix the corruption within FIFA. Keeping the faith and waiting for World Cup 2022.

  6. On The Nose says:

    The US needs to respect Democracy, accept the fact that Trump won the election fair & square, and stop playing crybaby by claiming to boycott a game that it didn’t even qualify for.

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