Chris Christie Kills and Eats a Spider, After Lap Band Surgery

(National Report) – Chris Christie killed and ate a spider on Friday while schoolchildren were visiting the Governor’s office. The odd behavior is thought to be a nutritional craving resulting from recent diet changes. During the [...]

Should Children Be Eligible for Combat Duty?

(National Report) A quiet debate is slowly snaking its way through the House of Representatives. Should the minimum age of enlistment into the armed services be eliminated? The number of toddlers and preschoolers exhibiting gun knowledge and [...]

Steak, Beer and Oral Sex Secret to Long Life, Say Scientists

(National Report) – Important published works are soon to be released touting the benefits of a largely carnivore’s diet of Steak and whole grains found in beer. The study, sponsored by the Obama administration and Michelle Obama [...]

Brown Recluse Spiders Found in WalMart Parking Lot Diaper

Maureen Hicks wants to know if the baby that once wore a deadly diaper is still alive. Hicks, a resident of Dent Ford, Missouri, found a spider-filled diaper in the WalMart parking lot. “They just kind of poured out of the thing, like a hairy [...]