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MO Considers Gun Ownership Requirement for Voting

moguns(National Report) – The Missouri state legislature in Jefferson City recently passed laws making it easier to fire teachers that refuse to carry a gun into a school, lowering the age requirement for conceal and carry from 21 to 19 as well as criminalizing the enforcement of federal gun laws. The gun bills are waiting for approval from Governor Jay Nixon (D), who has until mid-July to sign or veto the laws.

These important pieces of legislation pave the way for requiring all Missourians to own a gun as a prerequisite to participating in the voting process. Such legislation would solve several issues.

The town of Nelson, Georgia already requires citizens to be armed. The Missouri bill expected to be introduced in the House would expand the same type of legislation to an entire state.

Voting is a privilege of the republic, although many Liberals claim differently. Conversely, gun ownership is a Constitutional right few can deny. By combining gun ownership with voting, bipartisan support could be achieved with the landmark legislation.

If signed by MO Gov Nixon, children as young as 5 will learn what to do when they find a gun.

If signed by MO Gov Nixon, children as young as 5 will learn what to do when they find a gun.

Governor Nixon’s administration faced fierce conservative condemnation for releasing sensitive conceal and carry data to the federal government, under the guise of revenue auditing. One of the bills awaiting Governor Nixon’s approval prohibits the MO Dept of Revenue from retaining any fee information from conceal and carry applicants.

If all Missouri citizens are gun owners or ideally conceal and carry, the need for such awkward partisan scandals no longer apply. Also, the fees can’t be easily embezzled by the state licensing contractors since a conceal and carry fee would apply to all registered citizens.

After Liberals shut down Missouri's puppy mills, impromptu gun sales offer economic relief for citizens.

After Liberals shut down Missouri’s puppy mills, impromptu gun sales offer economic relief for citizens.

Another bill recently submitted for the Governor’s signature transfers responsibility of conceal and carry permits to local Sheriff Departments. This valuable gun ownership information allows local law enforcement the choice to shoot or taser based on any conceal and carry information. With the highest rate of meth use per capita in the United States, Missouri law enforcement needs this type of data.

As the citizens of Missouri wait for Governor Nixon to sign or veto the legislation that could provide greater protections for gun ownership, the Kansas City Star reports outsiders are trying to influence the Governor’s decisions.

Some of the veto calls came from people living in states such as California, Colorado, New York and South Carolina. A woman from Newtown, Conn., said she is the mother of two first-grade boys and remembers attending summer camp in Purdy, but that “no one in my family will come within 100 miles of Missouri if you don’t get some gunsense in your state!”

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2 Responses to "MO Considers Gun Ownership Requirement for Voting"

  1. Barbara Bagwell says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about children being signed by the Governor.

  2. How was that needlessly bringing race into the equaiton? The victim is White. The apparent suspects, if we can believe in this video surveillance, are Black. Those are facts. Sorry if that upsets you. I think it’s gotten to the point where people are sick and tired of feeling like victims, and being made to feel like victims, from empathy, specific to situations like this. When was the last time you saw a person fitting the demographic of the victim in this case, apprehended for a random violent crime? Not premeditated, not domestic, not white collar, etc. I’ve lived here for 12 years, and I can’t remember one? How many times have you seen this exact scenario play out, where the victim is White and therefore assumed to be in possession of something of value, and becoming the target of idiots like this? I can see how some in this City feel targeted, as a White person, and I don’t think it’s that odd to voice than concern.

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