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Kentucky Shooting: Boy, 5, Shoots and Kills Intruder, Police Say


Watching your little fella getting used to his first weapon is priceless.

<NationalReport>Authorities in Burkesville, KY, have confirmed the death of an intruder at the hands of a 5-year-old boy.  Initial reports from the scene outline an intense struggle for the firearm before the child gained control of the weapon.  According to police, the young whipper snapper fired just one shot from the .22-caliber rifle he received as a gift fatally wounding the intruder.

Kentucky State Police said the intruder was shot just after 1 p.m. CDT Tuesday in
Cumberland County and was taken to a nearby hospital, where the victim was later
pronounced dead.

Parents of the young man, certainly Parents of the Year candidates, gloated about their sons fortitude in the face of such events and praised his ability to stand up to Obama and his gun-grabbing Gestapo.

This event underscores the importance of teaching young children marksmanship and proper gun responsibility.

While liberals are sneaking around smoking hopeium and staging “events” to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights (think Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing), this courageous young man took destiny into his own hands and put down the deadly intruder with one clean shot (unfortunately the victim was the shooters 2-year-old sister).

National Reports Chase Logan is on the scene and will provide updates throughout the evening.

For more on this developing story, follow the links below:

WLKY Loisville

Huffington Post

Fox News (the only one to trust)

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10 Responses to "Kentucky Shooting: Boy, 5, Shoots and Kills Intruder, Police Say"

  1. Barbara Bagwell says:

    These parents should be placed someplace high where everyone can see what a fine example they are.

    Obviously they worked with the little tyke, honing his skills and letting him play M for mature video games. That’s where so many kids learn to aim, since real guns are far too heavy for kids to aim accurately. I cannot even imagine how they feel.

    • Chase Logan says:

      I agree Barbara, the only thing these fine parents didn’t do was purchase the matching Hello Kitty bulletproof vest for the poor little girl. What can you say, hicks will be hicks.

  2. Jessica Rowe says:

    That’s funny…I just read the same story posted about 8 hours ago, only it was about a 5-year-old Kentucky boy fatally shooting his 2-year-old sister with a rifle he received as a gift. What idiot gives a 5-year-old a loaded gun in place of a toy? I think the parents should be charged on this one. I love America and I love being an American, but seriously this shit has got to stop. Now.

    • Manfred Peregrine says:

      My apologies for saying this, Jessica, but if you think guns should be kept out of the hands of anyone, even children 5 and under, you hate America and only want to see it burn.

      • Allen Montgomery says:

        Excellent point Manfred…what kind of monster are you Jessica??

    • Geoff says:

      You people commenting are retarded…..seriously. Did you not see where they say he shot his sister? Can you not fucking READ? This site isnt real how dumb can Americans be??

  3. John Duh says:

    Which story is correct? This one has this same 5 years old shooting his 2 year old sister.


  4. Nigel Covington says:

    Blow me John Duh! Chase Logan is covering this story in Kentucky so I trust his factual account of this sad event. By the way no one here at the Report appreciates you trying to confuse the issue with the facts!!!

  5. Nellie Queen says:

    Jesus Christ anytime any kid gets whacked by a gun in this country the gun-grabber nut-jobs will exploit the child’s death as if a firearm snuck up to this home, broke in using burglar tools then waited for the right moment to drop the hammer on the little girl. How can those gun-grabbing America haters, like Obama feel good about themselves after exploiting a child’s death and a family’s suffering just to push their narrow political agenda? Democrats and liberals just have no soul.

    • Lillian fabricant says:

      I think good christians who run guns for Christ should be praising and awarding any cases of sibling slaughter where the victim has those tell-tale signs of becoming a soul-less liberal, such as being maybe not-white, or as in this case, getting shot instead of shooting first. In a way, he did her a favor, because now her soul can hover around in the pea soup of limbo for all eternity, if she had been shot after she was old enough to vote and ever voted democrat, she’d just be dead now. THANKS, Jesus!!!

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