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George Zimmerman Set To Release Children’s Book Series

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman

It seems as if George Zimmerman has found a new calling in life. One that could possibly restore his tainted public image and help children around the world to avoid situations similar to the one that cost Trayvon Martin his life.

Zimmerman, along with collaborating illustrator, Gina Melosi have teamed-up to create a series of children’s books which we were told would be available sometime in early spring. The books illustrate scenarios involving dangerous situations in which a cast of colorful and mythical creatures instruct children on how to avoid perilous outcomes by doing the right thing.

Nancy Gearheart, founder and chief editor of Magic Island Publishing, was initially apprehensive about printing Zimmerman’s work, given the obvious controversy that’s surrounded him since the Trayvon Martin shooting, but she claims to have quickly had a change of heart upon having the chance to pore over George’s work.

“When George originally sent in his submission, I’ll have to admit, there was a lot of doubt there due to the fact that he had been embroiled in so much public outrage. It was not until I had a moment to really look at the books that I found them to be beautifully illustrated, each with such potent messages in regards to safety and self-awareness.”


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“George is really hoping to redeem himself through these books as well and show the world he’s not a monster. I believe everyone deserves a second chance and once they see his work I am positive the public will be understanding and forgiving. It’s a win, win situation for everyone!”

Magic Island Publishing House are planning to release the first book in Zimmerman’s series titled “Dark Alley Dan and The Bad Bad Man” later this year.

Once the books go to print, Zimmerman also plans to tour several schools throughout Florida to in order to raise awareness about better ways children can avoid disaster in potentially dangerous situations.

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20 Responses to "George Zimmerman Set To Release Children’s Book Series"

  1. drake mallard says:

    George Zimmerman is an abject failure as a man and a complete loser. George Zimmerman has amounted to nothing of significance and done absolutely nothing with his life and likes to make himself feel better by beating women, animal abuse, road rage, bullying people and pulling gun on people like a ups man and pretending to be a police officer, walking around town with his gun and standing his ground. Shellie Zimmerman said that she had left her husband George the night before the shooting. If you don’t know anything about domestic violence statistics, this might not have set off any alarms. Shellie leaves George and the next night, he’s out on the streets looking for someone else to control and abuse, as a substitute for his wife, whom he can’t control at that moment. Nothing irks an abuser more than having control taken away, even for a moment.Told police he was going to Target that night to go shopping. But had no money or a credit card.Chasing a kid in the dark of night with a loaded weapon. zimmerman was up to no good and he’s on drugs the night he kill trayvon. He is nothing more that a piece of garbage, pond scum and without a doubt hunted Trayvon down, threatened him and shot him dead He’s a keen boxer/fighter, but he couldn’t defend himself against an unarmed 17 year old boy He think it makes him feel like a big, tough, brute man.s copied image for his photo applied to canvas taken from Shutterstock without attribution and ripped of Rick Wilson and the Associated Press’ image..George Zimmerman himself understands that the American Judicial System doesn’t work. George Zimmerman is still armed and theoretically dangerous. Zimmerman is an irresponsible deadbeat who murdered a kid

    • Aaron says:

      100% agree !

    • Alexandra says:

      I agree with all what you have said about the killer. This individual keeps trying to find ways to profit from his crimes. And the more he tries, the more ridiculous it gets. Is he a painter, or a children’s books writer or some sort of artist or is he only an infamous killer? Come on, this is an insult to professionals in those areas.

  2. larryfine says:

    I would like to get a first edition printing and have it signed by Mr. Zimmerman. I would put that copy in storage as an investment, then I would purchase another copy of the book to read.

  3. Lillian Fabricant says:

    I hope there’s Duckies in the first book! I love little duckies with fuzzy blond hair. Quack! Quack!! Lol. Ha ha. But I don’t want to see brown ducks. That’s just wrong. Daffy Duck was insane, he was like, Uganda-eggplant brown, at least, and always with the jumping and skittleing around, very suspicious, like a scary person trying to get out of a neighborhood PDQ. PDQuack! Ha ha Quack! kpow Quack kpow. Daffy Duck looked like he had a built-in hoodie instead of hairfeathers. Probably dead now.

  4. Julian Taylor says:

    Not a moment too soon.

    God bless George Zimmerman!

  5. Is he also going to right some children’s books on how to beat your girlfriend?

  6. Shawn Marie says:

    George Zimmerman could turn out to be Jesus Christ and he would still not have redeemed himself. He’s a creep. He’s a killer. A liar. A thief. He’s a domestic abuser. And now he’s suddenly going to share his world with little children? Give me a break. I hope he gets what he deserves in a dark alleyway one day.

    • Lillian Fabricant says:

      But his illustrated children’s fiction is just SO GOOOOOOD!!! 🙁

      • I admit, it’s one of those guilty pleasures.

        • Lillian Fabricant says:

          Things are too complicated, for kids, these days. I know with a Zimmerman book little kids will get a good story told in black and white terms they can understand, not some fifty shades of grey ho-hum kids aren’t smart enough to comprehend.

  7. NoMoreGeorgePLease says:

    I believe you might want to make sure it’s not plagiarized. Nothing good will come of this I truly doubt parents would welcome him to speaking engagements to show their children any safety out of this very dangerous person. He should learn to be humble, not arrogant. He’s the poster child on what not to do and call it self defense.
    You might want to check out your own morals for allowing this to even be considered. He’s a looser and will never change and appears morally bankrupt.

    Long Live the memory of Trayvon Benjamin Martin, the only victim…

    all my belief

  8. lexie says:

    This is absolutely disgusting, how ironic a child murderer writes books for children !! Get real ! you idiots at “magic Island” publishing have been sniffing too much glue ! Do you keep up on what this monster writes on twitter ? taunting his victims family ? taunting those he in his screwed up mind thinks “wronged” him ! Yup these “books” will go over like a lead balloon ! Jeez ! and his cult of supporters all need some serious therapy along with Magic island publishers .

  9. Pesky Vrmt says:

    Yeah, and it will sell as well as his Art did. LMAO!

    How did you like that SALE BLOCK Georgie? LMAO!

  10. Tracy Burke says:

    Typical knuckledragging proglodyte – says dumb, incoherent stuff that no intelligent person could understand, then “LMAO”s about it. SMH.

  11. george glass says:

    This is wonderful news. It is my understanding Mr. Zimmerman will also have a recurring role as the fun and whacky neighbor in the hit tv series blackish.

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