Business Booming For San Fran’s “Gay-Only” Sperm Bank

San Francisco has long been known as a haven for members of the LGBTQ community. The California city has an extensive and rich history of tolerance for homosexuals and their ilk. Unsurprisingly, one man intends to capitalize on this notion by [...]
Black Friend Connect Banner

Al Sharpton Outraged About New Online “Slavery” Website

Washington, DC — It seems you can find just about every type of website and service online these days; I’m willing to bet this is probably one you have never heard of or seen before. It is called ‘Black Friend Connect’. [...]

Walmart to Sell Marijuana in Colorado, Washington

<National Report>This September, the world’s largest retailer may also become America’s biggest drug dealer, after Walmart revealed on Monday their plans to begin selling marijuana in stores in both Colorado and Washington [...]
Lay's Do Us A Flavor contest for a million dollars

Lay’s® Do Us A Flavor™ Announces Top Three Finalists For Million Dollar Grand Prize

El Paso, TX — Lay’s® Potato Chips held a press conference today to announce the top three finalists for The LAY’S® Do Us A Flavor™ Contest. The first place winner will receive a million dollars to be given away on April 30th, [...]

Hobby Lobby to Sponsor People Can Change Organization

Unwanted Homosexual Attraction/Support/Resolution Group Announces Agreement with Hobby Lobby <Washington DC> The controversial People Can Change organization has announced an agreement with Hobby Lobby, the equally controversial arts and [...]
Blacked Out Sluts

Technology Offers New Opportunities For Today’s Young Women

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief Scientific American in August 2013 published a story entitled, “U.S. Electrical Grid on the Edge of Failure” where experts caution us of long extended total outages that could last weeks [...]

Portland’s Black Residents Reject Trader Joe’s In An Effort To Curb Hipster Infestation

The sinister efforts of privileged whites were thwarted yet again last week after black residents refused to have a Trader Joe’s installed in their PDX neighborhood. The trendy grocery chain that is popular primarily amongst white liberal [...]
Pawn stars Ricks_Boeing_777 edit

Could The Pawn Stars 777 Be Missing Malaysia Flight?

// // // ]]> It is being reported that yesterday two “middle eastern men” entered the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, made famous by the History channels hit TV show Pawn Stars, to attempt to sell a Boeing 777. Sources close to The [...]
Verizon Price Increase

Verizon Price Increase For Visitors Of Fox News & Other Conservative Websites Begin May 1st

Washington, DC — Beginning May 1st of this year, Verizon is raising its rates for customers who still wish to view any one of the twenty-eight various websites included in their upcoming price hike. Access to one or all of the twenty-eight [...]
"Hey Hootie, wanna see me give you a blowfish?"

Country Music’s Epidemic Of Gayness

// // // ]]> I am from the south. I am old. And I love country music. But I hate the crap they play now. It is just so gay I can hear the butt sodomy dripping from the anus of every top 40 hit. The music is just as disgusting and sinful [...]

Austin Prepares For SXSW SodomyFest

// // // ]]> Austin Texas – Residents of Austin are once again preparing their selves for the sinful festival that is South By South West, also known as SXSW. Every year hundreds of thousands of hippies, hipsters, liberals, art lovers, [...]

Colorado Girl Scouts To Introduce Exclusive Line of Cannabis Infused Cookies!

// // // ]]> <NationalReport>On the heals of legalizing recreational pot, the Colorado State Legislature has announced that it is now considering a bill to allow the sale of marijuana infused Girl Scout Cookies. A representatives [...]
fukishima fish

Fast Food: Could Your Fish Sandwich Be Radioactive?

// // // ]]> In March of 2011, a giant tsunami hit Japan, crippling the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant. Since that time the nuclear plume has been slowly spreading across the Pacific Ocean, even as tons of irradiated debris has been washing [...]

BrideGhazi: Spike in Anti-Hillary Themed Weddings Following Arizona Religious Rights Defeat

Lillian Fabricant:  The Fabricant Files // Hillary Watch;  Dateline: March 3, 2014; Phoenix, AZ Modern Bride Magazine recently published a scathing, hard-hitting article about freedom issues facing beautiful brides on the most important, [...]
security tosses drunk - cropped

Religious Freedom Chips Away at LGBT Civil Rights?

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief Should the government be allowed to dictate to business owners who they choose to do business with? Should the government be allowed to dictate which religion you must believe in? The answer to both [...]

Volkswagen to Close Chattanooga Plant Following Anti-Union Vote, State to Lose 13K Jobs

<National Report>Chattanooga, TN–Top Volkswagen executives are meeting this evening to discuss the process for closing their Chattanooga plant following a vote last week that saw workers in the plant reject efforts by VW representatives [...]

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