Man combs through Malaysia Airlines crash.

Malaysian Air Crash May Lead to End Times

// // // ]]> It is such sad news that is coming out of the Ukraine. Today an airplane from Malaysia Airlines was shot down over the Ukraine. Early reports are pointing fingers at the Russians. The piece of land that the plane was destroyed [...]
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National Report’s Classified Ads for July 11, 2014

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Are These New “Presidential” Ben & Jerry’s Flavors Offensive?

Ben & Jerry’s is an ice cream company known for coming up with special flavors that pay tribute to the people that founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield feel like recognizing. In the past, they’ve honored Stephen Colbert, Jimmy [...]

Walmart Creating “Corporate Religion” After Hobby Lobby Decision

The Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby decision grants corporations the same rights as an individual when it comes to religious freedoms. But what happens when a corporation sets out to create its own religion from scratch? Does the Supreme [...]

Classified Ads, Friday, July 4, 2014

// // // ]]>The National Report wishes to thank our readers for having made our new Classified Ads section a huge hit. We have received an overwhelming response from readers to have their ads included in our Classified Ads section. So starting [...]
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National Report’s Friday Edition – Classified Ads

Classified Ads for June 27, 2014:
Bank Note with the words In God We Trust at the top

Obama To Remove “In God We Trust” From All Currency Beginning August 1st

Washington, DC — Beginning August 1st the Federal Reserve along with the United States Department of the Treasury will begin printing all currency, which includes every note and coin, without the words ‘In God We Trust‘. This [...]
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The National Report Adds Classified Ads Page With Every Friday Edition!

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief Recently the National Report added a new classified ads section which will start appearing in our Friday edition. Heading up this new department is classified ads editor Rayne Covelli. We invite our [...]
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Friday the 13th, 2014 – National Report Classified Ads Online * FREE!

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Indiana Senate Announces Bill to Legalize Marijuana and Hemp Production

<National Report>Indianapolis, IN–Multiple states are rushing to get in on the trend of legalizing marijuana and Indiana is taking the next step in the process by not only allowing adults to buy, possess and consume up to 2 ounces [...]
Obama announces Colorado Pot Shops to be polling stations in 2016 presidential ellection

Obama To Make Colorado Pot Shops Polling Places For 2016 Presidential Election

Washington, DC — At a press conference this morning President Barack Obama announced his controversial decision to make marijuana dispensaries in Colorado official polling stations for the 2016 presidential election. “This is a great [...]

Utah Man Found Not Guilty in Killing Wife Over Too Many Facebook Game Requests

Madhya Pradesh, India — An Indian man, who was living in St. George, Utah just ten years ago as a Mormon, was found not guilty Friday by a Tribunal of his elders for the gruesome murder of his wife of 19-years. The man, 34-year-old Jared [...]

Facebook to Charge for Posts if Net Neutrality Passes

<National Report>Social media giant Facebook announced on Tuesday a new plan which would bring in tremendous amounts of revenue for the company, at the literal expense of Facebook’s 1.3 billion users worldwide.  Should the FCC [...]

As Dems Push Minimum Wage Increase, Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A Vow to Withhold Federal Taxes

<National Report>As support for raising the national minimum wage continues to grow, two major U.S. corporations are taking a stand. In a joint statement released today, Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A declared that they would withhold any [...]

American Lotteries Rigged Since 1970′s, Report Shows

<National Report>A recent Department of Commerce report, which has seemingly been brushed under the rug by the Obama administration, reveals that as many as 31 State lotteries in the United States are currently rigged to favor players [...]
Black Friend Connect

Black Friend Website Receives A Million New Users At Launch

A website boasting that it is “your source for finding real black friends”, received a million new sign ups on Saturday, the first day the site was online and available for use. “I think it’s fantastic, these are extremely [...]