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Target to Discontinue Sales of the American Flag

Minneapolis, MN – Target is not backing down following criticism over the company’s new transgender bathroom policy. In fact, the retail giant is doubling efforts to become one of the country’s most progressive franchises. // [...]
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Target to Discontinue Sale of Holy Bible

Minneapolis, MN – Target announced today the retail giant will be discontinuing sales of the Holy Bible. The company has come under fire recently from religious groups for its new transgender bathroom policy. The King James Bible has [...]

Whole Foods to Charge Cover at California Stores

Soon it will be a little more costly for health conscious Californians to get their Whole Foods “fix”. The Whole Foods grocery chain is allegedly considering adding a “sliding scale cover charge” to enter their California [...]

Marcus Bachmann Packs Fudge At Local Candy Factory

Marcus Bachmann, the conservative Christian counselor, and husband of former Minn. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, appeared at a downtown Minneapolis candy factory as part of a new, small business initiative. Michele Bachmann, who recently [...]
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Trojan Name New Ultra-Thin Skin Condom after Donald Trump

Trojan, the world leader in modern condom technology, announced today the company has developed the world’s thinnest-skin condom to date, and will market the new condom after the thinnest-skinned man to ever run for President of the United [...]
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Casey Anthony Starting Business Specializing in Baby Photos

The woman who gained national attention for allegedly murdering her daughter and then becoming acquitted of the crime, is in the news again. Earlier this week, Casey Anthony has filed for a business license in the city of West Palm Beach. Her [...]

Papa John’s Pizza Tests Positive for HGH, Report Alleges

JEFFERSTOWN, Ky. – Papa John’s founder John Schnatter probably hoped spokesperson Peyton Manning’s HGH accusation troubles wouldn’t affect his pizza business, but increased scrutiny of Manning translates to added attention on Manning’s [...]
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Netflix Teams with Planned Parenthood for ‘Netflix and Pill’ Campaign

Los Gatos, CA – In an effort to capitalize on the popular catch phrase “Netflix and chill,” the movie streaming giant Netflix announced today they are teaming up with Planned Parenthood to promote birth control awareness in the hopes [...]
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Starbucks Replacing Christmas with Hippie Drum Circles

SEATTLE, WA – Normal Americans all know the story. When Joseph and Mary, carrying the yet-unborn savior of the world, Jesus, reached Bethlehem on their ass burden, they were turned away when they knocked at the door to the Inn. It now [...]

Colorado Pot Shop to Provide Free Marijuana to Syrian Refugees

Denver, CO – Colorado will not join states refusing to accept Syrian refugees in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Paris. Governor John Hickenlooper has made it clear Colorado will cooperate with the federal government’s resettlement [...]

6 Insane Leaked Airbus Designs

// Airbus recently filed patents for several innovative new seating arrangements within the passenger cabins of their mass-transit air craft, but potential patrons are already wincing in disapproval. The latest patent confounding social media [...]
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Starbucks Reveals Plans To Open New Chain Of Gun-friendly Cafés

Hot on the heels of their successful acquisition and closure of  popular San Francisco-based c0ffee house chain La Boulangerie, Starbucks International  has revealed it plans to launch a nationwide series of Gun-friendly, firearm-themed cafes, [...]
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Volkswagen to Replace Diesel Cars with Electric Ones

EAST BERLIN – Caught red handed trying to cheat emissions tests world wide, German auto manufacturer Volkswagen has vowed to replace it’s diesel cars with electric vehicles. “Ja . . . we sort of miffed that one.” says Designated [...]
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Sarah Palin Signs Deal To Endorse Solar Powered Flashlight

WASILLA, Alaska – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has signed an endorsement deal for an eco-friendly, solar-powered flashlight called “Sarah Palin’s Greenlight.” The former FOX News analyst and best-selling author attached her [...]
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JetBlue To Begin Weighing Passengers

LONG ISLAND, NY- Budget airline company JetBlue will begin weighing customers at the check-stations and will add luggage fees to passengers who are considered overweight or obese. “Because of the increased cost of our in-flight cable network, [...]

National Hobby Store Chain To Sell DIY Abortion Kits

In a stunning reversal of company policy, a large national hobby store chain has announced plans to sell a “do it yourself” abortion kit in its 500 stores and online. This change comes amid new findings about Planned Parenthood’s practice [...]