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Walmart Cancels Layaway Orders Days Before Christmas

<National Report> It is now the nightmare before Christmas for some Walmart holiday shoppers. The retail giant has announced that all layaway orders, online and in-store, have been canceled. The news comes just days after KMart, a fierce [...]
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New Texas Restaurant REQUIRES Patrons to Open Carry

AUSTIN, Texas – A new restaurant called Cash ‘N’ Carry is quickly becoming the Lone Star state’s most popular eating place. A sign at the door says, “No Shirt, No Gun, No Service.” You must be armed – with cash and a firearm – [...]
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Rumors Circulate Of $300 Million Fox News Buyout of The Onion

Is cable news giant Fox News on the cusp of signing a $300 million deal to buyout satire giant The Onion? Rumors have been circulating for the past 24 hours that indicate that News Corp and Onion Inc. might be on the verge of striking the lofty [...]
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President Obama… “White Privilege & Christianity Slowed American Progress”

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief Earlier today, President Obama, delivered his report on America’s trade performance and the economy before a crowd of entrepreneurs, businessmen and small business owners at a conference in Dallas, [...]
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Chinese Investors To Buy Grand Canyon

<National Report>One of the most well known natural attractions in the United States will soon be property of Chinese investors according to a report that has leaked from the U.S. National Park Service. The report states that the U.S. [...]
Mile High Club

Man Sues Carl’s Jr. for False Advertising of “Mile High Burger”

<National Report> Truth in advertising advocates have a new spiritual leader, and his name is Toby Buckner. The Owasso, Oklahoma native is suing fast-food restaurant chain Carl’s Jr., citing misrepresentation and unethical bait-and-switch [...]
Pistorius Sentencing

Oscar Pistorius Mulls Endorsement Deals From Prison

<National Report>Although South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to a 5-year prison term for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Tuesday, the conviction hasn’t slowed him down from pursuing endorsement and [...]
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Exxon Temporarily Shuts Down Niagara Falls For Fracking Operation

<National Report>Niagara Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, was temporarily shut down by energy giant Exxon Mobil during the final phase of a massive hydraulic fracturing operation. Tourists from around the world were [...]

Ferguson, MO Wins “Calmest Black Friday Shopping” Award

The town of Ferguson, Missouri has been making headlines recently for its race riots and looting. But in a shocking twist, Ferguson surprised the world on Friday by turning out to be one of the safest places in America to get Black Friday shopping [...]
fingerprint scanner

Retailers To Share Fingerprint / ID Data With Anti-Video Game Activist Group

<National Report>Anna Miskell of Las Vegas, Nevada didn’t think twice when the employee at her local GameStop asked her for ID and a scan of her fingerprint when she traded in her XBox 360 console. But Miskell and thousands of other [...]

Urban Outfitters Hits New Low with Chris Stevens/Benghazi Bloodstained Shirt

<National Report>In a desperate attempt to maintain a customer base, Urban Outfitters has taken one step too far. The store allegedly offered a one-of-a-kind Chris Stevens button down shirt covered in dirt and blood stains for $119.  [...]
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Craigslist Pulls Ad For Volunteer Cotton Laborers; Sharpton Calls It Slavery

<National Report>Fairhope Alabama cotton farmer Grady Pepper placed a help wanted ad on craigslist seeking volunteer workers to maintain his 40-acre cotton field, on the grounds of historic Willowwood Plantation. The ad received more [...]
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Obamacare Responsible For Music Industry Decline

<National Report>Forbes Magazine recently announced that 2014 has not had a single album go platinum by selling at least one million copies. Many music industry insiders have claimed the cause of this to be anything from file sharing [...]
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Facebook To Begin Charging Users $2.99/mo Starting November 1st

UPDATE: Facebook is now saying the monthly fee does not begin until December 1st of this year Menlo Park, CA — At a press conference this morning, Facebook rolled out their new monthly service plan. Beginning November 1st of this year, the [...]

Additional Three Dollar Gas Tax To Take Effect Jan 1st 2015

<National Report>An environmental bill long championed by the Obama administration and environmental groups was quietly signed into law this week. The bill, initially expected to fail, was bolstered by last-minute support from a group [...]
Bank Note with the words In God We Trust at the top

Obama To Remove “In God We Trust” From All Currency Beginning October 1st

Washington, DC — Beginning August 1st the Federal Reserve along with the United States Department of the Treasury will begin printing all currency, which includes every note and coin, without the words ‘In God We Trust‘. This [...]