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Trojan Name New Ultra-Thin Skin Condom after Donald Trump

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Trojan, the world leader in modern condom technology, announced today the company has developed the world’s thinnest-skin condom to date, and will market the new condom after the thinnest-skinned man to ever run for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

The new Trojan Ultra-Thin Skin Scum Bag© will be available for a limited time and sold exclusively to novelty shops and truck stops nationwide. The Scum Bag© will come in two different shades of orange, regular & extra-dark, and be marketed towards “the small hands kinda guy.”

Trojan President Hugh Jardon said his company does not normally mix business with politics, but sees an opportunity to cash in on America’s fascination with all things Trump, especially after the real estate mogul behind SellYourHome.com himself brought his penis to the foreskin of American politics.

Jardon says Trump was a “no-brainer” when his marketing team asked if he had anyone in mind for the new ultra-thin skin dunce cap. “The Donald has the thinnest skin in the world, so from a marketing standpoint it just made perfect sense.” Asked if he was worried about a possible lawsuit from Trump, Jardon is confident Trojan’s legal department “took every precaution” to avoid any legal trouble. “Unlike Mr. Trump, I don’t have the skin of a bat wing. I can handle someone who challenges me or questions my decision making.”

The new Trojan Ultra-Thin Skin Scum Bag© will compete against other similar Trump novelty condoms currently flooding the marketplace, while offering consumers a higher standard of protection. Smaller men will now have a quality product to help them “overcomb their fear of pregnancy and STD’s” while still delivering “the highest sensitivity” the condom market has ever seen.

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12 Responses to "Trojan Name New Ultra-Thin Skin Condom after Donald Trump"

  1. Phoenix Hunter says:

    Does it come in Small, Extra Small, and Why Bother? 😀
    Be sure to purchase the Trojan Accessories Kit which includes tweezers and magnifying glass for ease of application!

  2. Pat Kittle says:

    Could yet another media-savvy White-hating Jew supremacist be behind yet another sleazy attack on Trump?

    • Bladewalker says:

      Sleazy Trump was just begging for this. If he wasn’t such a hateful, narcissistic little dickhead, the condom industry might have left him alone. Trump penis impression is the reason that our college textbooks are written at or below and eighth-grade level.

  3. robert says:

    donald trumps a dickbag!!

  4. Richard Stark says:

    Lightswitch size availability?

  5. Sarge Mattis says:

    You liberals are pathetic however as they say “What goes around comes around” and if for some miracle Biden wins the Presidency you will get to witness the pain you inflicted on President Trump only it will be ten times worse for Biden. I know for a fact there Republican senators who are already preparing for impeachment proceedings for Biden on the day of inauguration and Joe Biden doesn’t stand a chance of exoneration. You can say what you want about Trump but then take a look around the US at every major city controlled for years by Dems and you will see cities in ruins that are rat infested, drug addict infested and filled with corrupt politicians. Philly, Baltimore, Chicago, LA, NYC, San Fran and the list goes on and on!

    • CPO Snappy says:

      Hey, shitbird, why don’t you join your false god in the slammer. Maybe you’ll stand behind and offer yours up instead of his.

  6. Common says:

    It’s exaperating to see how many people here just didn’t get the qwip all those years ago, it’s heart-breaking !

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