Obama Uses Own Money To Open Muslim Museum Amid Government Shutdown

Obama Rose Garden

The International Museum of Muslim Cultures in Jackson, Mississippi is temporarily funded by President Obama.

Washington, DC — While up to 800,000 federal workers faced life without a paycheck as Day Two of the government shutdown kicked in, President Barack Obama held a press conference to announce that he is using his own money to open the federally funded International Museum of Muslim Cultures.

“During this shutdown, people will have to deal with some of their favorite parks and museums being closed,” Obama told reporters. “Just keep in mind, they will always be there. The Grand Canyon and the Smithsonian are not going anywhere.” Obama continued, “The International Museum of Muslim Cultures is sacred. That is why I have taken it upon myself to use my own personal funds and re-open this historic piece of American culture.”

The International Museum of Muslim Cultures closed its doors Tuesday as parts of the federal government shut down after Congress failed to reach an agreement on spending. On Monday, the Senate rejected the latest budget proposal from the House of Representatives. The fiscal standoff stems in large part from Republican attempts to block President Obama’s healthcare initiative.

“The Muslim community deserves our full acceptance and respect,” Obama said. “We have killed millions of Muslims overseas since the September 11th attacks. They are not all bad. In fact most of them are good. So during this shutdown, now is a great time to learn about the faith of Islam. I encourage all of you to celebrate the Muslim community, the ‘Sunnah’ and the magic of the ‘Quran’. All of this can be found at the newly re-opened International Museum of Muslim Cultures.”

Khaled Matei who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s Freedom and Justice Party told CNN he is pleased with Obama and his actions. “I spoke with President Obama by telephone yesterday and personally thanked him for what he is doing for the Muslim community,” Matei said. “This is definitely a step in the right direction I explained to him. Praise Allah.”

Obama finished the press conference explaining to reporters how thrilled he is to see the museum open again. “Folks, this is a time to focus on things that are important to us in America. Sure, we would all like to see the government open, it just is not that simple. What is simple is me funding the International Museum of Muslim Cultures so it will remain open during this horrible time in our nation’s history, all thanks to the echo chamber which is called the Tea Party.”

The International Museum of Muslim Cultures is located at 201 E Pascagoula Street in Jackson, Mississippi. It is open Tuesday – Friday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. The museum is closed Friday from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm in observance of the Jumah Prayer.


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939 Responses to "Obama Uses Own Money To Open Muslim Museum Amid Government Shutdown"

  1. Rev Greene says:

    Shouldn’t this place be called the International Museum of Terrorist Culture. After all most Muslims are terrorists and Obama supports terrorists. Obama needs to be impeached and imprisoned for his crimes against America and for his violating the United States Constitution. I say congress needs to demand all monies obama authorized to be paid to Muslim groups and weapons provided returned or they too should face prosecution and treat them just like they are TERRORISTS. Throw Holder, Clinton, Kerry all in prison for crimes against America.

    • LittleD says:

      Okay, simmer down Rev – we will take you back to your padded room right after your electroshock therapy.

    • Jed Covington says:

      Yes it should. All Muslims, Christians and Jews ARE terrorists. Most recently the Christian Identity movement was what caused Timothy McVeigh to blow up OK City federal building and Eric Rudolph to bomb the Olympics. But that’s nothing compared to the Serbian ethnic cleansing campaigns of the late 90s or the blood soaked, Church ordered Christian Crusades, nevermind the inquisitions -one of the most sinister events in all of world history. Jews may not have quite the vicious history of messianic offspring, but they certainly bombed their share of British interests in the fight to claim Israel as their homeland. I suspect if White Christian America ever found itself in as poor and hopeless a situation as so many in the Islamic world would appear to be, we’d be finding mature tapes praising Sarah Palin while warning us of the end of days.

    • bobby pollard says:

      Terror??? Not islam.. you must know nothing of it…

  2. Egypt Steve says:

    Would all of you morons kindly pull your heads out of your asses long enough to realize that this is a parody news sight, and that this didn’t actually happen? Or have I been punked by a bunch of fake comments written to sound like birther tea-bagger Fox News viewers? I hope to God it’s that.

  3. jaunsanchez says:

    Sadly the Mexican War Memorial in San Diego is still open, a designated federal museum

  4. Headupmass says:

    Why are we standing by and allowing Obama to destroy the Constitution? He should not be allowed to tear it apart for his own use. It is imperative that he be impeached. We need to change the constitution to allow impeachment for criminals like Obama. His socialist agenda has destroyed the health care system. I’m paying twice as much now for my Medicare prescriptions. Impeachment is the only answer!

  5. Kieran murphy says:

    Next he will open a black museum we don’t want that right? White power you racist people.

  6. Bob says:

    It is wonderful that Obama is willing to help. If we would all dig into our pockets and fund what we think is important the world would be a better place.

  7. Exasperated NY says:

    The naked racism, unhinged hatred, breathtaking ignorance, and stupidity exhibited in this comment section should be published as a warning to all Americans that our education system is in dire straits and that our news media have completely failed to adequately inform our citizens.

  8. ComradeAnon says:

    Man, republicans will believe anything.

  9. mike ahuja says:

    he can use his money for whatever he wants…its his money

  10. Rachid says:

    I have always tried to defend the American people, when I was discussing them with fellow Europeans. After reading all this nonsense comments (in God’s sake, a fictional, Satire story), I have come to the conclusion that: 1) Eating too much GMO foods (M’Donnalds, KFC, etc); 2) Drinking too much alcohol; 3) having a poor educational system; 4) Addiction to weapons; 5) Addiction to pornography; and 6) claiming Jesus in every sentence, will ultimately create a generation void of sentiment and intelligence.

  11. sick of thd pin head says:

    Why the hell do we fund anything religous especially Muslim?

  12. LA says:

    Can someone give me the address of the International Museum of Muslim Cultures? I’d like to take a picture of the building that our undercover socialist, atheist muslim president is supporting with the tax dollars we pay him with.

  13. Dave F says:

    The American people need to wake up and stop being lazy and carefree about their rights. This man should be and can be removed by US Citizens, we have to work as one and not divided like congress.

  14. Erich says:

    Thank you Mitchell! These comments are a great example of how the Republican Party has devolved into a regional party that’s led by a hateful, angry, and paranoid block of citizens who want to burn the country down because they are a shrinking minority in a 21st Century America.

    The fact that all these ideological numbskulls, including a Fox “News” host, thought this false/parody/fake was true, makes sense because all of these folks only live in a world they want to see, not truelly what it is. They see the country being taken over by immigrants, socialists, communists, black supremacists, and moochers, where the rest of us see a vibrant country re-inventing itself, based on principals laid out in the founding documents, and how we addresses problems and issues left over from the failed economic, domestic, and national security policies left over from the Neo-Conservative Bush Administration.

    These folks are, luckily, a minority in this country and do not represent the USA of the 21st Century.

  15. Y’all all are buffoon Maroons idiot dumbass

  16. steve says:

    okay he can use his money to reopen a closed museum , but Arizona state is denied reopening grand canyon with state fund to help local economy

    WTF in peach him if it causes a racial riot .Then so be it

    • Jim Evans says:

      A lot of Black people also think and know that he is an idiot and a dumb ass, and they will help us throw his ass out of the White House. All of this shit that is happening was set up a long time ago. All our Government is doing is setting up for the New World Order. If people revolt in this country, Obama will declare Marshall Law, and we are already a police state.

    • RonS says:

      The reason the state of Arizona cannot uses it own revenue to keep the Grand Canyon open is because it is a NATIONAL park. That means its status and operation are authorized by the federal government. It’s operation is made possible by Federal funding (appropriations) passed by both chambers of Congress and signed by the President. Using non-federal funds or funds not authorized to be collected (like park entry or user fees) for a NATIONAL park’s operation would be an “augmentation of appropriation” and effectively be a usurpation of Congressional authority. That is, one of the ways that Congress ensures that its will (and by proxy the will of the people) is enforced is by either appropriating money to a program or withholding money from a program. Private donations to fund a federal program nullifies Congress’ “power of the purses string” and hence is illegal. Now…IF THIS STORY WERE TRUE, Barak Obama the private citizen could use his own money to keep a PRIVATE museum open precisely because it is privately run.

      • RonS says:

        minor clarification….park entry and user fees ARE authorized by Congress to be collected at national parks. ANY fee collected at a national park is authorized by Congress. If a fee is not authorized to be collected, it is illegal. A donation would be illegal because Congress did not authorize the Grand Canyon to accept donations for its operation.

  17. Citizen concerned about how future will perceive us says:

    Gosh, some day a historian is going to look back and say, ” Damn! People of 2013 were dumb rude and hateful. Like, only 1% of the readers understand this article is a hoax, another 1% was smart enough to ask if this is a hoax, while the other 97% were smart enough to operate a computer but too dumb to realize the site they were on was basically The Onion.”

    Please guys, stop emabassing all of us in front of the future.

    • Jesus Christ says:

      Think of average intelligence. By definition, half of everyone is dumber than that.

      • Bob Cull says:

        Actually JC, that’s not true. The mid point would be median, average is not necessarily the mid point, it can be higher or lower depending on how many are well above average and how many are well below it.

  18. Sue says:

    Thanks, guys, this has been great fun. It’s a true joy to watch tea partiers displaying their gullible stupidity for all the world to see.

  19. Whitney Berry says:

    I think people all over the world are mean! America isn’t America anymore. When I walk into the grocery store all I hear is people talking in foreign language. Stop complaning about the race of Obama. It should have been mixed up a long time ago. Everyone is always going to have a problem which each president. It’s never gonna change. The presidents are always doing something to try to help their countries, but it never does anything but make it worse. Everyone needs to remember that we all live here on EARTH together. Stop war! Here’s and idea. Everyone start growing their own food and learn survival skills. Get your doctor up! Learn important values in life like survial, and stop wasting time on shit like fashion. So if any world crisis does happen you know what to do, and not have to depend on the government. So yeah grow a garden brew some beer. Sit down and shut up. Who cares whos gay, black, muslim, jewish, poor, smart, sexy etc. They wanna put a muslim muesam up whatever. If you really want something done you have to do it yourself. Support NASA. So we can find other planets to live on so we don’t have to fight about whos wrong or right. Expand our horizons. Theres just too many people here on earth with to many different preferences. Sucks that we can’t all agree. But it’s stupid to go to war on others, why does the goverments get to choose who lives or dies. Oh wait I forgot people are EVIL. Like Charles Mansion. Fuck these cold hearted people. There are people out there who are open-minded. Even if they don’t agree with others about their preferences at least their still cool with it. I’m not the best explainer and don’t claim to be. But does anyone remember that picture with all the kids of differenct races holding hands standing on earth. That’d be nice if it were true. I could go on and on.



  20. Elmo egbert says:

    He is the worst I have ever seen in my 77 yrs I cant believe we cant get rid of him

  21. George Leroy Tirebiyer says:

    Golly, Don’t you people remember what Principal Poop put down at the pep rally yesterday?

    “Knowledge for the pupil… people”, he said. “Give them a light and they’ll follow it anywhere.” I think that is a fair and a wise guy… rule to be guided by…

  22. Questioning says:

    I want to know why this museum was even effect by the government shut down. According to their website they are a 501 c3 org as most museums are and should not have be affected by the government shutdown. Is this accurate or is he donating Money as you can any private museum? If they are truly receiving money from the government then why is it going to one religion and not all?

  23. me says:

    the usa has become such a toilet

    regards from europe

  24. Burton Pauly says:

    Here we go again with our potus showing his bias for muslims, and their wants, and needs. The hate group of muslims that want all who have faiths other than theirs to convert to islam or be executed by any means they have access to. I’d say he (THE potus is ) a muslim. He doesn’t recognize christians by any means. Our God is the only God. Jesus.

    • Athena says:

      Jesus is not God. He was the son of God… Also, do you have any idea what the Crusades and Inquisition were all about? Death not non-Christian believers……. Soooooo…… Maybe jump down off your high horse, pick up a history book and learn something other than how to disdain people different from you?

  25. jenny says:

    Back to the actual subject of the article. I think the place should be torn down brick by brick. This is not our culture, this is a slow invasion of our country at this moment by terrorist and Obama is their leader who has slyly moved into power. People better wake up and take control of their communities right now, just because he says these parks are closed doesn’t mean they truly are. We are the ones paying the federal government and as long as they are taking tax money out of our pay checks every day we are entitled to use these monuments and parks. I say to those who are enforcing these closures, you need to stop strong arming for this man, he is a terrorist, he is holding America hostage and has no right to do this. If enough people group together to visit these memorials and these national parks and make a stand. This portion of the problem will end. Our military which is sworn to serve and protect is not going to gun us down over keeping us out of an open air memorial, it’s in the mind that is keeping these monuments held hostage from the public.

    • Bob Cull says:

      After reading more of your inane comments, Jenny I had to come back and tell you something using a word that I NEVER use, YOU ARE ONE COMPLETELY BRAIN DEAD DUMB C**T!!!!

  26. Jewish and angry says:

    How about opening the Holocaust Museum in DC? Learn about Jewish culture and what the Muslim Nazis who killed Jews in Germany did.

    Lets show what the real Koran teaches

  27. K says:

    Why in gods name is it for Obama to find this museum and chatholic priest could not volunteer to deliver mass last Sunday. I see which book he follows, just another Obama lie. This guys is not admirable he’s an idiot.

  28. C. Heston says:

    Are you kidding me? The WWII vets are all dead they don’t need their memorial open. The Muslims are alive so I believe thay are more important to keep happy.

    Many of these Muslims are good Christians, like the President and myself.

    I’d be a lot more pissed if the President was using his own money on a Cinco De Mayo party. It’s the wetbacks that have ruined this country.

    Buy your guns now a race war is brewing. Also, make sure to pick up plenty of ammo.


  29. Homleand says:

    This is a crime! Obama is showing how much he truly hates America, and the liberals on here are defending him. If he’s really American, then he should be spending money at the National Shooting Range and Car Racing Center, or at Church. IMPEACH OBUMMER NOW!

  30. Gail says:

    Obama again tells the folks, “Folks, this is a time to focus on things that are important to us in America. Sure, we would all like to see the government open, it just is not that simple. What is simple is me funding the International Museum of Muslim Cultures so it will remain open during this horrible time in our nation’s history, all thanks to the echo chamber which is called the Tea Party.”

    So again the “I” man tells us how great he is. Why doesn’t he just remain anonymous?

    I say this, “He could have talked all week and never said that.” That is an ole Arkansas hillbilly saying, which really means , “Gee, you sound like an egotistical, lying. narcissist .”

    You go “I” man!!!!

  31. roberta says:

    Did he really do this??

  32. Kathy B says:

    I can’t believe how many people on this site are still drinking the Kool-aid!
    May your wives and daughters be the first to be forced to wear burkas and may you live in fear of a little pig blood!
    Open your eyes to the REALITIES of what is happening right under your nose. Obama is a self admitted muslim. Probably more like the anti Christ! Every move he makes, or step he takes is anti American! You’re like the scare crow out in the field swinging his arms around and singing “if I only had a brain”!
    WAKE UP!

    • Bob Cull says:

      People who live in glass houses, Kathy. If you had a brain you would know that this is a satire site and that the President is not a Muslim. Of course if he was it would make no difference, the Constitution states unequivocally, “there shall be NO religious test for public office.” Damn you people are STUPID.

      • Gerry from TEXAS says:

        Bob, Bob, Bob. Bless your heart. This is the man that cancelled “The Day of Prayer” but allowed a group of Muslims to pry at the White House every year during Ramadan. I never saw any Christian President cancel “The Day of Pray” ever since it was started. If you have “PROOF” that it has, please tell me who and when it happened.

        • Don Fisher says:

          It’s always a challenge when reading the posts of the ridiculously right Right, who are so often wrong, to decide if it’s just plain stupidity mated to ignorance, or deliberate lies.

          Not only did you lie or were ignorant (you tell US) but Obama was the defendant in a case to PRESERVE the National Day of Prayer.

          He not only isn’t as you portray, he’s the opposite. Both your claims are false. Pants on Fire False.

          Of course you are going to apologize for the misinformation, right?

          “Observances of the National Day of Prayer took place throughout the U.S. in 2009 and again in 2010 and again in 2011. The status of the National Day of Prayer became uncertain on 15 April 2010 when a federal judge ruled in favor of a challenge brought by the Freedom from Religion Foundation and held that the National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional. The Obama administration was actually the defendant in that suit, arguing in favor of retaining the National Day of Prayer:”

          “Also, as noted above, there is no national “Islamic Prayer Day” acknowledged or observed by the White House: someone has confused the independently organized prayer service held by Muslims on Capitol Hill in September 2009 (which President Obama did not attend) with an officially designated Islamic prayer day. Contrary to the e-mail which trumpets “HE PRAYED ALL DAY WITH THE MUSLIMS,” President Obama spent the day in Pittsburgh attending G-20 meetings.

          Read more at http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/prayerday.asp#bgZ1H5kIVuD5Kq40.99

        • Don Fisher says:

          You haven’t the faintest notion of what you are talking about. There is no “formal,” day picked, and many presidents didn’t have more than one or two in their entire administration … some of them Repubs.

          Each president designates the Day of Prayer date, or doesn’t according to his whim. Obama seems to be doing it every years, though he has not always attended a prayer service. The man is a devout Christian. Had nothing to do with Muslims holding a prayer service.

          Are you the kind of bigot that equates a muslim prayer service with evil?

          Four religions pray to the God of Abraham, the same god.

          Want to guess which religions?

          You’re just another low life bigot, sonny.

    • LittleD says:

      Wow, Kathy B. Get help.

  33. Burton Pauly says:

    Folks this shows just where the mans heart is. I don’t believe he is a christian, and his actions on what happened to those Americans in Libya is more proof. He has armed fanatical muslims in every uprising since being elected. When will real patriots take him to task. Wake up Congress, Wake up Americans.

  34. John says:

    I have been saying for years now this guy is a muslim extremist president. he will do anything to protect the muslims. This guy hates this country and will do what ever it takes to kill this great nation. Putting him on trial for treason seems what needs to be done here

    • Bob Cull says:

      If the President was a Muslim, which he is NOT, it would make no difference, you jack wads love to say “read the Constitution” and not a one of you has read it, probably because your third grade reading skills preclude it. The Constitution clearly states that there shall NEVER BE A RELIGIOUS TEST FOR PUBLIC OFFICE.

      You just don’t want to admit the truth — You and all of your buddies are nothing but a bunch of ignorant racists. My apologies to the ignorant, you guys are not ignorant, that can be fixed with education, STUPIDITY cannot be fixed that one brain cell rattling around in your head is incapable of being educated.

      You hate it here so much just get the hell out of the country, you would love it in Somalia.

  35. Derek says:

    Did none of you dense, credulous right wingers notice the Canadian flag in the photo? That is, in fact, a photograph of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


  36. bobby pollard says:

    Terror???islam??? you must know nothing of it.. you are retarted… rev greene .. who ever you are.. islam is being used as a scape goat for you politicians… i would hate to be you when you meet your maker…

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  41. Johnb634 says:

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