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Kevin Hart Investigated for Civil Rights Crimes

Kevin Hart is under investigation from the Justice Department over a recent string of movies which the DOJ says “Reflect a consistent stereotyping of the African American male.” Hart, who’s recent movies include “About [...]

Joe The Plumber Gets His Own Animated Series

HOLLAND, OHIO – Since his 2008 entry into the public eye, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known by his moniker “Joe the Plumber”, has been a GOP cheerleader, Ohio Congressional candidate, ordinary working stiff, author, [...]
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Amazon Says They Will Be Removing All Bob Marley Music and Merchandise From Their Website

Today it was announced that Amazon will be pulling all Bob Marley merchandise including music, clothing, and posters from its popular online shopping website. Fans of Bob Marley can expect to see all traces of the reggae legend removed from [...]
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ICP Bashes ‘Rave Kids’ In Response To Negative Comments From D.J Carl Cox

This morning the hip hop duo Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent Jay from Insane Clown Posse (ICP) completed a phone interview with Sirius XM personality Twisted Karl on his morning show which can be found on the Wicked Sound channel. The purpose of [...]
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New House Bill Would Ban Airplanes From Video Games

A new bill proposed by Republicans in the House of Representatives would ban video game developers from including flyable aircraft in their products, including airplanes, helicopters, blimps, and even science fiction vehicles like space ships, [...]
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Obama Wins Huge Auction For World’s Only Copy of Wu Tang Clan Album

President Barack Obama is now the proud owner of the world’s only copy of the latest album by legendary rap group Wu Tang Clan, after winning a massive online auction with a staggering $8.4 million bid. Wu Tang members Method Man, [...]
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Popular D.J Carl Cox Says Most Juggalos Wouldn’t Be Able To “Hang” At EDC Festival

During an interview with the popular San Diego based publication Diego’s Underground, the popular electric dance music D.J Carl Cox gave reporter David Cornia some valuable insight into music festivals. Cox shared which festivals are ‘must [...]

Ode to a Tour Dog

…the Canine Capers A sonnet by: Cassidy Pen Trotting tempos with the dancers, over land and sea… Tongue protruding, matted fur, mixed in breed, but free… Tail wagging, eyes are smiling, tugging at the hearts… Of Phishy [...]
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Kim Kardashian’s Large Ass Bruised After A Fall

LOS ANGELES – Months after drawing attention to her oversized talents in last November’s Paper Magazine, yet another story concerning Kim Kardashian and her very large ass has muscled its way into the American consciousness. A story [...]
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61 Year Old Simpsons Creator Matt Groening Peacefully Passes In Home Office

Matt Groening’s friend and writing partner David Cohen has confirmed that Matt, age 61, peacefully passed this morning in his Los Angeles home office. The 61 year old Portland native is most well recognized for his creation of the hit FOX [...]
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Ashton Kutcher’s “KutcherCatcher™” Baby Changing Station for Men’s Rooms Announced

HOLLYWOOD – New father Ashton Kutcher recently took to Facebook to demand baby changing stations be installed in men’s rooms across the country. Now we know why. The “KutcherCatcher™“, a portable baby changing station [...]
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Comedian Adam Ray Receives Cease And Desist From Actor Tony Danza; Says Get Out Of My Head.

The popular comedian and podcast host Adam Ray has reportedly received a cease and desist order from actor Tony Danza. Adam Ray has recently been seen on the hit T.V show Adam Devine’s House Party, however is most commonly known for his 2008 [...]
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Vin Diesel Responsible For Dozens Of Deaths And Property Crimes

Most people know actor Vin Diesel for his role as Dominic Toretto in the “Fast and the Furious” film series. However, there is a darker side to Diesel that only his most diehard fans are aware of. Diesel, 47, has been an avid gamer [...]
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Scott Bakula Takes “Quantum Leap” Into Uber Driver’s Body

  SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Actor Scott Bakula, currently starring as Special Agent Dwayne Pride in CBS’ NCIS New Orleans, will revive his “Sam Beckett” character from the ’90s television series Quantum Leap in a [...]
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Comedian Norm Macdonald Beats Prostitute

LAS VEGAS – Stand-up comedian, writer, and actor Norm Macdonald reportedly beat a 26-year-old exotic dancer and professional escort known as Jazmine Holt, at an exclusive Las Vegas gentlemen’s club. According to eye-witness Jayne Maxwell [...]
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Justin Bieber Accidentally Shot By Intoxicated Fan Outside Of Atlanta Night Club

Justin Bieber, who recently turned 21, has been very vocal on social media regarding his excitement to begin frequenting 21 and older night clubs. It unfortunately didn’t take long for Justin to face one of the most devastating and life [...]