U2 Press Photo Before Bono Ended the Band

Distraught Bono “I’m Ending U2, I’m Sorry”

<National Report>U2 founder, Bono (née Paul Hewson) has reportedly announced that he is “ending” the band and that he is “sorry” for the ‘Songs Of Innocence’ stunt. This shocking development comes [...]

The Phish / High Times Marijuana Festival Announces “Best in Show” Awards

ASPEN CO-First, I must state the obvious. I didn’t take too kindly to my assignment to cover The Annual The Phish/High Times Marijuana Festival just outside of Aspen, Colorado. It’s a hipster hotbed in a state allowing the consumption [...]
Renee Zellweger's shocking new look is result of gluten free diet.

Renee Zellweger Breaks Silence; Drastic New Look Result Of Gluten-Free Diet

<National Report>Actress Renee Zellweger, perhaps best known for her role as the titular Bridget Jones in 2001’s ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’, recently appeared in public with a drastic new look. Many immediately speculated [...]

Chris Hardwick Joining “Game Of Thrones” Cast As Creepy Jester

HBO’s smash hit fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” is finally introducing a major character in season five that fans of the “Song of Ice & Fire” novels have been sorely missing. On Wednesday, show creators David [...]
The Big Lebowski 2 sequel

The Big Lebowski 2 Announced: Filming Begins January 2015

Hollywood, CA — Exciting news for Big Lebowski fans around the world as a sequel to the cult classic has just been announced. Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, directors of the first Lebowski movie, confirmed with E! Online they will both be returning [...]

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Phish Phanatic

“These six doth the LORD hate: yea, seven an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness [...]
Twin Peaks

Amanda Bynes Cast In ‘Twin Peaks’ Comeback

<National Report>Creators David Lynch and Mark Frost recently shocked the world when they announced they would be reviving their quirky 90’s television show, Twin Peaks. The Twin Peaks revival is set to span nine episodes and air [...]
Kanye West recently applied for "Protected Status Class" to protect him from paparazzi and reporters.

Kanye West Applies For Refugee Status

LOS ANGELES, California – Should celebrities be legally classified as a protected class of individuals?  Kanye West thinks so when it comes to the way the press and paparazzi treat famous people.  The rapper, producer and fashion designer [...]

Marine to be Promoted For “Call of Duty” Performance

CAMP PENDLETON, CA – A marine at Camp Pendleton will be promoted to Lance Corporal (E3) because of his prowess while playing the “Call of Duty” video game. Private Michael W. Puller of Hampton, Va was observed in flawless form [...]

Star Wars: Episode I Flagged With Racist Warning On Amazon

<National Report>Shortly after labeling certain “Tom and Jerry” cartoons with a disclaimer, Amazon’s “Instant Video” service has applied the same warning to several films. Most notably, 1999’s ‘Star [...]

Sons of Anarchy Season 8 In The Works

<National Report> Only hours after FX aired Sons of Anarchy “Poor Little Lambs” (Season 7, Episode 4), Kurt Sutter allegedly teases that there is talk of a Sons of Anarchy Season 8 in the works. SOA fans all over social media [...]
No DANCING for YOU! Julia Louis-Dreyfus snubbed by 'Dancing With The Stars' producers.

Dancing With The Stars Snubs Julia Louis-Dreyfus Over ‘Elaine’ Dance

 ★      ★      ★     ★      ★     ★ HOLLYWOOD, California – Although I was not a particularly rabid fan of Seinfeld, one moment does stand out for me – the ‘Elaine’ dance, hilariously and spasmodically [...]

Miley Cyrus Replaced By Double In 2010

<National Report> In a conspiracy the likes of not seen in decades, an internet rumor has been spreading that pop star Miley Cyrus was replaced with a double in 2010. The singer, previously known for her work as the fictional character [...]

Queen-Live at the Rainbow ‘74

A Parental Compacted Disc Review By: Cassidy Pen We may have figured we’d heard the last of them, but the sinister homosexual noise band, Queen, has released another splattering of dread onto the faces of the public. The deeply offensive tracks [...]
2014-09-21 19.22.16

Secret Room Of Inappropriate Children’s Videos Found In NeverLand Ranch

The new owners of NeverLand Ranch, former home to pop superstar Michael Jackson, may have purchased far more than they originally bargained for. An alleged police report filled yesterday details the discovery of a secret room on the property [...]