White House “Beer Summit” in Ferguson Ends In Drunken Brawls

The first of three planned “Beer Summits” in Ferguson, Missouri, which were organized and funded by the White House, ended in violence Monday evening after intoxicated police officers put an unarmed citizen in a chokehold, sparking [...]

DHS Uncover ISIS Terror Plot To Spread Ebola Virus Using Infected Suicide Bombers

In the following exclusive story, National Report’s senior journalist, Jane M. Agni, details the latest plans from terrorist organization ISIS to spread the deadly Ebola virus by employing simultaneous suicide bombing attacks on well-populated [...]

Obama Issues Federal Charges Against Officers Involved In Ohio Wal-Mart Shooting

The two police officers involved in the shooting of John Crawford III inside a Breavercreek, OH, Wal-Mart have been acquitted on charges by a grand jury on Wednesday. However, they may not be completely out of the water just yet. President Obama, [...]

Naughty Photos of Michelle Obama Leaked Online In Latest “Fappening” Wave

Two photographs of First Lady Michelle Obama, both partially nude, were posted to Reddit and Imgur Sunday morning amid the latest wave of digital thefts of nude celebrity photos uploaded to Apple and Google cloud-based storage services, which [...]

Southern Bias: Georgia Man Claims He Was Fired Due To His Southern Accent

(Vernon, California) – Department Manager, Jack Phillips, of the New Thought Textile Institute (NTTI) in southern California has recently come under fire from several labor rights groups after a former employee accused Phillips of discriminatory [...]

NY Couple Starve And Torture 4 Disabled Children

<National Report>A husband and wife are in jail following the discovery that the four children under their care had undergone systematic torture and starvation almost to the point of death. Reports indicate that the couple was basing their [...]

NFL Crime Power Rankings – Week 3

New York, NY – It’s week 3 football fans, and boy, have we seen some movement in the weekly NFL Crime Power Rankings.  Each week we take a look at team performance, off the field, to see where they stand in the league.  Our scouts [...]
Michelangelo's iconic 'The Creation of Adam' marred by graffiti artist 'LeonArto'

Sistine Chapel Ceiling Tagged by Graffiti Artist

ROME – In the wake of an extraordinary security breach from within the heart of Vatican City, a portion of Michelangelo’s iconic fresco, The Creation of Adam, was defaced by the Italian graffiti artist known only as “LeonArto.” LeonArto’s [...]
Largest Child Porn Ring in Florida History Busted This Morning

Largest Child Pornography Ring Ever Busted in Florida… BREAKING NEWS…

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <National Report> The children should’ve been in school this morning when Duval County Sheriff’s deputies and officers with the Jacksonville Police Department raided a recently rented [...]

Nationwide Crackdown Designed to Deter Illegal ‘Baby On Board’ Stickers

<National Report>In a coordinated effort across the country, police nationwide are cracking down on illegal use of the popular “Baby on board” stickers. Citing widespread improper usage, the Institute for Highway Safety said [...]

Restaurant That Gave Free Food To Blacks And Charged Whites Double Busted In Welfare Scam

(Portland, Oregon) – A restaurant owner in Portland, Oregon has been arrested and charged with funding his business via the illegal use of EBT cards. Reparations Bistro, located in North Portland, gained mainstream media attention due [...]
George Zimmerman, 30, is in the spotlight again after allegedly threatening to kill a driver during a Florida road rage incident.  Photo:  Joe Burbank/AP

George Zimmerman Accused of Threatening Driver in Florida Road Rage Incident

<National Report>Orlando, FL–George Zimmerman, the former neighborhood watch volunteer cleared of all charges in the killing of Trayvon Martin, is back in the news again. This time, Zimmerman has been accused of threatening to [...]

AIDS Positive NYC Man Arrested For “Whipping”

<National report> “Whipping” is a somewhat new male-based game, where men expose their genitalia, “whip” it on random objects, and post the proof to social media. In June, a popular science journal published new [...]
Ray and Janay Rice

Gun Control Advocates Applaud Ray Rice for Using His Bare Hands

NEW YORK – Given its recent history, the National Football League would likely be demanding more gun control if running back Ray Rice used a firearm to attack his wife in an elevator instead of his bare hands. But today the NFL is using [...]

Ferguson Police to Allow Live Streaming of Body Cameras

<National Report>Ferguson, MO – In what is considered to be a first in law enforcement history, police officers in Ferguson, MO. will allow live streaming of their newly-installed body cameras in an effort to increase transparency [...]

Hillary Clinton a Descendent of Jack the Ripper, DNA Shows

The identity of famed Victorian-era London serial killer “Jack the Ripper” has finally been revealed, according to a new book that has been making headlines on Sunday. But if the story proves itself to be true, that won’t bode [...]