sea bomb 1

North and South Korea Exchange Artillery Shells At Sea

<National Report>Reports continue to arrive indicating that North and South Korea are presently engaged in an escalating war at sea.  Early Monday, The Korean Peoples Army (KPA) began lobbing artillery shells into waters just off of the [...]

North Korean Leader Issues Bizarre New Orders Including Banning Music by “Lil Kim”!

<National Report>Following on the heels of the bizarre announcement by the Kim Jong-un regime that all North Korean men are now required to have the same hair style as their Great Leader, it was announced today, that all North Korean men [...]

North Korean Men Have 72 Hours To Get Haircuts Like Kim Jong-Un Or Face Death By Firing Squad

North Korean men used to be able to choose their haircuts from a list of state approved styles but sadly, those days are over. All North Korean men will now be required to get the exact same haircut as their supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un, within [...]

North Korea Announces Kim Jong-un Takes Gold In Pairs Figure Skating and Two Man Bobsled!

<National Report>The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (North Korea) Ministry of Information announced today that although the country had sent an Olympic delegation to the Sochi games, and did not send a team, its people [...]
Dennis Rodman fed to dogs in North Korea

Dogs Fed Dennis Rodman In Critical Condition After Poisoning

Pyongyang, North Korea — Fifty-four North Korean dogs were hospitalized in critical condition today after becoming violently ill. The hounds were found with unknown toxins in their blood that doctors say are a direct result from eating Dennis [...]
A visitor eyes lunch in the large tank filled with jellyfish.

China’s Largest Jellyfish Aquarium Empty After Visitors Eat Exhibits

(National Report) In the city of Fushun in north-east China joyous celebration has turned to guilt after visitors to the largest jellyfish aquarium in the world devour over 700 metric tons of jellyfish. Asians and Aquariums have always been [...]
While Psy drops from the South Korean Pop Charts, "You're the Jong That I Want" has remained number one for 113 weeks straight in Best Korea.

“You’re the Jong That I Want” Commands Top Chart Position, Psy is Out

(National Report) With over 60 billion YouTube hits for his “Gingham Style” song, South Korean signer Psy has just expired from the K-Pop charts. The change could bring peace to a tense Korean peninsula where songs from Bottom Korea [...]

Kim Jong-un Relaxes Threats, Unwinds by Riding Arrogant Pug

(The National Report) – After a week or so of pumping his adorably dimpled little fist into the air, Kim Jong-un takes a ride on a pony pug to survey his kingdom and promote goodwill. Jong-un needs to unite the starving population and [...]

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