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North Korea Threatens Hack, New “Star Wars” Canceled

  Los Angeles, California, February 3, 2015 – Reports from sources within Disney Pictures have confirmed rumors that “Star Wars, The Force Awakens”, the seventh movie in the famous sci-fi franchise, has been canceled due to a [...]
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“The Interview” Ignites Fierce Online Fight Between SOA’s Kurt Sutter, Seth Rogen

<National Report> The internet world has been captivated by news surrounding Sony’s new motion picture, “The Interview“, after skilled hackers allegedly attempted to stop the cinema from hitting the silver screen. As [...]
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Sony Hacking Scandal Was Hoax To Promote Film, Former Exec Claims

A former Sony Entertainment executive is claiming the company’s recent hacking issues were a publicity stunt, aimed at promoting the Seth Rogen/ James Franco comedy “The Interview,” which was supposed to be released on Christmas [...]
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Rodman to North Korea, Hopes to Ease Tensions

Dennis Rodman is at it again! Calling his “friend,” Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, a “Good man who was just fighting against bullies,” Rodman apparently boarded a plane late last night to North Korea, arriving this morning. But [...]
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Obama’s Comments Send SONY Stock Into Freefall

THE WHITE HOUSE – SONY’s stock price plunged to an all-time low after President Obama’s critical remarks on Friday about the corporation’s decision to cancel the premiere of the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy The Interview. [...]
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Embarrassing Kim Jong Un Documents Leaked By American Hackers In Retaliatory Strike

Wednesday evening, over 1,100 documents were leaked on the Internet by a North American hacker group, revealing a lengthy list of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un’s most embarrassing secrets, including medical records that detail his [...]

Kim Jong Un Starring In North Korean Movie About Assassinating US President, Sources Claim

It appears North Korea’s apparent recent hacking of Sony Pictures wasn’t the last of the country’s retaliatory efforts regarding their outrage over the upcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco movie “The Interview.” [...]
Kim Jong-un

North Korea Pays Ransom To ISIS; Kim Jong-Un Returned With Minor Injuries

<National Report>In a shocking turn of events, it appears the North Korean government has acquiesced to demands from radical Islamist terrorist group, ISIS. As we reported here on National Report last week, Kim Jong-Un was believed by [...]
Kim Jong-un

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Abducted By ISIS

<National Report>An unnamed source has come forward with details alleging that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been abducted by Islamic jihadist group, ISIS. The source continues by saying that the reports out of South Korea that Kim [...]

Kim Jong Un Makes S. Korea Threat Over “ArcheAge” Video Game

North Korea’s half-crazy Dictator is at it again. On Thursday, Kim Jong Un made another of his brazen military threats, warning that his air force would “rain death” on South Korea if his most recent demands aren’t met [...]

Kim Jong-Un Forcibly Shortening North Korean Penises

Supreme Leader Cracking Down on those more “Extensively Endowed.” PYONGYANG North Korea – Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, has reportedly issued a bizarre edict effecting over [...]