Marvel Comics Controversial Dr. Strange/Scarlet Witch Rape Storyline Outrages Parents Groups

Marvel Comics has received torrents of outraged comments from longtime fans, concerned parents groups and even atheists since announcing it’s plans for a major new crossover storyline involving most of its titles and set for release [...]

The Red Pill Asks, Can Women Understand Men?

(National Report) – Hero is a strong word, reserved only for strong men of character. Heroes are the risk takers, those that ‘wake up’ to a brave new world where female management in the mating game is revealed. Red Pill men are metaphysical [...]
Congestion of the penis gills is a serious medical condition that can improve with in-home treatment.

What is That Thing? A Practical Guide to Men’s Bodies

(National Report) – There is no greater creation than the male physique. So perfect in design, Scripture says woman was created from only Adam’s rib so she might walk beside man. Thank goodness it wasn’t a foot bone, because that would [...]
While equal pay could end the ‘safe harbor’ offered by underpaid women, it also poses a threat to traditional marriage.

Equal Pay Means the End of Traditional Marriage

(National Report) – Fifty years after passing the Equal Pay Act, a gender wage gap still exists. Conceptually, equal pay is based primarily on destroying marriage and ending heterosexual cheating for men. America is fortunate the market [...]

Hello Superman, Goodbye to Sharia Body Hair Law

  (National Report) – Since 9/11, body hair has been absent from the public eye partially because a hair in the eye is irritating, but also because Americans have unwittingly accepted Sharia body hair laws. I heard the Prophet (saws) [...]
A color coded calendar of commonly shared birthdays has many light colored days, indicating an abortion was performed about 8 months earlier. (Full size image shown at end of article.)

Popular Planned Parenthood Abortion Days Revealed in New Calendar

(National Report) – A very informative calendar of common birthdays was recently released across the internet by Matt Stiles that reveals some startling facts and raises some uncomfortable questions about ‘choice’ propaganda. There are [...]
Can you spot the infamous Liberals quarantined for a hundred years on a deserted island?

Jon McNaughton’s Newest Painting Outsells Bea Arthur’s Breasts

(National Report) – Jon McNaughton, the tea-talented Picasso that uses paint to illuminate the foibles of Liberalism, has a new painting featuring Satan, a donkey and other Liberal superstars. The sure to be controversial painting entitled [...]
Identifying the different types of boobs is a requirement for the Boob Merit Badge. These are flannel boobs.

Boy Scouts Announce Boobs Merit Badge

(National Report) – The Boy Scouts of America are beta testing a new Breasts merit badge for scouts. The badge, to be rolled out in 2014, is expected to be popular. Boob Badges will be an Eagle scout requirement starting January 1, 2015. While [...]
Chumlee and his Lady Faire pose with a pink pocketbook and her new boobs.

Pawn Stars Chumlee Gives Girlfriend Boobs from Inventory, Also Chumlee Has a Girlfriend

(The National Report) America’s favorite Pawn Star, Austin “Chumlee” Russell, has a girlfriend he can show off now. Take note, American Men – Chumlee is doin’ it right and without a wingman! The young purveyor [...]