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Hillary Losing Supporters to Chelsea Clinton

It’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is in a tail-spin.  She is currently battling two scandals from her brief time as Secretary of State (Email-Gate and Bengazi), she is losing points to Independent Bernie [...]
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Donald Trump is Winning over Mentally Challenged Women in Key Primary States

According to the latest polls, real estate mogul Donald Trump is bitch-slapping his GOP opponents in the two key early primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); New Hampshire’s [...]

Nation Reels in Horror, as it Discovers the Existence of a Chauvinistic Fraternity, on American Soil

The young men of the American College system are among the most astute and upstanding members in society today.  Their contributions to charity, their behavior in public and the image of themselves that they have crafted in our hearts and [...]
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Rick Santorum’s Poll Numbers Jump By 100%, Poll Reveals

BUTLER, Pa. – Former Pa. Senator Rick Santorum’s poll numbers shot up by a whopping 100%, according to a recent survey conducted by independent research firm Glidden Associates. Hoping to recapture the working man momentum that propelled [...]
Pope Francis

Pope Francis Excommunicates Donald Trump from Catholic Church Citing Un-Christian Behavior

VATICAN CITY – The most severe form of religious penalty – excommunication – has been delivered to Republican presidential front-runner and real estate mogul Donald Trump by Pope Francis, sources close to the Vatican report. Citing [...]
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Jindal Family Secrets: Ravi Shankar-The Maharishi-The Beatles & LSD- Part 1

The following is Part 1 of an exhaustive five year investigation that led this author from the Louisiana bayou to India to Liverpool and back. All interviews were conducted by myself unless otherwise noted – Shane Paulson, Aug 2015 In [...]
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Sarah Palin: “This Ashley Madison Lady Needs to Keep Her Hands to Herself!”

WASILLA, Alaska – Bemoaning the further decay of traditional American family values, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin took to Facebook to rail against “homewrecker” Ashley Madison, who she says “needs to keep her hands to herself!” “I [...]
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House Republicans Begin the Preemptive Impeachment of Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON D.C. – Realizing that none of their current crop of presidential candidates stand a chance to win office in 2016, House Republicans have begun the impeachment process for presumptive winner Hillary Clinton. “There’s a lot [...]
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Donald Trump Chooses Michele Bachmann as Running Mate

IOWA – Official announcement of Donald Trump’s choice of former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann as his vice presidential running mate is expected “any day now” sources say, months away from a final determination [...]
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Supreme Court to Consider Allowing Corporations to Run for Office

In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling, ‘Citizens United’, which declared that free speech was to be extended to Corporations, granting them the same rights as individuals, thus allowing them to contribute as much cash as they [...]
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‘Goodbye Obama’ Party Planners Can’t Keep Up With Demand

HOUSTON, Tex. – Party planners across the country are reporting unusually high bookings for one particular date in the future – November 8, 2016 – Election Day. “It’s not so much the election they want to celebrate,” [...]
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EPA Facing Possible Bankruptcy in Wake of Colorado River Spill

Last week, a clean-up project at an abandoned mine near the Animas River went horribly wrong, physically, legally and publicly. The Environmental Protection Agency, which is responsible for making corporations and individuals comply with national [...]
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GOP Hopefuls, Hoping to Get Call-Up to the Majors

On Thursday night, a record number of Americans, legal and illegal, tuned in to watch the first Republican Primary Debate. Of the 17 candidates, the top ten were seen on Fox News battling it out with one another over issues such as: immigration, [...]
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Male Menopause Blamed For Donald Trump’s Megyn Kelly ‘Bleeding’ Comments

Donald Trump’s comment suggesting that Fox News host Megyn Kelly was menstruating during Thursday’s Republican debate, was caused by a “Low-T” or low-testosterone condition he is suffering from, so says a leaked medical [...]

Chris Christie’s on Fire, Pants Reveal

CLEVELAND, Ohio – On two occasions during the GOP’s first presidential debate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he was appointed U.S. Attorney by George W. Bush in 2001 – and not just any day in 2001; September 10, 2001 – one [...]
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Republican Debate Could Turn Deadly

Cleveland, OH – The nation’s emergency rooms have been put on the highest alert level – Code GOP Red – for Thursday night’s primetime Republican primary debate on the Fox News Channel. “We are anticipating record levels of alcohol [...]