POLICE Murder Citizens

US Department of Justice Reports an Average of 36,000 Innocent Civilians Are Murdered By Police Each Year

WALDORF, MD — Nearly seven hundred times a week in the United States, a catholic police officer killed a baptist citizen during a seven-year period ending in 2012, according to the most recent accounts of justifiable homicide reported [...]

Obama’s Weekend With David Bowie Chronicled In New Book

Pakistan wasn’t the only place Barack Obama visited in 1981. According to a new book, the future President was also in Hawaii that summer, where he spent a mysterious, and somewhat questionable, weekend with British rock legend David [...]
Same-sex siblings to marry in California

Delaware Town To Allow Same-Sex Siblings To Marry Beginning October 1st

REHOBOTH BEACH, DE – In a stunning move, Rehoboth Beach Mayor Samuel Cooper says he “won’t veto any measure that allows gay marriage, no matter how liberal”, even if the celebrants are related. “A marriage [...]
Facebook Police are Militarized

Facebook Police Force Prosecutes First Drug Bust

MENLO PARK, CA – Facebook sets new first with corporately owned police force making arrest. In it’s first official drug bust since the corporate behemoth Facebook began monitoring it’s users activity, two men were arrested [...]

Climate Change Linked To Whiny Liberal Windbags

<National Report>A Koch brothers financed study of global warming and climate change has found a conclusive correlative link between rising global temperatures and an increasing amount of hot air coming out of the mouths of Liberals who [...]

Obama Being Investigated in Rick Perry Indictment Link

During a press conference held Saturday, FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano confirmed that President Barack Obama is currently under investigation for having played a key role in Texas Governor Rick Perry’s abuse of power scandal, which [...]
ISIS Members Taking The Ice Bucket Challenge

ISIS Ice-Bucket-Challenge Fundraiser To Fight “United States Devils” Passes $1 Million Mark

<National Report> Baghdad, IRAQ – What started as a deplorable fundraising fad in the United States has become the lifeblood of terrorist organizations around the world.  It’s called the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, [...]

United States, Canada in Secret Annexation Talks

Since December of 2013, the United States and Canada have been engaged in top secret annexation talks, with Canada considering joining their southerly neighbors, according to a self-described “diplomatic whistleblower” inside Canada’s [...]

Bureau of Engraving Soliciting Ideas for Obama Commemorative Stamp!

<National Report>The United Stares Bureau of Engraving and Printing, or BEP, announced this week that it is in the early stages of creating an official Barack Obama postage stamp which will be released to coincide with the end of Obama’s [...]

Muslim Organization to Build Quran Inscribed Monuments in 150 U.S. Courthouses

<National Report> The Muslim outreach group One Nation Under Allah has announced plans to fund the construction of 150 Quran inscribed monuments in courthouses across the United States.  Many courthouses across the U.S. have included [...]

National Report Publisher Allen Montgomery Responds to Critics of NYPD Story

This past Thursday, National Report published a story titled “NYPD Officer Kills Baby Following Breastfeeding Argument” and a follow up titled “NYPD Cop Who Killed Baby Cleared Of All Charges”.  The response from the [...]
Dangerous road to progress

US Military Intentionally Targets, Destroys Iraq Orphanage

An orphanage on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq was intentionally targeted and destroyed by the United States Air Force on Sunday, as US military operations continue to aid Kurdish forces in fighting back the Blitzkrieg attacks in the region carried [...]

Obama Begins Handing Out Free Flights to Illegal Immigrants

On August 5th, former Congressman Allen West said on Facebook that it had “just been leaked” that President Barack Obama was planning on nationalizing American airline companies, with the goal of providing free flights into the United [...]

Potential Ebola Outbreak Prompts Martial Law

<National Report> A potentially deadly Ebola outbreak in the United States has prompted President Barack Obama to declare Martial Law. He is reportedly demanding US citizens surrender their guns or they will be confiscated. In a press [...]

Did Obama Just Admit his Kenyan Birth During a State Dinner?

During a State dinner Tuesday evening at the White House, President Barack Obama gave new fuel to conspiracy theorists across the nation and around the globe after admitting, seemingly by accident, that he was not born in the United States, [...]
John Boehner lawsuit against President Barack Obama

Boehner Announces $12 Billion Lawsuit Against President Obama

Washington, DC — The question of how much money Speaker John Boehner is suing President Barack Obama for has finally been answered. The answer is twelve billion dollars. Yes, that’s billion, with a “b”. Speaking at a press [...]