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In Gesture of Goodwill to Saudi Arabia, Obama to Announce Executive Pardon of All Saudi 911 Hijackers

The White House, as is customary on such occasions, released a summary of President Obama’s speech and the eulogy to be delivered at Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah’s memorial. Not included in the speech, however, is a gesture [...]
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Want Mitt Romney’s $50,000? Presidential Hopeful Fighting Income Inequality With Personal Checkbook

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney means it when he says he wants to combat income inequality, and he’s proving it by putting his money where his mouth is. The two-time presidential candidate will be giving out approximately $2 [...]
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DNA Test Reveals Sarah Palin Is 9% African

<National Report>DNA test results gathered from a lipstick print belonging to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin reveal a 9% Sub-Saharan African origin, according to self-described “Palin biographer” Carl Brigham, of Denver. Brigham, [...]
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Obama Is An Atheist? White House Gearing Up For Major Announcement

  After years of claiming he’s a Christian, and nearly two terms of right-wing conservatives claiming he’s a Muslim, President Barack Obama plans to make an announcement soon that will put to rest questions regarding his religious [...]
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Pope Francis To Followers: “Koran And Holy Bible Are The Same”

On Monday the Bishop Of Rome addressed Catholic followers regarding the dire importance of exhibiting religious tolerance. During his hour-long speech, a smiling Pope Francis was quoted telling the Vatican’s guests that the Koran, and [...]
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Hillary Would Consider Naming Obama To Supreme Court After 2016 Win

In response to an email from a supporter in Iowa, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she would consider naming current President Barack Obama to the US Supreme Court if she won the 2016 presidential race, provided she decides to [...]
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IRS Declares Bankruptcy: Many Refunds Due Cancelled

Hard economic times and the irresponsibility of politicians in Washington have hit hard and come home to roost at the Internal Revenue Service. IRS director John Koshinskin has disclosed that the organization is perilously close to financial [...]
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Mitt Romney To Run As Democrat In 2016 Presidential Race

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will be making a pretty major announcement soon, according to members of his not-yet-announced exploratory committee and his still-active super PAC: if he decides to run in the 2016 presidential race, [...]

Kentucky Lawmakers Proposing Return Of Slavery In New Bill

[FRANKFORT, KY] A State Senator in Kentucky revealed on Thursday a new bill which, if passed, would legalize slavery in the Southern State for the first time in 150 years, since the end of the American Civil War. And the Republican party in [...]
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Hillary Clinton Pays Mattel® $2.3 Million To Create “Hillary Barbie” Doll

<National Report> Hillary Clinton wants every little girl in America to know what it feels like to be the nation’s first woman president. This week, the US Secretary of State secured a $2.3 million partnership with Mattel® to [...]

Electrified Bait Cars To Make “Shocking” Debut In Modesto California

(Modesto, CA) – Police departments in Modesto California will be employing an innovative new method to apprehend would-be car thieves. The department has purchased 15 bait cars of various makes and models which are armed with hidden electrified [...]
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Did Chipotle Stop Serving Pork at Hundreds of Restaurants to Appease Muslims?

<National Report>The Associated Press is reporting today that the Mexican fast food chain Chipotle has stopped serving pork at hundreds of locations affecting roughly a third of its restaurants.  According to Chris Arnold, a spokesman [...]

“Leelah’s Law” Will Permit Minors To Undergo Sexual Reassignment Surgery Without Parental Consent

(Lebanon, OH) – The suicide of transgendered youth, Leelah Alcorn, a week after Christmas sent shock waves through trans-activism communities around the globe. It was revealed that the 17-year-old chose to end her life after enduing alleged [...]
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Obama Declares ‘English Only’ Bills Unconstitutional in Arizona, Florida & Texas

WASHINGTON DC – In a sweeping new round of executive orders, President Obama is set to declare unconstitutional so-called ‘English Only’ bills headed to Congress from Arizona, Florida, and Texas, according to congressional sources. [...]
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Michael Jackson Removed From the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

It was announced on Sunday afternoon that as of January 24th, the King of Pop Michael Jackson will be pushed off his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame throne.  Michael Jackson was initially welcomed into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the [...]
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California Withholding Tax Refunds Due in 2015 Until 2016

Californians counting on receiving back tax money they over-payed the state in 2014 are in for a serious shock this tax season. The state of California, following steps outlined in the budget signed into effect by Governor Jerry Brown, will [...]