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North Carolina Will No Longer Accept $20 Bills

By: Cornelius Bartholomew “Cassidy” Pen, TNReport Investigative Journalist. The Obama Administration last week announced a change in the complexion of the $20 bill. The familiar portrait of Andrew Jackson, our nation’s 7th [...]
Hampshire Mall Target Store. Photo by Sprew, Public Domain

Fundamentalist Pastor Defecates Inside Target Fitting Room

By Rick Stevenson Earlier this week, one of the nation’s largest retailers announced that it will allow transgender people to use the restroom or fitting room of their choosing, regardless of gender identity. Like many other controversial [...]
Chyna, By Aaron Evans

Wrestling Star “Chyna” found dead on 4/20, From a Marijuana Overdose

By Rick Stevenson Fans of the late Joanie Laurer, better known as “Chyna,” are in shock today after learning that one of the all-time greatest pro wrestlers in history has passed away, after an overdose of THC, the active ingredient in [...]

N.A.M.B.L.A. Comes Out Against Transgender Bathrooms

  By Rick Stevenson In the past few weeks, the controversy surrounding which restrooms can be used by people who view themselves as “transgender” or “gender neutral” has involved everyone from law makers, to entertainers, to corporate [...]

Obama to Send Large Shipment of ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ to Texas Flood Victims

Houston, TX- Massive flooding this week left at least two dead and millions homeless as the administration scrambles to deploy thoughts and prayers to local governments in coordination with FEMA and other disaster relief agencies. “We’re [...]

Loyal Clarence Thomas Still Waits at Window for Antonin Scalia’s Return

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has become virtually stoic, sources say, staring at the empty bench from where the late Justice Antonin Scalia, his spiritual mentor, once ruled with the deftness of a conservative surgeon’s [...]
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Trump University Offers Sarah Palin Honorary Degree in Climate Science

Manhattan – Earlier this morning, Trump University issued degrees to 4,500 students online, and drew the attention of national media when the university announced several high-profile recipients of honorary degrees, sources say. Among [...]

Arizona Bill Forces Public Buildings to Install Urinals in all “Ladies” Restrooms

While many states in this country are passing laws limiting access to the restroom that transgender people identify with the most, Arizona is taking a different and what some are calling a “more equitable” approach to the issue of gender-identity [...]
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New Report Proves Ben Carson Paid 3/5ths as Much as Other Trump Surrogates

Although details about the cabinet position Ben Carson says Donald Trump offered him in exchange for his endorsement have not been revealed, a financial disclosure statement said to originate from Trump headquarters reveals that Carson is paid [...]
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Roswell No Longer ‘Sanctuary City’ for Illegal Aliens

ROSWELL, NM – Roswell City Mayor Dennis Knight declared Roswell will no longer be a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. The City has implemented a new policy, the Crime Prevention Order to Reinstate Deportations (CPORD), that will screen everyone [...]
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Sarah Palin Granted Hysterical Landmark Designation By Preservation Commission

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been designated a National Hysterical Landmark by a group calling itself The American Society for the Preservation of Landmarks. Palin, 58, is the first Hysterical Landmark designee, with future honorees to [...]
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Trump on Twitter: ‘WI voters really do have cheese heads!’

MILWAUKEE, WI – It didn’t take long for serial-tweeter Donald Trump to take to his favorite social media platform and send out (and then quickly delete) a message to Wisconsin voters who cast their ballot for bitter rival Ted Cruz (or [...]
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Obama Flies Back To Cuba To Retrieve Lost Cell Phone

HAVANA — President Barack Obama, accompanied by a 14-member Secret Service security detail, returned to Cuba on Air Force One on Thursday, but not for a diplomatic, “good neighbor policy” mission. The purpose of the $6.4 million taxpayer-funded [...]
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Sarah Palin Wants Arabic Numerals Banned From America’s Schools

WASILLA, Alaska — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who recently curbed her demanding speaking schedule in order to care for her injured husband Todd, found time to support Ted Cruz’s call for stricter monitoring of Muslim neighborhoods [...]
Kennedy Nixon 2 merge

Donald Trump: Lyin’ Ted’s Cruzin’ for a Bruzin’

The world of self-destructive politics just got bigger —or smaller— depending on how you look at things. For those fortunate enough to have missed the firestorm, Donald Trump responded to Ted Cruz’s nude picture tweet of Melania Trump, [...]
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Ben Carson Jokes About Trump’s Riot Warning: ‘He Meant To Say Stabbings’

WASHINGTON — Ben Carson’s unexpected Trump endorsement took a strange turn this week, after sources revealed that the retired neurosurgeon defended Trump’s warning of Republican convention riots by saying “it was just a humorous [...]