Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Hopes You Don’t See This Email

<National Report>Jeb Bush may soon be regretting the release of 250,000 emails from his tenure as Florida’s governor. Billed as a move to define his likely presidential campaign as transparent and transformative, it may instead simultaneously [...]
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Obama’s Secret Gun Control Negotiations

  <National Report>Following heavy lobbying efforts from anti-gun groups the Obama administration is making a strong push through backdoor negotiations for stunning new firearm control policies. Speaking on conditions of anonymity [...]
The Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation have been collecting and distribution presents for the under-privileged since 1947

Toys For Tots Marines Ordered to Distribute Korans

Commanding Office Resigns Commission Quantico VA – When Michelle Obama gave her support to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation, many patriotic Americans and other conservatives cast a skeptical glare toward the First Lady. As a [...]
Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity Agrees To Rectal Feeding For Charity

NEW YORK, NY – Fox News television host and conservative commentator Sean Hannity announced his intention to be “rectally fed for charity,” in support of Bush-era enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs), revealed in a highly critical [...]
Michelle Obama official portrait (image-Joyce N. Boghosian Executive Office of the President, Public Domain - Wikimedia Commons)

Obama White House Kwanzaa Burdens Taxpayers, Creates Controversy

<National Report>The week-long celebration of (Kwanzaa), the African-American alternative to Christmas, has thrown the White House staff into an uproar. Extra work required for the extended observance translates into more tax dollars [...]
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Twitter Bans The Hashtag ‘Shots Fired’ In Support Of Users That Have Lost A Loved One At The Hands Of Law Enforcement

<National Report>It was announced this morning that Twitter will be banning users from using the popular hashtag ‘#shotsfired’. Twitter spokesperson Ali Warner told the press that #ShotsFired is one of Twitter’s most widely used [...]
George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld

DOJ to Pursue Criminal Charges Against “Architects of Torture” Including Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld

  <Washington, DC>News out of Washington this morning confirms that the Department of Justice, under the direction of Attorney General Eric Holder, is moving forward with criminal charges of War Crimes against those they are referring [...]
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Cuomo: No Public Assistance For Tattooed Persons

<National Report> In a desperate attempt to balance local spending, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo presented a new law to congress, preventing people with tattoos from being approved for public assistance. The law states that every [...]

CIA Used Legos, Bjork, Candy Corn As Tools of Torture, Documents Reveal

The CIA’s torture report has been released, as ordered by the Senate Intelligence Committee. But while many were bracing for the inquiry to shine a negative light on the agency’s interrogation methods, few were expecting the torture [...]
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Christmas Banned from Obamacare Co-ops

Washington D.C.-Don’t look for any Christmas cheer to soften your hospital experience if you’re stuck in an Obamacare healthcare facility. A new executive order, announced today by Obamacare Czar Sylvia Mathews Burwell, will ban [...]
Immigration Overload

Obamacare Costs Projected To Rise 127% In 2015 Due To Immigration Executive Order

The Affordable Care Act, often refered to as Obamacare, is now projected to have the single largest one year cost increase of any government program in the history of the United States. The added expense is guaranteed to have severe negative [...]

Guess What Taxpayers Gave Michelle Obama For Christmas?

<National Report>Stockings are stuffed this year in Washington, especially at the White House, with the lion’s share of expensive taxpayer funded gifts going to Michelle Obama her mother, Marian Robinson. Let’s start with [...]

The White House Spent HOW MUCH on Dry Cleaning?!

<National Report>Washington, DC–In the month of April, the White House spent more than $137,000 on dry cleaning.  No, that isn’t a typo… that’s the correct number of zeroes.  The shocking figure has sent some [...]
Barack Obama, Ed Lee

Obama Supports San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s Decision to Cut Veteran Benefits

<National Report>In a press release conducted earlier this morning White House spokesperson Kevin Whetman announced President Obama’s full support of San Francisco mayor Ed Lee’s decision to drastically cut the benefits offered [...]
Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s Alcohol Abuse, Diet Pill Addiction Rumors Spread

<National Report>Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s appearance has undergone a marked change in recent months, with family, friends, and associates expressing concerns about her health, while left-wing bloggers and the usual [...]
Jesse Trentadue

Muslim Organization to Build Quran Inscribed Monuments in 150 U.S. Courthouses

<National Report> The Muslim outreach group One Nation Under Allah has announced plans to fund the construction of 150 Quran inscribed monuments in courthouses across the United States.  Many courthouses across the U.S. have included [...]