Climate Change Linked To Whiny Liberal Windbags

<National Report>A Koch brothers financed study of global warming and climate change has found a conclusive correlative link between rising global temperatures and an increasing amount of hot air coming out of the mouths of Liberals who [...]
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Hillary: Gun Control #1 Priority Of A Clinton Administration

Speaking at a fifteen thousand a dollar plate fund-raiser in Washington D.C. Hillary Clinton laid out her vision of a Clinton presidency to a group of potential backers drawn from the ranks of America’s most powerful liberal elite. Among [...]
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Obama Will Not Run For President In 2016

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have apparently already begun preparations for their post-White House life. The Obamas appear to have a strong desire to return to the greater Chicago, Illinois area after the Presidents term is [...]
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How Will You Celebrate “Congress Day?” House, Senate Approve New Federal Holiday

Prepare to mark your calendars, folks. There’s a new Federal holiday coming our way, starting in June of 2016: “Congress Day,” a day for celebrating, honoring, and remembering members of the House and Senate who have served [...]
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Jon Stewart Selected to be Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate in 2016

WASHINGTON D.C. – Jon Stewart, currently the anchor of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” has been selected as Hillary Clinton’s running mate and vice presidential candidate for the 2016 election. “The timing could not be more [...]
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House Republicans Begin the Preemptive Impeachment of Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON D.C. – Realizing that none of their current crop of presidential candidates stand a chance to win office in 2016, House Republicans have begun the impeachment process for presumptive winner Hillary Clinton. “There’s a lot [...]
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Ted Cruz’s Father Endorses Scott Walker For President

Pastor Rafael Cruz, the father of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), offered up a heartfelt endorsement today for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, saying he hopes Walker will run for president in the 2016 election, defeat Hillary Clinton, and “take [...]
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Republican Presidential Field Too Ridiculous For Clown Candidate

Binkie the clown, known throughout the land as a purveyor of mischievous malfeasance and nonsensical behavior has signaled that he will choose to not run for the presidency on the Republican ticket in 2016. “A clown has to have some sort [...]
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Howard Dean: Hillary Will Ask Jeb to Be Her VP

Two, separate, unnamed sources each reported that at a private retreat with major Democratic donors this weekend, Howard Dean spoke about Hillary Clinton’s plan to ask Republican Jeb Bush to be her running mate for the 2016 Presidential election [...]
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Germany Tired of Unpaid Greek Debt, Calls J.G. Wentworth

EAST BERLIN – Despite ongoing negotiations between the IMF and the Greek leadership, Germany has decided that it’s their money and they want it now. “It’s our money,” says the German Chancellor Angela Merkel “and we want to [...]
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Ku Klux Klan Endorse Dr. Ben Carson for President

Pulaski, Tennessee-The Klu Klux Klan, (KKK) announced today their endorsement of Dr. Ben Carson for President of the United States. This marks the first time in history that the infamous hate group has endorsed an African American for our nation’s [...]
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President Obama Nominates Kanye West to Head National Endowment for the Arts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Despite his unscripted remarks in which President Obama referred to the popular rapper as a “jackass” following Kanye West’s storming of the stage at 2009’s VMA awards, the White House is set to announce the [...]
Colorado Marijuana Holiday

Nazi Stoners Prep for 420 Hitler Parties

By Cassidy Pen, Journalist – TNReport The latest assault against Christian morals and social decency will be on display during celebrations held around the nation on April 20th. At least six US cities will have local police on alert for [...]
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Texas Implements Three-Strike Law For Marijuana Related Charges

The Texas Legislature has passed a controversial three-strike law for all drug related charges including the possession and distribution of marijuana and all other illegal class one substances. The new law will require all third time offenders [...]
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Al Gore Considering 2016 Presidential Run

<National Report>Back in 2000, he very nearly became the 43rd president of the United States, stopped short only by an unorthodox ruling by the United States Supreme Court, amidst strong allegations of election fraud in Florida against [...]
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White House Considering Proposal to Extend Tax Exempt Status to Atheists

<National Report>A spokesman for President Obama announced today, that the Internal Revenue Service has been asked to study the economic feasibility of giving atheists the same federal tax exempt status as that extended to religious groups, [...]