Porn Site Reveals “Daddy/Daughter” As Most Searched Term In Trump States

The adult content aggregation site PornStop has released its monthly search statistics, and ahead of the 2016 presidential election next month, they decided to break down the results by which the candidate each state is currently favored [...]

Vladimir Putin Says He Will Attend Debate as Donald Trump’s Guest

Vladimir Putin, former Prime Minister, and current President of the Russian Federation, will reportedly attend Monday night’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as the GOP nominee’s special guest. The list of invitees [...]

Anthony Weiner Blames Autocorrect For Turning Texts to Sexts

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Less than a month after sending underwear pictures to a “busty brunette” while lying next to his infant son, former N.Y. Representative Anthony Weiner is at the center of yet another Internet sexcapade. This time, [...]

Don King, Ben Carson Fight Over Trump’s “White House Negro” Cabinet Position

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Donald Trump announced today that he would be creating a “special, separate but equal” position in his cabinet for a single African-American. He also announced that the two names he’s considering [...]

Trump Taps George Zimmerman For African-American Outreach Because ‘Experience With Skittles And Racism’

MIERDITO CHINGANDO, FLORIDA — The Donald J. Trump presidential campaign announced early this morning that it was hired a new Director of African-American outreach. The man named for this position is sure to raise eyebrows, as it is George [...]

Hillary Clinton’s Discarded BlackBerry Turns Up In Goodwill Thrift Store

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. — A discarded BlackBerry mobile device, reportedly used by former Sec’y of State Hillary Clinton, surfaced in an upstate N.Y. Goodwill thrift store, located less than 20 miles from Clinton’s Chappaqua, N.Y. residence. Eastchester [...]
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Obama Takes A Knee During National Anthem

Barack Obama Kneels During National Anthem In Apparent “Show Of Solidarity” With Colin Kaepernick President Barack Obama showed support for NFL star Colin Kaepernick on Sunday, taking a knee during the National Anthem prior to delivering [...]

Report Reveals David Duke Prepared Trump’s Tax Returns

By: Cornelius Bartholomew “Cassidy” Pen, TNReport Investigative Journalist NEW YORK NY — The controversy surrounding the refusal of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J Trump to release his tax returns has been partially [...]
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Flint Tap Water Rated More Trustworthy than Hillary Clinton

A new survey released today from the Make Michigan Great Again PAC shows that residents across the state rated Flint tap water higher on the ‘Trustworthiness’ scale than democratic nominee for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In the [...]
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Clinton: “I Can’t Believe I’m Losing to Trump.”

NEW YORK—At a rally following Wednesday’s forum aboard the Intrepid, where Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spoke about national security, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reacted strongly to a question about [...]
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Judge Judy To Moderate Clinton/Trump Debate from Las Vegas

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Judith Scheindlin, known to millions of television viewers as the acerbic, no-nonsense Judge Judy, will reportedly moderate the third and final presidential debate between real estate mogul Donald Trump, and former Sec’y. [...]
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Obama to Visit Mosque, Host Muslim Leaders on 9/11

<National Report>White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced today that President Obama will be visiting a Washington D.C. area Mosque on the morning of September 11th as a goodwill gesture to Muslim Americans. The name and location [...]

In Most Brilliant, Magnanimous Move Ever, North Korea Bans Sarcasm Which Will TOTALLY Help Their Image

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA — The incredibly intelligent, open-minded, fair, and incredibly roguishly handsome Kim Jong-un has taken the bold, decisive, and truly progressive step of banning sarcasm in North Korea. Speaking to North Korean [...]

Trump Claims Ricola Made Hillary A Cough Drop That Clears Up Cough And Makes Her Deadly Assassin

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — The Donald Trump campaign is accusing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of a new conspiracy theory, and this one they say is “shocking and goes all the way to the top.” Holding a press conference [...]
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Trump Aims to Strike First Amendment from Constitution

NEW YORK—Yesterday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced his plans to strike the First Amendment from the Constitution following a series of anti-media tweets and an incident where he threatened to sue publications that [...]

We Interviewed The American Flag And Got Its Feelings On Colin Kaepernick

Controversy is swelling and swirling over NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit down during the National Anthem before each game his team plays. Surprisingly, the controversy isn’t over the central issue of Kaepernick’s [...]