FEMA Ebola Camps: James O’Keefe Exposes Gov’t ‘Death Cabins’

<National Report> Investigative journalist, author and documentarian James O’Keefe has uncovered an “Area 51” style underground village, built with your tax dollars to hide, house and segregate victims of the deadly Ebola virus. Located [...]
President Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky Forms Exploratory Committee For Potential 2016 White House Run

<National Report>Former White House intern and current anti-cyberbullying advocate, Monica Lewinsky, has reportedly quietly formed an exploratory committee in consideration of running for President in the 2016 election. News of this alleged [...]

Rick Perry Blames Ebola On Gays, Threatens Virus With Pistol

At an early morning GOP fundraiser in Dallas on Tuesday, Texas Governor Rick Perry told a group of about five-hundred conservatives that he believes homosexuals are to blame for the global spread of the deadly Ebola disease, and that if [...]

Family Loses Home After Experimental Drone Confuses “ISS” With “ISIS”

A family of five in Nevada are living out of suitcases in a hotel in Las Vegas today after an experimental military drone crashed into their home in the sleepy town of Pioche on Thursday evening. No one was injured the crash, though the house [...]

Charlie Sheen’s “Tiger Blood” Might Hold Cure For Ebola, Doctors Say

Hollywood star Charlie Sheen might soon find himself “winning!” a new award — possibly from the Nobel committee — after three doctors in Los Angeles, California revealed on Thursday that they believe Sheen’s blood [...]
Ohio allows voting by smartphone

Ohio Secretary of State Approves New Voting App For November Election

<National Report>In a move to get an incredibly apathetic citizenry to participate in the upcoming November 4th election, Ohio has reportedly approved a new official app to allow anyone in the state to vote from their smartphone. The app, [...]
Obama signs executive order to draft public assistance recipients

Obama To Draft Public Assistance Recipients In Fight Against Ebola

<National Report>President Barack H. Obama is reportedly set to issue an emergency executive order to draft and mobilize the nation’s legion of public assistance recipients in the fight to contain the Ebola virus. Starting in early [...]
Mehmet Oz testifies on Capitol Hill in July 2014

Obama Nominates Dr. Oz for Surgeon General, Vows to ‘Cure’ Ebola

WASHINGTON, DC – The White House announced on Wednesday that President Obama will nominate talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz of New York Presbyterian Hospital to become the nation’s 19th Surgeon General of the United States.  Oz will replace [...]

Michelle Obama Makes Ray Rice Assault Joke During Vine Video Shoot

First Lady Michelle Obama went viral on Tuesday after creating a silly Vine video with a turnip. But White House staffers who helped produce the popular video are now saying one of her outtakes — one that was destroyed moments after it [...]
Obama makes November is National Muslim Appreciation Month

Obama Declares November National Muslim Appreciation Month

Washington, DC — President Barack Obama held a press conference to announce that he is declaring the month of November ‘National Muslim Appreciation Month’. “The Muslim community deserves our full acceptance and respect,” [...]

Presidential Limo Goes Missing, Secret Service Scratching Their Heads

A heavily-armored limousine that has carried President Barack Obama on numerous occasions over the past several years has gone missing, and the US Secret Service, as well as the FBI, the Washington DC Metro Police Department, and the US Capitol [...]

Tea Party Group Offering To Replace Secret Service, Protect President Obama

At a small rally held Thursday afternoon on the National Mall in the nation’s capital, a group of approximately 100 citizens offered up their services as bodyguards, demanding the government turn over the duty of protecting the life of [...]

Ted Cruz Proposes Gay-Free America

<National Report>Texas Republican Ted Cruz was among the many conservatives figures infuriated by Monday’s Supreme Court decision not to hear appeals on the issue of same-sex marriage. Yesterday, in a historic move, the United States [...]

Potential Ebola Outbreak Prompts Martial Law

<National Report> A potentially deadly Ebola outbreak in the United States has prompted President Barack Obama to declare Martial Law. He is reportedly demanding US citizens surrender their guns or they will be confiscated. In a press [...]
Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry Suspends High School Football In Texas

<National Report>Texas Governor Rick Perry made a controversial move this week when he proposed suspending all high school football programs in the state. Perry’s proposed ban on the sport comes just after the shocking deaths of [...]

White House Strategizing National Marijuana Legalization in Summer of 2015

President Barack Obama’s approval ratings haven’t seemed to budge out of the 40% to 50% range much since he took office in 2009. His accomplishments don’t seem to improve his approval ratings, while his scandals don’t [...]