A photo of Gaddafi taking over Obama’s body.

Is Obama Possessed By Gaddafi’s Ghost Causing Him To Masturbate To Iranian Hostage Murder Videos?

As a devout Christian, I believe in many spiritual things. Among them are things such as Angels, Demons, demonic possession, bloodletting, snake handling, Heaven, Hell and even spirits aka “ghosts”. With all of the tragedies that [...]

George Zimmerman Celebrates Freedom With Trayvon Martin Lookalike He Met In Adult Bookstore

  Justice has been served in Florida, and everyone there is as pleased as punch that the Stand Your Ground law, which protects the right of gun owners to shoot anyone threatening them, has been upheld by the courts. A jubilant air of celebration [...]
Sign outside Florida courthouse.

Poll: Can Zimmerman get a Mistrial if the Lady Jury is on Their Periods?

(National Report) – The opening statements in the trial of a neighborhood watch captain that shot down a youth hopped up on candy and sugar laced iced tea begins in Florida next week. Some feel justice could be compromised by the all [...]

Is Afrophobia Enough to Save George Zimmerman?

(National Report) – The George Zimmerman trial begins today a year after the neighborhood watchman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an African American youth armed with candy and a glass bottle of iced tea. Over the course of the past year [...]
Those with Afrophobia are usually on the heavier side. Since the incident, Zimmerman has gained over 140 pounds.

George Zimmerman Gains 140 Pounds, Preparing for Prison Life?

(National Report) – George Zimmerman, the Florida patriot that stood his ground after chasing down a hoodie wearing teen and shooting him, has blossomed into a 344 pound bag of lard. Fans of the gun advocate say Zimmerman is eating his sorrow. [...]