Old hippies flock to Christian churches in the U.S. to pray for forgiveness & salvation

Elderly Americans Are Turning to God in Record Numbers Not Seen Since 1967

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <National Report> Not since 1967 when American anarchists turned against God and country so they could have their “rights” to smoke their refer and tongue-worship at the bunghole of [...]

“The Phish are Tearing My Family Apart”

Another Edition of “Dear Cassidy” My dear friends in Christ, today’s edition of “Dear Cassidy” deals with a tragedy that has befallen too many families…the pain of losing a child to the world of hippiedom [...]
The new flag of The Phishbury Township should Glenn Falls City Council Bill 420-24/7 pass

Mayor to Rename Town After Jamband The Phish

…another edition of Cassidy’s Culture Combat Column Cornelius Bartholomew “Cassidy” Pen Field Beat Reporter The National Report The City of Glenn Falls has gained the attention of national media after their eccentric mayor has [...]

NSA Spying on Sex? “Operation Innuendo” Revealed

<National Report>It’s one thing to spy on the phone records and emails of American citizens.  It’s another thing entirely to pre-hack USB devices and spy on Americans that way.  But what do you call it when the government [...]

Sochi Update: Lisping Olympians Decry Beatings

  <National Report Brussels Bureau>  Leaks of several reports are surfacing in socialist Europe of Olympic athletes receiving moderate to severe beatings, and possible charges of alleged gang rape, all at the hands of Russian leader [...]
good sleep

Glorious Tips for Better Sleep

(National Report) 4 out of 5 Doctors surveyed say sleep is needed for both physical and mental health, as well as cosmetic reasons. As a general observation, many people aren’t getting the rest they need. Cranky and unable to nap during [...]
A color coded calendar of commonly shared birthdays has many light colored days, indicating an abortion was performed about 8 months earlier. (Full size image shown at end of article.)

Popular Planned Parenthood Abortion Days Revealed in New Calendar

(National Report) – A very informative calendar of common birthdays was recently released across the internet by Matt Stiles that reveals some startling facts and raises some uncomfortable questions about ‘choice’ propaganda. There are [...]
forehead 6

Forehead Touching, an Appropriate Kissing Substitute for Sustained Teen Purity and Cancer Prevention

(National Report) – Displays of unruly affection are an embarrassment for everyone. When captured on film, in wedding pictures or posted to the internet, images of couples ‘sucking face’ promote private promiscuity, sexual self-harm and [...]
Non-creation science has turned this 30 year old couple into a perversion of creation, also wrinkled.

Super Gonorrhea – Proof of Creation Science, Affirmative Action Failures

(The National Report) – The CDC has issued several warnings regarding the threat of antibiotic resistant strains of sexually transmitted disease, hardy parasitic infestations and MRSA. While these traditionally are issues for the young, older [...]