The Assam Rape Festival in India

India Ends Diplomatic Relations With The U.S. Over Satirical Article

Assam, INDIA — People in India are outraged by a satirical article that appeared on an American website reporting a rape festival taking place in India’s northeastern state of Assam. “We rape the evil demons out of the girls, [...]
AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Apology from Paul Horner

Author of Gov. Jan Brewer Gay-To-Straight Hoax, Extends Sincere Apology

Hello everyone, My name is Paul Horner and I am the one responsible for the article in question. I can not sleep at nights. I need to get this off my chest. I feel so bad for what I have done. I love Jan Brewer so much and it hurts me, deep [...]
Jan Brewer threaten lawsuit against hoax and satirical article by Paul Horner

Governor Jan Brewer Threatens Lawsuit Against Hoax Author Who Claimed She Supports Mandatory Gay Conversion Classes For Children

Phoenix, AZ — Governor Jan Brewer’s spokesman Andrew Wilder held a press conference this morning with reporters announcing news of a possible lawsuit against Phoenix, Arizona resident 34-year-old Paul Horner. Horner was the culprit [...]

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