Baster Baby 4 (image- Ethan Lofton -  Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic - Wikimedia Commons) 399px-Turkey_baster_in_use

Obama Approved Lesbian Parade Set For Thanksgiving Day

This disturbing story contains insights provided by loyal National Report reader and 100% heterosexual American citizen Dora Hipkins, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at 2014’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington [...]
Paul Church in Huntsville, Alabama

Alabama Church Takes Bible Literally; Stones Woman To Death for Working on Sunday

Huntsville, AL — A 31-year-old pregnant woman, wife and mother of three, was brutally murdered after she was seen working on Sunday, or the Sabbath, by a fellow member of the church. Brandy Hull, a devoted member of ‘Paul Church’, [...]
Bank Note with the words In God We Trust at the top

Obama To Remove “In God We Trust” From All Currency Beginning October 1st

Washington, DC — Beginning August 1st the Federal Reserve along with the United States Department of the Treasury will begin printing all currency, which includes every note and coin, without the words ‘In God We Trust‘. This [...]