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Facebook To Ban Religious Posts, Memes After Criticism From Atheism Groups

In a closed-door session with shareholders on Tuesday, Facebook executives wheeled out a set of new rules which, when implemented later this year, will ban their users from creating status updates and image posts related in any way to religion, [...]
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Army Couple Who Moved Wedding For Obama’s Golf Game Files For Divorce, Sources Say

HONOLULU — Once again, Barack Obama has demonstrated his contempt for traditional marriage. The army couple forced to move their dream marriage spot so that President Obama could play golf, has reportedly filed for divorce after just one [...]
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Pope Francis Urges Catholics To See “The Interview” In Light of Security Threats

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis used his yearly Christmas message to remind Catholics that “standing up to threats is a noble act,” and further urged his worldwide audience of over 1 billion to attend the Christmas Day screening of the controversial [...]
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Obama Fines ABC For Broadcasting Charlie Brown Christmas; FCC Cites Christian Bias

<National Report>The Federal Communications Commission, acting on an executive order issued by Barack Obama, fined the ABC television network for airing A Charlie Brown Christmas, because several overtly Christian references were found [...]
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Obama White House Kwanzaa Burdens Taxpayers, Creates Controversy

<National Report>The week-long celebration of Kwanzaa, the African-American alternative to Christmas, has thrown the White House staff into an uproar. Extra work required for the extended observance translates into more tax dollars spent [...]
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Veteran Working as Mall Santa Fired for Saying “God Bless”

<National Report> Theodore “Teddy” Williamont is a hulk of man. Six foot five with broad shoulders and a wide face often covered with a full beard, can be an imposing figure. But his soft demeanor has often earned him the nickname [...]

All Black Remake of ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Stars Tyler Perry

<National Report>It was bound to happen. First, a mixed-race version of the Broadway musical Annie, starring Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz, and now actor/producer Tyler Perry, best known as the tough-talking, streetwise transvestite “Medea,” [...]

Obama Announces 1.25% Sales Tax Increase In Order To Pay Muslim Retributions

President Obama has announced an executive order which is slated to take effect sometime within the second quarter of 2015. In a recent slew of executive orders, this may be the most widely controversial decision made by the president to date. According [...]

ISIS: A New Form Of Rebellion Among US Youths? Ten Signs Your Child May Be Adopting Radical Islam

Gone are the days when teens idolized the abrasive din of heavy metal music and occult imagery. You may even consider yourself lucky if your loin-fruits decide to adopt all the annoying trappings of “rap-music” as a means of asserting [...]
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20 Kids And Canceled – Michelle Duggar Gave Birth To Mixed-Race Child in 1986

TONTITOWN, Arkansas – TLC announced the abrupt cancellation of the reality-based series 19 Kids and Counting, after it was learned that Michelle Duggar allegedly gave birth to a mixed-race child, two years before her marriage to Jim Bob [...]
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Obama to Visit Mosque, Host Muslim Leaders on July 4th

<National Report>White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced today that President Obama will be visiting a Washington D.C. area Mosque on the morning of July 4th as a goodwill gesture to Muslim Americans.  The name and location [...]

Hobby Lobby Will No Longer Employ Un-Wed Mothers And Women Who Have Sex Out Of Wedlock

Hobby Lobby CEO, Franklin Harding, announced on Monday that Hobby Lobby would be doing a complete overhaul of their hiring process now that they have the ability to adhere to Biblical standards. “We can operate at a standard which honors [...]

Georgia Church to Give Out Guns on Mother’s Day, Liberals Outraged

<National Report>Dothan, GA–Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift?  Have you exhausted the flowers, gift baskets and candies?  How about a gift certificate for a day spa, or dinner at her favorite restaurant?  How about [...]

Westboro Baptist Church Fred Phelp’s Deathbed Confession “I’m Gay”

The 84 year old founder of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church is barely clinging to life at a Midland hospice house in Topeka Kansas. The man who seemingly dedicated his entire life to tormenting homosexuals allegedly made a startling confession [...]

Chippie The RFID Insists “I’m Not The Mark Of The Beast” In Recent Press Conference

(USA) – Due to recent controversy over Chippie The RFID’s nationwide educational seminar school tour, Chippie and his legal representatives held a press conference to clear the air in regards to a number of distasteful allegations [...]