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Mike Huckabee Vows to ‘Wage War’ on Religion If Elected

  HOPE, Ark. – Former governor Mike Huckabee told supporters in his home state of Arkansas yesterday that his first order of business as President of the United States will be to sign an executive order making conversion [...]
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Minister Creflo Dollar Now Wants $114MM For Luxury Yacht

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. – Millionaire televangelist and megachurch founder Creflo Dollar, Jr., forced in March to cancel a $65 million donation campaign set up to finance a G350 Gulfstream jet, is now reportedly asking friends to donate more [...]
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Pope Francis Calls For Equal Pay For Nuns

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis stunned a crowd of the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday, after calling for equal pay for nuns, as he condemned the worldwide salary gap that exists between men and women. “Why is it [...]
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Westboro Baptist Church 2.0? Hateful Protesters Offering Weddings To Gay Couples

The Westboro Baptist Church, reviled around the world for their hateful “God Hates F-gs” signs and protests at the funerals of military personnel, are apparently trying to turn over a new leaf in the wake of the death of church [...]
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Is 6-Year-Old Black Girl the Reincarnation of KKK Imperial Wizard?

The University of Virginia Medical Center’s Division of Perceptual Studies is the academic home of Professor Jim Tucker who spends much of his time studying the claims of children who tell of past lives they have lived. These children, [...]
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Church Of Scientology Wins FAA, NASA Approval To Build Spaceship

In the year 2020, The Church of Scientology will boldly go where no other religious organization has gone before: into space, onboard their very own spacecraft, after NASA officials gave them and their designs a final go-ahead on Thursday. The [...]
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Kanye West Files For Tax Exempt Status, Claims He’s Forming “Church Of Yeezus”

People who enjoy the music and other creature ventures of music star Kanye West are no longer simply his fans, but his religious disciples… whether they want to be or not. That’s because West officially filed for tax exempt status [...]
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Televangelist Pat Robertson, 85, Forges Signature, Dies, While Touring Factory

NORFOLK, VA – Just days after televangelist Pat Robertson, media tycoon, executive chairman, and former Southern Baptist minister commented upon the Indiana religious freedom bill – bizarrely advising the Walkerton, IN pizza shop owners [...]
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God No Longer Protects Block Around Chicago’s Steamworks Bathhouse

Residents Advised to Flee, Do Not Look Back CHICAGO, IL – When America became the Lord’s chosen nation with the ordination of the constitution in 1788, Midwestern Values grew to become the epitome of the biblical presence in His [...]
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Indiana Announces Statewide Fundraising Campaign To Reimburse #BoycottIndiana Merchants

Ft. Wayne, Indiana – A new crowd-funded campaign called Help Indiana Recover Lost Revenues inspired by Memories, the Indiana pizza restaurant forced to close after its owners announced they would not cater gay weddings, hopes to raise as [...]
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Altar Boys Protest New Indiana Religious Freedom Law

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) Places Added Strain on the Backs of Altar Boys <INDIANAPOLIS, IN> When Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Bill into law, he thought he had met the [...]
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Marcus Bachmann Refused Service in Indiana, Store Owner Assumed He Was Gay

INDIANAPOLIS – Marcus Bachmann, husband of former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, unwittingly became the first public face of Indiana’s newly-enacted Religious Freedom Restoration Act, after being refused service at a dress [...]
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Indiana Religious Freedom Act “Too Soft” Says Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson reportedly reacted to Thursday’s passage of the Indiana “religious freedom” act by stating that the bill “doesn’t go far enough.” The measure, privately signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence, [...]
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Minister Proposes Lottery to Purchase Jet for Rapture Flight

Pay-per-view Event Planned to Finance New Jet (TNREPORT) – Creepflo Dollar feels his ministry is one of great generosity and profound faith. The minister, who peaches from the standpoint of “faith-equals-prosperity,” is requesting [...]
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Gay Doctor Refuses to Treat Fundamentalist Couple’s Baby

By Cassidy Pen, National Report Investigative Journalist DAISYBURGH, Ill. —When expected parents Rev. Donald Milburn and his obedient wife Janet were in search of pediatric care, they were hoping to find a dependable doctor with which to [...]

One Christian Woman’s Story: Why I Won’t Exercise In Yoga Pants

It’s very likely that the title of this article inspired more than a few deep, exasperated sighs and eye- rolls of irritation. You’re probably thinking, “let me guess, another article by a Christian woman speaking out against [...]