American Parents & Students are on the Liberal Bandwagon of Doom

‘Shocking Footage’: Dozens of Parents & Students Duke it Out at School

“In America the reason that baby boomers and their children have grown up with less mastery over their passions than previous generations is because in the late ’40s a new voice of authority on parenting rose to prominence, and parents [...]

Feminist Tyrants Create “Ban Bossy” Campaign

A bunch of pushy, overbearing female celebrities and politicians have gathered together to command the world to erase the term “bossy” from its vocabulary. Why? Because evidently women who grew up acting like iron-handed, miniature [...]

Should Justin Bieber Be Deported From The Planet Earth?

  // // // ]]> Footage of Justin Bieber’s deposition has left many Americans seething with anger and calling for the pint-sized pop sensation’s deportation. Biber is accused of assaulting a paparazzi in Miami, FL. after [...]

Top 6 Subcultures With The Biggest Victim Complexes

Subcultures are often defined by the beliefs of those who persecute them. These oppositions, real or imagined, are the glue that binds people under a common cause, fandom, religion or cult. Indeed, oppression not only seems to be the catalyst [...]
Portland, Oregon Once a City United... Today a Racist Wasteland

Racism Once Again Raises Its Evil & Ugly Head in Portland, Oregon

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief As someone who lived in North Portland in the mid-1990s I have a unique perspective on the recent Trader Joe’s controversy. I lived on North Lombard near Columbia Park and my experience represented [...]

Lindsay Bottos Exposed – Sources Report Tumblr Feminist Created “Hate Messages” Herself

As the old adage goes, “Negative attention is better than no attention at all”, even if that means purposefully arranging a colossal lie in order to amass the attention you so fiercely crave. Lindsay Bottos, the 21 year old “artist” [...]
Fukushima_nuclear EXPLOSION

Editor in Chief Demands “Fukushima Criminals” Perform the Seppuku Death Ritual to Atone to the World

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <National Report> Since the Fukushima story broke on March 11, 2011, I have traveled to Japan eight times to cover the event. With the three year anniversary of this global disaster looming only [...]

A Day In The Life Of An Average Married Gay Couple – What Americans Need To Know

Gay marriage has become the widely accepted norm in many cities, gaining legalization in such states as Illinois and Hawaii. However, few Americans realize the dangers these individuals pose to the safety and salvation of our great country. I [...]
Santa Clause

Analysts Forecast Drop In Holiday Spending As More Families Rely On Presents From Santa Claus

Times are tight for most families. It seems everyone is struggling in one way or another just to get by. So here is a helpful tool to save a little hard-earned scratch this upcoming Christmas; Santa Claus! A new study by Forbes Magazine found [...]


// // // ]]> I’ve been reporting on the liberal War On Christmas, and now as we near the date of the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Liberal with memes. I have to warn you, Many of the following images are rude, crude [...]

10 Ways for A Christian Woman To Please Her Man

// // // ]]> Pick up any supposed women’s magazine in the grocery store check out line and they will list “101 ways to please your man”, or some other list. The only way to actually please your christian man is the be [...]

Mexican Restaurants-An Essay on Cultural Diversity

By Cornelius Bartholomew “Cassidy” Pen, TNReport Cultural Reporter and Restaurant Critic <My Town’s Downtown Area> Liberal America favors the diversification of our culture in all facets of life. The nation seems to have [...]
beersack n radke

The Xenu Report: Emo Rap Super Group to Ruin Christmas.

How many times have I told you about the evils of Emosexual (emo) music? I have been fighting this evil threat for the last several years. The battle has waged across the internet like a wild fire. Many people do not know what an emosexual (emo) [...]
Kindergarten teacher Sharon Perry Dunnigan sent this letter home to select parents.

The Xenu Report:Teacher Tells Parents “Your Children Stink”

I hate smelly children. Everywhere I go people think that Grandma Xenu wants to hug your ugly little children. Well Guess what. I think they smell. I hate stinking children. One New York teacher agrees with me. Sharon Perry Dunnigan, a kindergarten [...]

Sylvia Brown Debunked As Fraud After Unable To Predict Own Death

The false prophet, Sylvia Brown, had her soul dragged on down to the lake of fire Wednesday at the age of 77. Sylvia’s legacy as a charlatan has been well documented over the years. Cnn had the following to say about Brown: “While [...]

Gauging Toddler’s Earlobes – Disturbing New Trend Emerges From Blythe, California

(Blythe, CA) – Brittany Mosse, a 19-year-old single mother from Blythe, CA beams as her adolescent boy sits in a parlor chair, tears streaming down his shiny red face. His mother looks on with a reassuring grin as another female enters [...]

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