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Wisconsin To Start “Pavement to Plate” Food Stamp Supplement Program

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

<National Report>Food stamp recipients in Wisconsin may soon have the option of adding an unusual protein source to their diets. Governor Scott Walker announced plans today to implement a meat supplement program that will repurpose the state’s road kill into meals for those on food stamps. The program is being called the “Pavement to Plate Dietary Assistance Program”. The program is slated to be implemented for voluntary enrollment this summer, with plans for it to become the primary source of meat for food stamp recipients by 2015. As part of the program, overall food stamp benefits will be cut by 10%. Five percent of that reduction will be reinvested to pay for the collection and processing of the automotively harvested animals.

The proposed plan is being touted for its economic and environmental efficiency, as well as its ability to create jobs. With the savings obtained from cutting food stamp benefits, the state will hire collection crews that will scour the state’s highways for fresh roadkill. The animals will be collected in specially equipped refrigeration trucks, and transported to a meat processing facility that is being built at the Okhall Correctional Institute in Oregan WI. Inmates at the correctional facility will process the carcasses, primarily for ground chuck, hot dogs, and (of course) brats. The meat products will then be shipped to distribution points where food stamp recipients can purchase them.

Food stamp recipient Tonya Frindle is not convinced that the change will be good, but is trying to keep an open mind:

“I am awfully partial to my roast turkey slices, but if I can get a lot more meat for the same price, I guess I’ll try it. It’s hard to feed my family on what we get now, so if the amount of meat we get increases, I’d be real happy. It don’t [sic] matter much to me where it comes from, a brat’s a brat at the end of the day.”

Governor Walker had nothing but praise for his proposed plan. In prepared comments regarding it, he offered the following:

“I am really proud of what we can achieve with this kind of thinking. We are able to utilize the bounty and natural resources of our great state to reduce the burden of poverty without increasing the burden on our job creators. Since announcing this plan, I have had several food stamp recipients come up to me and thank me for what we are doing. They are so glad that their burden on the state is being reduced.”

Collection crews are on schedule to begin operating next month, and the program should be fully operational by summer.

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190 Responses to "Wisconsin To Start “Pavement to Plate” Food Stamp Supplement Program"

  1. Napalm says:

    Drugdealers GET FOODSTAMPS, its FUCKED UP.

    • Seedric says:

      Why is that fucked up? that is how they make their living. That is how they provide for themselves, or their family. That’s fucking good! if a family full of people claiming they have all these issues, and what not, can get food-stamps, why shouldn’t a drug dealer? what is your goddamn issue? A drug dealer is just a provider for people in need, or people who want. Hes a fucking human being. half my friends are dealers, and they are some of the coolest people you’ll ever fucking meet.

    • Galeus Canis says:

      NO they dont… but sex offenders do.. at least in CA

  2. Jen says:

    Venison his healthier then what we get in stores, it’s a leaner red meat and is also hormone free. My family lives off of it. I can’t remember the last time I bought a steak, roast or burger from a store. We process it ourselves also. Jerky, sticks , hot dogs brats and summer sausage.

  3. Phylicia Byrd says:

    I’m sorry I’m one of those people who actually have many problems with this.
    1st off it’s road kill. I mean deer is one thing & that’s okay because actually a lot of people eat deer (I don’t however). Anyways number 2. It’s being processed in a freaken prison… Not a jail a prison. So what if they are being watched who knows what they could be doing to all that nasty meat. I see so many problems with this
    A lot of these animals have rabies you can’t just take that out of them and if you throw it away that’s throwing away a big percentage because a lot of animals you find dead I’m the road are most likely going to have rabies. So you might end up not even making enough meat to begin with. Part of me believes this is a load of crock but at the same time I don’t really know. So please governor walker quit being so freaken stupid…

    By the way the whole “a brat is a brat by the end of the day” is actually complete bullcrap when you eat a pork brats lets say Johnsonville brats then eat a brat made out of venison BIG difference in taste (I’ve tried it)… Not everyone likes change, but then there are people who do like change and if that’s the case so be it then let the eat the crap.

    I think if you really want to do the whole road kill thing go ahead but don’t feed it to the public and children.. Feed it to the prisoners who are processing it.

    • Michelle says:

      Yes, let THEM eat the roadkill! That’s messed up. Just because a family is poor, does that mean that your kid should get a beef burger for dinner and their kids get a RAT (oh excuse me, an opossum) burger??? I agree with you

      • Brian says:

        If you cared to read any of the article and listened to the reality, it’s volunteer. I’ll get my name on the list for some venison. Sheboygan has the largest racoon stew gathering. Very few poor attend that, what does that tell you? I’d eat deer, turkey, and racoon from this program. Where do I sign up or does my $60k a year keep me out 🙁

        • Amber says:

          And if you cared to read, “The program is slated to be implemented for voluntary enrollment this summer, with plans for it to become the primary source of meat for food stamp recipients by 2015.” The meat is being processed for ground chuck, hot dogs, and brats, meaning it’s going in a big grounding machine. A family will not have the choice of only “venison” meat. It’s going to be a mix of all roadkill most likely. Still sound appetizing?

    • Galeus Canis says:

      if you knew how many products are manufactured and processed for almost free in prison, you would be more upset about the slave labor than the part where a *gasp* “prisoner” handled your purchased goods…

    • Brian says:

      You think with emotion instead of logic. Deer. I picked up 3 over the past two years. I got about 80 lbs of meat from it. Full freezer.

      Jail processing. You think the 16 year old at Burger King is better? These guys that get these jobs are the ones that want to work usually.

      Rabies…..that’s a huge over reaction. Most DO NOT have rabies. Deer 99.9% of the time won’t have them. Some people eat racoons, not me, so as a voluntary movement, I’ll take ONLY deer.

      For the record, as a deer hunter, when I make brats or buy them, it’s 1 lb of venison to 1/2 lb of your choice (beef or pork) Pork tastes way better to be honest.

      I don’t think it’s secondary. I always hope the car in front of me hits it so I get the meat, and they get the insurance bill. Educate yourself.

    • Dana says:

      LMAO… You need to check your facts before you spout. It tends to make you sound like an idiot. Fact… Most of these animals DO NOT have rabies. There are only a few cases of rabies reported in the entire STATE every year. Or are you implying that they must have rabies since they wandered into the road? FACT.. If it is going to be processed in a facility at a prison wouldn’t you think that there would be inspections done by the appropriate departments before it would be distributed. Fact… It is not Scott Walker who is acting like an idiot it is you for making comments about something that you obviously know NOTHING about!

    • J Gerhardt says:

      Oh relax…..you just have to get real. This makes perfect sense. if a system is set up to harvest and cool the carcass right away….what’s the diff if it was in a meat processing plant or where it’s processed or how it’s killed. Your just being finicky. they shouldn’t show a Possum, they aren’t going to waste their time on small varments. It’ll be the whitetail deer I’m sure. My goodness, why should all that meat go to waste. And you know, if they don’t like the thought, eat less meat…..all the Doctors are telling us that anyways. It’s better for our health to limit our meat consumption. See? It’s all good;-)

      • The Universe. says:

        Well.. to be honest..

        The majority of Americans on food stamps are that of the majority..

        There are far less minority labeled Americans receiving food stamps.. – I only see the inner cities having an issue with this program.. but I’m sure those communities will find alternative giving they don’t want to consume roadkill.

        The only thing I see them revising is having prisoners processing it all.. – They’d have to reassure the public of it’s cleanliness regarding the meat & the overall health of the inmates handling it.

        Once all that is in order.. only then will I say “It’s all good” to eat roadkill [insert winky emoji here]

        p.s. – Wouldn’t the meat be tainted if even 1 fly lands on it & it isn’t ‘harvested’ in ‘time’?


        Would the meat of a deer be tough giving the nature of it’s death? – Or is that just based on how stressed it was growing up?

    • J Gerhardt says:

      For another perspective, read this article http://modernfarmer.com/2013/09/eating-roadkill/

  4. dave says:

    If Scott Walker would try and save more jobs in wisconsin instead of trying to put more money in his pocket we wouldn’t have to depend on food share.

    • Tiff says:

      I agree….if he’s aiming to cut down on publicly funded food costs…then put it into the prison systems where it’s being processed. Risking a child’s health, of which most families on food share have, on animals that could possibly be tainted meat is wrong. People will generally take more care with things if they’re the end recipient.

  5. shannen says:

    I am sorry I find the idea of making some who is disabled or poor eat road kill sickening. Not everyone on food share is lazy. What about the children and the elderly who can not work why should they have to eat something dead on the side of the road. I personally like deer but I know where it came from and how it was prepared. I truly find this disgusting.

  6. Rachel says:

    This is just fracking disgusting. Is Walker going to eat it? No. If he’s not eating it why do my children have to eat it. Venison is one thing, but opossum, raccoon, or skunk is something entirely different. And processing it in a prison? why not a factory where people other than prisoners can actually get a job doing it? oh wait, jobs are not on Walker’s agenda…we’re 48th in job growth since Walker took office. What’s next? All I know is I voted for him once I won’t be doing it again.

  7. teresa says:

    This is horrible!! I get 14.00 a month (thank god). Meat grosses me out. I eat very little read meat. I don’t do sea food/fish of any kind. Instead of doing this they should look into ppl that get 600.00 a month.

  8. Shelly says:

    This is wrong in so many levels first off alot of wild animals carry rabies how in the he’ll can you tell if there’s rabies in the meat your processing second of all a prison. Is so un sanitary so full of germs its not clean not only do you have to worry about getting rabies but you could end up getting something alot worse why the he’ll is it not being processed in environment that is sanitary and clean walker use your dam head this is going to kill alot of people or make then extremly sick why cant you give out deer meat or rabbit or squirrel anything is better then road kill

  9. mavine says:

    Why not stop the ability to buy energy drinks, chips, candy bars that will help save money!

    • sherry says:

      i think this is really gross. so many thing wrong with this. first there is no mention that this crap will be tested for diseases and to be processed in a prison is utterly ridiculous. second is walker going to be there when everyone starts getting sick from eating this crap, NO he will not, why doesn’t he feed his family first and then tell us how it tastes, not to mention getting sick from the various diseases and parasites these animals carry, I am sorry but there is no way that this is a good idea, why doesn’t he cut out the television and all the other perks the inmates get while sitting in prison for committing crimes instead of making the poor and elderly and children eat this crap.

    • Lynn says:

      Why not chicken nuggets, pizza, and white bread?

  10. Go wisconsin says:

    Haha.. I think this is a great plan to motivate people to earn their own money for food. You can either eat what they offer or get a job and actually buy your own food with own food. Just a thought.

  11. Go wisconsin says:

    Haha.. I think this is a great plan to motivate people to earn their own money for food. You can either eat what they offer or get a job and actually buy your own food with your own money. You shouldn’t be able to buy candy, soda and other miscellaneous non nutritional food with food stamps. Just a thought.

  12. Casey says:

    Fucking Scott Walker, leave it to him. How about instead of feeding the road kill to food stamp users, we send the product to our prisons? So keen to feed road kill to decent people yet treat inmates better than most nursing homes treat their elderly. How idiotic!!!

    • J Gerhardt says:

      Excellent idea also…..the meat will be good meat…..better for you and leaner than any meat you’ll buy in the grocery store…..organic even. People just over react…..where has common sense gone…..we’re so far removed from our food supply. I’m reading that most people think meat from the grocery store is better and safer….WAYS WHO??? It’ll be safe, inspected, and handled properly….probably handled with more care than meat from a processing plant. Really…..just settle down and take a moment to think this through. It’s a good idea! I eat venison and love it!

  13. Terry says:

    This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard and it must be some kind of joke, Road kill?? Well, I’ll be darned!!!

    • Brian says:

      You think with emotion instead of logic. Deer. I picked up 3 over the past two years. I got about 80 lbs of meat from it. Full freezer.

      For the record, as a deer hunter, when I make brats or buy them, it’s 1 lb of venison to 1/2 lb of your choice (beef or pork) Pork tastes way better to be honest.

      I don’t think it’s secondary. I always hope the car in front of me hits it so I get the meat, and they get the insurance bill. Educate yourself.

  14. Labella says:

    This is a prime example as to why it is important to VOTE!!!! I know people that get up and go to work daily but depend on Food share because they don’t make enough money to purchase the food on their on, but because they still receive food share it makes them lazy? Maybe they just need a little help.. On top of keeping a roof over thier familes head, clothes on their backs, lights and hot water! this is disgusting that any human being would even suggest this!

  15. Mrs. Flowers says:

    I believe this is a major step back in time. When the plantation/slave owner made sure his family had what they wanted (not to be confused with what they needed) he gave his slaves (those that are less fortunate) the scraps. Well, this is worst than that! We are suppose to be an evolved society working towards the better and improvement of all! This is not better for all only a select few! Those that have and are taking what they want for there families and not what they need! Our “well rounded” “deeply involved” (sarcasm for those that maybe so disconnected from real life) Governor Scott Walker our new plantation owner. His answer to creating new jobs is to reduce “Food Share” (sharing of food) the words that replaced the word “Food Stamps” some time ago, and hire poor people (I’m assuming) the ones that he’s taking from, to go out and scrap wild dead carcass of the roadside, transport it to a PRISON, so that prisoners who are now living in this brand new Prison out in a beautiful rural area. Instead of providing moneys and permission for the building of new prisons, which will only provide a living for those that are not living in the urban area, Mr. Scott Walker should provide ways to create employment for the ones he wants to feed garbage to. Jobs and a way of life that won’t degrade those less fortune, who need reliable rewarding jobs, use that money to put it back from the places were it is greatly needed! The opposite of prison, SCHOOLS! You cut the money from our urban school district. Those buildings and the children in them are decaying. Their futures are being jeopardized which forces them to receive Food Share or go to your nice new prison to grind decaying dead animals to send back and feed to there grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends. Please get a clue! Invest in their education so they may create jobs and work them in the future. If you feed someone trash you will get garbage! Mr. Scott Walker I pray that he and his decedents never fall short, I don’t wish the nonsense that he bestow’s on our under privilege, under educated, and misunderstood.

    • Brian says:

      I make over 60k a year and still will take a fresh deer. Meat is meat no matter how it dies. I fill my freezer with shotguns and other peoples deer they hit!!!

    • Brian says:

      I make over 60k a year and still will take a fresh deer when I see them. Ozaukee county has a program you can get on. They call you when one is hit. If you want to get it, you go get it.

      Of course that’s one of the poorest counties in the state…………lol

    • Brian says:

      Ozaukee county has a program you can get on. They call you when one is hit. If you want to get it, you go get it. I’ve done it 3 times.

      Of course that’s one of the poorest counties in the state…………lol

    • J Gerhardt says:

      No, no not “decaying dead animals” see there you go jumping to conclusions and trying to turn this into something it’s not. And for the article to show a dead Possum, how ridiculous. That is biased reporting for sure. It would not be cost effective to include small varmints. Yes, whitetail deer, it’s a great natural resource and wonderful that it will not be wasted. If harvested right after the accident and refrigerated, it’ll be better meat than anything your buying in the grocery store. And it won’t have growth hormones, anti-biotics in the meat. Basically as good as that expensive organic meat people are buying.

  16. taxpayer says:

    Two choices for dinner, take it or leave it. You are not allowed to beg for assistance and then question the manner in which it is provided. The comparison to slavery is not only overly dramatic but actually extremely offensive. Food stamps are an alternative to going hungry, they were never intended to be anything more. Fine dining is and should be considered a luxury for those who are self sufficient and also btw should be thanked and not resented for even allowing the altenative to going hungry to exist. It is our hard earned tax dollars which put any food at all on those plates. If it is not appreciated please refuse it so that it can be given to someone who actually needs and appreciates it. You do realize that in other countries the poor and destitute eat garbage, bugs, worms, etc. Not only that but they are thankful for what they get. They have to work and scavenge to feed thier families and do not have the luxury of sitting on thier asses and collecting vouchers for food. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, the comment you made is insulting to the very people who make your existence possible and if you disagree with that you are saying that you don’t need us which makes your bitching a total nonissue.

  17. Monica says:

    If you don’t like the food provided by being on government assistance there is a simple solution…. Get a job, any job.

  18. Samantha says:

    Anyone who is anyone knows that wild game is a lot more nutritional and has a lot less fat in it than beef. A lot o you don’t know what it is like to be so poor you have to live off road kill but I for one do. I know exactly what it is like to hunt for my food or find some fresh road kill because I grew up with that. I still hate beef. It tastes nasty and greasy but not as bad as possum. Skunk meat is a good tasting meat as long as the scent glands aren’t busted. If they are you can not eat the meat. But in my opinion muskrat and beaver are the best meats you can get.

  19. Klause says:

    What about the folks with cancer that are on a raw vegan diet that are also using food stamps… I would prefer to get rid of my cancer before my benefits are taken from me. I can’t afford the extra money needed to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables to assist with the cure of my cancer.

    And the “get a job” comments, I’m disabled… sorry that I can’t appeal to your standards.

  20. Keyann says:

    I work and I recieve food stamps so your point is what?..if we don’t want freaking nasty road kill get a job?….I don’t understand how road kill could be the remedy to fixing our debt in Wisconsin. Lol I mean you don’t even give troops road kill. When we are helping other country’s we don’t even give them road kill. But u will give the America public some stuff dogs won’t even eat. You will give troops family members the stuff you won’t even eat. He didn’t say hunt and kill he said scraping dead animals off the pavement ..spoiled rotting meat that possible will kill u if eaten . The president will probably personally come to Wisconsin just to put him in his place for this crap

  21. scotty walker says:

    Well now I do not eat meat. But I am on Foodstamps. Does that mean that my foodstamps will still be 10% less even though I do not eat meat ? That is not Fair. Maybe I can cry to the “cock brothers” and get a helping hand !

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