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Sarah Palin Bans Muslims from Entering Bristol Palin


(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Wasilla, AK – Conservative superstar Sarah Palin says she supports Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s call for a ban on admitting Muslims into the United States, stating she once put a similar ban in place while she was governor of Alaska.

“As governor of Alaska, I banned Muslims from entering my daughter Bristol, and that ban is still enforced to this day,” Palin said. “Your first instinct as a parent is to protect your children, and that is what Donald Trump is trying to do, protect America from Muslim jihadists.”

Trump’s call for a “total and complete shutdown” on admitting Muslims in the U.S. drew condemnation from Republican opponents as well as Democrats. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle criticized the plan as impractical and unconstitutional.

Speaking with the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) to promote her latest book ‘Sweet Freedom: A Devotional’, Palin spoke on a wide range of topics including Donald Trump, being fired from Fox News, and her daughter Bristol’s passion for wild, unprotected sex.

The former Fox News commentator opened up for the first time on why she was suddenly, and without warning, fired from the popular news network. “It was a shock, you betcha. I know why it happened. I called someone out, and this someone was not happy about it, which I go into further detail in my book,” Palin said.

A source close to Fox said this “someone” is Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. Palin criticized the media (Fox) for exploiting the Duggar girls after their brother Josh Duggar was exposed as a child predator. The unnamed source also claims Palin was “a nightmare to work with” and was often “paranoid that everyone had an agenda against her.” The source adds that Palin “was rude and a diva, and thought that everyone else paled in comparison to her intelligence and savvy.”

Bristol is also back in the news after she urged college kids to start bringing guns with them to class. “Bristol is full of energy and spunk,” Palin added, “she’s always willing to try new things.”

Sweet Freedom: A Devotional is available here

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58 Responses to "Sarah Palin Bans Muslims from Entering Bristol Palin"

  1. Avatar Al Rotundo. says:

    THAT’s low. Imsorry, but as a father, that really offends me.

    • Avatar brian buckley says:

      you are offended? get in line….90% of Americans are “offended” about something. You needn’t be offended, unless like Palin, you have a cum guzzling slut for a daughter which i doubt you have. You raised her to be a proper young lady. Palin here, raised a slut..no im wrong, a hypocritical slut. that’s better.

      • Avatar Patricia Steward says:

        I never thought in any way wood I take the side of Ms. Palin (who I have personally debated) but your post is as offensive and sexist as it gets, really disgusting you are creepy

        • Avatar Bill Clement says:

          I “wood” have loved to see that debate, LOL! Talk about a meeting of the minds!

          • Avatar Will Brown says:

            Bill i was just thinking the same exact thing. My guess is the debate involved talking to her TV

        • Avatar Logjam Ballsdeep says:

          You DO know this isn’t the 700 Club, right?


    • Avatar MamaM says:

      As a single mother i find it HILARIOUS! This woman and her bastard producing daughter need to go away! Their the biggest hypocrites in the world! Telling girls to be abstinent while pregnant with not one but two babies out of wedlock??? Oh fuck no! That girl has seen more dick then Bewitched!

      • Avatar 2funny says:

        OMG – that is funny stuff, mamaM!

      • Avatar Patricia Steward says:

        Once again MamaM you are offensive and sexist please stop

        • Avatar MsJoanne says:

          Hardly sexist. Definitely offensively funny. And well deserved.

        • Avatar David says:

          Patricia, it may be offensive but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Palin’s a brain dead whacko and her daughter is a major hypocrite and something of a thug. They’re themselves are pretty offensive.

        • Avatar Betty Schwartz says:

          Patricia Steward, give it up. People such as these will never stop being base and low. They are probably uneducated and have been raised without a good role model.

      • Avatar noj says:

        So you think if she had as many di*ks sticking out of her as she had sticking in, she would look like a porcupine

      • Avatar Betty Schwartz says:

        Please use proper language when saying rude and crude things about people you don’t know. The word ‘their’ in the above sentence is not correct. The word you want to use is ‘they’re’, which is the contraction for ‘they are.’ In your last disgusting sentence, the word ‘then’ is incorrect. ‘Then’ is used to designate time. You want the word ‘than’ which is used to make a comparison.

      • Avatar Edith D. Thurman says:

        LMAO oh thank you! Finally a bit of truth in an otherwise truth less article! Her and her tramp daughter need to disappear! She thinks she’s so intelligent but the ignorant arse believes we walked around with dinosaurs 6 thousands years ago! Talk about idiotic!

      • Avatar jen1jen says:


    • Avatar Dr. P. Ness says:

      I’m sorry but, as a father, your lack of a sense of humor offends me.

    • Avatar Tom Lang says:

      Offended!! You should just be glad that yer not Bristols father !!

    • Avatar thornhillsouthguy says:

      Why in the world woudl it offend YOU? I woudl be offended if I were a Muslim, or presumed to be interested in sleeping with Bristol. I thought this was a gag but I’m not so sure.

    • Avatar Pete says:

      Al, buddy how should I say this gently? Tough sh!t.

    • Avatar MuslimsarePIGS says:

      offended? Very well be

    • Avatar Rick Rosio says:

      get a life…. this is called satire

    • Avatar Your Mom says:

      Shut up you little bitch lol, everyone has fucked your ugly daughter as well

  2. Avatar spunky says:

    I BET SHE IS FULL OF ALOT , INCLUDING “SPUNK” like her mom says

    • Avatar brian buckley says:

      i thought the very same thing… poor choice of words. But i bet Bristol is a champ just like her mom. Taught her well about swallowing. But only if she had swallowed, she wouldnt be with TWO babies from TWO different men.

  3. Avatar Amando says:

    The Palins are crazier than I originally thought.

  4. Avatar Laughing says:

    I truly am laughing. Her daughter is stubborn, her mamma might be banning it but she is so “Spunky” and willing to try anything that she will likely now seek to find a Muslim to enter her and OMG she will have a half Muslim grandbaby? Palin is one of the the stupidest broads, still can’t believe she ran to be the Vice President LOL

  5. Avatar Wild says:

    Does this mean Bristol will not have sex with Muslims?

    • Avatar brian buckley says:

      that only rules out 1.5billion people. Bristol has plenty of others to get laid by.

    • Avatar MamaM says:

      She’s not supposed to so you know she will! Her third bastard will be half Muslim because she hates them so much. Just like she hates unwed mothers… that aren’t her.

    • Avatar Elvis Erf says:

      If Bristol cannot have sex with Muslims, that’s like closing the barn door after the cattle have escaped. Is there any Alaskan male that hasn’t had sex with Bristol?

    • Avatar MsJoanne says:

      Oh, I’m sure if you look ok (read white), sweet talk her some, casually mention marriage and you, too can be a Bristol baby-daddy.

  6. Avatar Greek Irish American says:

    How about a Greek Irish American ? Let me know if its a go.

  7. Avatar Rachel says:

    Banned Muslims from her Daughter but didn’t even give her directions to the condoms at the nearest drug store? SMDH!~

  8. However, Bristol is willing to admit a maximum of three Muslims at one time.

  9. Avatar OhioMan says:

    She needs to stick that finger the same hole Donald sticks his..

  10. Avatar Texdakota says:

    I did not want to laugh at this, but I just couldn’t help myself.

  11. Avatar Robert Hartl says:

    I find it ironic that Sarah has prohibited her daughter from being entered by a Muslim as though she had any say in her choice of lovers. I’ll bet Sarah’s mother had a similar prohibition but that didn’t stop Sarah from bedding down with Glen Rice of University of Michigan stardom. Sarah’s probably having a hard time with that south of the Mason-Dixie line, but instead of turning into a racist she should remember that Glen was just a human like Sarah and Bristol. That’s the real lesson here.

  12. Avatar John williams says:

    Who came up with tha t gf only shit?

  13. Avatar Blake says:

    Doesnt Sarah Palin know that Muslims are forbidden from touching pork?

  14. Avatar Warren I says:

    I bet crystal is full of boy spunk. I am sure she wouldn’t tell her mom if a muslim entered her.

  15. Avatar Bewilderfused says:

    Is this genuine?

    • Avatar Bewilderfused says:

      Just noticed a few related headlines, it’s sadly not genuine, but it had me fooled for all of about 45 seconds, lol.

  16. Avatar dzadzey says:

    Too late, everyone else has been there.

  17. Avatar Deterred Martyr says:

    If Bristol Palin is one of those virgins awaiting to reward true believers in Allah’s Paradise, that alone should be enough to deter even the most determined suicide bomber.

  18. Avatar William J Urmson says:

    I think Sarah would be very surprised to know who’s immigrated to the southern parts of Bristol~ WJU

  19. Avatar Rich says:

    How many future grandchildren could that cost her? Haha funny shit!
    Sarah: the gift that just keeps giving!

  20. Avatar Jim Falato says:

    My solution to the Muslim Immigration Concerns is simple:
    It’s Constitutionally Allowable… It Offends NO SINGLE PERSON, RELIGION, NATIONALITY…

  21. Avatar vee says:

    Pure garbage, don’t believe a word of this, Worse than Fox news way worse.

  22. Avatar Crisp says:

    Sarah Palin just said her daughter was full of spunk? Nice.

  23. Avatar FurryFeathers says:

    It’s a slightly funny article, but the comments are disturbing. Yes, it’s ironic that Bristol Palin is still talking about abstinence, given that she’s had her second child out of wedlock, presumably from two different people, but being raised by Sarah Palin you probably couldn’t help but be an idiot. But all the slutshaming! She’s had everybody in Alaska, she’ll take three at a time… there is nothing to indicate that she’s done anything other than had a normal sex life, that has been prohibited by her fucktard mother. Why would one want to go to the extent of calling her pig, calling her the biggest slut in America, why go that far? Isn’t the actual truth ironic and tragic and funny enough?

  24. Avatar Wayne says:

    The daughter is just like the mother. Sarah had an affair with basketball player Glen Rice and her future husband’s business partner Brad Henson. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2037211/Sarah-Palin-took-cocaine-affairs-Glen-Rice-husbands-business-partner.html

  25. Avatar Geno says:

    “She’s full of spunk.” Yeah, but none of it is her own!

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