Zimmerman Trial: Professor Michael Dyson and Publisher Earl Ofari Hutchinson’s Racist Rant’s Demand Special Treatment for Blacks


By Nigel J. Covington III


<National Report> MSNBC has received thousands of death threats via Twitter and email after yesterday’s airing of Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson’s racist-hate filled rant demonizing assault victim George Zimmerman and the American Justice System. Meanwhile the good people in Sanford, Florida live in fear tonight after authorities alerted residents to expect rioting, and bloody mayhem as yet another Negro uprising is certain to occur after the jury returns a NOT GUILTY verdict in the Zimmerman trial.

Dyson, like most educated Americans, has predicted the Florida dog & pony show trial of Zimmerman in last February’s fatal shooting death of known drug dealer and Marijuana addict 17 year-old Trayvon Martin is soon expected to go to the jury.

Georgetown University Professor Michael E. Dyson

Georgetown University Professor Michael E. Dyson

Zimmerman, a resident of Sanford, Florida started up a neighborhood watch in the gated community where he lived after a series of crimes took place there. Zimmerman, also owned a handgun and had a valid concealed weapons permit at the time of the incident.

On February 26, 2012 Zimmerman called 911 and reported a suspicious person who appeared intoxicated walking through his neighborhood. After reporting the suspicious male to the Sanford Police Department Zimmerman decided to follow the subject on foot to keep an eye on him.

At some point Zimmerman lost sight of the stranger and decided to return to his vehicle. Zimmerman turned around and was walking back to his vehicle when he was jumped from behind, knocked to the ground and savagely beaten by the “hoodie” clad stranger. Repeatedly the suspect struck the back of Zimmerman’s head against the pavement, and hit him in the face resulting in a broken nose. In fear for his life Zimmerman pulled his pistol and fired one shot at his psychotic attacker, later identified as Martin, which resulted in his death.

Trayvon Martin's Hood-Rat Pistol (L) - Trayvon Martin Using Narcotics (R)

Trayvon Martin’s Hood-Rat Pistol (L) – Trayvon Martin Using Narcotics (R)

Once Zimmerman had turned and walked away from where he’d last seen Martin it was impossible that he could have posed any threat to the drug addled teen. It was when Zimmerman was walking back to his vehicle that Martin snuck up from behind and initiated a physical attack and beat down.

After a thorough investigation by the Sanford Police Department, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s office Zimmerman was cleared of any wrongdoing and not charged with any crime. On March 14, 2012, the case was turned over to Florida State Prosecuting Attorney Norm Wolfinger. On March 19, 2012, the Justice Department and the FBI announced they too had launched an unnecessary investigation into Martin’s death; a local incident that had no racial overtones since both suspect and victim are not Anglo. On April 11, 2012, Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder.

The New Black Panther Party are a known violent racist domestic-terrorist organization who operates with impunity in Obama's America

But the state’s case was groundless and Zimmerman was only charged after black terrorists including members of the New Black Panther Party threatened residents of Sanford with rioting and violence. The Panther’s then attempted to skirt the justice system by placing a bounty on Zimmerman’s head… dead or alive. Though a clear violation of federal civil rights law, both state and federal prosecutors ignored the actions of the Panthers fearing more brutal attacks and crimes like those seen during Negro uprising during the 1960s.

Martin had recently been suspended from school for possession of narcotics and toxicological tests showed Martin was under the influence at the time of the incident, according to Earl Ofari Hutchinson, publisher of The Hutchinson Report, on the Al Sharpton Show on the American Urban Radio Network.

Hutchinson’s story, “George Zimmerman, Did Marijuana Make Trayvon Martin Violent” can be found at ThyBlackMan.com at: http://thyblackman.com/2013/07/10/george-zimmerman-did-marijuana-use-make-trayvon-martin-violent/

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Sadly Hutchinson’s conclusion about Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt fell upon his weak arguments which outlandishly claim that Zimmerman’s defense attorneys deliberately muddled the facts concerning Martin’s addiction to the well known mind altering hallucinogenic narcotic marijuana by offering this fact as proof that Martin’s violent nature and actions that fateful night were induced by Martin’s excessive use of the drug.

Hutchinson states the prosecution was inept because it failed to argue before the jury… “that there’s absolutely no credible proof that marijuana use in and of itself induces violent behavior in anyone.” He actually stated the defense had worked overtime to implant in the minds of jurors that marijuana use made Trayvon Martin “a legitimate target.”

Professor Dyson in the following four minute video attempts to cast blame for Martin’s death on “racial profiling,” and states the legal system is guilty of killing Martin a second time by “the death of a thousand qualifications which is what our legal system is about.” Again we see another black man who blames everyone else including the legal system for the felony assault and attempted murder of Zimmerman by Martin.

Then Dyson states Zimmerman tried to “assault” Martin because he had a “jumbo of stereotypes is lurking in your (Zimmerman’s) mind and you project them materially onto my body and then you assault me and I defend myself and you kill me then the children of poor and people of color in this country don’t have the same quality of justice as those who are able to muster up enough resources to defend themselves against such a charge.”

For an educated black man Dyson, like President Obama, makes all black people look ignorant. He places blame for Martin’s come-from-behind jungle style sneak-attack on the victim by arguing Zimmerman had old stereotypes from generations ago “lurking” in his mind which is why he shot Martin. Apparently Dyson missed the fact that Zimmerman is not white, but Hispanic, and was raised in a multi-racial home.

But for Dyson and Hutchinson these FACTS don’t work well when trying to stir up hate, racism and further violence in America by selling the public on the propaganda image that Martin was hardly out of the crib, an innocent child with a bright future (as a cook in some Florida penitentiary) and the clear victim of white profiling and racism.

George Zimmerman clearly is the victim of a violent attack that left his nose broken

George Zimmerman clearly is the victim of a violent attack that left his nose broken on the fateful night Martin was dispatched after staking and assaulting Zimmerman

Typically of his kind, Dyson fails to mention Zimmerman’s beating, his head injuries or broken nose as just cause for Zimmerman to fear for his life. Dyson ignores the fact that Zimmerman posed no physical threat before or after the attack, or that Travon was a felon who liked to play with guns he hooked up on the street. He ignores the fact that had Martin upon seeing Zimmerman retreating from the pursuit just continued on his way he would be alive today.

Injuries to back of Zimmerman's head ignored by racist blacks

Injuries to back of Zimmerman’s head ignored by racist blacks

Again one racist black defending another violent black felon who we know today was under the influence at the time he unleashed his rage and fury on Zimmerman in an unjust and unprovoked violent assault.

How much proof does black America need that the system does work? And how long will white Americans have to endure the never ending whining, not to mention being victims of black hate crimes, because previous generations of Americans were indeed ignorant and taught to fear, even hate people of other races?

*NOTE: No white people were injured in this incident. Only minorities were involved.

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33 Responses to "Zimmerman Trial: Professor Michael Dyson and Publisher Earl Ofari Hutchinson’s Racist Rant’s Demand Special Treatment for Blacks"

  1. k.k says:

    Thia is as far as you’ll get in life. Fake career, fake website, fake reports! Yep sounds like a miserable life too me! :)

    • Archieroge says:

      Obviously, since the article is a joke. It’s there on the page, when Trayvon attacks Zimmerman after he’s already been killed – as a zombie…:)

  2. so just because he was supsendent from school for drugs/use drugs that gave zimmerman the right 2 shoot travyon… zimmerman changed his story how many times alredy & still got off…. he shot a kid & no 1 really no whay realli happen that night expect what zimmerman said eather way if it would have been the other way around martin would have been locked up from the begin & b serving life so ya it was a race issue no matter what u say/look at it zimmerman should b locked up cause if he got away 1 time then hes going to do again & think he will get away w it again…kids r going 2 b kids & im sho when u was travyones aga u wasnt an angle…what if it was 1 of ur kids that he shot then what will do….

  3. Monroe says:

    They gave Michael Vick 2 years for fighting dam dogs and the white man get to walk free for killing a black boy.and they say that justice.

    • Chase Newson-Jones says:

      Zimmerman is not white, clearly!

    • Fred says:

      Michael Vick’s co-defendant testified against him so they there was a witness. As I recall, the only witness who saw the struggle testified that Martin was on top of Zimmerman. It’s important to note that Vick’s co-defendant was shot when he showed up uninvited to Michael Vick’s 30th birthday party.

  4. carolyn says:

    This is such BS. TREVON did not sneak up and jump this killer, he ran through the back yard of a woman who is on tape and saw Zimmerman on top of TREVON. You have no facts. This crap written is nonsense. You don’t want the truth and the people who were up close and personal who could see the struggle refused to give their names and did not want to be identified. So a man, if you can call him that, walks free because they were too scared to testify. Listen to the real tapes MISTER. What happened to TREVON’s rights as a citizen to go to the store and walk home without being profiled. Innocent until proven Guilty, what happened to that. I would get it if he was actually trying to break in or kill someone, but he was walking AWAY, I said AWAY from a thing that was hell bent on becoming a hero for the neighborhood. Think what you want but you will hear more evidence soon. in the meantime keep your ranting to yourself.

  5. c. bennett says:

    Stand Your Ground law is the reason why Zimmerman was acquitted not because he is innocent. No one, including you saw exactly what happened that night so you are making assumptions. You need to research what Stand Your Ground law says in each state before writing anymore articles on the subject. The system works for everyone else except the people who were Stolen from Africa and brought to America as slaves, so don’t get it twisted by saying, “how much proof does Black America need that the system does work.” By your statement about the whining of Black people and whites being victims of Black crimes it is obvious that you feel as if Black people when confronted for no obvious reason should just accept the situation without questioning — that sounds like Jim Crow America to me and I know that some whites are trying to move past that era and would hope that you are as well. To get a better understanding of America and its TRUE history you need to read such books as the “Isis Papers” by Frances Cress Welsing, “How Europe Destroyed Africa”, “Sugar Blues”, “The Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey”, listen to lectures by Dr. Claud Anderson, to name a few. Your newspaper sounds quite biased at least and very offensive at best.

    • Rattle says:

      I have serious doubts that Treyvon was “Stolen from Africa”. In fact I would bet money that he has never been to Africa even once in his short life. In addition I’m betting that neither of his parents nor any of his four grandparents have even stepped foot on African soil ever before. This crap about the white man owing the black man something is worn out and out of date.

      I’m black and proud of it. No one OWES me anything that I have not worked for and earned. The sooner people learn to stand up for themselves and to portray the life they wish to have, work for what they want and treat themselves with respect FIRST, treat others with respect SECOND, then AND ONLY THEN can they themselves expect to be treated with respect. Respect is earned not thrown around freely.

      • Keep It Real says:

        Unfortunately for Trayvon, it didnt work out that way. He stood up to his stalker/profiler, bruised GZ ego, and got shot to death. TM had a 3.7 GPA and had a full scholarship. He studied hard; but he was a teenager.

    • Anthony says:

      This broke down, over educated writer is pathetic with his assumptions. Like they say, “When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME”.!!! He definitely made an ASS out of himself!!!

  6. mo says:

    I thought this article was NEWS worthy. Instead I find a bunch of words riddled with ignorance, prejudice, and arrogance. I’m sure that if Professor Dyson saw how you portrayed him in that picture, or if the family of Trayvon Martin saw how many adjectives you used to describe their son you would be in a world of trouble and disarray. Just the descriptions alone that you use shows individuals how you think. You hardly even called him BLACK. Yet every time you refer to him he’s “psychotic” or “hood-rat” or “marijuana addict”. A person lost their life. None of those things matter. You need to brush up on your facts and take some humanities courses before you ever publish anything else. YOU and this article suck.

  7. Lisa says:

    Stupidest bias-base article ever written. Do you realize many whites (including myself) also supported Trayvon Martin? Who cares if Zimmerman had injuries, if a guy was going after you in the dark with a gun you’ll defend yourself as well. Do your research, because this article was poorly written.

  8. onionbee says:

    how can they turn this whole story around like this?you make it seem like zimmermen is the victom.its clear that he lied about his story more then once and then you can actually make a comment like this…you guys are fuul of shit and at the en of the day zimmerman may not have been convicted but the almighty Allah has the last say.


    I shit on trayCOON’s grave.

    • Malia says:

      It is so sad there are still people like you on this earth. Please educated yourself you ridiculously ignorant person. You’re not shitting on anyone’s grave but your own.

  10. To my name is Jesus says:

    To My Name is Jesus the Lord, you are the grave for there is no spirit left inside you.

    Your mind is where intelligent thoughts go to perish. And to Ms. Palin and her cohorts, I’m not sure what ground George Zimmerman was ever justified in standing. The 911 dispatcher tried to protect this idiot and tell him to stand down, why would you harass someone you need the police to protect your whole neighborhood from.

  11. SAVAGE says:


  12. SMH@You says:

    Who uses the term, “NEGRO uprising” in 2013. Sounds like a racist to me…

  13. Lorraine says:

    ^ You are dumb. The 17 year old boy didn’t attack him. DUH! How did Zimmerman fear for his life if he followed someone he thought was a robber and a criminal. The boy didn’t have that picture of a gun on him when he was chased through the area either. Gets your facts right before you report bad news. And you should be ashamed for calling all black people racist.

  14. Lorraine says:

    By the way everyone should be mad about this case because that means if I see a 17 year old White, Latino, Black, Chinese etc. boy looking suspect near my home. He must be a criminal so I should call the NON EMERGENCY NUMBER and then proceed to track him down and if once I get out my car to confront him and he fights back I should just shoot him dead ….. SMH!

  15. Chase Newson-Jones says:

    I tell you I never really expected to see that, “Negro uprising,” comment and such degradation of a deceased 17 year old’s character. It is not fair for me to cast my judgment upon you or vice versa. The happenings of today speak great volume about the past, present, and future of the United States. I pity myself for even being born here….greatest country my ass. Realistically we all know that’s not true. There are better places for African Americans and other people of color, where we are more accepted. To declare a great migration would not only be extreme but unlikely. I just pray that we can continue to grow and establish more unity. Running away from a problem does not solve it, it only makes it worse. I on one hand think that would be an easy win for racists and supporters of prejudice. On the other, what a mighty nation that would be. If I were racists and supporters of prejudice I’d be terrified too. Minorities are becoming stronger, more knowledgeable, and more united by the day. Scary is it that it is scientifically proven that the majority is becoming the minority as the population of minorities grows exponentially. Feeling like a needle in a haystack huh? Is your world closing in on you and getting smaller? Are you looking to your left or your right and seeing a plethora of colored people of lateral status to you? Hmmm….

  16. Chase Newson-Jones says:

    its more than race, its all about socio economic status. Are you in a better position to get off bc of who you know, what you know, and ur means to an ends…..think about it.

  17. Going Gone says:

    The white race as evryone likes to call is it going. Soon the number of working white will be so small that the non-working minorities becoming the majority will not be able to collect the free programs they are use to..

    An intitlement they say.

    I just feel bad for the people who work in all races and have to deal with these type of people.

    Stop blaming evryone else, learn english, speak properly, dress correctly and get a job and work. Selling drugs, comitting crimes does not give a great image.

  18. Warscream says:

    fake photoshop smoke in the picture. gtfo

  19. Nee says:

    Clearly the so-called writer of this “article” was dropped on Their head SERVERAL times as a child, And rightfully so! Lie after lie but hey whatever helps you sleep at night, smh

  20. will I think that George Zimmerman shouldn’t be a free man at all what he did to trayvon martin he should be in jail and do his time will martin family is doing to suit George but trayvon was only 17 you know everybody to were a hoodies I do wear one too because im a white American so I do love black I have a few friends are black too when I grow up with but George did broke the law big time he will hide in far way place so other people don’t see him if they do they will breat him up for good I don’t understand why George hate black so much some black to have some civil rights and not to be kill or follow it is part a civil rights movement what you think of this

  21. Nitesh says:

    people don’t want to see this. they keep on calling raacil names to people that point this out. this is what you call gangster justice. forget race just look at the facts. he has wounds to his head which look very severe.  a gash to the head takes alot of force. when he shot he must have been severely injured.

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