Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Chinese Chefs Wow Critics With Scrumptious New Dishes

Beautiful Yulin City In China's Guangxi Province Where The Dog Meat Festivals Are Held Every Year

Beautiful Yulin City In China’s Guangxi Province Where The Dog Meat Festivals Are Held Every Year

(Yulin, China) – The National Report has sent me on location to the Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China’s Guangxi province, and let me just say it’s an honor to take part in such a rich cultural event. I arrived to take in the sights and sounds and to discover for myself what the hubbub was all about surrounding this ceremony. As I made my way through the bustling crowd and racks of cages crammed with frightened dogs, I could smell the intoxicating aromas of the food being prepared. I observed locals and tourists alike digging into some of these hearty dishes and decided to get their take on what drew them to the this barbaric yet mouth-watering jubilee.

“I know I should feel guilty about this because of my western upbringing, but it’s just so delicious” claimed Susan Dunwich a tourist hailing from Sac City, Iowa. ‘I was apprehensive at first, but after trying all these delectable treats, I’m converted! I’m even planning to start a small dog farm in my town next year so I can introduce the locals to what they have been missing out on!”

James and Kimberly Zulich, two animal welfare activists from Portland, Oregon had originally showed up to protest the event, but after sampling some of this years scrumptious culinary tidbits they had this to report. “At first we came here with the intention of shutting down the event for the sake of the animals. But with all these savory dishes staring us in the face, we caved in to our compulsions. I guess the old adage “don’t knock it till’ you try it” applies here. I mean, it’s a total bummer that all these dogs are kept in filthy conditions and basically tortured to death and stuff, but the end result is some really fabulous cuisine. It’s tough to stick to your guns after ingesting such amazing fare. ”

We stumbled across a couple of locals who were preparing dog meat in an alley for the festival and decided to talk to them about what made mongrel flesh so appealing that it deserved its own yearly event. “Dog make man much virility!” exclaimed Fengzi Shagua. He claimed he and his brother Juru had always eagerly partaken in the festival since they were infants. They certainly seemed to be quite gleeful as they took turns humanely bludgeoning the cowering, frightened mutts with bats before searing the fur off their corpses with a large industrial blowtorch. Soon they would be diced up into bite sized tidbits and served to the eager crowd.

After sampling the Korgi-kebab I had to ask myself, is there really any reason dogs can’t be considered man’s best friend as well as a delightful source of nourishment? Here in the states where thousands of dogs are needlessly euthanized each year, it’s akin to throwing perfectly good food in the garbage! I say that with the damage industrial farming does to the environment here America, that there is really no reason why dog farming should not be implemented. Animal shelters could generate a lot of revenue if they were to double as restaurants. Poverty and hunger could be alleviated if we were to utilize this resource, and animal overpopulation would cease entirely. I say there is no reason at all not to embrace this tradition in the Land of Liberty. The consumption of canines would solve a myriad of issues facing the American people today, and would do so deliciously.

Photo credit: Yulin City, Guangxi Province, China, Dog Meat Festival, By Unknown, Labeled for reuse google image search, Source: https://ciccib.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/yulin-dog-meat-festival-protest-guanxi-china-june-2012/


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61 Responses to "Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Chinese Chefs Wow Critics With Scrumptious New Dishes"

  1. I do not like this one little bit! If these orientals try to come near my darling, precious Leopold I would MURDER them straight away! I have a concealed weapons permit and I’m not afraid to turn it into a Vietnam situation!

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Oh don’t even make me think about poor Leopold’s butchered singed body steeping in rotten old fish goo and spicy dirt cabbage, it’s too too awful to consider, even if there was a beautiful carved watermelon that looked like a hibiscus bouquet doing it with a hummingbird family in a lotus garden plopped in the middle of the serving platter. My PTSD acts up whenever I land on Oriental Avenue in Monopoly, and if I don’t own it, I quit.

      • Tell me about it, Lillian! The oriental are shifty and I’ve never trusted them! Since reading this article I haven’t let Leopold out of my sight. Nothing’s going to harm my little man!

        • Me says:

          From what your neighbors told me, you haven’t let him out of your bed either. If you think BUTT FUCKING your lil dog won’t harm him, THINK AGAIN!

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            I certainly hope Mr. Peregrine does do that nonsense on darling Leopold, if you had ever met either either one you’d feel ridiculous asserting such a notion! But the National Report and ALL our readers owe you a great debt of gratitude for sharing your personal, if cautionary, tales of dog rape woe. We’ve been warned, and people who make sex on their dogs SHOULD be aware of the dangers their genitals might pose to the health of the only ones that truly ever loved them. Circle of life.

    • Me says:

      What “Vietnam situation” are you talking about? You’re not afraid of having your ass kicked or sent home in a BODY BAG? Don’t worry, after practicing 58,000+ times, I bet they’ll send you back in one faster than you can say DOGGY STYLE.

    • Julia says:

      I’m Asian and I agree with you!

      These dogs are tortured, dismembered, burned alive, electrocuted, crucified and nail gunned into walls, where they are tortured and kept alive to endure intolerable pain for sometimes up to 40 hours.

  2. Simone says:

    Jane M. Agni, are you out of your mind? How on earth can you condone the torture and disgusting torture of dogs and cats for the purpose of ‘a delicious meal?’ Are you aware that many of the dogs were stolen pets and still had collars and tags? Is it acceptable to you that our companion animals are treated that way? How about hanging you by your neck and beating, torching, or electric-shocking you to death? Karma is going to get you. How does one ‘HUMANELY’ BEAT A LIVING BEING TO DEATH?!!!! You are sick and twisted.

    • Jane M. Agni says:

      I apologize that you have been riled by something I wrote… That certainly was not my intention.

      To “humanely” beat something to death–I feel–would mean to do so quickly and efficiently. So the creature doesn’t suffer. After a couple of smacks with this little mallet the cooks had the animal was usually dead.

      Sorry for the confusion.

      • Christine says:

        You are one sick person!!! Not only are you condoning the torture and killing of innocent dogs, you took part in it and you plan on opening a dog meat farm?? “budgeoning them humanely”..are you for real lady? YOU ARE INSANE. Hopefully if you ever attempted something so sadistic in your town, your neighbors will run you out or lynch you!!!! SICK SICK SICK and your article is just awful!! You really need to seek psychiatric help.

      • Dianaya says:

        Following this “thinking” then human numbers, as the most overpopulated beast should decrease, starting with the most overpopulated country: China and Jane M. Agni.

        I would humanely beat you. No I wouldn’t because there is not such thing! But I would beat you the most inhumanely way. Sad thing you couldn’t even pay with your life because your life is worthless, plus you must taste like shit.

        I hope one day you realize how sick you are and do something about it.

      • mary richardson says:

        REALLY….. your a SICK CUNT…

        shame on you for being so unfeeling….

        very sad…

      • Patty says:

        Wow so let get this right just a couple of whacks with mallet and this animal is unusually died are u kidding me . These animals are in little cages as they anxious wait for there turn to beat to death . And sooty this is suppose to be ok how can u utter theses words with clear mind and soul. My hope for you is for karma to get you in the end .

      • laurel says:

        This article in my opinion is utter rubbish. Using domestic animals as a food source… and stating that the cuisine trumps the ill treatment of dogs at the festival. You’re out of your mind.
        I’ve seen the videos posted online. The dogs are yelping. It’s a difficult thing to stomach. It’s not humane. You’re out of your mind.
        Jane you’re a nut job.

      • DIE IN HELL says:

        How the fuck do you humanely kill mans best friend?
        You are sick woman… No, MONSTERMONSTER!

        • Dear Die In Hell,
          You have certainly demonstrated yourself to be a violent person who post threats to others online. You’ve proven you’re ignorant of the facts of this story and on the current laws in the U.S. concerning the lawful practice of American’s killing their own dogs for meat, legal in 44 states. People like you are intolerant and often dangerous since you are a threat to yourself and others in your community. You need a mental health evaluation and treatment. Do the right thing and voluntarily commit yourself to a psychiatric facility where you can be evaluated by professionals. Get help before your ignorance and intolerance explode into violence.

          • Julia says:

            They are tortured, dismembered, burned alive, electrocuted, crucified and nail gunned into walls, where they are tortured and kept alive to endure intolerable pain for sometimes up to 40 hours.

      • Julia says:

        What part of burning them alive, hanging them and cutting off their feet alive, do you not get? I’m a meat eater and I say if you want to eat dog, go right ahead. But why do you have to have tortured meat?

      • Julia says:

        They are tortured, dismembered, burned alive, electrocuted, crucified and nail gunned into walls, where they are tortured and kept alive to endure intolerable pain for sometimes up to 40 hours.

  3. vismay says:

    fucking bitch , i hope you rot in hell for these disgusting writings, you;re just awful 0-.-

    • Jane M. Agni says:

      I think you’re being very close minded…

      • Christine says:

        There is something mentally wrong with you, you soul-less witch.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        The cruelest thing about eating these life forms is that they themselves are vegetarians, happy to eat whatever meat-free scraps humanity has to offer. It’s also cruel to the gentle human souls surrounding you to feast on their corpses, because they are so gassy once digested, and Bean-o tm doesn’t do anything. Also, those things eat poo, which is sort of like eating meat, so dogs are kind of hypocritical when it comes to their passionate vegetarianism. I feel sorrier for the meat eaters that consume the flesh of an animal that happily gobbles up feces whenever it can, even if it has clumping litter on it, then gets served to a bunch of unsuspecting drunken kareoke-ers trying to sober up. Gross. Think about it. Think about all that poo. Yuck.

      • Pima says:

        Don’t you mean closed minded, not close minded? Professional writer? Fake fake fake! Professional troll

      • Julia says:

        They are tortured, dismembered, burned alive, electrocuted, crucified and nail gunned into walls, where they are tortured and kept alive to endure intolerable pain for sometimes up to 40 hours.

    • Me says:

      “Fucking bitch”? What a piece of HUMAN GARBAGE. What you use call your WIFE and MOTHER are not always CIVILIZED to call others with, TRAILER TRASH!

  4. Debra Zacek says:

    close minded? I think your being a cold hearted bitch for promoting this shit!!!! What is wrong with people? Animals were NOT put here to be tortured, killed for “fun”, or boiled alive to be on ANYONES plate.I will NEVER buy any book your selling, nor will I ever buy anything made in China again..if having a soul and eyes that see that this is cruel torture makes me or anyone else who sees it, close minded…then Id rather be THAT than what you are…

    • Me says:

      OH PLEASE! How do you think hat whole HAM you stuffed yourself with last night with was killed you lil CUM DUMPSTER? Come back here to BITCH and MOAN when you STOP EATING MEAT you MORON!

      And she aint worry about you buying anything from her or China. To buy anything, you need to have a JOB. That WELFARE check you get every month is for FOOD ONLY.

      • Julia says:

        Get yourself checked into a mental hospital. There is something wrong with your reasoning. Your brain disease is showing.

  5. nat says:


  6. China Mike says:

    I lived and worked in mainland China for five years. I have had dog meat a number of times. it is nearly always served seasonally during specific holidays. The “old wives tale” behind it is, eating dog meat in the winter will keep you warm.

    Eating dog is no different than eating any other animal. People from western countries find it odd because there is a huge pet culture in many western countries. Not so in China. It has only been in the last 20 years that private pet ownership has become a fad. Also, it is quite expensive to have pet in China; if you do not have the proper license, you can be fined several thousand RMB (current currency is aprx. 6.12 RMB to 1 US dollar).

    I am white, American, and I have no qualms about eating just about any animal. I have eaten horse meat and donkey meat as well. It is relative to where you are living. Food is food.

    • Patty says:

      Except that most of thirst dogs were pets stolen or lost . Shame on you

    • BH16 says:

      Sooooooo…if food is food, cannibalism is cool? How come most humans get all upset when they hear stories about that? The serial killer was just “eating”, come on jeez…leave him alone, right?? I’ll keep that in mind next time I see someone humanely bludgeoning someone else. What? They had just come back from the gym, their thighs looked so tasty. Food is food…

    • Brett says:

      ‘China Mike’. You are indeed a part of the problem. Food is food! Bravo for your ignorance and lack of any kind of compassion. Any kind of food torture is deplorable. And to not know where and how the meal on your plate came about is just pure ignorance. The dogmeat industry is conducted with absolutely no animal protection laws and the Chinese blatantly have proven themselves to be incredibly cruel with its treatment if animals. You call this a cultural difference between East and west when it is straight up animal abuse irrelevant of cultural difference. Perhaps it is these cultural differences that also allow such poor human rights conditions in China so what can we really expect for animals. But you go in burying your head in the sand and continue feeling justified in perhaps eating someone’s stolen pet or a dog that has been fed feaces all it’s life perhaps even contaminating the human good chain with rabies!! Be my guest. Bon appetit.

  7. Kerry King says:

    Dogs are NOT food, they are for petting not Eating you sick twisted fucker, now cats on the other hand are very tasty especially Kung Pao style.

  8. Rose says:

    this website is a joke.

  9. Kelly says:

    The only evil spirits that are going to be kept at bay when you eat dog meat are the ones that are waiting for those that practice this barbaric, demonic, torturous, and evil act on these animals to visit hell. You’ll meet up with all those spirits you kept at bay then because anyone who participates and embraces this practice will have to answer to their God and long winded torture just to tenderize the dog meat in addition to boiling them alive is a direct invitation to hell. Enjoy your meal.

  10. Kelly says:

    And put my comment on here you coward.

  11. Kelly says:

    Oh, and let’s not forget that the trade likes to have other dogs watch other dogs being killed to increase their adrenaline which they think tenderizes the meat. Expose your slaughter practice you dirty, barbaric, cowards. You are the lowest form of human beings on this earth to torture innocent animals with delight in your eyes. Put this comment on here you spineless cowards. You WILL burn in hell for doing this to innocent animals. You can’t escape that. No God of any religion allows intentional torture to ANY being. No God from any religion so suck on that cowards.

    • S.Fairbanks says:

      The author of this article may also be a little too lenient in siding with those butchers! (Is he doubly paid by the Chinese or so?…). “Keep animal populations down”? Sure : know your Darwin, matey: humans are straight descendants from primates (apes in other words) making them animals too… So when those horrid chinamen will have run out of helpless animals to butcher, their own kind will be next on the menu, presumably? There already is a plague of them now… – AND cannibalism is nothing new to them either: foetus soup, powdered foetus…- One of the favourite recipes of their Korean friends is ‘Tortured Dog Soup’; torture being second nature to them all, whether they take it out on non-human animals or humans…
      Hope you had a good time in Yulin, Mr.journalist horror-fan! Please stay there : you do NOT belong in the West (and you might even get eaten yourself some day: wonder who will “look frightened” then!). Your article sounds like a lot of ‘Marxist’ political gibberish!

  12. Kelly says:

    You think evil spirits will be kept at bay if you torture an animal. What a joke. You’re giving the evil spirits a direct invitation. How completely moronic can you be.

    • S.Fairbanks says:

      @kelly — “Evil spirits” indeed.There must be a lot of those around to need hold such a morbid annual ‘festival’ to keep them at bay! – The author of this article states “let me just say it’s an honor to take part in such a rich cultural event”. Flattery gets you everywhere, clearly… even places that are a disgrace to the most elementary civilization!

  13. Gigi says:

    She failed to mention in her article that many of these dogs are skinned or have their hair removed and then are boiled and cooked alive. Many of these dogs are strays and peoples pets taken by organized crime. They are crammed into cages so dense that many die on the way to market. The poor babies are hideously tortured in ways indescribable here. There are many pics on twitter… It’s heartbreaking

  14. P. Cole says:

    Wow , I really cannot believe that this is accepted, a lot of Chinese are protesting against this but some Americans are starting to think of another money making venture, is it the same type that go trophy hunting slaughtering the last elephants, lions and leopards we have? http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/china-dog-meat-festival-2014-10000-dogs-be-slaughtered-yulin-summer-solstice-celebration-1451869 https://uk.news.yahoo.com/four-puppies-rescued-yulin-dog-meat-festival-china-132139406.html?.tsrc=warhol#sTdfi9X http://animal-cruelty.co.uk/
    Thank goodness for the sensible comments here against this manic brutality, another note, a lot of dogs are stolen from middle class Chinese not reared in farms, of course some whether fur, trophy hunting or dog meat do not care about sentient beings, think that superstitious cures will help their impotence?

    • S.Fairbanks says:

      @P. Cole — The mere scale of the event in Yulin, its condoning by the authorities as well as the aggressive hatred, baseness and vulgarity of the Chinese nationalist ‘retort’ on this forum, once more points to the threat most of Asia represents to the West. Arguing with them is useless ( they are a little too right and sensitive you see….). – New recipes is it? They had better be called ‘STONE AGE A LA CARTE’!

  15. Kate says:


  16. DIE IN HELL says:

    how in the hell can you eat dogs that have been tamed and are loyal to any family? Let me ask you this: what if the dogs WERENT so nice? Then you’d be the meal! How would you feel then? They don’t kill humans, do they? And “you’re gonna start a dog farm” basically you’re gonna start a dog slaughter house, huh? Tihink that’s gonna work out? THINK AGAINAGAIN!!!!

    • Dear Die In Hell,
      A little research would’ve revealed to you that dogs do and have killed people, though in the West we see them as our fun loving pets. But that is not always the case, some abusive owners train their dogs to be mean and to attack people just so you know.

  17. DIE IN HELL says:

    how in the hell can you eat dogs that have been tamed and are loyal to any family? Let me ask you this: what if the dogs WERENT so nice? Then you’d be the meal! How would you feel then? They don’t kill humans, do they? And “you’re gonna start a dog farm” basically you’re gonna start a dog slaughter house, huh? Tihink that’s gonna work? Think again bitch. in every state there is a dog cruelty law, so its not happening! You are a disgrace to america!!!!!

    • Dear Die In Hell,
      Again you’re wrong. Had you read the story you’d of realized the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is not in the U.S. therefore American laws do not apply. This festival is an annual event held in China. So you’re ignorant rants in our comments section only reveal that you fly off the handle and make statements that are baseless. We appreciate your leaving us a comment but had you done 2 minutes of research you’d of realized the story is about an actual event and the author is not deserving of your hysterical and pointless tirade.

  18. People do some research first. Your attacks on the author of this story Jane M. Agni, are unwarranted and baseless in fact. Had anyone of you who left your intolerant, ignorant and hate-filled rants directed at Ms. Agni bothered to take the time to do 5 minutes of research here’s what you would’ve found.
    Dog meat is consumed in China, Nigeria, the Arctic & Antarctic, in Vietnam, Switzerland, Indonesia, Korea, Greenland, Mexico and Polynesia.
    In the UNITED STATES it is legal to eat dog meat in 44 states, only 6 states have laws prohibiting consuming dogs. All 50 states have laws against dogs being slaughtered in commercial slaughterhouses, and being sold to the public. 44 states do permit dog owners to kill and consume their own dogs.
    These are the only facts on the subject. On US laws check out: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/man-bites-dog-its-legal-to-eat-dogs-and-cats-in-44-states-101714.html
    For the facts on the 11 countries where it is legal to eat dog check out: https://www.facebook.com/notes/jelena-paunovi%C4%87/11-countries-which-still-eat-dog-meat/10151059019076930
    Now that the facts have been presented for our readers it should be easy to dismiss the comments in this thread posted by ignorant liberals who live in their own fairytale world where facts don’t count. Those who posted these hate fueled rants proposed lynching Ms. Agni, and torturing her just for covering this story from China.
    The fact is promoting violence towards any human being, especially a journalist who just happened to be assigned to cover this story are insensitive, intolerant and maybe criminal. Beware of those ignorant factless liberals who post hate online.
    The stupidity of these ignorant people who know nothing about the topics they comment on are those who typically refuse to research or educate themselves about the facts. These intolerant liberals often promote the use of violence against all who simply have a different opinion than their own. They hate America and promote denying Americans of their 1st Amendment rights to speak their opinions in a safe and violence free atmosphere.

    • Nellie Franklin says:

      Absolutely correct Nigel! Jane Agni did a great job covering this story and she certainly does not deserve the vile and hurtful things and comments people have posted. I have recently opened a group on Facebook for anyone who is curious or wants to share their own dog meat recipes or to enjoy the fellowship of others who enjoy dog meat cuisine. Join us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dogmeat.recipes/

    • Julia says:

      I have no objections to people eating dog. My objection is to burning them alive, hanging and chopping off their feet alive, beating them up (to tenderize them) alive. I’m Asian and will be helping the Chinese people in China helping to stop this brutality. Yes, Asians are fighting this in their own country. It’s not an us vs. them. Majority of Chinese in the latest polls are against this practice. In S. Korea, the younger generation is shaming those who eat dog. Also, this so called journalist made up people for her article. No animal rights activist, especially from Pdx, is going to suddenly change their minds. It’s like saying you’re working to cure cancer one day and the next you’re saying cancer isn’t so bad. I’m not going to take the word of anyone just because they say they are a journalist. True is, she probably didn’t even go to China.

  19. Ellis Bell says:

    Humans animals can also be served up on toast, as well. Just saying. When eating at the local eatery, one can not be too sure what or who they may be consuming. Since the age of the Neanderthal, social evolution to the age of true enlightenment, continues to evade the human species. Their understanding of taking life rather then giving of life, is their lack of compassion and their reasoning above that of a primitive nature. Those who fail to recognize the soul of the lesser animal within nature’s kingdom, they will also fail to recognize the souls within each other and humanity will fail to reach its full potential.

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