The Xenu Report: The Russian Zombie Apocalypse [VIDEO]

krokodil zombieZombies are a larger part of popular culture than they have ever been before. A recent online poll finds that 41% of the population believes in zombies. A couple of years ago the CDC actually posted on their federal website a plan to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. But still we as a populace are told that there is no such thing and will be no such thing.

But zombies are a very real thing. Over 200 years ago Haitian slaves used their pagan African religions to create zombies. They used a combination of Puffer fish poison and other poisonous herbs to turn the living into undead workers. An American even wrote a book on this in the 1980’s. But zombies are not just stories from our past.

Who can forget the stories from last year where I exposed flesh eating zombies right here in the United States? The most notable was the Miami bath salt zombie, there were others such as one in Atlanta and China, Texas, another in Miami, and one in Hollywood Florida. Finally, luckily, the plague left our lands. But now it has reared its evil head in a new land. Russia is reporting untold cases of Zombism.

In these stories the tie that binds them all together are drugs. In the US attacks, Bath Salts turned the humans that used them, into less than human monsters, hell bent on eating human flesh and sodomy. In Russia, the zombie inducing drug is called Krokodil.

The Russians are not newcomers to using drugs to induce zombism. In the 1940’s they began experimenting with drugs to create “supersoldiers”. The first experiments were carried out on political prisoners, some of the Millions imprisoned by Stalin’s communist regime.

Krokodil, scientifically known as Desomorphine, is a derivative of morphine and is a powerful, fast-acting sedative and analgesic effects. It was Patented in 1932 and is 8 to 10 times more potent than morphine. Report of the abuse of the drug started in the early 2000’s in Russia. The drug is easily created from cough syrup, iodine, and red phosphorus from match tips. Due to the illegal nature of the drug many poisonous additives are often found in it, including gasoline!

Around 100,000 people use krokodil in Russia and around 20,000 in the Ukraine. These users inject the zombie creating poison straight into their blood vessels where it spreads though out their body, getting them high, and spreading the poison. Users that are under the evil influence of this drug become shaky and jittery and lose touch with reality. Their higher functions of the brain shut down and they are driven by pure instinct to get higher and to eat.

This Russian girl has lost most of her arm due to being a krokodil zombie.

This Russian girl has lost most of her arm due to being a krokodil zombie.

This drug starts necrotizing the flesh and long term abuse of the drug causes the flesh to sloth off. Many times the user removes their own flesh while under the influence of this evil drug. Some theorize that users feast upon each other, eating one another’s flesh while in their krokodil drug dens.

These users and abusers of this drug eventually turn to real life zombies with their flesh rotting off, as these videos reveal. Unfortunately the drug has spread into the United States, this September two cases of this drug were reported in Arizona, in October 5 cases were reported in Joliet, Illinois. People do not instantly become zombies on this drug, but it isn’t long. One of the cases in Illinois, was a young woman that started krokodil the month before and was admitted to the hospital with 70% damage to her lower body. So we still have some time to stop this here. But for Russia it may be too late, can you imagine 100,000 of these zombie freaks walking through the Russian streets?

When will this zombism turn viral and spread? How long before Asia and Europe are infested with zombies? How long do we have? Can you honestly look at walking skeletons that were once people and not tell me that we are in the end times? Please turn to Christ people, and just say no to drugs.

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6 Responses to "The Xenu Report: The Russian Zombie Apocalypse [VIDEO]"

  1. Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

    Great story sister. When the time comes Susan remember… right between the horns sister, one shot, one kill.

  2. Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

    The first known reference of a zombie apocalypse originating in Russia stems from Lovecraft fantasy novels and occultist documents and study reported by scholars in the early 20th century. In these findings, an invasive virus was spread to the brain where it ate away at the lobes and portions that control the human ability of empathetical reasoning and God-given resistance to the savage nature of all beasts. This was projected to have been spread by corrosive and tainted drugs throughout the hipster communities and those of highly learned positions of society where the means and availability of such drugs was commonplace.
    Those of little faith possessing the compulsions to use leisure drugs were the first group to become affected.
    It’s frightening how art imitates and sometimes foreshadows reality.

  3. Marissa says:

    If these idiots are stupid enough to be doing this drug then they deserve to have their flesh falling off their bones!

  4. daniel murray says:

    Was waiting for it to get all bible bashery.
    How about forget turning to the theoretical man in the sky that there is no evidence of helping or saving others and just get your finger out of your hole and stop the drugs yourself. If you have to rely on an imaginary higher power to control your willpower and intuitive your already a zombie drugs or not

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