The Xenu Report: Emo Rap Super Group to Ruin Christmas.

radke troubleHow many times have I told you about the evils of Emosexual (emo) music? I have been fighting this evil threat for the last several years. The battle has waged across the internet like a wild fire. Many people do not know what an emosexual (emo) is. When you are out at the mall and you see those weird teenagers dressed in black with pink hair and giant holes in their ears, those are emosexuals. You generally see them around the Hot Topic store.

Emo’s are horrible people. Calling them horrible people is actually insulting to horrible people. The Nazi’s were horrible people. Emosexuals are demons in physical form. They are all possessed by horrible music. Music where their sin drenched demon angels scream to the wail of electronic guitars. In other words pure noise. These singers like nothing more than to spread their demonic noise and spiritual possession to your children. What’s worse is that you pay for this!

Meanwhile, Jesus doesn’t ask for much. He asks for your love, your being a good person, and being baptized in his name. Oh, and one other thing. He asks for you to celebrate his life and sacrifice just twice a year. But now these emosexual demons are looking to ruin Christmas, by usurping his holy holiday and infecting more children.

One of the worst of these emosexuals is known as Ronnie Radke. He is usually found “singing” for his band Falling in Reverse, killing people with his friends, or beating his girlfriend. But this year he has teamed up with other musical emosexual demons such as Andy Beersack of Black Veil Brides, Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria, Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, Deuce of Hollywood Undead and Craig Mabbitt from Escape the Fate; to create a super emo music group.

I know it is shocking, but this is not a girl.

I know it is shocking, but this is not a girl.

All of these people are horrible people. As horrible as Radke is [Editors Note: He really was involved in the murder of a person and his girlfriend accused him of beating her.] Andy Beersack is the worst. This man has committed unaccountable musical atrocities. He has poisoned the ears and souls of hundreds of little teenage girls that were once cute little girls but are now black leather clad demon succubi and unloved by their parents because of their horrible behavior. They even insult the US military by calling themselves the Black Vealed Brides Army, which is just so laughable.

As if this collection of perverts hadn’t done enough to kill the rock music genre which Elvis Presley created, now they have decided to ruin wrap music [Editors note: RAP music]. Radke had this to say of himself and this horrible album:
“Well, I’m doing a mix tape right now with everybody on the scene that’s doing well…It’s all rap, but they’re singing all the choruses on it…I nearly teared up because I wanted it to be emotional and I think people are going to blown away when they hear it…It’s crazy.”

And that is exactly what is going to happen to underage girls when they hear this. You are probably thinking right now “Well, Susan, I have read all of your articles and I do not allow my children to buy this trash with MY money”. Well that is where these emosexuals have gotten smart…if there is such a thing. Wacky Radke is giving it away for free!

“I’m giving it away for free to the fans,” Radke said.

So now the children are going to be slipping out their windows and going to the mall, or the meth dealer in the alley way, or itunes, Where ever these people get this trash. Parents, I warn you all involve yourself in your children’s lives, do not allow them to have this filth or you will be sorry.

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5 Responses to "The Xenu Report: Emo Rap Super Group to Ruin Christmas."

  1. UncleMonkey says:

    That’s what I used to say about Leo Sayer and Nana Miskouri, but noooooo, no-one listened to be back then…. Don’t even get me started on the twin Beelzebubs of Burt Bacharach or Jimmy Buffet.

    The end.

  2. Matt says:

    this is the most absurd thing i have ever read. i’ve listened to this music since i was 13. i am now 18, graduating high school, and going to a four year university to obtain my degree in business. after i obtain my degree, i will go graduate school to earn my MBA. if this music has done anything to me, it has helped me cope with things i have had to deal with. my parents both love and care about me. my parents even listen to this stuff. my dad loves Atreyu and my mom loves Black Veil Brides. my father owns and opperates an international system of healthcare businesses and factories. my mother is a senior manager of an insurance software development company. together, my parents make close to $1 million. this music hasn’t done anything to hurt my family. so you know what i have to say about this article and you.? FUCK YOU YOU PARASITE. i seriously hope your ears and eyes bleed the next time you see an “emosexual”.

  3. Nerak says:

    This is dumb as hell. Let god decide who the demon is. Why don’t you just let music be music. These bands make great music and Elvis is not rock and roll. The real rock and roll was chuck Berry, fats domino , Hendrix, and little Richard to name a few. Great grammar by the way

  4. Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

    Ronnie Radke is a known sodomite and felon. Why isn’t he in prison somewhere?

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