World Cup Doping Scandal Worsens; More Players Test Positive

belgium_national_teamOn Monday, sources inside FIFA revealed that despite the organization’s best efforts to cover up their ongoing World Cup doping scandal, as many as 28 different players from 7 different teams have now tested positive for using performance-enhancing drugs… and still, FIFA is refusing to do anything about it, shy of issuing additional fines to players, fitness staff, and the teams themselves.

The nine different sources, who have all requested anonymity, claim that FIFA has been drug-testing players on a weekly basis since the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  Players from Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany have tested positive, though it remains unclear how many players from each team are doping, or which players specifically are using drugs to improve their games.

FIFA originally found that six players from the Netherlands and one player from Belgium had tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs earlier in June.  FIFA fined those players, and proceeded to cover up the story, allegedly suing news organizations that considered reporting on it.

Since then, 16 more players have also tested positive, including three players from Germany, and two more from Belgium.  Other players that have tested positive hailed from Switzerland, Portugal, Cameroon, and one other nation, though none of these anonymous sources could confirm the other nation, nor could they provide any insights into how many players had been doping from each team.

“FIFA essentially gag-ordered everyone in the medical staff. They said if we spoke out publicly about [doping], we’d be fired,” one source claims, who showed credentials placing them as a high-ranking medical staffer in FIFA. “They want the scandal to go away, but not the doping, and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep this hush-hush.”

One source claims that a Belgian player was so brazen with his doping that he actually “shot up” on the bench, believing he was about to be subbed in during the Belgium-Russia match, which they won 1-0 on June 22nd.

“He had unlaced his whole boot, stripped his sock, and stuck the needle into his foot,” the source alleges. “They had medical staff blocking the view, and FIFA had ordered the cameras to turn away. Then they fined him after the game. It’s ridiculous. They’re not only turning a blind eye to doping, they’re enabling it.”

How much does FIFA fine players who are caught doping?  Not as much as you might think. “These fines are usually pretty low,” one source claims. “One player paid €20,000. Another, a Belgian, he paid €85,000. The biggest fine I’ve heard of was around €118,000.  To these players, who at club level earn millions per year, it’s almost nothing for them.”

Belgium will play against the United States on Tuesday at 3pm EST.  Germany has advanced to the quarterfinals, where they will face off against France, who have not yet been named in the scandal.

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4 Responses to "World Cup Doping Scandal Worsens; More Players Test Positive"

  1. The Pensioner says:

    Well if this is true, then we need to take this case to the World Court. After all, we Americans have such great respect for that fine organization.

  2. Paul says:

    If those guys from the high medical staff of the FIFA would be brave they wouldn’t tell this anonymously. This way they don’t help anyone at all and readers never can be sure if this article is really true as it is missing the final evidence of truth. Sure, FIFA is almighty and football in general often has special treatment seeing doping, though never officially spoken out. But on the other hand, if no one clearly comes out with the truth and blows whistles, you can never be 100% sure of what’s true and what’s not!

  3. Rolando Rodriguez says:

    So, after all this..seven Costa Rican players were sent to be tested after they won the Italy game..(Something that was never been done before). I wonder if any of them would have tested positive, FIFA would have taken the same action… I would imagine a big deal would have been made and the Costa Rican team would have been sent home..but to their surprise they all tested negative…It is sad, that these so call soccer power nations get away with anything, to assure a financial gain for FIFA ..Lets go Costa Rica!.. lets show the world that we can beat the best without the need of enhancing drugs..

  4. Charlie Quesada says:

    After watching the Netherlands vs Costa Rica game , those orange players looked like they were on high octane the entire game , however if they were doped , didnt help them any , they couldnt score a goal. Id like to see just one player tested that Jolly Green Giant Krul , wonder if they put growth hormones in that man .

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