White “Civil Rights” Group to March on National Mall

national-mall<National Report>This summer, Caucasian demonstrators hope to hold a march in Washington DC, in support of their belief that white Americans have become an “oppressed people” in the United States.  The event has over 200,000 Americans signed up to take part, and a large assortment of celebrity speakers.  All they’re missing now are permits for the event… and a website, after a series of cyber attacks rendered their existing one useless.

The group organizing the rally, which calls itself “New American Minorities” or “NAM,” started a website last year which they say “promotes contemporary diversity while maintaining the freedoms of Caucasian-Americans.”  NAM posits that white Americans have become the victims of “a new, accusatory form of racism,” which they define as “any instance where a white individual is labeled as a racist and societally shunned without due cause, or any instance where a white individual is discriminated against based solely on the color of their skin, which has become socially acceptable in today’s America.”

NAM began organizing for their rally in February of this year, with the hopes of getting 100,000 white Americans to march and participate in a rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial, where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963.  The group claims that by May 1st, nearly 203,000 Americans had signed up to participate in the event, while the website’s newsletter had gained over one million subscriptions.

NAM has also booked a number of celebrity speakers for the event; people who, according to the site, are victims of the “new racism” themselves.  These figures include Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, and conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh.  That is, if the event actually happens.

Rally organizers applied for permits to hold the rally on Thursday, August 28th — the anniversary of King’s seminal speech — but officials in Washington DC denied those applications, claiming the sites had already been booked a year in advance.  NAM organizers then attempted to pull the event closer, booking it for July 4th, but that date was also taken.  Now, organizers are hoping to schedule their event for Monday, August 25th, but city officials have been hesitant to return NAM’s calls.

“We’re getting stiffed because that’s the form racism has taken today,” claims NAM co-founder and President David Hale.  “If these were African-Americans, Hispanics, or Orientals, they’d have booked these venues without a second thought.  But the moment white Americans want to organize a rally celebrating Caucasian-American culture and history, even though we’re doing it in a way that isn’t offensive to anyone, the calendar becomes magically full.”

“Our website has been down for two weeks, because some people fail to comprehend what we’re all about,” Hale went on.  “We’ve been the victims of cyber attacks, but no one is willing to help us because they don’t agree with our message or our cause.  Is that fair?  If this were the NAACP’s website, Obama would have called in the National Guard.  But this is a white website, promoting white culture, so naturally it’s viewed as `racist’ and ignored by the government.”

Hale says the group’s troubles are indicative of the societal issues NAM hopes to overcome.  “It’s the new racism.  We’ve come to a point in our society where whites are discriminated against on a daily basis, over the color of their skin, by people who throw the `racist’ label at everyone and everything they don’t like.  I don’t see what was so offensive about what Cliven Bundy or Donald Sterling said.  We’re all supposed to just go with the theory that they’re racists, when they actually aren’t.”

Hale himself has been accused of racism, too.  A 2009 police report shows that Hale was questioned by police in Palm Springs, Florida after an incident in a local grocery store.  Hale was asked to leave that store after calling a black employee “a damned dirty ape” and throwing bananas at the employee, after said employee informed Hale that his debit card wasn’t readable by their machine.  Witnesses say Hale used the “N” word twice during the tirade, before police removed him from the premises.  Hale denies having used the word, and filed a defamation of character lawsuit against the store, but lost that case in 2011.


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  1. George L. Rockwell says:

    It’s about time the white race drew a line in the sand.

  2. suitcase says:

    The Causacoids can take pride in the fact that most of the U.S. Presidents were of the white race.

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