Westboro Baptist Church Fred Phelp’s Deathbed Confession “I’m Gay”


Michael S. Williamson—Washington Post

The 84 year old founder of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church is barely clinging to life at a Midland hospice house in Topeka Kansas. The man who seemingly dedicated his entire life to tormenting homosexuals allegedly made a startling confession while at death’s door. He announced to a roomful of stunned family members that he was indeed, a homosexual.

“We were just all sitting there because grandpa said he wanted to tell us something really important”, said Genevieve Phelps. Genevieve, along with several of her aunts and uncles sat huddled around the dying old man to hear him out. “He just looked at us all and smiled and said, I’m sorry. I’m gay. Our jaws just dropped, I mean… It doesn’t make any sense. We’re all just praying that this is somehow related to his illness or the medication he’s on. He’s really delirious and half the time he’s not making any sense at all. Regardless, it was very hard to hear after he spent his entire life fighting the scourge of homosexuality in the name of the Lord our God.”

This shocking proclamation is likely to throw a permanent monkey wrench in the works of the already scandalous Kansas church. The 84-year-old preacher established the small Kansas chapel in 1955 and made it a household name by picketing funerals, public events and businesses with hateful signs attacking gay people, Jews and others who he deemed sinners.

Several estranged relatives revealed that Fred had been excommunicated from his own house of worship in August of 2013 over matters that still remain a mystery.

Now, after protesting at the funeral’s of multiple fallen soldiers, the Phelps family requested that the rest of the world grant them privacy and respect while their nefarious leader finishes his journey to meet his maker.

Several gay activists have reportedly been gleefully celebrating the impending demise of the spiteful old codger.

A man named Nathan McDaniels was spotted dancing gracefully on the lawn in front of the Phelps compound last night sporting a full length scarlet gown embroidered with the Latin phrase “debitum naturae”. When we inquired what he was doing there, he gave us a wry smile and responded “Oh, you know… Just waiting for God to flush the toilet..”


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56 Responses to "Westboro Baptist Church Fred Phelp’s Deathbed Confession “I’m Gay”"

  1. larryfine says:

    You can always tell who is gay by the care they show in grooming their eyebrows. I wonder if Pastor Phelps had well groomed eyebrows, with every hair the smae length. This could have been observed years ago, and this secret would have been out of the bag, if some alert observer took notice.

    • Mike Mettal says:

      Sorry, it just isn’t true. I know tons of gay men (me included) that do not pick or pluck their eyebrows : D:D 😀

    • uh says:

      Dude, I’m gay and my eyebrows are pretty squirrely. Don’t generalize. It makes you look like a tool.

    • Glen says:

      I worked with a gay dude in my last job, and you could smell him a mile away. Bloke took about one shower a month I think. In other words, you’re perpetuating a stereotype, ya flog.

    • bruce says:

      thats the dumbest shit ive heard,lol idiot

    • Larry's not fine says:

      Larry, you’re such a fucking moron!!!!

    • Desmond Miles says:

      I’m not gay but I groom my eyebrows because otherwise I have thick “old man hair” sticking out of them and looking horrible. Thus, even at middle age, and because I keep myself fit, I can pull a young lady at a nightclub, someone half my age, and pretend “I’m 30”, and that’s within her acceptable parameters for “an older guy” for the night.

      I’d be cool to be gay though. My experiences with gay friends is they have better clothes, better clubs, better interior decor, and better banter. I much more enjoy a Eurovision Song Contest party round a gay friend’s house with delicate, beautifully constructed hors d’oeuvre and stunning cocktails than a World Cup Match watch with lager and crisps and lots of shouting.

      Oh well, I’m hardwired to find females the best thing ever and it’s my cross to bear…

  2. Cynthia says:

    I just knew it! Gay as a birthday tablecloth!

  3. Paul Horner says:

    Fred Phelps thought about gay sex more than gay people think about gay sex.

    • Tim says:

      As I used to say to homophobes who would go on and on about what gay people did in bed: ‘As a queer person who learned nothing about sex, gay or straight, while growing up, this is all very helpful. I can’t help but wonder, though, why you know all these things, but I don’t.’

    • bruce says:

      he didnt know how to be gay,i mean with the ugly clothes from walmart ,nasty teeth and all,jus sayn

  4. Cal says:

    He probably had a lot of self hate issues in his life, I’d imagine

  5. Tom says:

    Is this story serious, or satirical? If the former, it’s sad. If the latter, very funny

  6. Sarah P. says:

    I wonder if the Westboro congregation will protest Phelps funeral.

  7. Tom T Piperson says:

    I guess this is news if you are unaware that the most zealous gay bashers are in fact that way because they are repressed homosexuals who envy those,those PEOPLE that can have all the sex they want.
    My advice;go ahead rub some sugar on it,everyone knows anyway.
    Go girlfriend!

  8. Chris says:

    I’m trying to raise enough funds to get to Kansas to film the funeral.



  9. Janna says:

    I would LOVE to attend that funeral with huge signs that read ” He wanted to be gay but he didn’t have the balls!”

  10. Adqkid says:

    They want privacy and respect after the BS they pulled?! I’m more likely to throw a block party and have gay sex on his casket.

  11. Andrew says:

    So the Phelps family requested that the rest of the world grant them privacy and respect while their family member dies… even though they picket sign the funerals of armed forces members’ funerals. Fuck that. Everybody go picket sign their property while the guy dies with signs that say “WESTBORO MEMBERS ARE ALL FAGS”, or “GOD HATES WESTBORO”, or “THANK GOD FOR THE WHATEVER KILLS FRED PHELPS”… just like the signs they make.

    • anne marie Rios says:

      Normally I would say to take the high road and that two wrongs never make a right but in this instance I think that the people of Westboro actually need to experience the pain and hatred that they have dished out for so long. Maybe after a taste of this bitter medicine they will stop. So yea people!…picket away!! Let them feel what they have made others feel…maybe they will be intelligent enough to shut up and grow some compassion… maybe

      • Ray S says:

        This would only enforce their “faith” instead of forcing them to feel anything you wish they’d feel. People with extreme faith issues tend to interpret others not liking them or forcing them to suffer as confirmation that they are right. You give them too much credit when you assume they’ll be reasonable in reaction to your protests.

  12. KatInAZ says:

    I think that this is as conclusive as those who said that Christopher Hitchens renounced Atheism and became a Christian on his deathbed. Unless someone in his family had a video of him saying he actually is gay, then I will remain skeptical. Yes, some of the biggest homophobes are gays who are afraid of who they are in the face of lifelong religious indoctrination telling them how evil it is, but not every homophobic person is a closeted homosexual.

    As for picketing his funeral, the WBC will reap what it has sown, and I imagine there will be more than one flash mob with glitter nearby. I can only hope someone has a go pro or other quality video camera.

    • Diane says:

      In April 2011, Hitchens was forced to cancel an appearance at the American Atheist Convention, and instead sent a letter that stated, “Nothing would have kept me from joining you except the loss of my voice (at least my speaking voice) which in turn is due to a long argument I am currently having with the specter of death.” He closed with “And don’t keep the faith.”[168] The letter also dismissed the notion of a possible deathbed conversion, in which he claimed that “redemption and supernatural deliverance appears even more hollow and artificial to me than it did before.” ~ Scienceblogs.com article: “Hitchens’s address to American Atheists”

  13. Ashley says:

    Sometimes Hateful people just love to cause chaos.

  14. louis says:

    “the Phelps family requested that the rest of the world grant them privacy and respect while their nefarious leader finishes his journey to meet his maker.” are you fucking kidding me? After all the the shit they pull, and they have the balls to ask that people leave them alone.
    I say people get some fucking payback and badger the shit out of them. laugh in their face call them out do what ever the fuck they want and even the play field. I think people should picket his fucking funeral, hell why not start picketing now? FUCK THESE PEOPLE. they have no fucking right to ask for privacy.

  15. Gaff says:

    Classic defense mechanism (reaction formation). Look it up

  16. Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

    Fred Phelps called homosexuals “sodomites,” and “f*ggots,” but now that he’s come out of the closet, he admits that he’s “gay.”

  17. Shelly says:

    All the soldier’s whose funerals he protested will be laughing at the gates of heaven when the doors of hell open for him. He protested my brother-in-laws funeral and I plan to make a sign and go to his!

    • Ray S says:

      Do what you want. I won’t tell you what to do. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of company. If I were a Christian, perhaps I’d be tempted to go and hold a sign that says god loves everyone even vile, hateful people like you. I’m not a theist, but I find that to be a thoughtful thing to say. But the biggest reason I won’t go is that I think they would want protesters to show up.

  18. cecilia says:

    the only people “shocked” by the revelation that old fred is gay is his family because the rest of us guessed THAT quite a long time ago.

    On his eventual death date I am celebrating that as Marriage Equality Day because fred showed the true face of bigotry. His hate made people realize what fairness looks like and marriage equality has spread across the land.

    I love the irony of that.

  19. teabag says:

    i agree with cecilia; he did us all a favor by embodying the worst of human nature in a way that could not be ignored. i’m sure there are many people in this country who might have said or done hateful things, but are too embarrassed to do so because they don’t want to be like him. thank you, fred……but i’m glad it’s not up to me to choose your reward!

  20. Adam Chaplin says:

    “Now, after protesting at the funeral’s of multiple fallen soldiers, the Phelps family requested that the rest of the world grant them privacy and respect while their nefarious leader finishes his journey to meet his maker”

    excuse me? you have NO RIGHT to request “privacy” and “respect” just so you can cry over your crackpot, hate filled shit face of a patriarch, you who have gone out of your way to make your intolerance and bigotry known to the world, and protest at every funeral you could just for attention, EXPLOITING THE SANDY HILL SHOOTING JUST SO YOU GET MEDIA ATTENTION!

    you do not DESERVE privacy and respect, and be sure people will be making a mockery out of you. THAT is what you deserve, for being a slimy pack of sub humans, those who left your little “church” (which will now be called a cult, since thats what it was to begin with) were the smart ones. to them i bear no ill will until they prove otherwise… you however, do not even deserve to live…

    pathetic pieces of shit.

  21. Renita says:

    It’s called psychological PROJECTION. If there’s a trait you have that you wish you didn’t have, you FIGHT it even to the point of hating anyone who reminds you of that trait in yourself. DOESN’T ANYONE HERE STUDY JUNG?

  22. Renita says:

    I am SOOOO looking forward to the Mardi Gras style celebration that will be held in the cemetery during his funeral. Please God/Jesus/Christ/Krishna/Buddha/Isis/Venus/Zeus/Vishnu/Poseidon/Aten/Unnamed deity I vow that I will give you all honor and equal space in my mind. JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. PRAISE!

  23. trees says:

    well, think about it, people! do you REALLY think the family members of this hateful man would even reveal such a thing to the public? i don’t believe a word of this story. But i DO believe hateful people have some kind of motivation behind their heinous activities.

  24. Jenny says:

    Why do we let hate overtake us?

  25. Tsubaki says:

    If this were true, it would be kinda like what happened with Hitler. He was secretly a Jew, and he wasn’t even German, yet he praised Germany and despised all Jews for no applicable reason.

  26. tony says:

    Even if Phelps did confess on his death bed that he was gay God STILL HATES FASG

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