Walmart to Sell Marijuana in Colorado, Washington

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

<National Report>This September, the world’s largest retailer may also become America’s biggest drug dealer, after Walmart revealed on Monday their plans to begin selling marijuana in stores in both Colorado and Washington State, where recreational marijuana has been legalized.

Walmart hopes to begin selling recreational marijuana in their Colorado stores beginning in September, and in Washington State beginning in January.  They plan to sell marijuana in varying amounts, as well as marijuana-laced baked goods and paraphernalia,  including bongs, pipes, papers, and more.

Walmart’s marijuana will be produced in-house.  The company announced that they’re currently working with State and Federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies to establish three “industrial-sized” marijuana “production facilities,” all of which will be located in Colorado.  Walmart plans to invest an ironic $420 million into those facilities over the next six years, and claims their early profit estimates range close to $2.3 billion yearly.

“Walmart is a corporation that tries to stay at the forefront of ingenuity and private sector innovation,” states a press release issued by the company Monday morning.  “We realize that the legalization of recreational marijuana is something a majority of Americans are rooting for, and that it is only a matter of time before marijuana can be purchased legally in all fifty states.  And when that day comes, we want our customers all across this great nation to know that you can count on Walmart to sell you only the finest marijuana products available, all for incredibly competitive prices.”

The press release also says that the company hopes to distribute marijuana in States where medical use is legal, but notes that federal trafficking laws may delay or entirely prohibit Walmart’s efforts on that front.  “We hope our continued work with lawmakers and law enforcement agencies will lead to interstate commerce legislation that would be beneficial to our cause,” the company says.  “We hope fair and mutually-beneficial compromises can be reached that would allow us to carry out these plans in a profitable way.”

Proponents of the marijuana legalization movement have had mixed reactions to Walmart’s news.  The marijuana advocacy group NORML claims that Walmart’s plans “will most likely have a negative impact on any future marijuana industry in this country,” adding “it’s never a good sign when huge corporations immediately want to hone in and drive out small businesses, before they even have a chance to establish themselves.”  But the Cannabis Business Alliance disagrees, stating on their website Monday that “this is the sort of business leadership we’ve been waiting for.  Major corporations involving themselves in our cause, and lending their lobbying power to legalization, is good for cannabis and good for America.”  One CBA organizer joked on his Twitter account that he’s “looking forward to watching those falling prices while I’m baked.”

Walmart admits they still have major hurdles standing in their path, mostly regarding the States’ limitations on the quantities they’re allowed to sell.  But according to their press release, Walmart’s execs aren’t too concerned about that.  “Our company has an excellent track record when it comes to affecting positive change, and we’re confident that within three years, consumers will be able to buy whole shopping carts loaded with marijuana in our Sam’s Club wholesale locations.  National legalization is coming, and when it does, Walmart will be ready.”




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88 Responses to "Walmart to Sell Marijuana in Colorado, Washington"

  1. suitcase says:

    This will be one of the few things that Walmart sells that does not come from China or some other foreign hellhole.

    • steve says:

      no watch them import it from somewhere the second they can and it will be shit quality

      • miller says:

        Another jingoistic comment from a right-winger who dresses up in red, white, and blue bunting and screams about “American Exceptionalism!” They grow some outrageous shit in Africa and Southeast Asia. Let’s not forget about Lebanese Blonde and the Middle East when the conversation turns to the subject of hash.
        I will go a step further. Your Humoldt Valley Hammertime, Matanuska Thunderfuck, and Indiana Ditch Weed are viewed as skunkshit by those of us in Hawaii. Your junk is worse than anything Con-Agra or Monsanto could grow. Stop polluting our crop!

        • stayfresh says:

          im by no means gonna talk about the tens of thousands acres in foreign countries… but sir your hawaiin bud is just guys buying seeds off of a website and growing them out in ur state theres no way a cannabis plant just appeared on a pile of volcanic eruption ages ago… lets be real here.. washington has the best pot hands down

          • Eddie Aikau says:

            As someone who has lived in and smoked tuns of ganja in Washington, Hawaii, and California. Miller is seriously misguided and I think caught up in his own ego a bit.

            “Your junk is worse than anything Con-Agra or Monsanto could grow.” – how can we take anything this guy says seriously after an absurd statement like this?

            Stayfresh is right, your weed and my weed’s genetics both came from seeds that are available worldwide. The quality of the bud comes from how well its grown, indoor grown is the best, you can grow weed indoors anywhere. Therefore any place is equally capable of producing grade-A cannabis.

            What it comes down to is the culture and the regulation on the market and thanks to those two things the west coast (including colorado) is the new 420 capitol of the world!

          • Carl says:

            Hahaha thanks for setting that straight. Your weed in
            Hawaii came from the mainland, miller. Perhaps you just haven’t had
            the better stuff here.

          • miller says:

            Don’t mean to burst your bong fresh, but cannabis isn’t native to North America either. Nobody here “buys” seeds. That would be unseemly.Fact is, your stuff is such poor quality you buy your seeds from us at premium prices. I say again, your stuff is ragweed. Grown in your moms’ closet or an empty lot, it sucks. All it’s good for is maintenance until you can get something of quality from Hawaii. You may be unable to tell the difference if all you ever smoked is Boulder Blunder or Seattle Shitweed. Kindly keep your ops at that trailer park in Lacy.
            As for Eddie Aikau, nice try. You nailed the Hawaiian name of a guy who died a long time ago. You are about as local as a taco.

          • Legion says:

            if you think the WA pot is good, go to CO… even better

          • Dee says:

            That’s why the world’s largest Cannabis Cup is held in Denver, Colorado.

          • Dustin S says:

            Lol at you people fighting over who grows better weed. Grow up

          • Ken says:

            Are you guys really arguing over what state grows the better weed. First off, I’ve tried lots from many places, and I will say that the places where its legal is typically better than where it is not. Quality wise at least. This shit of my state grows better pot than your state is as childish as getting into a fist fight between two rival football fans. We get it, you love the home team, that doesn’t make you right, and it doesn’t make anyone elses opinion invalid. Stop being childish idiots

          • Weed Connoisseur says:

            Indoor grown obviously doesn’t matter, but Hawaii does have the best climate of all the states for a sativa outdoor grow.

          • Karen says:

            For year round growing, Guam actually has the best weather/climate. Guam is much warmer in the winter than Hawaii!

        • Dave says:

          NoneSense the Chinese are masters of herbal medicine.

        • beth says:

          Lol I live in Denver an have smoked stuff from all over the country and even some of the biggest music artists make full songs about it the mile high has some the best pot

        • sam says:

          Obviously, youre not very educated on this subject miller. Hawaii does not grow the best weed. California easily grows way better. We have the best weather as our three counties (humboldt, mendocino, and trinity) are world famous. Hawaii? No

      • Odie says:

        It will be shit quality regardless, this is fudging Walmart for gee sake.

    • Mark says:

      No, instead of importing from China Walmart will just “employ” more wage slaves in their factory farms. Hooray!

    • Shannon says:

      Most of the stuff that I buy from Walmart is made in America. If I want a TV, the Sony, Samsung, or Vizio TV I might buy isn’t going to be made in the USA if I buy at a “local” joint. This is a lame “argument”. Sick of hearing about Walmart not selling anything that’s made in the USA.

    • Josue says:

      This will not be imported, they will simply grow GMO Cannabis.

    • mary says:

      Yet you shop there and most everything you own (including the computer or phone you used to post this) is made in China. hypocrite much?

    • T says:

      I think you guys should shut up and check the front page of this site before everyone thinks all smokers are this dumb.

    • Robert says:

      how sure are you? just like vaccines from china, hell-mart is the LAST place i’d buy ANY flower, concentrate, edible! #GMOFLOWER #GMOEDIBLES #IFITSELLSSELLITWALTONS #SCUMFAMILY

  2. NB says:

    At the same time they fire medical marijuana patients. Hypocrites.

  3. Eddie Aikau says:

    Im still undecided in terms of how feel about wallmart getting involved. I know a few things though:

    1) Cannabis is expensive because its illegal, its not much more difficult to grow then any other crop but the difficulty of supplying it drives up the price.
    2) Now weed is legal in colorado and the prices are still just as high. I know there is a lot of tax but the new legal cannabis businesses are SERIOUSLY price gauging cannabis users in this country because we are used to and willing to paying those same high prices
    3) Wallmart is going to sell weed at the lowest price possible and bring the price down to where it belongs.

    I dont want to keep paying $10 for a nug that costs $0.10 to produce, I also dont want to buy anything from Wallmart… lets see what happens

  4. tom says:


  5. Walmart says:

    I am Deisha Barnett with Walmart’s Corporate Communications team. This story is not accurate. We offer a broad assortment of products at everyday low prices, but this definitely isn’t one of them.

  6. I’m Deisha Barnett with Walmart’s Corporate Communications team. This story is not accurate. We offer a broad assortment of products at everyday low prices, but this definitely isn’t one of them.

    • nobody important says:

      Well Deisha, I think making an official statement on walmart.com might be more believable than a comment here…

      • sheila says:

        Deisha, I work forWalMart and I found out about this when a customer came in and asked me about it today. He said he didn’t want to bring his son into a store that sold pot. I told him I knew nothing about it so he went and asked a ZMS. She had no answers for him either nor did the assistant managers. I think it would be good if the company did make a statement about this because he also told me he heard it on the news.
        Thank you,

  7. Lila Worley says:

    Even if there was truth in this, I would still be disgusted. Wal-Mart is the epitome of corruption and greed. If they try to get involved with this, or the organic market or any other beneficial change in our society, they will pervert it. They steal business from the companies that actually have ethical practices and lower costs so nobody can compete, all while paying their employees pennies and encouraging the destruction of our environment…. Fu@k Wal-Mart and everything they stand for http://walmart1percent.org/how-rich-are-the-waltons/

  8. Wade says:

    Yet they still fire employee’s for a hot U.A. even in medical states.

  9. Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

    I just saw a coupon; Free spill with each box of ammunition purchased.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hope that people in those places continue going through their local dispensaries and head shops for those things. They just want people giving their money even more to the big corporations, making them even bigger profits, and don’t want it making money for regular people who have their own legitimate businesses. The people running the local dispensaries and head shops are the ones who have been a part of the movement for years, that stood up and pushed for the legalization so it would be available to people in the first place. The people have done all the work for this, not big corporations, and deserve to keep their businesses running and keep working for what they believe in, instead of being snuffed out by big corporations. For Wal-Mart to do this just shows more greed on their part.

    • nobody important says:

      Those mom and pop shops you are so fond of are price gauging. Instead of offering mj at lower price (which is what should have happened when it was legalized), they are taking advantage of the illegal prices people are used to and the fact RAISING the prices, since they are the current “biggest kid on the playground”.

      In short, those mom and pop shops are acting no different than the big corps you have a sour face for, so please forgive me if I don’t have any more or less respect for them than the big corporations.

      I respect the fact that they paved the way for it, but they lost my loyalty when they started acting no different than the big boys.

      On a side note, they may have got the ball rolling but it will be the big companies like walmart that push legalization to everybody else.

      • NLC Co says:


        Do not lump every mom and pop into one category, each store has its own story and its own reasons for their pricing. For example, each county in Colorado has its own tax bracket for sales, as high as 30% in some! That’s just in sales tax, the business itself has its own taxation woes from the state, which means that just to get started into the industry, one has to be ready to shell out 100k+, and then continue to pay out of pocket, seeing as how the FDIC won’t take dispensary money until it gets off schedule 1.

        Besides that, not all small dispensaries are owned by a single owner. There are several “chain dispensaries” already spread across the state that are making a killing doing exactly what you are stating with ‘gouging’, because they know they are in prime locations to do so. It becomes a trickle effect also when those same chain companies drive prices DOWN, and then the mom and pops who cannot afford to compete are stuck with complaints from customers who seem to forget that the product being provided has only recently legalized.

        Long and short of it, do your research before you down a business just trying to get the general public in a better state of mind.

  11. BCboy says:

    Reading through comments A lot of people were arguing about good weed band bad weed. We’ll I’ll clear that up for you right now. You want good weed? Come to British Columbia! BC bud is the best bud hands down! I have smoked several different strains from different places in Canada and some from the states and other area and I must say that nothing compares to some good old BC bud!

    • Jason says:

      everyone saying this weed or that weed is better needs to open their eyes and realize it’s all the same minus outdoor growing conditions where some regions are better than others. On the East Coast we have to get it shipped from CO CA OR and WA mostly. Shipping is what breaks down the quality of the bud. If you have to compress it and hide smell it will never stand up to local grown bud.

      So if you’re in BC and have smoked bud from the states, HI and smoking bud from the mainland, in CO smoking bud from WA, just realize it’s not better or worse where you get it from, your bud isn’t better, all bud is better when locally grown and minimally transported. “I got homegrown in NC that is the best in the entire world” This statement holds clout to each of y’alls statements, and it is as equally absurd. One love

  12. Marijuana in Walmart stores is outrageous! The pot is extremely dangerous today with its high levels of THC. Here’s an idea Walmart why not stock up on ammunition so Americans can buy all the ammo they want? Walmart is well known for its abuses of employees and once was ruled by its founder a decent God-fearing Christian. But since he passed and his kids have taken it over their stores have fallen into the crapper, not to mention the people running Walmart aren’t Christians at all. I’ve heard of them hiring Jews, Muslims even blacks for Christ sakes. Every Christian American needs to boycott Walmart and its Satanic grip its got on our Christian nation.

    • Richard Sandoval says:

      Someone sounds a little racist ppl are ppl no matter what color and if they can work and have a family to support why not hire them. I don’t like Walmart much but I don’t like racism even more so u need to chill out don’t shop there then peace

    • Leanne says:

      “The pot is extremely dangerous today with its high levels of THC .” Ok first, off… “the pot”? Its clear you know NOTHING about which you speak. Furthermore, High levels of THC are not dangerous. You might get sleepy, you might eat up everything in your best friends house… but you wont die.

      People need to stop spreading this ignorance. Oh and take your jeebus and GTFO.

    • Andre Boucle says:

      The reactionary extremist is extremely dangerous today with her high levels of ignorance. Would it kill you to read a science book or article on marijuana before you express an “opinion” you dolt? What does a higher level of THC signify in reaction with a human body? Oh you have no idea? You just repeat statistics you think further your point without understanding their underlying meaning? Idiot.

      And you’re a racial/religious supremacist too?! Something is innately better about your skin color and your God, huh? Fantastic, so not only are you an idiot but you’re a hypocrite and a generally terrible person. Jesus must be rolling in his grave, Or in heaven. Point is, he’s rolling.

      FYI there are equal employment laws in this country that disallow hiring based on race, gender, or religion. Fortunately they still allow discrimination based on stupidity, so hopefully you’ll starve one day and take those chromosomes into the dirt with you.

  13. The Pensioner says:

    ‘Bout time, now I can do all my shopping in the same place… when are they going to open a casino and a whorehouse in the same store? Then I won’t ever have to go anywhere else, ‘cept maybe church.

  14. cp says:

    if something seems to good to be true…..it usually ain’t.

    would anyone really buy weed ( or even shop) at walmart?

  15. nathaniel says:

    No one should be buying anything at Walmart. the Walton’s help to facilitate the death of this once great country by killing off mom an pop shops and now they’re trying to move in on the last frontier of american outlaws. what a bunch of hypocritical thumb sucking scumbags.

  16. robert says:

    Religious freedom in this country extends to ppl not wanting to bring up religion in every subject. Also good Christians have performed many bad acts, bigotry, sexism, racism, bombings. Religion does not make you a good person, your heart does.

  17. tom says:

    does that mean you’ll be able to buy pounds at Sams?

  18. Akos Fintor says:


  19. Dustin S says:

    I honestly don’t think there is any truth in this what so ever. But you never know, Walmart loves killing off small business. They are building, Dollar General type stores here in Arkansas to compete with them. Not only do they want to become a monopoly, I think they want to take over the entire market.

  20. KB says:

    Well if Wally World wants to start being a ganjapreneur they should stop testing employees for cannabis. It is not right that you can’t have a job for failing a urinalysis for cannabis when they turn around and sell cannabis, which makes you fail a urinalysis. That B.S.

    I am still skeptical that Wally World really wants to do this.

  21. Whyworrynow says:

    They weren’t considered a drug pusher with the alcohol & prescription drug sales. Why do they refer to them as “the largest drug pusher” now?

  22. Brandon says:

    Is this for real if so I think I need to move to Colorado or Washington

  23. Dilly says:

    Miller. Not sure what rock you are hiding under but you probably should come out from under it and educate yourself a little on genetics before you make ignorant statements. If you want to come to Maine, Im sure i can show you some of the best genetics around which have been here for over 30 years. I have crossed several local strains for years which have been tested at 28% along with cbd strains that are testing at 11-15%. Im guessing you are no older than 25 with your childish statements. Grow up junior!!

  24. Karen says:

    OK, so right now Walmart has a policy that if you smoke pot, you can not work there. My question to them would be “Starting in September, are they changing that policy?”. They do not ask if a possible employee drinks alcohol or smokes cigarettes! Just because a person smokes pot does not mean they do it during working hours. I am all for the selling of pot in businesses to help their business and to help our state. I am against the discrimination of a person or teenager that smokes pot though. That is what I feel like Walmart is doing (discriminating) by selling pot but not employing people that smoke it. If that person looks like a dirty, disgusting person during their interview then I understand. If they look like a clean, law abiding citizen then it is discrimination, I THINK.

  25. noooooope. says:

    This is the worst idea in the history of ever. Screw walmart. I will never buy pot there… Sick monsanto backed jerks will muck up the beautiful organics. >:/ will they ever just leave something alone and not try to capitalize on it?! This is our plant. Not walmarts.

  26. John says:

    This is Next Big Move by USA after legalizing Porn and destroying everyone ,Doctors will do tons of business too after this legalization and selling of Marijuana ,best of luck USA

  27. Kerry says:

    They can’t. The law states that marijuana can’t be sold in a retail store. Only in stores that sell marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia. They’d have to open a whole new store devoted to Marijuana.

  28. King of the RATS says:

    If they are going to sell it they have to hire people who are on it! Big Companys who get into the business will screw up the plan! Most of the money from pot here in Colorado is put back into the communities not CEO pockets, which Im sure is the driving force in Walmarts interest, filling their pockets! The local economy and the little guy WILL suffer, and die. BUY LOCAL EVERYTHING! From pot to twinkies. We have a voice, by buying local products it allows our voice to be heard. Big companys can’t fight supply and demand if we demand our supplys localy!!! Strength in NUMBERS!!!

  29. JC Clark says:

    Too bad all you commenters were convinced this piece was real. No press release is available from WalMart to confirm this story. Any “news site” that does not post links to the supposed press releases that they are quoting is just fabricating news.
    Funny thing I see is that both Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin are pictured in the banner with the logo and the saying “America’s number 1 Independent news team” really if they are independent then I am the President of the WORLD.
    I guess it is true, over 80% of the worlds population should be eliminated so stupid people like yourselves don’t continue to polute my world. Wake up, research, and don’t jump to conclusions.

  30. Mike Hemp says:

    Do not support corporate/government cannabis stores. Support Real Legalization efforts for home growing of cannabis for personal use without fees, taxes, or permits.
    Details at Reallegalization.org. Beginning in Washington state with WA I-648 we can make positive cannabis law change that will spread across the nation and the world!

  31. alycakes says:

    I wanna know what kind of pesticides and growth hormones are now gonna be found in piot thanks to big companies like this trying to make a buck.

  32. John says:

    Ok, So let me get this straight. Wallmart is aloud to sell weed in large doses its ok but when civs sell it in little doses its a federal crime. Oh USA you so silly
    sorry for english not main langauge

  33. Trey says:

    Anyone else excited for Great Value Marijuana?

  34. andrew says:

    Colo weed us dank as fuck. So is Oregon. So I’d Washington. I live in wyoming and get the best weed the world has to offer (live in small rich community of movie stars and billionaires. The best weed comes from southern California as well as northern. The whole coast really. But none of this compares to tropical islands. Maui really us f-in wowie!!!!!!!
    F#_$ walking Mart never support them ever

  35. Lenny says:

    This information is wrong according to Washington state law. Walmart will not be able to produce it and sell it to Washington. the law in Washington does not allow you to grow and sell marijuana. They separate the licenses. So you have to decide if you’re going to be a grower or a retailer. In Washington walmart will be forced to go one way or the other. Grow it or sell it. Not both. Ha ha. The fact that they say they it will be producing in-house is not true. At least in Washington . They Will have to buy it from the producers if they want to be a retailer. They cannot be on both sides of it.

  36. OH says:

    Everybody, if you shop at WalMart make sure and ask them when they are going to get you that marijuana, and be sure and mention you’ll buy it somewhere else if they don’t hurry up.

  37. Mark says:

    This country is going to hell. Screw Walmart marketing to make money off ruining peoples lives with more drug addictions, lung cancer, and the blood will be on there hands from all the deaths caused by people who are out of their mind and go slaughtering people or drive on weed

  38. They already are Americas biggest drug dealer. They sell all kinds of drugs. Marijuana isn’t a drug in true reality. It is a vegetable herb like super fruit. Who ever wrote this is a moran.

  39. Marijuana had a mass of remedial properties. The Subject is how to utilize it, what sort and which choice of cannabis do you utilize. So the advisable path to utilise it is to make sure of your reservoir. Raise your personal ganja with several seeds and observe the best kind for your usefulness.

  40. sheila says:

    I don’t see how this can be true when we don’t hire anyone that can’t pass a drug test. How can we sale this crap and still tell people they have to pass a U.A. before we will hire them. I’ve been at WalMart for 15 years. I’m not thrilled at the thought of working for someone that sales crap like this.

  41. Old Timing Guy says:

    Talk is cheap . First of all , transporting Marijuana across state lines violates
    Federal Law. Secondly, growing Marijuana is not quite as easy as Walmart
    apparently thinks it is. Sounds like Walmart’s executives need to put they’re
    bongs down for awhile and think things through in a clearer frame of mind.
    I’ll want to own the ATM machine next to Walmart’s bud display case because
    selling Marijuana on Credit Cards also violates Federal Law. As far as legalization
    goes , this is very encouraging. Perhaps the Big Boys know something we don’t know.

    • Jeffrey Jones says:

      Do us all a favor and fire one up take 3 hits and stay calm! Stoners make up all the things needed to save their world! The moment a stoned man’s comments affect us all, world peace has finally arrived! 🙂 🙂

  42. Nicholas Cruz says:

    Anyone interested to buy high quality marijuana,hemp oil,kindly hmu @ (347) 541-8399 for orders and safe delivery.

  43. Darla says:

    It’s awesome in support of me to have a web page, which is valuable designed for my know-how.
    thanks admin

  44. Efrain says:

    it’s funny how they’re going to spend 420 million dollars on this project..lol @420million

  45. zella schott says:

    Good piece , For my two cents , if someone needs to fill out a CO DORA CO SG 01 , my family filled a sample version here https://goo.gl/y24kb6

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