Volkswagen to Close Chattanooga Plant Following Anti-Union Vote, State to Lose 13K Jobs

VolkswagenChattanooga<National Report>Chattanooga, TN–Top Volkswagen executives are meeting this evening to discuss the process for closing their Chattanooga plant following a vote last week that saw workers in the plant reject efforts by VW representatives to setup a German-style works council by voting against representation by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union.

“I can imagine fairly well that another VW factory in the United States, provided that one more should still be set up there, does not necessarily have to be assigned to the south again,” said Bernd Osterloh, head of VW’s works council.  “The conservatives stirred up massive, anti-union sentiments,” Osterloh continued. “It’s possible that the conclusion will be drawn that this interference amounted to unfair labor praxis.”

A source close to the discussion, who chose to speak with National Report on the condition of anonymity, had this to say:  “This weeks vote was a serious misstep for workers at the plant as well as the politicians who intervened.  Senator Corker’s remarks assuring voters that if they were to vote against the UAW that VW would announce increasing production at the Chattanooga plant was not only a flat out lie, but could also be considered intimidation in direct violation of federal law resulting in nullification of the vote.  Regardless of the outcome, [VW] Management is deeply disappointed in the climate of the South and is considering relocating the plant to a state that is more friendly to the needs of workers.  Would be a shame to see these 13K jobs moved to California or even Mexico.”

According to Reuters, “German workers enjoy considerable influence over company decisions under the legally enshrined “co-determination” principle which is anathema to many politicians in the U.S. who see organized labor as a threat to profits and job growth.”

The Chattanooga plant is the only VW factory currently in the US and one of the company’s only plants in the world to operate without the equivalent of a workers union.  The plant employs roughly 3200 Volkswagen employees with more than 9500 indirect supplier employees and is expected to increase growth in the state by $12 billion with annual tax revenues of $1.4 billion according to the companies website.


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169 Responses to "Volkswagen to Close Chattanooga Plant Following Anti-Union Vote, State to Lose 13K Jobs"

  1. Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

    Not only 13,000 plant workers, also all kinds of support staff have ALREADY received pink slips. I was talking to several of the cafeteria staff, some of these ladies have worked there since the plant opened, they used to bring their kids to work there during summers when school was out, and it was adorable! Now they’re just dumfounded, the entire kitchen building is getting shut down… in three weeks! Most of these women have NO IDEA what they’ll do for work until they reach retirement age. Most are in their 50s, they know everybody by name, but now their lives are RUINED. They’re freaking out. God Bless. EFF YOU VW!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bill McLovin says:

      Our name is on our shirts… unless the 50 year old ladies are blind as well as smelly.. it’s kinda hard to miss!

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Many cafeteria staff across the nation are indeed legally blind, OBVIOUSLY, to anyone who has ever encountered their work. Without a job or VW unionized workers handouts/trickledowns to sustain their hard work and character actor hairdos these poor unemployable oldsters will spend the rest of their hot flashes sucking on Obamas Black titty just to survive. What kind of nice lady from tennessee or kentucky wants to see her or her girlfriends forced to do THAT? just the weirdo-queerdo ones I’m guessing. The mental picture of all those out of shape starving wrinklebags squirming around in a pile while competing to suckle from the two available nipples of kenyan socialism, here in America, like maggots on a chicken bone, is REVOLTING. At least it is to me. These ugly, useless and unwanted ladies deserve some RESPECT. GET IT THE EFF 2GATHER, VW! Or get out. Your unions, whether we have them or not, costs jobs. FUVW!!! FUVW!!! FUVW!!!

        • Notréal At`all says:

          The café staff have so much turn over it aint even funny. This website carries no merit. They have fabricated a story from comments that were made earlier in the week. Some true and the rest, started as a rumor. If you know them in the café so well, who is the lady on day shift with the bad foot, at the register on the left and her nationality? Your name is pretty, but smells fake and this website is trash. Your name sounds alot like, Lie and Fabricate, or fornicate. Wake up folks, just because women are on the internet, dont mean its true.

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            Thank you, Montreal^and-Tall, I think you have a very distinctive and manly name, which makes me want to believe your opinion and take it as my own. But I can’t. What I can ASSURE you of is that while often unpleasant, the facts reported at The National Report, about the trashing of decent Americans, gets vetted heavily to make sure its free of worms and fit for human consumption. I don’t listen to rumors people start about my name, which if you can be bothered to read, was given to me in honor of someone who did not speak up loudly enough in a past argument with some germans who didn’t like her.

          • stephen sivonda says:

            Notreal atall, That poster Lillian…she may have a pretty name, but we use the term troll for people I think are like her or my sister, Ingrid Hitler. I just realized that this is a Right wing web site, because I can read, and there are many on the far right that look at ,and vent their spleens like Lil, who looks GREAT btw, there. I went down the column of comments and she’s got at least 5 rants. running on and on . I think she drinks, but probably only really pretty drinks.

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            I am NOT a Republican, professor Sivana! Those people eat in cafeterias with democrats and other bucket-hole headed communists…NO THANKS! I despise labels, unless they are printed on stylish purses, but if pushed up against a brick wall by a criminal voter at gunpoint I’d describe myself as a libertarian-leaning Independent voter, who always votes Republican, sure, but I AM NOT a republican. Can’t you READ?. I stand by my apportionment of the blame regarding the loss of Cafeteria Lady jobs. Senator Corker is indeed a lying partisan weasel-faced lint licker, and unions, because, but while both paved the way only VW owns this road, and they can lie on it in the dark for all I care. Sounds like an insurance scam to me. Also, people would take your judgemental assumptive whining more seriously if you learned how to count, or at least memorized a few bigger numbers, preferably ones that don’t involve socks being removed and toes getting exposed. And FYI, I’m practicing wearing a muslin skirt suit, so I don’t drink alcohol, devoutly. Projection is not just a river in egypt, Niagra-face.

        • Jimmy Z says:

          You are one of the many uninformed morons in America that is sucking down koolaid by the gallons. Get a damn clue Unions are the only reason you only have to work a 40 hour week and oh yeah get paid overtime. Unions are the only reasons 12 years olds arent working in the plants. STFU and get a damn clue you ignorant excuse for a tea party reject. It is stupid people like you that is costing 13k jobs and billions in lost revenue.

          • K. Little says:

            I don’t like your language, but you are absolutely right. Sadly, people don’t understand that VW executives recognized that employee input was crucial to success. VW valued those opinions and sought a legal way to get them. And unions don’t kill jobs; the massive increase in executive compensation that we’ve seen over the past 30 years kills jobs.

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            I don’t wear uniforms since I broke my spectacles young lady. I don’t play CLUE anymore, because we all know Miss Scarlet did it with her whore-tools in every room of that place. You seem confused, you DON’t want twelve year olds to get money for funnybooks by scraping coal out of the ground with their fingernails if they want to, but you’re OUTRAGED at the thought of 13 year old Kimberlys Kents and Kathys losing jobs? If a thirteen year old loses a job, weren’t they 12 when they got hired? Who pays a teenager ‘billions’ of dollars? Start making sense, and FUVW!

          • Timothy Johnson says:

            Amen, Brother! Proud IBEW member since 1990!

          • Former Marine says:

            Yeah, that worked so well for Detroit… he he

          • JML says:

            Amen, brother.

          • Stephanie B says:

            It should be noted that the Union’s, at one time a great while back, were necessary to the benefit of American workers but now they are a political team driven by the need to take others money and back candidates that they believe in and not, persay, those that they represent. It should also be noted some Unions were involved in some mobster activity ask where Jimmy Hoffa went.
            There time has come and gone and all that remains is a shell of pretenses that they have your best interest at heart. I am proud of the Tennesseans that voted down this Union.

          • Christopher says:

            She (Lill.) probably drives a very pretty used gremlin that smells nice, unlike my greasy, fetid, blood-soaked kia.

          • Dale says:

            You tell them Lillian. Union Yes

          • Zach says:

            Dude. 40 hours a week and overtime are mandated by the FLSA Wage & Hour law. Unions have nothing to do with it.

          • Collin Coffelt says:

            IBEW LU#158 here in support of the workers at the VW plant. If it is factual they are closing, again I say blame the interference of the Republicans. You know, the people that cry against political interference in business affairs…UNLESS THE REPUBLICANS ARE DOING IT!!!
            If actual, VW is saying, in no uncertain terms to ALL, and as an example…HANDS OFF!!! They are doing it in SUPPORT of ALL workers across the USA, trying to teach our stupid ass political system to value the people that have actually done the hands-on building of the country.
            Read about the Triangle Fire in NYC. Learn why the unions are, why they continue to be relevant..why EVERYONE should be a part of levelling the playing field by being in a unio. Take advantage of the great low-cost to free education opportunities to expand your skill set; this is largely what the working dues are used for, and paying bills like rent/mortgage of the Hall, utilities, etc. They handle your pay raise negotiations, problems you may have with your employer that have gone unresolved. All you have to do is BE INVOLVED.

          • Collin Coffelt says:

            Stephanie doesn’t keep up with current event. Unfortunately for you, Stephanie, and unions, your view of them is skewed by the few that have had some very bad publicity. That doesn’t mean all of them are, or any of them presently are as you describe. Please limit yourself in a discussion to facts instead of logical fallacies.
            Did you know some unions have “no strike” clauses built into their Agreements? That means if the contractors don’t come to the table to bargain in good faith by an AGREED UPON date, Federal Arbitrators are automatically called in.
            Did you know that many unions give more in volunteering in their communities than most walmarts?
            Did you know about the education opportunities for memebers that cost little to nothing?
            Did you know about the fight against the Republican desire to repeal Taft-Hartley? Read it and you’ll “get it”…maybe. Or the figt last year against the republican attempt to overturn ALL OT laws that would have been a detriment to the worker and more in the pockets of business? The Repub attempt to gut OSHA…please see The Triangle Fire. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangle_Shirtwaist_Factory_fire
            So no, the unions are not without relevance as you charge out sheer, unadulterated stupid…because I believe you actually know better than to say something that ignorant.
            Who do you think is supporting the walmart workers going on strike for better pay so the lion’s share of them can get off public health care and assistance. My God, walmart has food drives FOR THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES.
            VW values the worker as MOST EU companies do. They simply categorize those of using vulgarities in conjunction with their moniker, as, well, jackwagons, if I had to guess. Yes that was an ad hominem.

          • Charlotte says:

            I must agree with you, unions are great for companies such as this one; they help employees so much more than people may think. I was surprised that VW was actually in favor of one, they are not there for the company but to help the people. I say they were stupid to turn it down… SMH

        • len says:

          you cant be real You would be too stupid to feed yourself if you really believed what you wrote.
          Rubes like you are giving the power to to the republicans so that all our jobs and money can move off sure. Your America will just have rich bankers and poor people trading products built by slave laborers in communist countries who dont live much better than them You idiot

          • Rita says:

            Miss Lillian should not do any more writing until she finds her spectacles because she drones on without making much sense nor does she present any insideful analcysts of the facts. But, gosh, she sure is pretty. And, as far as Miss Scarlet, perhaps Ms. Lillian should stop peeking through windows and mind her own business. It appears to me that Miss Lillian uses her “whore” “keenly perceptive” tools along with the rest of the Republican party to the psychopathic Corporate lungfish of America.

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            The National Report appreciates all its readers comments pertaining to the stupidity of people regarding coverage of newsworthy events, even if they DON”T consider the plight of tossed out cafeteria ladies to be something worth caring about or use words like rubes to make themselves sound relevant. Thankfully the first amendment still protects my right to express concern over what politicians, unions and corporations like VW are telling you to believe, WAKE UP, Sheeple! oh yeah, and one more thing….F U V W !!!

        • marc says:

          You are the garbage of America, but pretty. Please just rake yourself out, and marry me!

        • JP says:

          Wow Lillian. What a disgusting person you are. < << NOT!!!>>> mmMMWWWwaaahh!

        • Wayne1995 says:

          Excuse me, but I’m a divorced woman, can’t you help me with my groceries, and explain what exactly is “Kenyan socialism” to me again? Is that socialism in Kenya, like it sounds like? As far as I know, @ 4″, Kenya does not have a socialist government. And what are “weirdo-queerdo ones?”, and where can I find some who don’t mind what I look like? Your diction clearly displays your blatant ignorance of how great I am. Go eat a pretty grilled cheese sandwich coated in mayonnaise, which I would venture to say is your diet staple and would go well with your pretty eyes.

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            Thank you Miss Wayne, there’s a thing called the internet where you can ask almost any question and get a helpful answer without writing to journalists with deadlines. I DO think you’re great, why not, The National Report loves all its loyal readers, and their comments. Sorry your autocorrect function is turned up so high, try typing in all capitals next time, but please write again!

    • Douglas says:

      Lillian, do you have any facts to back up this statement? Will you link me to anyone that is getting laid off from the cafeteria. We were assured these rumors were all bull.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        NOBODY is getting laid in the cafeteria, have you ever seen any of these women, gross. I don’t know anything about dating services, aside from the unemployed not being the best place to start. I’m too busy trying to raise awareness of the plight of these powerless victims, who have lost their livelihoods thanks to or not thanks to union activities and VW mamagement. BLESS THEIR HEARTS, and write your senators I say!

      • Mark AP says:

        These rumors in regards to the cafeteria are about as baseless as this article. 3200 workers at the VW plant? Yet only a mere 1400 or LESS showed up to vote on the union contract? What happened to the other 1800 employee’s? VW spent billions of dollars to build this plant and it will not be closed over the union being approved or disapproved. This is a puffery piece.

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          Nobody who has tasted the meatloaf in the cafeteria thinks that cafeteria is a rumor. There’s nothing imaginary about being kept up all night by projectile vomit or explosive diarrhea, or both. I’ll never forget the weird hair I got in a rice krispy square down there. Neverrrrr.

          • Super Dave says:

            Lillian, for real, The food is good, and if you don’t like it, bring your food from home, as far as the looks of the ladies there(sssSCHWINNGggggg!), you are there to eat, not to get laid, and if the stupid politicans would stay out of VW’s business, it would be better, maybe they could run the country. and we all see how they get along, we should vote every 1 out!. and as far as the VW plant is, these people build the best auto’s made in the USA. and if you don’t like it, then LEAVE the USA, or shut up, geezzz. and… UNIONS are the best thing to ever happen to the working man & women!

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            My grilled cheese WAS pretty Ok, Super Dave. The mashed potatoes were EXCELLENT, but had a nipple-print or two on them. But the raisins in the carrot salad tasted like they were from North Carolina. NO THANKS!

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      It just burns my pancakes what’s going on here! The café staff have been charming the dedicated workers of VW with their company spirit for years, which is why its so sad that so many of these ladies, and a few gay guys and ex-cons face such a grim future, having given an average of twelve years of their lives to spooning beans onto cornbread with a smile, and equal good cheer, to the executive rubbing elbows, the injection molding guys or the carpet slicer from 3G. True democracy in service to the local economy.
      This website has celebrated the good hard-working people of Tennessee and beyond since its inception, focussing on the needs of those that make America WORK, for a living! We are well known as advocates for the unknown and dismissed, when nobody else is willing to listen to their pleas for help and/or reports of out of control potholes that endanger us ALL.
      Its an honor to champion their causes, and get to know folks like Melinda Sanchez, putting her girls through cooking school one ice tea and a bearclaw at a time, even though her husband, Ramon, one-legged and mexican to boot, can bearly drag himself to their disability van in order to pick her up half the time, especially in winter. If Bob or Jacinta can’t give her a lift on one of those days, they sure as hell make sure somebody does, because nobody sleeps well at night picturing her walk 15 miles on that foot just to make dinner for her kid’s babies before the Obamanazi childcare people swoop in to destroy 7 lives because she’s late.Everyone loves Melinda. God only knows what she’ll do now, thanks to VW and its getting, or not having, unions now.

      My parents didn’t survive three concentration camps to raise a girl named after her dead twin sister just to see a german company advocate for, then desert, a huge pile of workers in some abandoned factory, so YES, I speak up for ALL the cafeteria ladies left in the lurch by corrupt unions, and those who oppose them, to their hopeless fate. I’m PROUD to! I can look in the mirror without it cracking inside me. That is what The National Report does. God Bless America and FUVW!

      • Wayne1995 says:

        Hey Lil, such a pretty,funny little troll you are. “Bearly?!?!” Your obviously classly contempt for the English language is irksome to the pretentious. As a one-footed person, you are a good example for an argument in favor of selective birth control, and thigh-up beauty contests. Why don’t you go and take a swim in one of my beautiful pristine coal ash hot tubs?(number redacted per FISA ruling 27-gp/201A).

    • Sam Raymond says:

      Nothing Here that I’ve heard in the local News nor from people I know personnally who work there.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Maybe you are just unpopular, or more unpopular than you realize among your ‘friends’, if they haven’t mentioned such major stuff going down in their lives to you. Now I’m sad. Don’t feel bad, Some Raymond, I’ll pretend to be your friend my stars just look at the time LOVE your HAT, dear! See you next Columbus Day, gotta dash -!

    • J. Brown says:

      EFF YOU VW????????? That my dear should be directed toward your beloved CORKER! VW wanted it’s workers to have representation so they didn’t have to mess with the trivial job of negotiating everyone’s wages individually. There is nothing wrong with equal pay for equal work and earning a livable wage. Corker screwed up and if this is true I hope the south will wake up

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Are you Insane? I clearly stated that the plight of the abandoned cafeteria workers was the COMBINED fault of The Unions, VW mamagement and lying crooked politicians, working TOGETHER. Corker is a shrimp in a toupee, and unions are full of lazy do nothings. Sure they help ruin lives, but VW is a multibillion dollar international corporation, and if anybody is crashing this ship with German efficiency it is them. Enjoy your quarterly dividends. Oh yeah, and one more thing….FUVW.

        • Cheywolf says:

          Lazy nothings? Really? Well I am union and work my azz off you couldn’t handle my job for 5 minutes. Are you just mad you are not union and don’t have great benefits. winch. Before you categorize all union workers look at your own lazy self.

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            I said “Lazy DO-nothings”, not “lazy nothings”! You guys are really something. How hard can it be to type TWO letters before going on your break or retirement? WAKE UP, Joe! HEY HEY HEY! Shifts over, time to go home…

    • Marvin McConoughey says:

      You may be right, Lillian Fabricant, but if so, there is a surprising lack of internet news stories on the closing. Where is your authoritative VW source?

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Yeah, their public relations department is SO totally cooperative and forthcoming regarding document requests shedding light on their masterminding of a sympathetic move to Oaxahatchapetaglio on our dime. A waste of The National Report’s data plan and a tired finger is the proof they’ll give up. Maybe somebody named Ingrid Hitler would have more luck.

    • steve jones says:

      Don’t blame VW blame the politicians who interfered in a process they should of never gotten into to being with. To much government interference is bad for everyone. I applaud VW for doing what their doing wanting to improve their working relationship with their employees

      • tcidda says:

        it’s hard to unionize business in the South.the workers spoke now it’s VW’s turn.The UAW only has to turn 50 or so votes and they win the redo.

    • Bill Clement says:

      Your anger is misplaced, Lillian. It’s your right-wing congressmen and Governor that caused this. If you read the article you would understand VW’s actions.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        While you may not have access to all the sources The National Report has at its disposal, let me assure you we have carefully sifted through many many one small piles of evidence, and we stand by our assessment of the apportionment of blame regarding the current VW voting scandal that has left Cafeteria Ladies facing the highest rate of suicide since the end of Taco Tuesdays in 1987. And for your information, since you need some, He’s not MY governor.Neither is that Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Representative with the sprouty comb-over my representative of bupkus. NO THANKS. I’m from Connecticut, or Hawaii, as anyone whose read my author Bio would know. CAN’T YOU READ!!!??? I’ve always D e s p i s e d Tenesseeicians in ChatanoogHell, that dumpy relic of ass-pinching and graft. NO THANKS!!! If you think those buckethole headed nitwits could figure out how to bring or not bring a union somewhere with Cafeteria Ladies working in it, on their own without the ‘help’ of German Efficiency, well then my name is Ingrid Hitler! And YOU are overestimating the combined mental capacity of the entire Republican state legislature, +/- any margin of error intelligence from Tennessee’s fine democrats busy trading pigs for blue ribbons for their wive’s hats while putting out smoky rib fires with whiskey. No THANKS! You say MY anger is misplaced??! MINE!!!??? No, thanks, its NOT “MY” anger that needs re-placing, no NO NO MY ANGER IS !!!N O T !!! NOTNOTNOT”MISPLACED”.oooooooOOOOH. nnnNNNO No NO , What MY anger is is is F U V W!!!! F U V W!!!! F U V W!!!

    • Eddy Cheek says:

      Don’t blame VW blame your lying Republican politicians.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Oh, I DO! They’ve lied their way onto the Board of VW America, ltd., and nothing short of a better lobbying job will pry them out of there. Meanwhile, how many Rice Krispie Squares can homeless old Cafeteria Ladies sell in the streets before a winter snap kills them off for good? eleven, twelve….TWENTY? Mission Accomplished, VW!

    • Travis says:

      Uhh… This isn’t VW’s fault. Put the blame in the lying elected officials hands.

    • Dorothy Ebers says:

      I am a 53 yr old female union Ironworker member for last 20 yrs !!! I would gladly work there and be UNION !!!! my work with IW has been way down last few years !! The union has kept slave type work down and better wages up ! They should revote — hell send me — it’s hour and half away from me but i would drive it for a good job !!

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Female ironworker, tee hee hee. Nobody wants to drive a noodle car, am I right, Ladies? But seriously, there’s nothing funny, or even fun, about the sex slave trade, not after 20 years. Hang in there Dorothy, the sun WILL rise again on a new day, shortly. :(

    • Union Rep says:

      I was a Union Rep for well over 20 years. We worked so well with the Kroger Grocery Co. until their greed took over. Myself & higher ups in our Union Co. did take lowering of our wages & even ended up with a wage freeze. We did it for our employees. They all had top pay wages & full-time benefits for all their contract years. Then, out of no where, the Kroger Co. wanted all their employees to go non-union. Their whole St. Louis area & parts of Illinois turned it all down. Them greedy f–kers were not satisfied so they closed up the whole operation in that 2 State area. We could do nothing for all of our employees. Well, after 15 to 20 years, here comes back the Kroger Crooks, but under a new box store name. And the workers are non-union. How bout that ??? And Kroger is still one of the top chains in the U.S. They screwed up alot of people & they did not give a shit !! They got what they wanted. In this area, please shop at all the other Union stores. PISS ON KROGER !!

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Kroger, huh? Another model of German “Efficiency” in action, another $. All just to make appliances you cannot find the buttons on. WHY? Does Kroger have any of those strawberry Oreos left? OOOOH! Or those Ladyfingers in a plastic tray? I can eat a hundred of them in a snap, but can’t find them anywhere anymore. WHY?

    • Union Rep says:

      Nothing but crooked pricks ! Money for only themselves.

    • Melchizedek Johnson says:

      Lord, honey, I got me a job up to the cafeterior in Burnt Melon, South Carolina, and I loved that work. I’d take in a few pounds of pinto bean fudge to sell on the side to make me some drinking and smoking money. Then I got fired. Lord, I ain’t felt right ever since. I love me a hair net.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        God bless and preserve your kumquats, Meltcheesedik! What a pretty name! WhenEVER I’m in South Carolina, the Tar Baby State, I rush urgently to make a B.M. stop in that quaint and picturesque if smelly town, home of the best boiled peanut pizza a foodie can get, and keep down their throats! You probably KNOW that Burnt Melon had the last hair net factory in America until Unions, the Hairnetio-Industrial Complex and crooked politicians like Clinton, George Washington Carver and What’s-his-gay-face conspired together to ship those jobs overseas to Hawaii. Smooth moves, ex-laxes! If your rack is still OK you could try Furr’s Cafeterias, they are almost always hiring… because the raisins in the carrot salad are laced with strychnine, since they come from North Carolina. (Just don’t eat any carrot salad on the sly, ha ha ha)

    • Linda says:

      Blame Corker and the whole Teaparty movement. VW was screwed over by him and I don’t blame them for not wanting anything further to do with him or his kind after the power-play Corker did with them and their employees. Too bad for all the employees. I hope once VW makes plans to relocate in another state, that they will give the TN employees the opportunity to relocate. I don’t think they’d be losing too much by leaving TN.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Blame blame blame, but still there go the cafeteria lady jobs. I guess we’ll just have to wait andTennes-SEE who loses what. So sad.

    • Collin Coffelt says:

      Lillian, you should be thanking your state’s republicans for THEIR INTERFERANCE in VW’s business. You know, their anti-union comments and implied threats to jobs? You sound like a typical digit repukelican….
      VW wants the union (Guild as they’re generally called in the EU) in their plant for a variety of reasons, the largest said by a brass statue in the reception area of Mercedes-Benz.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        I am NOT a Republican! Those people eat in cafeterias with democrats and other bucket-hole headed communists…NO THANKS! I despise labels, unless they are printed on stylish purses, but if pushed up against a brick wall by a criminal voter at gunpoint I’d describe myself as a libertarian-leaning Independent voter, who always votes Republican. See the difference? COLLIN!!!! ARE YOU BLIND, COLLIN?!?!!!! Sorry, I mean pssst, C o l l i n! Psst……a r e….. y o u……..d e a f, C o l l i n ? Whatever your handicaps are, I , and The National Report, value our reader’s responses, super-especially the comprehensibly written ones, which unfortunately are usually the dead wrong ones, but there you have it. And while I super-duper-appreciate your analysis of the union vote at the plant, I stand by my apportionment of the blame regarding the loss of Cafeteria Lady jobs. Senator Corker is indeed a lying partisan weasel-faced lint licker, and unions, because, but while both paved the way only VW owns this road, and they can lie on it in the dark for all I care. Sounds like an insurance scam to me.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        I get a lot of cheap shots lobbed at me, it is par for the course in the business I’m in, but what I DON”T get very often, and take huffy umbrage to, is the charge that I sound “Typical” of anything. CAN”T YOU READ???!!!???

    • stephen sivonda says:

      Lillian, don’t swear at the VW management. What’s going on is the fault of Corker and the Governor and the other dumb politicians in TN. that opened their yaps with threats and false statements. I feel sorry that many , such as the Caf. staff and others that had nothing to do with the voting are to be affected by it. Call up your Gov. and swear at him. I’ll add that you are over reacting , “their lives are ruined” …It was plain as day that the company wanted the union for a Works Council. . Also, I find it unusual that you’d say God Bless, than do an obvious cuss word right after that . Good Christian., are you?

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        The National Report is saddened to report news of Lillian Fabricant’s death, by apparent suicide, following accusations of improperly projecting her christian values in the eyes of one of her readers who knew God better, and we urge readers, in lieu of flowers to send a donation to one of the many following charities Ms. Fabricant was associated with throughout her – no wait, she woke up? Why’d she fall asleep? Well, can you ask her? Here, let ME see the post, I’ll be the judge ofZZZZZZzzzzzzz

    • Marcus Aurelius says:

      The Chattanooga plant doesn’t employ 13,000 people… just over 3,000.

      There is NOTHING in any major media source about the plant closing, and it is HIGHLY unlikely they would close their ONLY US plant, just because they voted a union down.

      It’s a load of crap, and a false story.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        It’s pretty rude to call 10,000 people less than human just because VW won’t recognize the union they voted against. Eugenics is alive and well out there I’m saddened to say. :(

    • MooCow says:

      Eff VW? Seriously?

      You allowed your dumb-asses to be scared right out of your jobs by a bunch of lying, thieving whackos. The company told you over and over again you were being lied to. You were warned. Now deal with the consequences.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Yes, that is exactly what VW did. Amazingly, they came right out and said, point blank, and repeatedly, that they were lying to us. They warned us of their lies, bragging like there is a WINNER somewhere in this for do-nothing unions, inept VW mamagement and weasel-faced, combed-over, lint-licking, bucket hole-headed politicians drunk on bourbon balls, but still people defend their Germanly Efficient attack on mostly harmless Cafeteria Ladies ANY WAY THEY CAN! Well, when they taped Mitt Romney in a hair-down, no hairnet moment of Kolub candor, he had to deal with those consequences. Not everyone is just half as stupid as they and you and are counting on, but I am not, on my fingers OR my toes! NO THANKS! some of us just can’t bring ourselves to live in a world with their kind of MATH of history.

  2. Myra Montgomery says:

    I’m an employet @vw and have been for four yrs now..I work with the UAW and us an observer in the election and counted the votes for this election..I will say I was sick to my stomach. I voted Yes and the anti-union supporters made fun of me and others..now who’s laughing? HowdHow dumb are they to let a wealthy white businessman ruin our chances for a better life. WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK…FIGHT BACK…SLAVERY IS OVER!!!! I’M PROUD TO SAY I VOTE YES FOR SOLIDARITY!!!! IT’S MY RIGHT!!! I ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO SO..This is Myra Montgomery a Final Quality Inspector @ Volkswagen of Chattanooga

    • K. Little says:

      Good for you, Myra! You know that a few Republicans funded by out-of-state demagogues, the Koch brothers, shouldn’t be allowed to run a business, much less buy elections across the country. Preach it, Ms. Myra!

    • Solidarity Forever says:

      Well said Myra

    • Eddy Cheek says:

      Good for you. people have got to relearn what workers learned over a hundred years ago. Workers have to stick together.

    • Ed says:

      “a Final Quality Inspector @ Volkswagen of Chattanooga”
      Heh, not anymore!

    • stephen sivonda says:

      Myra, bless you. I’d say that if anyone is angry, the blame lies with the politicians the used lies and innuendo to intimidate any fencesitters, and I’m sure there where a bunch. Then you have the employees that just hate the idea of paying a paltry amount of checkoff dues and don’t think they’ll ever need a Union Steward for some reason.
      I found it astonishing that VW made it plain as day that they wanted a union for the Work Council program …and yet those jackassed politicians had to interfere. By the way, I’m retired and had almost 35 years in the IAM- Machinists. Walked the picket line 2 different contract times.

    • MooCow says:

      Myra, you were certainly on the right side of this issue. Anti-Union sentiment had its Waterloo in SC and I’m proud of VW’s decision to pull out of the South. Just sorry that good people such as yourself were caught up in this mess.

  3. Dave says:

    Horrible news for the city of Chattanooga. Senator Corker deserves jail time for KNOWINGLY MISLEADING these workers into voting against their own interests, what a disgrace!

  4. PPL will believe anything says:

    Of course everyone knows that this is an opinion of a UNION SUPPORTER who is trying to stir up crap because they are sore losers.

    MYRA – Shame on you if you do wish this on your co workers. What an effect it would have on them and your family and friends.

    So what Corkers said is different than the the threat made by Bernd Osterloh before and after the elections. Isn’t that the same thing? Grow up!!!!!!! It is not about a white man trying to enslave anyone. Many Different ethnic groups voted against it. Is your own people trying to enslave you as well?

    This is why the vote was NO!!!!! Its this type of UNION MENTALITY that turns people away.
    This makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How stupid are people.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      YEAH! Lies that help business don’t hurt people. Unions do. Unless they don’t. FUVW! FUVW! FUVW!

    • K. Little says:

      You really have no clue how much unions have improved this country. Without them we’d have no workplace safety, no unemployment insurance, no worker’s comp, no living wage (although that has eroded with the erosion of unions.) You are foolish enough to fallen for liars and crooks who label things and then get you to believe that those labels are bad. I would pity you, but you are the reason why this country is dying, and so I resent your ignorance. You are poorly educated and can’t apply basic critical thinking to tell the difference between rhetoric and reality. And you are most definitely not a patriotic American.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Its sad when ANYONE is foolish enough to fall for liars, esp. ones who put their names all over their furniture with those clicky dyna-label dealies, because that apple green tape is HARD to find, even on ebay. But America is full of problems. But don’t feel bad for being foolish, just carry banana peels in your purse, and when you fall for something just dump them out and blame it on the Pollacks. Sorry, I meant Ukranians.

      • Marvin McConoughey says:

        I have some clue as to union contributions to the nation: Many were instrumental in better working conditions, lower hours, greater safety, etc. All this is well documented. Unions also contributed to higher corporate operating costs, labor strike uncertainty, and very hostile relations in some companies. This is also well documented.

        None of this convinces me that posters with whom I disagree are “poorly educated and can’t apply basic critical thinking to tell the difference between rhetoric and reality. Nor do I attribute a lack of patriotism to the many posters who disagree with my views. After all, I might be wrong.

        • Linda says:

          The thing is…if a company WANTS a union in THEIR plant…and they make that well known…why in the hell would the employees that care about their job not vote it in???? And why would a top elected official of the state do all he could to convince employees to vote against it, knowing it would go against what this company wanted??? I guess none of those involved really wanted the jobs to remain in the state of TN, and maybe not even in the US at all. Way to go TN…a loss of thousands of well-paying manufacturing jobs thanks to a few, and thing is…that few that are the cause of the loss are trying their best to blame it on others. Your co-workers that are now without a job, know who to blame…

        • Collin Coffelt says:

          Marvin, don’t forget that unions fought, abt 2-3 yrs ago against the republican attempt to repeal Taft-Hartley AND gut OSHA. Last year, they tried to get rid of OT wage laws for a piece of legislation that would have completely screwed the American worker. Who fought those back? THE UNIONS.
          Everything you anti-union types enjoy as workers came out of the actual blood of union members and organisers like the Triangle fire.

      • right wing american says:

        Are you stupid? This is 2014. Take a good look at Detroit, how’s the AWU looking up there. Listen be greatful you have a good Job. The very first Union worker that wasn’t satisfied with his Job and thought he was worth more than he was getting paid, and thought he should have the boss’s job was SATAN. he got what he had coming to him. Thrown off the job… You over weight, lazy, ass leaching, living breathing human parasites, that make up the Demonic rat party. If its to hard on you just Quit. Then you can do just as your daddy done. Make that long hard walk out to the mail box on the 1st and the 15th. That’s really what you want anyway…

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          If and when I want to turn into a pillar of salt I’ll take a one-eyed peep at Detroit, nice try ATTEMPTED MURDERER! I can tell you own your own business, which is surprising because you are obviously a woman. Sorry, but the National Report doesn’t have time to give you a backrub, but I suggest not spending all day with a finger in your miniblind bent over spying on your neighbors and wishing you had the courage to do it with a fat black welfare lesbian instead of getting the cheating on your taxes done.

        • Pete Rector says:

          You need to get your facts straight. Detroit was ruined by incompetent, corrupt, and ignorant politicians. Underfunded, mismanaged, and ripped off pension plans are not the unions fault. The elected officials in charge squandered resources and their ineptness failed to provide for the future despite warning, from unions among many others, That is why Detroit is in the shape it is today

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            I quite agree. While I would certainly never feel safe anywhere within the city limits, Detroit has an EXCELLENT history of Cafeteria Lady treatment related issues. AB 211,The Absurd Hairdo Protection Initiative, easily passed with high levels of support among the public, managing to receive an endorsement from the NOTORIOUSLY anti-government Association of Republican Hairnet-Wearers Against Taxpayer Abuse. If other municipalities would take a lesson from Detroit on how to treat a Cafeteria Lady properly, maybe THEIR cities could someday claim to be the home of something just as good as The Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Square. Dream HARD, America!

        • Lizzie Lou says:

          I am not sure someone who can spell grateful or understands what words to capitalize should be calling anyone else stupid. If it were one or two mistakes, it could be discounted as typos. However, there were so many it was clearly a sign of your lack of education. Also, if you think that words like Demonic rat party make you seem clever, you are wrong. You basically did nothing more than support many people’s believe that the right are uneducated sheep who will fall for any line they are given with your post.

        • Bill Clement says:

          Yup, you’re a right-wing american; dumber than a box of rocks.

        • Linda says:

          You idiot…it’s you and your right-wing Teaparty know-it-alls that cost the state of TN and thousands of workers their jobs…congratulations ;)

      • Former Marine says:

        And it worked so well in Detroit… he he

        • Billybob says:

          Your all idiots that say just look at Detroit. Unions had nothing to do with the downfall, it was done by crooked leaders in Detroit. Big three are all posting big profits, so good job detroit, and unions.

    • MooCow says:

      Apparently you are one of those people who will believe anything. 1. The company made it clear it wanted their employees to have representation. 2. The plant will now close because of the no vote.

      Who would of thought it would be VW to finally break the back of this anti-union bullshit?

      VW, I know this experience has soured you on The South, but if you give Atlanta area workers a chance, we’d love to have you. I’d be the first applicant.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Great, a VW that is sticky with Coke A Cola, just what the nation needs. Those things would do wonders at reducing CO2 emissions, you think?

  5. Dear John says:

    This is the biggest piece of Bologna I have ever read. Do you actually think that VW is going to walk away from their $1.5 Billion investment in Tennessee because the Union did not get voted in? Thats ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as some of the comments here about the unfair labor practices of Bob Corker. I think it is hilarious that the UAW is crying foul after VW Management allowed them into the plant to campaign for 9 days before the election, let them set up offices and information booths in the cafeteria and told all managers to be nuetral and not opposse them and YOU STILL LOST. If you cant get elected with those circumstances you never will. Maybe you should go try to organize Waste Management and take up the cause of those poor sanitary workers.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      I hope you aren’t blind Dear John, because if you are reading Bologna instead of eating it you’ve probably got ants all around your light switches. Or do you do “cold” PSYCHIC readings of ‘cold’ cuts? There’s a salami in my fridge I’m pretty sure is haunted, because something is turning on and off the light bulb in my refrigerator and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it freaked me out a little bit, like the prospects of unions do. SATAN, GET THEE BEHIND ME! But not with that Salami, of course. Gross.

    • Big says:

      I suppose it was the Union that is forcing VW to close. Simple fact is you people at VW were to stupid to think for yourself and had to listen to an ignorant politicion and what he said to decide your vote. Now your going to get what you got coming to you-no job how patheic are you. And for those of you that still blame the Union for your plant closing bring out the true meaning of dumb hillbilly.
      Union man forever!

    • MooCow says:

      And when they pull out, you can laugh all the way to the unemployment office.

  6. Clarence Atterton says:

    This is just UAW rhetoric that they wanted to put out because they are challenging the vote.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      You have a musical name, Clarence Atterton, it sounds like the noise made by an armful of pots and pans and pot and pan lids being thrown down an escalator, or maybe a spoon wedged into the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Thanks for your reader input, The National Report values ALL its reader’s responses!

    • Linda says:

      Ask the employees that are already getting their pink slips…

  7. janice ryken says:

    As a journalist I’m ashamed of this irresponsible piece of “news.” my husband works for Volkswagenas an engineer.
    The only news today was that the NLRB had agreed to investigate. There is not one shred of truth that the plant is closing. How dare you publish such an inaccuracy? Get your facts straight!

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Well if a lady whose husband drives a Volkswaginas train for a living writes something in her diary, that’s good enough for me, and should be for anything else germans tell Americans to believe. Pardon our investigative journalism, but we are not used to shredding the truth here, and defer to your expertise. Everyone please follow Janice to her national news website RIGHT AWAY.

  8. Hemi says:

    One word: Detroit!!!! Unions screwed it!!!
    Also, there have never been children allowed to hang out anywhere in that plant… (I was there for 18 mo.)No badge, not getting through the turnstiles, kids or UAW!! LOL…. keep blowing union smoke Lill !!!!!

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      I don’t know how anyone could get that I’m PRO union from my outrage over what they, VW and the politicians have all done TOGETHER to the people that feed them and wipe up all their slobby spills day in and day out. You all must have gone to some union school for the thinking challenged. Also, the one thing every cafeteria lady (and fag) I spoke to had to say in common was: thanks for the lousy christmas tip LOSERS. So yeah, enjoy your automobiles, FUVWvenuegin-entitled LOSERS.

    • Big says:

      Hemi what an IDIOT!

  9. 40 hour week says:

    Well, I can see that many lessons that were learned years ago have been forgotten by the younger and older work force. Do a little research people, when there are no unions do you really think you will be able to still receive any kind of fair and honest representation from money hungry companies and over paid Politicians. That is the way it was in this country not too long ago, that is exactly why men and women stood together to bring about union solidarity, be cause it is a necessary evil, needed to deal with over handed companies. As unions cease to exist all these truths will come crashing back to you. Your wages will decrease as well as your benefits. Working conditions will deteriorate. Human and company greed will out strip your working conditions and wages. All the conditions that are now enjoyed because of union comparison’s and competition will be gone there will be no standards, You will be at the mercy of the companies and there cronies. At least with a union you will have, reps that are your own people at the plant on your side. Working with the company backed by your money that will represent you thru labor law. It doesn’t matter to me I worked and fought as a union member all my life and now enjoy a very lucrative retirement, something you will never see, it seems. You have allowed union haters to sell you down the river. Well I feel sorry for you, because you have accepted less, and sold yourselves cheaply. Good luck to you it will definitely come back to bite you in your hind end…..

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      The 40 hour week sounds depressed. WAKE UP!!!! HEY HEY HEY!!!! You should be RECESSED , not depressed, don’t you read the paper?

  10. STFU u stupid ass- get a life, and get a job if ya can

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      FUVW, tell it to the cafeteria ladies that haven’t suicided yet…OH NO, you can’t tell them to get a life, because VW, the unions and Politicians killed them. EFF YOU VW!

  11. Kiss my ass says:

    Haha all these union lies still continue!
    Unions are like Obama full is shit and lies!

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      I would NOT advise you getting a big close up of Obama to curse and hiss at and stab with your finger accusingly, Kiss my ass, because I’m more than a little concerned that you have mistaken your toilet bowl for That Darn Obama, or a union. If you’ve been at this a while, you may need to see a doctor for some antibiotics, or some Pure-L disinfectant. Hope you have health coverage!

    • right wing american says:

      Kiss my ass, has got it exactly right! All those pro union, ass leaching, living breathing human parasites. DETROIT’S calling. Or maybe those Steel mills in Pennsylvania? Or bankrupt California unions. You know anywhere there is a Demonic-rat and unions are sucking the life out of our country. I hired couple of layed off union so called workers from TVA.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Trans-Vaginal-Androgynes have an excellent reputation for good oral and anal, my guess is that you just weren’t doing it right. If you paid too much try not masturbating for a few days before your next session, and STOP eating the oyster SHELLS dummy.

  12. Robert Barger says:

    Lillian Fabricant. This can’t be your real name. Do you work for UAW?

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Its a jewish name, thanks for asking. I’m named after a relative who didn’t make it out of an argument with German Efficiency in an un-negotiated dispute with the light rail industry. We don’t choose our parents but there you have it. Barger, what’s that now? Smells Canadian. Sometimes your number gets called, sometimes it doesn’t. good Luck.

  13. Joseph says:

    I don’t think any of you know what you’re talking about. It was never about the Union! It was about UAW. We (obviously a majority of my fellow employees and I) didn’t want UAW to represent us as part of a union. The anti-UAW site http://www.no2uaw.com says nothing about being anti-union. It’s anti UAW. Some of us would be interested or atleast not wholly against a union or works- council style representation. It was UAW we wanted to keep out of our pockets. If you don’t work there or for a supplier who would be affected, its really not any of your concern. keep your rumor mongering to yourselves.

    • aspekx says:

      and … wrong. if you don’t think this will have an economic impact not only on Chattanooga but the region, then you might want to consider a night school class in economics. it’s everyone’s business.

      (we won’t add the obvious regional impact that it will have on unions in the SE US. and in turn the economic impact higher wages and representation bring.)

  14. Richard says:

    To the Volkswagen executives: If you’re really set on moving to another state, think about Flint Michigan. We’ll except you with open arms and sincere welcome to our city.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Sounds like Flint Michigan needs another hug! AWwww. There there, honey, let it all out. But honestly, aren’t we all feeling a little squeezed out these days? I mistook a VW Van once for a roll of Charmin Bath Tissue, and I can tell you that won’t be happening again. Squeezably soft MY ASS! Exactly. NO THANKS!

  15. Tony says:

    If you have a chance to vote in a union and you don’t you are just plain ignorant!

  16. Eric says:

    “People like to hear what they like to hear” is alive and well. MSNBC is based on that.

  17. AndieP74 says:

    This is COMPLETE FICTION. Totally made up out of whole cloth, probably soft worn crotch denim.


    This is a SATIRE SITE. It has nothing to do with the actual events.

    The company and the union are both requesting the Feds to review the influence and set aside the vote if there was “undue pressure” from elected officials, which is against FEDERAL LAW.

    Someone pretty up above made some idiotic remarks about “kenyan socialism”… Yet another PRETTY, IGNORANT CRETIN who can’t seem to get the message that in 1961 THERE WAS NO KENYA! It was a BRITISH COLONY. And the President is no more a socialist than he is king of the fairies.

    I am so disgusted by the willfully ignorant who try to excuse their inherent racism by making ridiculous accusations against the GAY President.

    The ONLY WELFARE is the cash subsidies going to HUGELY PROFITABLE CORPORATIONS who are stealing American jobs so they can pay themselves VWillions.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      CALM DOWN, Angie! You’ll fill your face full of stress wrinkles typing up a hurricane in a hotflash like that! Nobody wants that, for your face. Your passion is commendable, but we try to keep a clear line between facts and opinion here at The National Report. If Kenya didn’t exist back whenever you are talking about, what are you so worked up about it for? My point was that it was a BAD thing to have to suck socialist teat, and also have to watch your girlfriends from work and other old ladies you don’t really know doing that. Gross! Can’t you read?

  18. TQJ says:

    Way to go Corker and the job killing GOP…Republican Record on Shipping American Jobs Overseas – http://thegavel.democraticleader.house.gov/?p=5433

  19. Jane says:

    @ Lilian Fabricant – your ire at VW is grossly misdirected, but pretty. I suggest you look at the real cause of possible closure of your purse: Senator Corker made statements and promises that swayed the workers’ vote on the new spring belts and accessories line.

    Also, there aren’t 13,000 plant workers. The article stated “The plant employs roughly 3200 Volkswagen employees with more than 9500 indirect supplier employees . . . “

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Thank you Jane. I appreciate your analysis of the union vote at the plant, though I stand by my apportionment of the blame regarding the loss of Cafeteria Lady jobs. Senator Corker is indeed a lying partisan weasel-faced lint licker, and unions, because, but while both paved the way only VW owns this road, and they can lie on it in the dark for all I care. Sounds like an insurance scam to me. I wouldn’t want to put words and enormous numbers in your mouth, like that freaky deaky serial killer from that Silence of the lambs movie with those moths, remember?Yuck! So lets just agree to disagree about the union or non-union vote that took place about those over-engineered belts and scarves VW wants Americans to buy.

  20. thinkerbater says:

    Lunch Ladies are pretty! I know this may upset some of the selfish people who look to displace their rage onto a certain population segment i.e. unions, teachers, govt. employees., etc. but these people are NOT responsible for this mess.

    Here, let me try to make this more simple for those who may not comprehend this. Anyone who has EVER, at ANY time, paid attention or studied economics of “capitalism” at ALL realizes that in capitalism there are only 2 segments of the population. These two, are Capital and Labor.

    Since the majority of the population has little to no capital or access to means of productions, they sell their “labor” at a price to be able to use said means of production. Thus, this segment of the population is able to survive.

    Capital, the other faction in the equation, are those whom own the means of production and possess “capital” for which to invest. Thus, Capital, employs the use of labor so that it may continue to thrive.

    Now, notice how each of those descriptions end. One ends to survive, and the other to thrive. Inherently, since profit (for those uneducated, true profit is an act of creation and addition of value, not a high-speed trading program) in this physical world is inarguably limited, when either side gains an advantage it comes at the disadvantage of the opposing class.

    Now to the point. Economics is governed by another law known as ‘supply and demand’. How S&D fit into the equation is where our story truly begins in terms of globalization. I’m sure anyone reading this has been paying attention for a decent period of time so it comes as no shock to hear “our” (see Their) media exclaim of the benefits of globalization.

    And Yes, globalization does have benefits, but only for the capital class. Back to the concept of S&D. In a free market, prices and wages are set by the consumer and the market based on value, and this is where the agreed upon compensation between employee (Labor), and employer (Capital) is formed. As history as well as statistics has shown, wealth tends to aggregate toward a small percentage over time thus providing leverage for which capital may negotiate their prices.

    Imagine a small city, and in this city are 100 people. Now out of these 100 people, only 5 belong the Capital class, and the other 95 belong to labor. Now what do you suppose happens, when all of the other 95 people, with no means of production (see manufacturing)are able to survive, eat, and afford shelter only by becoming employed through said Capital class. No problems yet right?

    Next we’ll add an extra dose of reality to our example by saying that these 5 Capital owners only have a need for 85 employees and not 95. (See Unemployment rate of approx 10%)[Or if you really read between the lines, they do have a need for atleast 90, but will pronounce in various 'owned' media publications how times have been rough for them so they can only hire 85] Well the employees begin offering their services to Capital for lower and lower rates, because as we can see their is a heavy demand for such employment if it the only way to SURVIVE and eat. Now what happens one year later to our town? Well, Capital, has gone through the city and has searched the lowest bidders, and then proceeded to explain to the unemployed if they will not lower their bid (Wages) to meet the reductions of other citizens, than they will remain unemployed.

    Now the whole town is awash with chaos as wages continue to decrease through demand, but prices remain the same and the people who now have employment, don’t have enough resources. They must now choose, will they eat, or will they have a place to live… and thats just the beginning…

    Now, the real question… How can this time tested fact/tragedy of the economics of capitalism in which Capital, using shortages (real or artificial) to take advantange of and exploit labor, be prevented.

    Well for those of you who still haven’t gotten it, its called COLLECTIVE BARGAINING. Now let me make this even more painfully clear. Here’s how our example goes in our small town with COLLECTIVE BARGAINING (See unions). Well now, our 5 members of the Capital class have decided to go around town to find the lowest bidder so that their profit margins can be as high as physically attainable. Unfortunately, and to their suprise, Labor, as a society, rather than fighting amonst themselves, paid attention to what Capital did the last town they came through, and instead of fighting each other to see who can be paid the least, they decided to form a COLLECTIVE BARGAINING Agreement (See union).

    All 95 of the towns people recognize the need to work and desire to do so. They also realize that capital maintains leverage while they are divided and competing amongst themselves, but should they be able to reconcile their (meaningless) d…ifferences with each other and if they ALL agree to REFUSE to work for any amount of $$ (money), less than said agreement, then the power of balance and leverage now swing in the opposite direction. Now Capital has two choices, let itself die (or as Gerald Celente likes to say, “take a hair cut” because production shuts down with out the needed labor input. Or Option 2, they agree to pay fair and reasonable wages. Now, while capital remains profitable(See Thriving), Labor, now has the resources it needs to not only afford shelter, food, and fuel, but now has capital of its own to use to invest in society, and perhaps escape the bondage known as wage- slavery. Now Labor AND Capital thrive!!

    America, really the world, is like the above mentioned town. We have two choices, we can thrive together, or we can complain, blame, and displace our feelings of true cause of society’s problems.

    Sure its the “greedy teachers” or the “evil labor unions” or “those people who have a different skin tone or religion than ‘us”. Its all their fault.

    Perhaps, rather than being critical of people whom have the spine and courage to stand up, shake off the chains of division and hatred, and truely fight for a better future, perhaps, you should rethink, whether or not you are the problem…NOT them.

    One last point: The finances of all 50 states as well as the federal entity are beyond repair. Aside from a bankruptcy which clears the fiat debt heaped onto our society, there is little to nothing reduced benifits or spending cuts can do.

    Yes, something must be done to fix our fiscal soundness. But, NO, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT the correct solution to force “austerity” on ANY segment of the population. We may have run into fiscal trouble, but our solution to this problem needs to come from an entirely different archetype.

    For centuries, organized capital has exploited the divided common people and aggregated as much power and wealth as it could, from whatever source was easiest to take it from. Do you understand why the elite are referred to as INTERNATIONAL Bankers? Because they have no allegiance to any country.

    Would you like to know why they are so eager to set up a one world government? Because they are AFRAID of the Power of the state (please do not associate our current fascistic regime with the word state, I am referring to “the state” as any free government that understands quite well the laws of economics and employs safeguards(and regulations) to level the playing field between capital and labor. The state is one of the only vehicles with enough wealth, resources, and power that can prevent the “Giant Vampire Squid” from sucking the life out of humanity.

    Now second only to the state in power to protect citizens of the Labor class, are the unions. So if you want to erase one of the last vestiges of power that the Labor class has to defend itself, please feel free. But perhaps history may not agree with your interpretation of the solution.

    So I rebuke you, and say that those fighting against the people protesting the cuts, are the ones whom are mentally unfit. No, it is not possible for a government or entity to spend more than it has forever, but asking the citizens of state to pay for this fiat “debt” is akin to this example.

    Imagine a family, a father, a mother, and two sons sitting together around a dinner table (yes in America, I know this is a shocking concept that may be hard to imagine) discussing their new budget. As it turns out one of the sons recently placed some huge bets on a new gambling attraction in New York called Toxic MBS. Unfortunately he leveraged himself to the hilt prior to going and after losing, he now owes millions. Well like good parents they say, our child is “too big to fail” so we’ll bail him out. And so they do, thus liquidating their retirement, 401k, IRA, and all other investments including a beach house and all of their property other than the house they live in.

    The parents now have tough choices, as the amount they raised to cover the bad bets still was short of the figure necessary to clear the debt. They decide to take on emergency loans with astronomical interest, as there is no other way to raise capital, but they have no choice since those are all they are approved for. Now looking at their income statement and balance sheet, the family realizes they now have to cut back on their lifestyle drastically since the interest is so high on all of their loans.

    Ok so what gets cut from the budget? Does dad cut his Martial arts classes? He swears they are for self-defense but the majority of the classes are really about aggressive and confrontational “interventionalism”?

    Does mom cut her HomeYard Security Budget, which she swears prevents terrorists from destroying the garden, but she has no actual proof?

    Ok well surely they wouldn’t cut funding to little Johnny’s music class would they? And they definitely wouldn’t cut back on how much they pay for food for their children, not when they could cut back on just those two and have more than enough to at least temporarily alleviate the fiscal burdens, right?

    Unfortunately though, The Answer, if you live anywhere in the western world is YES. The only items on the budget that are cut are ones whom affect the children. But hey who cares, we don’t have to acknowledge their input, their just children, useless eaters really…

    And that is what you are asking. You are asking the children of the American family (and please do not interpret that condescendingly, it is used only in relation to above story), to stop their education, and deal with “eating a little less”, because they don’t want candy, they just want to achieve atleast slightly above sustenance.

    Conclusion: Read the REAL history of labor day. And since certain people seem to be incapable of understanding, I’ll use your own example. Guess what? If you want to sacrifice your own and others well being and dissolve society’s protection against exploitation, then please, LET ME BE THE MATURE ADULT and step in and say:

    “Lunch Ladies are pretty!”

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      EXACTLY, Thinkyourbetter! Probably. I’ll take your word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word for it.

  21. Tyler Schaeffer says:

    There reason for all the certifications there for safety and to understand you know what your doing. Paying dues is nothing if ur working u have a guy/lady that’s going to back ur ass up threw anything so your less likly too loose your job. I know I don’t have a voice I’m only 23 but to move the plant to Mexico. Isn’t a million dollars or billion dollar anuff for the owner of vw…??

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      That’s a great attitude to have, even if VW won’t listen. Cafeteria Ladies understand JUST where you are coming from, and there’s always an extra half of a grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwich for someone with their head screwed on straight. Just don’t rat them out to management, or the plant closure will be entirely your fault.

  22. Jeff says:

    Good! Now those stupid workers who were dumb enough to listen to the Repulicans will reap what they sowed, I have no sympathy for them at all. I’m sure Michigan or California will be happy to have VW come to their state, in fact I’m sure other states have already contacted VW will lucrative offers to relocate. I hope the south goes down in economic flames, perhaps then the stupid idiots who keep voting Republican will finally wake up and vote the sobs out of office.

  23. Dwain Holman says:

    Build in Wisconsin, We love the UAW , & all Unions !!!!!!!!!

  24. HughMorris says:

    Listen carefully, VW. I will NOT buy cars, services or products from ANY company that is affiliated with UAW. Whatever happens in Germany is one thing. If you unionize, you will not get my money.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      What about when you get OUT of prison? Its not so easy to avoid purchasing a VW car, or just lease one, on the outside.

  25. Well it looks like they got what they wanted nothing.Try cashing that
    you lowlife Republicans.Wait until 13,000 people in your state are
    unemployed good job. Maybe some of your ignorant crap will go out
    the door,

  26. You know what the funny part is if you work for Walmart in the US you are at the poverty line.If you work for Walmarts in Germany you get medical and dental and vacations and overtime pay. You what Walmart still makes money in Germany. The workers are not at
    fault those who lead bear responsibility.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      You were TERRIFIC in “Wicked”! I cried when they dropped that house on you, after that ultra-sad, super-soprano finale number song! When you finally stopped singing, you could hear all the dogs outside the theater howling for like 20 minutes!

  27. Hugh Morris you can keep your fifty cents VW will get along fine without chump change

  28. Truthspew says:

    I think Volkswagen should seriously start looking at abandoned auto plants in the northeast and midwest say Chicago, Detroit etc. We’d be willing to let them uninonize if they desire.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      I’m a little nervous for our …smarter, unathletically inclined…children whenever I hear proposals involving VW looking into abandoned facilities near trains. I mean, yeah, all their artwork is just hanging on the fridge, but still…

  29. Pepe says:

    The top 4 Union Labor States are: New York, Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington State. New York ranks 10th in education, 16th in house hold Income and is the 15th healthiest state. Hawaii ranks 19th in education, 8th in house hold income and is the healthiest state. Alaska ranks 28th in education, 3rd in house hold income and 25th in health. Washington State ranks 12th in education, 12th in house hold income, and 14th in health. Tennessee a right to work state, ranks 45th in house hold income, ranks 42nd in health, and 43rd in education. Why would a business want to come to Tennessee? for our poorly educated work force, or for our unhealthy employees, or for our low house hold incomes, that can’t afford to by their product? Yeah, Unions would kill our state. There is not much lower we can go.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      No matter how many times I try to follow your advice, I cannot get this lock to open. Are you SURE about this combination?

  30. David says:

    VW really f@#$%ed this one up. The issue is less about some kind of representation, and more about NOT wanting to be affiliated with the UAW. If VW had approached the employees about a workers council that was independent of the UAW, VW would not be having to make such decisions that will ruin the lives of 13.000 people…

    • Chuck W says:

      The worker voted got what they wanted and now have to live with there decision, and VW has to do what it has to do and that is to thrive as it has done for years and the people of Tenn. just plan told VW to stick it and we will do what we want not what you want kind of like everyone’s perception of a union ( how ironic)

  31. billybobjoefredsue says:

    VW should pack up and head north to Canada where the educated autoworkers reside. Y’all dumb hicks who love Right to Work legislation are nothing more than sheep who think some guy in a cave brought down the towers. LMFAO

  32. Chuck W says:

    I have a hard time understanding…why as a plant employee wouldn’t want a healthy working relationship with my employer? The way I read everything the UAW was only going to be involved with wages and benefits and the council will take care of everything else. Also Tenn. is a right to work state which means you do not have to belong to the union if it was elected in and still enjoy all of the benefits and representation as if you were a member with out paying dues…So why would you not vote a union in that is obvious wanted by the employer. not pay dues and enjoy all of the benefits as if you were a member? Also remember being a union member dose not mean you are going to make $50.00 a hour you will make a fair wage and benefits that everyone involved with has came to a mutual agreement. And one last thing being a union member dose not guarantee your job not all unions have seniority where people can become lazy

    Union Member
    SMART Local 20

  33. Chris says:

    I don’t understand why VW is closing the plant.
    The Union is useless in today’s world. The workers do not want to pay into a Union that does nothing for them.
    Today we have all kinds of worker’s rights, EPA, OSHA etc… To make sure there are safe work environments and countless other organizations to make sure your rights aren’t infringed upon.

    Sounds like a bunch of politics at at a level we will never hear about.

    • Chuck W says:

      sorry but OSHA, EPA etc. have been the target of government cost cutting and there are too few people to enforce the rules they have written

  34. whisperfoot says:

    VW bring some jobs to Michigan. We love the UAW here! This is where it all started. Please don’t build anymore plants south of Ohio, it seems that the level of intellect and ability to freely think for ones self ends just south of Toledo. Our Gov. (name not spoken here) passed right to work legislation in closed door meetings. We will be electing a new Gov. this year, his name is Mark Shauer. I am absolutely positive that he would be more than welcome to the idea of getting 10k+ jobs in our state. We have the plants, the skills and generations of experienced automotive families. Now would be a good time to start negotiations with the new Gov. To all of you that voted down the union, HAHAHAHA! See what you get when you just listen like sheep and don’t think for yourselves? Probably still don’t get it, oh well. Michigan welcomes VW.

  35. Diana Howe says:

    Golly Chattanooga, How’s that right to work State thing working out? oh well, Wal-Mart is probably Hiring.

  36. Gary Young says:

    VW and other industries might want to consider “the Crossroads of America” for their next production and distribution point for America. East coast to west coast I-40 & Canada to Gulf Coast I-49, Arkansas River navigation & major railroad & airports.Plenty of open land with plenty of people wanting factory work. Alma, Arkansas.

  37. Cal Maniscalco says:

    Come to Windsor Ontario.

    • Mike Adams says:

      Right on, Cal. These backwoods inbreds have no clue what has been won for them, directly or indirectly, through the collective bargaining process of the labour movement. They think it just exists, without anyone ever fighting for it. Southern governments are backwards. Getting involved in a union certification process where they have no business interfering just shows that they don’t want jobs in the South. But that’s ok. Some other jurisdiction wants the jobs. Maybe a nice Northern, progressive city, where they don’t go to church and dance with poisonous snakes.

  38. Ryan says:

    The UAW leaders of today are a joke! They are in bed with the company and they have given back too many concessions. Our founders created the 8 hr work week yet autoworkers today are forced to work 50+ hrs a week all the time.

  39. concerned says:

    This is just a perfect example of how the GOP and corrupt elite 1% trick people out of voting for their own interests. German companies care about their workers which is just strange for Americans, but also is a clear indicator how stupid people in the south can be.

    Coker should get jail time for his involvement against federal regulations banning influencing such a large group of jobs, and in this economy should get double jail time just for loosing jobs while still in this recession economy.

    Lillian Fabricant is or at least seems to me to be the victim of a concerted effort to portray her as a GOP troll, but WHY? Who would falsely attribute such, gosh, well i mean every foul word out of her pretty, apparantly hacked mouth is just GOP regurgitated nonsense from GOP and Faux News talking points of utter EPIC stupidity, why won’t they leave her alone?. It’s giving me way too many angry stress lines just thinking about the injustice. The more she protested the mistreatment of Cafeteria Ladies, the more they showed their troll/bot characteristics then any real human as terrific as pretty Lillian Fabricant ever would.

    If i would be obama i would push this incredible bit of horrible news out to the main stream media and would push it hard showing exactly how GOP corruption, unions and VW management costs all these Cafeteria Lady jobs, not to mention the damage done to Miss (Ms.? Mrs.?) Fabricant’s stellar reputation, but they dont care about you / me or anyone but their own pocket books.

    Im glad VW decided to say fuck them and close the plant , these douche bags need to learn that corruption will not be tolerated, and im glad VW brings with it to the USA plant german level of honoring and respecting their work force along with their merciless cold-blooded efficiency. Every market in USA should be so lucky to get a 1940’s-style chance like they gave them back then to help their workers be happy and secure employee’s, or else..

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s when unions were strong and still there the middle class grew and flourished and became financially better off then after evil Regan and his cronie capitalism which took away workers rights and benefits , allowing for low wages and even 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet is not a complete or coherent sentence, don’t you know.

    But the majority of the blame must also fall on the people who allowed themselves to be not only taken advantage of ( which now have no job … dumb fuc**rs) but also loss of an entire sub string of related jobs and related service offerings which will surely also be gone after the plant is gone, so they must also look in the mirror and take note of how stupid they really are and how easily they got played by the lying GOP nonsense peddlers.

    im sad they lost their jobs, Lillian, despite your gorgeous attempts to help them.

    even sadder that their that stupid, the stupid dummies.

    but mostly im glad VW stood by their morals to protect their plants workers and their prosperity and health and happiness, instead of being like the the majority of USA based corporations only looking to rape the american workers and pillage their livelihood by not giving a shit, most US based companies should learn a lesson from the VW standards and smarten up.

    VW should bring their plant to the western states or Canada where people care about other people and would welcome their honesty and integrity towards their workers and bring their prosperity to areas that would welcome those 13,000 + plus jobs and industry growth, thanks to the prettiness of Miss Lillian Fabricant, if for no other reason.

  40. cry cry wah wah says:

    You tea party morons make my penis cry

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      The National Report is an investigative news site, not a doctors office, and we are unable to help you with your request for antibiotics at this time.

  41. Craig says:

    Good Ole Republican times!

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      I couldn’t agree more! The only good Republican is an old Republican! Uh, wait, um…is this thing on?

  42. In case anyone needed more proof of the Liberals and Obama attempting to destroy what’s left of America, this is it!
    Not only have Liberals, Progressives, and Obama, pushed unemployment, crime, and tax rates to all-time highs, but now 13,000 more hard-working Americans are being sacrificed to the false god of nazi socialism, because they bravely refused to knuckle-under to outrageous demands of a GERMAN company that was started by HITLER, that they submit to “collective” bargaining, by joining some Commie union.
    And who supports unions? The Soviet Union? Duh!
    That’s what you get when you allow Libtards to run anything. 13,000 more lazy Southerners looking for hand-outs from the rest of us!
    Anyone care to guess how many new pick-up trucks, full of empty beer cans, will be parked in front of house trailers, once those welfare checks start rolling in?
    Well don’t say we didn’t warn you!

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      You have some real points there, coming out your head fast and furious(I LOVE car movies!), but what unions. libtards, false Nazis and Obama lookey-likeys always forget is that without a strong America to steal from, all they can get is the kind of dogfood meatloafs they are already eating. No WONDER they are so stupid and ‘indoorsy’!

      Southerners without strong fascist leadership are pretty much doomed, no matter how much of Paula Dean gets amputated in the name of boo-hoo-betes. If only we had a REAL nazi like Reagan or more of the Reagan-like Putin running things for us, leading us, then this country wouldn’t be in the terrible shape Obama found it in before destroying it because he doesn’t like to work or ride a bear like Putin can, hard!

      Until VW gets out of the car business and learns how to build a better oven we’ll be mousetrapped in America, banging on the doors of true patriots like Joseph McT. Party’s house, demanding his old coffee grounds and orange peels like Marie Antoinette in a hobo costume.

      NO THANKS!

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