Tupac Gay Rumors Resurface – Former Homosexual Companion Comes Forward With Alleged Love Letters

Tupac Gay Love Letter

I Took It Upon Myself To Compare Eskiah’s Letter With A Proven Handwriting Sample Of Shakur’s

<NR>Just days before the anniversary of late rapper Tupac Shakur’s demise, new rumors surface concerning the star’s supposed homosexuality.

Yesterday a man wishing to be known only as “Eskiah” contacted National Report claiming to possess countless love letters that he received from Shakur over a period of six years. Eskiah tells us their relationship started when they were only teenagers.

“We met while studying ballet at the Baltimore School for the Arts and from there just hit it off” Eskiah said. The couple maintained an on-again-off-again homosexual relationship that spanned the rapper’s entire career.

Eskiah has allowed National Report to publish some snippets from one of these letters. In this particular note sent during Tupac’s 1993 incarceration on abuse charges Shakur writes erotically, referring to Eskiah as “Esk”.

The evidence, if legitimate, is absolutely condemning. We at National Report have taken it upon ourselves to compare the letter with known handwriting samples of Tupac Shakur.

When ask why he has finally decided to come forward after all these years, Eskiah stated:

“I’m doing this to call more attention to gay acceptance within the black community. There’s a big issue with homosexuality among African Americans. It’s sad. Black culture seems to look down on gay people. Take Antwon Dotson for instance. He was ridiculed by his family and friends until he broke down and conformed to the heterosexual lifestyle that was expect of him. Maybe his supposed “friends” would have thought differently if they knew Tupac was a gay male and had many similar mannerisms as Dotson behind closed doors.”

Eskiah continued:

“Think about it, people. He majored in drama. He was a poet. One of his favorite artists was Sarah Mclaughlin. He attended gay pride parades with close friend Queen Latifa. Why are you all so blinded by your intolerance?

If Tupac was still alive he would have come out of the closet by now. He told me many times that he wanted to. I think ultimately, Pac’s death was a major blow to gay acceptance. Homosexuality in the black community would have been completely different if not for Tupac’s death. It really wouldn’t surprise me if Knight had him killed to prevent him from going public about his homosexuality.

I realize many of my brothers and sisters will hate me for going public with this info. I in turn ask you why? Would you love Tu Pac any less because of his sexual preference? Would it affect the impact he’s made on people’s lives? Destroy what he stood for? No, of course it wouldn’t. Yet, I expect many people to be outraged. All I’ve gotta say is: Don’t shoot the messenger.”

As further proof of the rappers sexual lean, Eskiha cites a 1988 interview with the then 18 year old Shakur.

“That’s the flamboyant thug I knew. Soft spoken. Respectful. His entire “hard thug” persona was created by Suge Knight specifically for Death Row Records. I didn’t care for it. He didn’t either but it paid the bills. Made his Mama proud. Allowed him a life style he had never been able to experience before. He was an actor at heart, you know. He just played the part he was given…”

Eskiah is currently working on a book detailing his life with Shakur in which he will publish all of the letters he received from Tupac as well as candid, never before seen photographs of the rapper.

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29 Responses to "Tupac Gay Rumors Resurface – Former Homosexual Companion Comes Forward With Alleged Love Letters"

  1. Leeroy Crudon says:

    This is so disrespectful, This is a claim by a random person and it’s ‘news worthy’ SMDH. Thats an embarrassment to this ‘news website’ for even publishing this BULLSHIT, Also If I claimed that I constantly exchanged love letters with Elvis Presley bet you wouldn’t publish that, THe only reason this cretin, trolling bastard even came out saying this is for attention because they know the media are lifeless pricks who will say anything to benefit them in anyway.

    Fuck the media (this ‘media’ website in particular.

    Fuck the lying, attention-seeking little troll.

    • Why are you so adverse to the idea of Tupac being a homosexual? Now, I don’t particularly agree with that lifestyle, but I’m also under the impression that the rest of the world is A-Okay with the Gay.

      I’m not homophobic though. I just believe gay sex is a sin. God bless Tupac and all the gay demons he faced during his life.

      • Tupac says:

        Lol fuck you man, those excerpts are stolen from the Angela Ardis book, a woman Pac wrote letters to from jail. Nobody will believe you anyway because this is Tupac you’re helping to accuse, you dumb white cracker, Concentrate on Frank Sinatra or something cracker boy.

    • Bigsampson says:

      You are just clueless. He admitted in his own verbal words in a documentary that he has received head from a man. Why is it such a big deal? U mad?

    • you write is so disrespectful it ain’t even funny

  2. Leeroy Crudon says:

    Also as for the ‘confirmed handwriting sample’, STFU ignorant pricks. Tupacs handwriting was near-enough different in everything he wrote & also get all the physical proof of his handwriting not just computer imaged-type shit & it looks nothing like this shit in the ‘confirmed handwriting’.

    Fuck Sarah Palin.
    Fuck Ted Cruz.
    Fuck National Report.
    Fuck The Publisher.
    Disrespectful Motherfuckers.

  3. M A K A V E L I says:


    • Pardon me, sir, but we are a respected news organization. We wouldn’t just go and post any ole’ thing up on the internet. We make sure it’s backed by facts.

      Now, in this instance, we felt the gentleman had enough evidence to make a strong argument that Tupac was a homosexual. Did you see the snippets of the handwritten letter? That’s pretty legitimate stuff there, friend.

      So please, refrain from disparaging remarks. We are all here to get to the truth.

      • Eminem says:

        To get the truth? He’s doing it for more acceptence for the homosexuality? The guy is just looking for media attention and you provide it. This is bullshit. I don’t even mind if Pac actually WAS gay. But bringing this shit up, 13 years after his death, is disrespectful! Enough evidence? Please, you make it evidence by putting it on the net with the words; confirmed handwriting and shit. That’s bullocks!! He was a intelligent and bright guy with a different look at the world, but he knew that the USA was getting more and more corrupt. He warned us for all the shit we see in the news these days. You just want to corrupt the good image we all have off Tupac Amaru Shakur. May his soul rest in peace, 1L

  4. K Bryan says:

    The handwriting example isn’t necessarily concrete. For example, the C in “climax” on the supposed letter is different from the c’s in the known handwriting sample. It’s the same for the b’s and e’s and s’s. There’s nothing in the writing that leads me to believe the two samples were written by the same person. Even though I don’t believe that the handwriting is good evidence, I still think Tupac was gay and probably was involved with this dude. That interview was pretty good evidence to me. I really forgot how soft and funny Tupac was before Death Row. I’d have thought he was gay back then too.

  5. Sharlene says:

    Who cares….even if Tupac was gay he is still the same person I knew and loved him for. Those of you who did love and still love him will just say oh well if that is who he was then that is who he was, doesn’t change the fact that he was and still is the greatest rapper of all time!

  6. Elion Gerguri says:

    Straight bullshit. The original letter was written for Jada Pinkett Smith.

    Get the fuck outta here.

  7. Colonel D.S says:

    You sir, have been mislead by Eskiah.



    • Frankly I don’t see the similarities.

    • Chris Elliott says:

      LOL. Busted his lying ass and he still refused to admit it, when it’s completely visible. I bet when eating dinner, Manfred often pokes himself in the eye with his fork, and then tells his family “no, I’m fine to eat myself.”

      Trash website that’s attempting to get traffic with lies, passed off as truth. This site sucks though. It has a whopping 6,500 likes on Facebook. Not exactly the “respected news publication” Mr. Peregrine paints his site out to be. Any jackass can write up lies online and get traffic, but that same jackass will likely not be able to pay for those lies when it comes judgement day. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you Manfred? You’re claim of saying you think gay sex is a sin. Does your religion permit flat out lies and fraud in an attempt to try and defame the name of a dead man? Somehow I don’t think so…

      Good luck Manfred,

      Chris Elliott

  8. Tina Hagemann says:

    Dear Manfred and Dear National Report,

    This whole thing is clearly fake. The letters are taken from the poem Jada which can be found hand-written in the book The Rose that Grew from Concrete. I would post it here but I don’t know how. If you want me to send you the picture, I will gladly do so.

    Tupac was the Truth and if he was homosexual he would have openly spoken about it. It is a disgrace that he his continuously being disrespected by people trying to rain on his legacy.

    However, Whoever this idiot Eskiah is, don’t you feel it’s very convenient to post this now, a few days prior to the day of Pac’s passing? Guess whoever this person is needs some attention or money. Did you pay him any bucks for this article?

    Respected News Organization?! Do your homework and find out what the man – who was so much more than a Rapper – really stood for.

    • I am sorry, Tina, but National Report does not talk about finances with the general public.

      • Tina Hagemann says:

        Lmao, that’s all you got to say? Interesting. I suppose that means YES. Shame on you. Plus I detect racism on this page of yours because you got that blackfriendconnect.com page as a paid ad. And that page is clearly racist. If those pictures of you all are real you all look like rednecks to me. There is definitely something fishy going on here.

        • I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

          • Eminem says:

            I’m Dutch and even i understand it! It’s clear, by the answers you give, how it really is….. Tina spoke the truth, so clearly, you didn’t knew what to say! When sheople ask stupid questions, they get a stupid answer…. You screwed yourself with it, proven guilty!!!

  9. dice says:

    haha the shit people would actually do in desperation to get some attention is unreal if i was you id actually be ashamed of myself people like you make me feel sick, your that bit of cum that your mother should of swallowed

  10. Yessir says:

    I have no problem if 2pac really was bi or something like that, but it looks like Someone Copied and paste parts from other letters into this one.


    Most letters are looking like a 100% photocopy, its weird.

  11. Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

    Does anyone know if 2pac was a top or a bottom?

    • I’m being told by Eskiah that Tupac was a “switch”, Nigel. In the homosexual community that means that he was both a pitcher AND a catcher.

      • Yessir says:

        It’s funny how you quote someone and post such a ridiclious comment.

        Some people made good comments with proof that the letter is fake and you just ignore them.

  12. Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

    I don’t like senseless stereotyping…just because soneone wraps for a living doesn’t make them a Ribbon Queen, Mary.

  13. Lucas Trajano says:


  14. david says:

    The story so far: Tupac Shakur is hot for Kelly, a high-school classmate. Unfortunately for Tupac, she has a boyfriend, Eskiah. Fortunately for Tupac, Eskiah is gay. . . .

    Kelly got extremely high, and was loosening up rapidly. . . . But Eskiah continued foiling his ways. So Tupac devised a plan. He pulled Eskiah to the side. “Let me fuck Kelly. And I’ll let you fuck me,” was his proposal. The rest Tupac re-enacted for me at the scene of the crime:

    I’m on the bed like this, fuckin the shit outta Kelly. And she kept saying, “My throat, my throat!” [At this point, I began to laugh, and told him I knew for a fact he was telling the truth. Remembering some of the other things she had said, I was like, did she say this? and, did she say that? He replied yes. . . . Man! we laughed.] . . . Eskiah touched the back of my leg, like, “Okay. When’s my turn?” I was like, “Hold up! Hold up! Let me finish first and you get your turn!” smackin his hand off my leg. . . . I told him, “You must be outta your fuckin mind if you think I’m uh let you do something to me.” I told him, “Fuck you. You’re crazy.” He was all like, “You lied to me,” like a ole bitch. . . .

    Eskiah had returned to school bitter, and went about spreading the false rumor . . . that he had fucked Tupac. By the time the year ended, the rumor was all around school. But I knew the truth, and Kelly confirmed what Tupac told me.
    Bullshit Kelly confirmed it. Hello, is this Kelly? Hi, I’m writing a biography on Tupac Shakur and I wanted to run this story by you. Is it true that you had rough sex with Mr. Shakur? Good. Is it true that your boyfriend Eskiah was watching? Uh huh. Is it also true that Tupac offered Eskiah gay sex so that he could bone you, only to renege on his offer? Awesome. Thanks for your time Kelly. Oh, sorry. One more thing. I’m positive that you did, but I have to check: during sex, did you yell “My throat, my throat!” to Mr. Shakur? OK great, thanks so much