Trump: “Build a Fence Around New Mexico”

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

(AP Photo/Jonathan Bachman)

HOT SPRINGS, AR– Saying, “New Mexico. Mexico. It’s all the same. The word Mexico is in the name of both places, isn’t it?,” Republican presidential contender Donald Trump doubled down on his controversial comments about Mexico during a campaign speech here, telling supporters that he would, “Build a fence around New Mexico and make them pay for it” if he becomes president.

“First thing I’d do – and mark my words on this one – I’d call (New Mexico Governor) Susana Martinez and say to her, ‘Listen, sweetie, cut the crap and quit sending the worst of your worst to all the other states, the rapists and murderers and drug dealers and all the other low-lifes you have there in Santa Fe.’ I mean, come on, the meth problem is so bad there they made a documentary about that Walter White character, cooking up drugs in an RV out in the desert,” he continued, adding, “And now there’s a new show out there glorifying his scumbag attorney. Well, the buck stops with me. Look it up. I’m very rich and I’m also a nice guy.”

A Trump spokesperson, David Atherton, confirmed the candidate was referring to the long-running AMC series Breaking Bad and its prequel, Better Call Saul. When asked if Trump knew they are both fictional television shows that happen to be set in New Mexico, Gonzalez deflected the answer. “Donald Trump can’t be a racist. After all, he hired me to as a spokesperson and I have friends in New Mexico. The liberal media would like nothing better than to elect a known drug kingpin like Walter White himself to be president.”

During his speech, Trump touched on the weekend escape of real-life drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman from a high-security prison in Mexico. Earlier in the day, Guyzman reportedly sent threatening Tweets to Trump. “If I were (President) Obama, I’d send the FBI to stake out Walter White’s place. Dollars to donuts, I’d bet a lot of money – and I have a lot of money, look it up, I’m very, very rich – that’s where ‘Chapo’ is, right this second. After all, birds of a feather, right? I mean, they’re both drug dealers. For all we know, Albuquerque is a sanctuary city, which means ‘president pothead’ – the guy smoked a lot of dope in college, look it up if you don’t believe me – he won’t lay a glove on the place. What a dope and a loser, that’s my final word on that,” Trump said.

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115 Responses to "Trump: “Build a Fence Around New Mexico”"

  1. Not telling says:

    Just an FYI. New Mexico only borders Mexico 179.5 linear miles . Texas borders Mexico 1,254 linear miles. I’m still voting for Trump even though I’m from Mexico.

  2. Grace Livingston says:

    Anger! Yes I’m angry as well, especially if people really do not know their geography! I am Native American, proud to be enrolled with the Navajo Nation. I have not hear not hear Mr. Trump talk about the infiltration of the drugs coming into the reservation from the Mexicans which is causing our vulnerable native children to come across drugs that have come to them from these Mexican nationals which is now causing crime.

    Also as a Federal employee I have been scrutinized to paying more and more taxes every year. I work very, very hard to pay my own bills but when I pay more and more taxes every year that I have come to find out my hard earned money is actually going to people that cannot pay or work to make a living int he US. I’m actually paying so Illegal immigrants can make a living in the United States.

    I want the you to look into what us Americans are paying in taxes because it is affecting our livelihood. Most Natives are Democrats but have been silent so far. As for me, personally I am a registered Democrat but as my disappointment grows I cannot be silent.

    Abolish the IRS if you have to as hundreds of dollars have been going to folks that I do not support!

    Thank you for your time!

    Simply Grace

    • Carmen says:

      My goodness! Did you even read your post through before you sent it?!? Several sentences are almost unreadable. Also…try using a spell and grammar checker. I was trying to be objective but your post looks like you wrote it drunk

    • Carmen says:

      My goodness! Did you even read your post through before you sent it?!? Several sentences are almost unreadable. Also…try using a spell and grammar checker. I was trying to be objective but your post looks like you wrote it drunk. Abolish the IRS? How will your people get assistance or who would pay for road maintenance or power I was born and raised in Jemez. How could your schools operate without taxes? I’m anti-trump but also anti-idiot.

  3. I’m only a 15 year old Native American in New Mexico. But, I do understand that this can affect the Navajo Nation. I’m only young and planning to be a lawyer and a therapist to help cause that’s what I love doing, with this fence around New Mexico can change our lives.

  4. child says:

    fuck yall im 15 that’s bullshit im chicano for you actull Mexicans from mexico that’s bull shit how dare u be tray your people not every one from there is what trump says u arrogant fucks we help our own you fake ass forgot about that dident u cause you got your ciztens ship fuck yall this country we fall if his elgeted


      LOOK AT THIS IDIOT! “fuck yall im 15 that’s bullshit im chicano for you actull Mexicans from mexico that’s bull shit how dare u be tray your people not every one from there is what trump says u arrogant fucks we help our own you fake ass forgot about that dident u cause you got your ciztens ship fuck yall this country we fall if his elgeted.


  5. Emma says:

    WTF!!! If Donald Trump is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rich why doesn’t HE pay for the fence!!!!!!!! If he’s such a nice guy why is he racist AF!!!!!!

    • Dear Emma,

      The National Report welcomes our new friends of the Water Feather River Clan. Emma using the word “racist” to describe Donald Trump isn’t like using the word racist to describe a hooded klansman at your front door. And the problem with calling others racists over the slightest matter has rendered the word utterly useless today. Most would agree that the Donald is Old School, having lived a couple of decades before many alive today. Some have called this “accidental racism.” And it’s earmark identifier is typically that the person using a word today we’d call offensive is unaware of that fact. And in the case of the word Negro, this term during the Civil Rights era was considered the proper and respectful word to describe a black person.

  6. Scarlet says:

    Wtf man. I live in NM. If he’s so nice, then why is he being racist about us?! Shut up you effin idiot. I hate you. hope you die. You are horrible! I’m a Native American, a Navajo! I’m proud! You’re just some wannabe who is jealous of our beautiful culture. Mexicans are not different than us! We’re all people! I’m friends with a Mexican, and I’m Navajo. Is that wrong?!

    • Dear Mr. St. Cloud, and Dear Scarlet,

      It would seem sir that you’ve got them riled up on the reservation. Scarlet your comment reflects your anger. I’m absolutely shocked to learn from a NM resident that Trump or someone with the appropriate government agency didn’t tell or alert all NM residents to the fact that the wall will only be used to slow or stop traffic entering NM. There is no infrastructure in place to slow or stop traffic departing NM.

    • Martin Watts says:


  7. Martin Watts says:

    People, this is a joke. Mr. Trump never said any of this, but the article is funny and made me laugh. As our unofficial state slogan states, “Land of Entrapment” New Mexico doesn’t need a fence, we are a police state, a poor state that traps most of here anyway (legal and illegal).

  8. Jacob Franklin says:

    I live in Texas and I’m all in on this, the state got off on the wrong foot from the start with that name.
    It’s just useless baggage for the rest of the country. When the Europeans got there the people hadn’t even learned how to build castles or anything like that. There was no reason for it to ever become a state.
    I say build the fence and give that piece of shit back to the Navahos.
    I figure they have a lot of pent up aggression anyway and once the fence gets built who cares what they do. Give them some guns and liquor and they will take care of all of the undesirables and be happy once again.
    Donald was way ahead of the curve by looking for ways to solve the New Mexico problem plus you are doing Native Americans a big favor and being supportive of them by giving them something the United States does not really care about anyway.

    • I hope you die a horrible death, newmexico is beautiful has green chile and lots of culture and
      we are not drunks here we breed the real men and woman,this is where respect comes from and most of all the church where jesus built the sacret stairs of so hope you come to new mexico and enjoy it here fuk face

  9. Learning says:

    To all the people that read this.Things may be though right now with choosing a new president and all but do we as humans need to take it to cussing to over telling our own ideas. Look these are simply my thoughts over this and Mr. Trump. I would admit that some of his words have disturbed me but there just simple words to me.
    To Mr. Trump I would like to say instead of making people angry maybe try to make them happy. Instead of making everyone go against each other make them feel united. After all we are called the United States.
    To make America better we need to be better as a Society help thoughs that want help and make a change. Help thoughts that want to be helped. As a Society we make mistakes we make our wrong choices we make the bad decisions. Instead of making the bad decisions of others and blaming another society for humans wrong doings look at your society first. For Mexicans its not there fault that they go through wrong paths to the wrong places. They came and come because of the hope of a better life to come.
    For the wonderful Natives that live in New Mexico they are the ones that make the wrong decisions its not just Mexicans. Mexicans and Natives are smart and sometimes life changing people. Why only point out Mexicans and Natives there’s also whites and blacks they make mistakes too.
    Donuld Trump yes you might be super rich and a big ego human. Stop thinking about yourself and think about society your not the only human on earth. Or in the United States.

  10. well donalde fu##in trump Im a spanyerd New Mexican born and rais, we have it all,hot springs,
    camlerock,desert,moutains,grassland,forest,and chile,we have culture here, without us there will be No GOOD CHILE,hotairballons,no roswell nobutiful sun sets and most of all no sacret church in santa fe the jesus built the stirs of,So donald trump You don’t mess with new mexicans you bow down to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hispanic in NM says:

    As a hispanic raised in NM, subjects like these are a natural interest to me.

    But people, please check your facts before flying off the handle. A quick google reveals not only is the article’s assertion about Trump false, but this website in particular manufactures fake news (third term Obama, etc)

    I am especially perturbed by the ones sharing my race, but not my ability to spell. Please be more aware of yourself and the situations around you. It’s embarrassing. Yes, NM is poor and has poor education and that doesn’t effect just the hispanics here (the natives are the worst off) but we’re all on the internet. Rise above the limits placed on you.

    Oh, speaking of internet protocols, if my comment was of any interest you might consider taking a picture of it in case it is removed by the staff very actively monitoring this article.

    • SC says:

      So Mr Trump,
      Why? What truthfully bothers you about hispanics? Because all that you have epithet to do to New Mexico and hispanics, … doesn’t bother me … I don’t fear it OR you. I don’t agree with it , naturally I won’t agree with you or any guy that feels you have a right to put a gun to my head and harm me or put slave chains on me. You have never ever walked in the shoes of a blue collar or white collar working man , both of wich are MY SHOES, you have no title to them. You have no title , even if you do become president, to tell me or my doctor that I’m not handicapped due to greedy business men (your friends) whom stole my pension (Raytheon) and made me ill. You have no right to take my security from me. Now if I were you , I’d stop harassing the hispanic American community and apologize to them publicly, because Hispanic Americans are Hispanics that were born here in the United States, We are American and Not unamerican like those terrorist racist white cops whom killed those unarmed black people. I am Hispanic American by birth , I don’t have an agreement with Judge Real because he made a grievous mistake in not putting a judgement in my favor against Raytheon a company whom hurt me out of racism. He had the power and law in discretion in his hands to recompensate me for the wrong Raytheon did me , he chose unwisely to support racist Raytheon and made an error. Maybe he still has the time to review the case and see that he should make the right decision in my favor, because by discresson , it is the right thing to do. IT would be just wiser for you Trump to befriend the hispanic community , than to encompass Bigotry and Terrorism and create hatred, it what you have said that you would do to us. You are a remarkable Business Man , it pains me that you would sit with the white trash , racist and bigots and call them friend. Your talents go very much to waste among them. Mine enemy is the Klu Klux Klan and any bigot whom would harm me, steal from me, kill my family, steal my land. I’ve been very harmed and slighted. They are not my enemy because of an ideal or because it’s the right thing even though their ideals do disgust me as any criminal ideals they have are foul and wrong. What happened Mr Trump is that they directly drew first blood from me. So no fences you could erect arround New Mexico or along The Mexico Border would scare me at all, I’m not afraid of you. The only Mexicans I hate are the criminals whom stole from me in a different matter.

  12. Noah Spoerner says:

    Hello retard my name is noah and I live in New Mexico and if u think for a second breaking bad was real your a fuck retard I am white and American citizen and u can’t take that away from me I was born here you are stupid

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