The True Story of Thanksgiving… Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims, or Traitor to His Own?

Native American propaganda blames white people for genocide to the North American Tribes, though everyone knows disease got most of them.

Native American propaganda blames white people for genocide to the North American Tribes, though everyone knows disease got most of them.

By Nigel J. Covington III
Editor in Chief

One day these Christian European Pilgrims showed up at Plymouth Rock acting as if they owned the place. A long sea voyage had left them weak and in a pitiful state. The faithful Pilgrims came off the ships poor, hungry and with their hand out hoping to survive strictly on the generosity of others as they had in England.

The Pilgrims are portrayed throughout history as a people of sterling Christian faith, but in their own time they were viewed as the anti-establishment hippy counter-culture of the 17th century. They had bizarre occult beliefs and politically most professed to be anarchists but with the trademark Pilgrim low self-esteem, no ambition or motivation the Pilgrims throughout history have proved their societal worthlessness to any cause.

The local Natives had never seen such strange people before so naturally they were cautious. The Indians observed the white people for quite sometime and came to realize they’d lost many others on their journey and many more lay sick or dying from starvation and disease. Though some of the able-bodied men had planted crops but much too late in the season to expect produce. The Natives decided these English couldn’t survive the winter and faced certain death.

At this moment in time the Natives of North America had the upper hand, they held the power to ensure the King’s expedition was a complete loss by simply taking no action. Or they could offer help, feed the newcomers and teach them how to survive. The Native elders decided to render aid and appointed Squanto of the Wampanoag Federation to be responsible for them since he was the only Indian who knew how to speak English.

His assignment was to go among the white strangers to gather intelligence and learn of their intentions. Unfortunately Squanto’s homosexuality offended some of the elders who who saw it as unnatural. They objected to Squanto acting as liaison between the strangers and the elders citing that he was unpredictable and reckless.

In the heat of this debate Squanto presented good news to the elders advising them that since the white people arrived over half of the Pilgrims had died of starvation or disease reducing them to more manageable numbers.

Squanto’s life long battle with homosexuality maybe to blame on his particular genetic make up seen in less than 0.3% of the population. Psychologists today, based on case studies, tell us Squanto’s life from the age of puberty was hell. An internal war broke out in the boy’s mind for control over his body chemistry and sexual identity. This war caused a psychotic break when Squanto was about 15 years old which left him with a split-personality.

Squanto now had two distinctive personalities. His own personality and the personality of his arch enemy, a young woman and domineering alpha-bitch known as “Kount”. Kount was the equivalent of today’s man-hating femi-Nazi sadist dominatrix control freak. Not only did this lesbian hate men, she hated Squanto as she hated none other.

The troubled Native suffered daily abuse and hurtful bullying from Kount. Image the conflict, Kount is Squanto’s alter or second distinctive identity or dissociated personality which he just can’t turn off. And Kount is repulsed by Squanto’s hung phallus simply out of her hatred and contempt of all things masculine.

Everyday and even in his sleep this bitch challenged the young Indian’s manhood believing if she could just kill Squanto off she’d be able to experience the boundless joys of full on womanhood.

She made his life miserable. Everyday was a fight to the death between Squanto’s man-pride, his athletic abilities, his superior reputation as an able bodied warrior and provider, his sexual prowess with the ladies and his exceptional 16-inch specimen of prime grade Native manhood.

It was during this time when Squanto was helping the filthy white dogs Pilgrims adjust to their new life when he experienced a devastating sexual identity crisis. Every waking moment of everyday Squanto’s mind was under a relentless siege as sudden sharp spikes in his estrogen levels gave him dangerous female emotions. He was tormented by the thought that he could find happiness if he would just castrate himself and severe his own penis.

But ultimately at the moment it mattered the young Indian’s gay man-brain was completely dominated by unadulterated and impassioned feelings of exploding womanhood into full bloom like nothing Squanto had experienced. Sadly it was this internal conflict that later led to America’s westward expansion and the genocide of 10 to 30 million Natives.

When Squanto had the opportunity to kill off the Pilgrims he should have. But his new womanly emotions blinded his sense of logic, reason and common sense. Squanto experienced a massive impulse of empathy at which time he became a slave to the white devils. He experienced mercy for these white merchants of death, he felt a sense of compassion, and he cared. It was Squanto who is responsible for the genocide of his people. History should reflect the truth.

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    I don’t think so!

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    I am sure that you are totally correct with this article except the 1st documented THANKSGIVING in the new world was held several years earlier in in palo duro canyon in the Texas panhandle. http://www.myplainview.com/news/article_504f08a6-577f-11e3-b943-0019bb2963f4.html Way back in 1541. Just so you know.

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