Texas Town Quarantined After Family Of Five Test Positive For The Ebola Virus

Texas Ebola OutbreakThe small town of Purdon, Texas has been quarantined after a family of five tested positive for the Ebola virus.

Purdon is located just 70 miles from Dallas, Texas, and the hospital that has cared for both American Ebola patients, Thomas Eric Duncan, and Texas nurse, Nina Pham.

It has been verified that Jack Phillips returned from Dallas last week while on business. Shortly after arriving home, Mr. Phillips began exhibiting flu-like symptoms, but did not immediately go to the hospital. At this time his wife and children began showing similar symptoms, which provoked the family to get tested. Doctors then learned that Phillips, his wife, and three children had contracted Ebola haemorrhagic fever.

Facts About Purdon, Texas And The Ebola Quarantine

  • 133 residents
  • Unincorporated community in Navarro County
  • Originally Known As Belle Point
  • Ebola is spread through contact with bodily fluids of an infected individual
  • Ebola has a 90% casualty rate in areas such as West Africa. In America the mortality rate is 50/50
  • Five people are confirmed to have the Ebola Virus in Pardon County
  • CDC quarantined the area, erecting road blocks and disallowing anyone in or out of the area

A staff member at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital , who wished to remain anonymous, contacted National Report with a short statement about the Ebola situation in Texas. We were told the following.

“As far as we know, Jack Phillis had not come in contact with either the late Thomas Duncan or Mrs. Phan. It is perhaps possible that he was within a close proximity of the infected parties, but it is otherwise unknown as to how Phillips was infected with Ebola.

The CDC wasted no time sealing off the rest of the town’s denizens, and has stopped all traffic from entering or exiting Purdon, TX. As of 10:00 Pm, Oct. 13th, the area has been surrounded with police and CDC officials. Communications with the locals seems to have been severed, and press is currently awaiting an official statement from local authorities.

National Report and Jane M. Agni will be at the scene in Purdon, Texas to provide updates on any new developments. Please follow us on Twitter for live tweets: National Report @ Twitter / Jane M. Agni @ Twitter

American Ebola Crisis Updates:
10/14/14 – Texas Town Quarantined After Family Of Five Test Positive For The Ebola Virus
10/15/14 – Feds Issue Travel Advisory for Texas Following Ebola Spread
10/16/14 – Purdon Texas Ebola Quarantine Update
10/17/14 – CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips
10/20/14 – 17 Texas Kindergarteners Contract Ebola After Exposure To Liberian Foreign Exchange Student
10/21/14 – Infectious Disease Expert Says One-In-Five Americans Will Contract The Ebola Virus By 2016
10/23/14 – President Obama Assures Nation That Obamacare Will Cover Inevitable Ebola Pandemic


What Next?

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118 Responses to "Texas Town Quarantined After Family Of Five Test Positive For The Ebola Virus"

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Just got off the phone with my sister in Purdon after seeing this report on InfoWars. Cannot believe this is happening in the US.

    • Living Close By says:

      Is this true?…since you called your sister,I figured you would know.

      • Tanya says:

        check the front page and other stories printed on this website and determine for yourself if it is a credible source of information or not……..

    • TheKillingWords says:

      Why not? Avian flu came to the US. SARS came to the US. Swine flu came to the US. Each one of these were poised to be the “next huge pandemic” and where are they? The media made them out to be the big bad scary you wouldn’t wish upon your enemies and they all dropped out of the public eye after some months. This will be no different. There’s already a serum coming out of Israel that is claiming to halt the Ebola virus. Whether or not the FDA will allow its use here in the states is another matter. Either way, Ebola will go away as quickly as it became a media circus.

      That said, I wish a full recovery to those affected.

      • debbi says:

        Better to be toooooo prepared than not at all…..idiot

      • dillon says:

        THIS seems different

      • Bob says:

        @ Thekillingwords. Not really thinking this through, are you…? Most of what you said is untrue. The basis for the fear of Ebola is the only important operational characteristic of the virus: that unlike any other of the diseases you mention it has a 75% to 90% attrition rate.

        Admittedly, the chances of recovery for victims here in the USA are much better than elsewhere. That being said, the spread of the disease is occurring in ways that are unanticipated and even denied by “officials” in the Obama administration. We now have documented cases where the infection vector is unknown.

        There is no vaccine coming out of Israel. There may be some experimental product in development, but there is no expectation that it is effective or available in large quantities.
        The news is hopeful. It is not really positive in the operational sense.

        So, you feel like flying to Texas any time soon?
        ………………………………………………………………………… Yeah… Me neither.

    • Ashley says:

      Is your family ok?

    • Ed Merican says:

      I just read that some of the ebola victims are coming back to life. People we now have EBOLA ZOMBIES!!!!!! What are you going to do when an ebola zombie comes to your door?? I have begun stockpiling oreos and gatorade, i suggest you do the same. This new ebola travels via your water pipes, so dont drink water. Stay safe, dont trust ebola zombies!!

    • kas says:

      and what did your sister say?

    • janet says:

      Did they get flue or pneumonia shots this year beginning to wonder about those since the were given in July at certain drug stores.

  2. traped says:

    The military is everywhere. they are cordoning us off into different sections of the town. I think some people managed to escape. its not safe

  3. Eleanor B Mosspinuck says:

    This is all President Obola’s fault. My heart breaks for the good people of Purdon. My guess is we won’t be hearing about THIS on the lamestream media. Thank goodness there are still a few real journalists out there who aren’t afraid to tell us the truth. I just read on the Blaze that the town is surrounded and FEMA is there.

    • Just Being Honest says:

      You sound ignorant – please refrain from speaking.

    • Smh says:

      You’re fucking stupid

    • Heather Allen says:

      You sound soo stupid this is not obama fault u need to look at the past history I pray for people like you.

      • mc says:

        If he had stopped incoming flights from Africa, we would not be exposed. His ongoing lack of decision puts the blame in his lap.

      • American says:

        It is Obama’s fault and you need to get with the times he even took blame as he should …he is the one not closing the borders and lets the flights continue so get off theis page negative nancy your the stupid one!!!!

        • Nacy says:

          You think stopping flights from the area will stop it, ppl will just catch a flight from a different area. Will ppl actually think for once. Blaming Obama for not shutting down flight from West Africa is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. He would have to shut down all flights from everywhere to stop it and even then ppl would be on boats. SMH.

          • kodiknows says:

            Nancy is right. If u shut down W african flights they will come in on european flights. BTW this stuff is NOT true..there are no Ebola outbreaks, and you will not see any follow up from this rag magazine.
            They just want to scare all the “dumb, and blind americans who do not think for themselves. They want to control you with scary things like this

          • You are stupid says:

            It is Obamas fault! That asshole wants to bring the sick here for treatment. It seems he is set of destroying whats left of the US

    • Well, although I would love to blame Obama, I can’t say that I will. There is a hole team of power-loving politicians couching Obama through his presidency. He does have to power to stop flights from countries infected, but is he? No. It would be a ‘great hinder’ on our economy, because it’s close to collapse.

      • sensrbtch says:

        obolah,cuntgress,senate,n the obola-nation r moss assuredly to blame for all of this.!! their job is too protek the American peoples,n they hav not dun this?! r u komentits/tors bran dead?? i will not stand up 4 u peoples!!

    • Bev Cowling says:

      FEMA is NOT there! Theblaze is not credible…Nothing right wing that is fear mongering about ebola or blaming the president is real!

      There is NO WAY this is Obama’s fault! If anything, blame the Rethuglicans who refused to confirm the Surgeon General’s appointment! Blame those who refused to give the money for developing a vaccine and treatment that Obama asked for!

      • Itchy says:

        Why don’t you guys simply Select a More Appropriate Candidate? One who would be acceptable to a much larger group of people and officials? Did that ever occur to you, to solve the problem? No, all you guys seem to know how to do is place blame. No leaders, not one in the bunch of you.

      • truth is self-validating says:

        Bev Cowling, I highly recommend reading this. Study it carefully. Truth will out.


      • Mary Irish says:

        Bev Cowling………Thanks for setting the record straight about FEMA and The Blaze and its continual lying fantasies.. There is something off about the timing in the description of the family.becoming ill. There is no mention of the family accompanying the father to Dallas or of any of the members being there. Yet, according to the way the story is written, the members of the family came down with Ebola at approximately the same time as the father. This just doesn’t compute or am I wrong in my interpretation of the information? Also, I cannot imagine that the media and press corps would not be announcing this to the world, as they seem to love any grim and sensational information.

      • Dawn says:

        What the heck ever! He has known about ebola for almost a yr! He won’t stop flights from effected areas. This is totally his fault!!! He is the leader!!!

      • Aaron says:

        You are an idiot, but I expect nothing less from an Obama supporter.

        Typical Democratic theory. Throw money at something, misuse the funds(CDC spent $1.3Million in 2014 on a study of why lesbians gain more weight than other people after marriage). Then when all goes to hell blame the republicans for not throwing more money at it.

      • pussy slayer says:

        Why is travel from west Africa still allowed. You should go over there and help you fucking can’t liberal bitch.

        • Jackson says:

          why is travel from texas to the other 49 states still allowed? There is an ignorance pandemic that must be contained.

      • Patricia Guenther says:

        Wow Bev, you really a special kind of ignorant. Had Obama done what COMMON SENSE tells you to do and denied all visa’s from the infected area, NOBODY would have been able to come into this country from infected areas. It is not all a bunch of bologna. He is to blame.

      • sensrbtch says:

        yoo bevie? u realie ned to go to other sites and do sum mor readin! cus if u r the main reason that obola-nation exists? the cdc is lying,the prez is lying,and the cuntgress is a bag fulla assholes. so surf around! lol.

      • Keepingitreal says:

        I truly believe when Mr. Duncan came over here he knew he had it and wanted to see his son because he knew it was deadly, with that being said there is nothing wrong with wanting to see your family if you believe you will not be hear much longer I just wish he had more concern for the rest of the world and took precaution. looking at the time line of when everything happened with him he was sick before he got here. It would be great if people would take better precaution to help prevent the spreading. also the media makes everything worse but I stay prayed up with belief God will keep me and my family covered. and I agree they need to shut all international flight down at least for now. they need to run a check on EVERYONE that has come in form any of these place. (just check the flight logs) try to reach these people quarantine and test them I know its a lot of work but to me its worth the work. in the mean time be mindful and God Bless this country

      • AmericanBelle says:

        BOTH sides of the aisle refuse to accept Obama’s nomination of Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General because of his lack of credentials for that position. He is an Obama sycophant who raises lots of money for Obama and is a political activist who believes gun control is the greatest threat to American health. Another typical Obama nomination of an unqualified person, just like the Ebola Czar who has no medical background or knowledge in virology or ebola!!! Do NOT blame Republicans for this malfeasance!

        As to your second misguided faulting on funding ebola research, had this administration paid more attention to funding ebola research, they would have had plenty of vaccine and medicine to combat the virus NOW. But nooooooo….this administration has a penchant for wasting money on irresponsible research the government has no business looking into during good times, let alone during times when the world is falling apart and the borders so porous that diseases we haven’t seen here in decades have returned with a vengeance. (The enterovirus is one that if victims survive, they wind up with polio-like paralysis; TB, chicken pox, measles, leposy, etc….all coming in from our southern border).

        The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has spent more than $39 million on obese lesbians, origami condoms, texting drunks, and dozens of other projects that could have been scrapped in favor of developing an Ebola vaccine.

        It spent:

        • $5 million to “mine and analyze” social media to study American’s attitudes toward drug abuse
        • $2.8 million trying to figure out “why lesbians are obese”
        • $2.4 million to develop “origami condoms”
        • $2 million encouraging old people to join choirs
        • $692,697 for a project on why gay men in Peru get syphilis
        • $466,642 on why overweight girls have a tough time getting dates
        • $306,900 to use Twitter for surveillance on depressed people
        • $194,788 for a study on how transwomen use Facebook

        Millions have gone to “text message interventions,” including researchers texting “drunks at the bar” to try to persuade them to quit drinking, the Beacon reports. Other money spent on these text messaging initiatives include:

        • $2.7 million to text obese people and persuade them to lose weight
        • $1.8 million to text older African American, drug users and smokers with HIV
        • $380,145 to text pregnant smokers
        • $243,839 to text teen moms
        • $360,113 to text meth addicts

        So Bevvy, what’s not REAL is your topsy-turvy lopside liberal slanted view of the world and reality. Get off the koolaid, you’ve had too much to drink!

        • Natalie M says:

          …you ARE aware that even if that money was saved, this is a different and new strain of Ebola than in previous years, right? Because it is, and you can’t develop a vaccine for something that doesn’t exist yet.

          Regardless, all of those initiatives (except the origami condoms, never heard of those) had, to the the best off my knowledge and research ability (which, as a librarian, isn’t too shabby), had practical and often far-reaching impacts. If text messaging addicts cuts down on drug-related deaths even a little, I’d say it was worth it. Social media is a HUGE (and ever-increasing) part of our lives, and certainly a unique view into our interactions with the world and the world’s interactions with us, and can be an incredibly useful tool in the war on drugs and should definitely be used to it’s fullest potential. Keeping seniors active and participatory in things like choirs can greatly increase general health and life expectancy, and decrease healthcare costs. The list goes on.

        • kodiknows says:

          the thought never, ever crossed the minds of the GOP, tea party or the liberals to make a vaccine for Ebola. IT was not in the USA , therefore it didm to deserve any money or time. All those items mentioned are frivolous for sure, but think back on all the earmarks during the Bush administration and see where billions went on stupid things too.

      • You are an idiot. The Surgeon General pick is not qualified for the job. He is a rabid anti-gunner. His first act would probably be to blame guns for ebola. However, it is Harry Reid that refuses to put him up for a vote because redstate Democrats do not want to vote for him in progun states. The fact is he will not be confirmed. Obama should pick someone that is less of a lightning rod. It is also irrelevant to the issue of ebola. As for funding of either the CDC or NIH, the issue is where they are spending the billions of tax payer dollars. They continue to fund stupid leftwing causes that have nothing to do with diseases. Private companies are developing the vaccine and there has been no big demand for one. If you look at the CDC and NIH programs and priorities, nowhere was Ebola an issue until recently. This is just more political BS by the Democrats. Let no crisis go to waste when you can use the deaths of Americans to squeeze out a few more votes.

        • Jackson says:

          There is no current surgeon general nominee. The NRA lobbied against the last nominee (successfully) because he publicly discussed statistical information about the number of injuries and deaths of children as a result of gunshots. Apparently the NRA does not like reality.

      • concerned texan says:

        So tell me how blaming Republicans is ok but blaming president or Democrats is not??? Either way it is stupid. This is not a political thing. You should have some concern for the well being of those infected and praying that it is stopped.

      • Alyssa says:

        Omg !!! It’s his fault period ! He won’t even close our borders nor stop the flights as other country’s are doing !! He is even giving millions of illegals temporary legal status and he is destroying America !! He is a complete idiot and the only reason he is president is because uneducated people voted for him . He preys on the uneducated because they have no common sense and they have no clue of what goes on in the world for lack of education ! Ebola is here and its a matter of time before it’s out of control and it will be his fault !!!

    • Lindairish says:

      Of course it is the President’s fault. He should have closed our borders a long time ago. He has said that his concern is for the African people. Just as soon as Ebola gets to these South American countries/Mexico/Guatemala,etc.the infected will come up and get across our southern border and we will be unable to contain it.

      • Randy says:

        Ebola is NOT the problem. The problem is with the Global Agenda of the Elite! “They” admit to pushing for the New World Order; Martial Law/Police State…oh yeah; and DEPOPULATION!

      • tiffany says:

        hell yeah one of the first people i have herd make any sence

      • mara Green says:

        Although Obama could have played a role…. These idiots are the ones going there knowing the risks. When the hell are people going to do as they should and take responsibility for their own idiocy?

    • Ian says:

      Eleanor…go crawl under the rock from which you came!

  4. Big Dawg says:

    It baffles me – traffic through this town stopping anyone from entering yet we allow people from high risk countries to continue to enter the US! What is wrong with this picture!!

    • staying prayed up says:

      I have to agree with you. I have said this since they brought that Dr back from Africa with the virus. Its population control like Chris Brown said. I think a lot of us Americans feel this way..I am one who does. We are living in our last days, and I just pray that a lot of folks get right before its to late. I haven’t done any research on this Ebola thing just what I’ve been hearing and this seems really scary to me but I’m praying and having faith this is not the ginning

  5. Harold McQuarry says:

    I’ve heard that Allen Montgomery is responsible for bringing Ebola to America just to break this story. Is this true?

  6. sci says:

    I said since day one that ebola’ s danger is being underestimated. I studied it years ago and I think they either don’t know what they’re doing or they’re underestimating it.

  7. worried says:

    And in the book, it was the non-existent town of Braintree, TX that was first quarantined.

  8. unknown says:

    Listen I’ve done a lot of research on this Ebola virus n I really do suggest you guys really do the same Ebola has been around since 1976.

    • Hope says:

      You are right. Ebola has been around since 1976 when they first discovered it. Unfortunately, it has never been this bad. They are expecting it to reach 10,000 cases every week by December 1. I understand that that number is not mainly for the United States but what does that say about us if we don’t care? If it reaches that bad in other countries, how hard do you think it will be to transfer more to America? My son just joined the Marines. He will be finishing his training about the time they start sending all of our soldiers over to those places to build hospitals and beds. I pray for him and all of our other soldiers that won’t have a choice in coming into contact with all of this. Fighting and arguing with each other won’t solve anything. Just hope and pray that many lives will be spared and that they can get this under control! United We Stand!

  9. Navarro Local says:

    I’m so worried about my sister who lives in Purdon. I haven’t been able to contact her since yesterday afternoon. The CDC isn’t allowing anyone in or out of the town, and all phone lines and internet have been shut off. Our whole family is freaking out! We don’t know if our loved ones are safe, or if they’re dying! Please keep the public up to date on this occurrence!

  10. Andrea says:

    National News is a satirical site. This story is not true. C’mon people!

  11. Lacy says:

    What happened to the second doctor that came back from Africa the first time?

  12. Peter Castle says:

    This Ebola crisis is escalating at a rapid pace and must be stopped now.

    See “Ebola Madness!”at http://wp.me/p4scHf-4B.

  13. Tanya says:

    You people freaking out about this story, do you not know the meaning of SATIRE and are you able to determine if an article is satirical or not? Because this is satire….

  14. Henley says:

    Suck it

  15. Elise says:

    By the way, it is OBAMA’S responsibility to PROTECT America. That was part of his oath of office. He has failed us all by not stopping flights from infected countries and by not securing the boarder. That is his JOB people. Wake up.

    • Jackson says:

      You are a luminary. You should get a job at the CDC or NIH. I am sure they have a slot for you on their ebola advisory boards.

  16. Big Daddy Tiki says:

    These comments are pure comedy gold! People, for cryin’ out loud, evolve, get educated.

  17. Pam says:

    It is ridiculous that people that have been exposed have been allowed to travel. The nurse that treated the first guy that died just returned from a trip on a plane between Ohio and Dallas on a plane should NOT have been allowed to do any traveling after treating that guy until enough of a timeframe passed that confirmed she had not contracted it. Now she’s the 2nd nurse to have caught it. Everyone at the hospital should have been quarantined til the danger (to themselves and others) was over. They were WAY too laid back about this – like they were prideful that this is America and we have such great medical facilities here that they can cure anything. Right – this is serious and they should have taken it seriously from the start. I’m scheduled to travel to Texas next week and I’m not real happy about it, or even getting on a plan to go anywhere to be honest!

  18. Jeannnie says:

    Thanks, Obama, thanks a whole hell of lot.

    • Jackson says:

      Thanks Rick Perry, thanks a whole lot for not preventing your infected residents from traveling to the other 49 states.

  19. Jeannnie says:

    This is just more incompetence by our government. They’re now trying to put a lid on this town because why? American’s will find out how serious this really is? My God in heaven! All flights should have been shut down a long #$##ing time ago. Incompetent government!

  20. JW says:

    This is a FAKE news website. If you believe anything they publish you are a mindless idiot

  21. Jeannnie says:

    This is just more incompetence by our government. They’re now trying to put a lid on this town because why? American’s will find out how serious this really is? My God in heaven! All flights should have been shut down a long time
    ago, everyone agrees on that much. Incompetent government! I live on the north end of Houston.

  22. Remington says:

    Is this 4 real? How do u know this isn’t a hoax?

  23. teddynola says:

    Any of you idiots hear of a little radio program called “War of the Worlds”.

  24. Marc says:

    Symptoms of ebola don’t show up until 8-10 days after it is contracted and victims aren’t contagious unless they are showing symptoms. How then, did Jack Phillips’ family begin showing symptoms the same time Jack himself did. If he infected his family, they would not show symptoms untill at least 8 days after he did. Something here doesn’t add up!

  25. salon junky says:

    All I have to say is Jessie Ventura FEMA Camp investigation. Youtube it.

  26. DiedOfEbola says:

    I died of ebola so I can confirm that this story is true.

  27. George W. Bush says:

    I told Ya’ll this would happen. Just like I told ya’ll about ISIS. HOT DAN I WAS THE BEST PRESIDENT.

    • Joan Blake says:

      Yes, you were one of our greatest presidents. Your father was another. Oh, how I wish we had you back. I felt safe then. I loved yu And Laura, your grand first lady

    • Jackson says:

      Thanks for winning the Iraq war, finding those WMDs and turning Iraq into a textbook example of a middle eastern democratic society.

      Mission accomplished!

  28. jtuffee says:

    Back to Waco we go… !

  29. Walton McHenry says:

    This is bad! My son lives there and I just received a frantic call from him. My daughter in law was accused of trying to leave town last night so she’s been “detained”. They will not allow him to see or speak to her. He slipped out in the early hours of the night on a bicycle. All entry and exit routes are blocked off! There are military vehicles everywhere and the occupants are wearing hazmat suits.

    • sensrbtch says:

      how far did he git? i hope the military gits his and throws him ina hjole! and the nsensrbtch just notified me that i;m makin 2 mani komentits/tors?? wat that about waltie??

  30. Jen says:

    Just send Charlie Sheen…his Tiger Blood will cure them.

  31. ZOMBIE SHEEPLE says:


  32. Amused66 says:

    I knew it was b.s. as soon as I read the CDC was doing something about it.

  33. Amanda says:

    Ebola has been around since 1976 and if you know anything about viruses they do mutate and yes sometimes it takes human genus to do that. This whole Ebola things is not the governments fault you can’t blame any part of the government for it. The only thing that is to be blamed is if they government sends troops to Africa. But that’s not the point. It is people who act like y’all are who don’t care and want to start an up roar and then shit ends up hitting the fan. So instead of pointing fingers and acting like children why not just start using your brains and try to find a solution and not be apart of the problem. I do pray that everyone in Purdon, TX will be okay and that something is done.

  34. Nita says:

    Unreal!! People!! Wake up!! God is not mocked. Turn your backs on Him, and He shall return the favor. Many need to read Revelations. “When you see all these things coming to pass…look up! Your redemption draweth nigh!!” COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS!! The last days are beginning…………

    • Susan says:

      Nita, this is the same crap that they spread when AIDS came out. This is not God’s doing. ALL have sinned and ALL must die. Including you! Are you judging everyone in Africa? Then you shall be judged the same way. BTW, the last days are always here. It’s always someone’s last days. Take the plank out of your eye before you try to remove the speck from your brother’s.

  35. angela says:

    Remind anyone else of the movie. The crazies??? Government shit

  36. Jim says:

    Kooks like Alex Jones are spreading this b.s.. He’s a piece of garbage.

  37. bob yi matitsuh says:

    juss wondering,, if this disease spreads through out texas,
    they’ll block of the state and eventually have united states divided?
    do u think they’ll start some “timeless” borders that will keep people away and
    hold events like “hunger games” and eventually be controlled by the government
    and be taught to follow orders and live like robots?
    i have many questions that i want to have answered but,, i dk
    we need to all go to canada. lol LOL!

  38. Ladyfiredawg says:

    to control the spread we should have stopped/detained anyone coming from west Africa, Liberia, etc, from entering the states until they’ve been thru the three week period and are cleared from not having the virus….not infected, you can go….infected call CDC and be treated right there or transport them all to a prepared hospital….basically don’t let infected people go on to spread this stuff. For not closing the borders, this I blame Pres. Obama.

  39. jaychat says:


  40. t hanks says:

    t hanks

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