Texas Scientists Given Green Light To Use Sex Offenders For Medical Research


Sex Offenders At The Huntsville Unit Line Up For Transport To The Sutton County Human Research Facility

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(Sutton County, TX) – Hundreds of violent and predatory sex offenders are being transferred from multiple correctional facilities all over Texas to a specialized medical research facility where they will spend the rest of their lives being used as subjects in medical experimentation and testing.

In a bold move Texas congress passed a bill in early October to give researchers permission to use the most violent, predatory, repeat sex offenders as the first human subjects who will be used in more cutting edge clinical inquiries.

The facility which is located in Sutton County is being praised worldwide as bringing medical research to the next crucial level. Several researchers are clamoring to bring their talent to the practice. Having the opportunity to work with human subjects will give scientists the opportunity to develop sophisticated new treatments and surgical procedures that will eventually be saving lives.

During a recent press conference designed to inform the public about the facility and it’s goals, a handful of people expressed distaste for the program claiming it was inhumane and unethical to use humans in research against their will regardless of their crimes. Senior biologist Andre Bordeaux who will be the primary director of the program had this to say:

“With This New Program These Offenders Will At Least Be Able to Provide Something Of Value To Society…”

“These are people who have committed horrific crimes and have shown no chance of ever being receptive to any kind of rehabilitation or treatment. It costs taxpayers millions of dollars a year to persecute, convict and house these criminals year after year. They are people who contribute absolutely nothing to society other than the pain and anguish that their victims must endure for the rest of their lives. Really, there is no justice in that process. With this new program, these offenders will at least be able to provide something of value to society. We realize that many see this as a cruel and unusual solution, but the majority of the public has agreed that these people basically revoked their rights to be treated with respect and dignity the moment they chose to commit their crimes.”

Others were overjoyed, many of them former victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by the men who were being used in the program. “This really gives me a complete sense of closure” commented Karen Kennedy at the press conference. She had been the victim of a repeat violent offender back in 1992 who was now being transferred to the institute. “I am happy that he will never be able to hurt any more children. It’s good too that they are putting him to good use. Any suffering he may experience in the process of course is an bonus” she added with a sadistic smile.


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1,010 Responses to "Texas Scientists Given Green Light To Use Sex Offenders For Medical Research"

  1. joe says:

    I fully support this decision and with the rest of the country and world will implement this. Finally these people will serve a purpose aside from taking up space and using up air. Well done texas. Now lets go new york! Now only if we can get congress to pass public hangings again for murderers. Lets go back to the old ways people. Wasn’t that long ago we were hanging people publicly why we stop I don’t know.

    • Tetonmoon says:

      And that makes you Joe and all who think like this the most evil and vile of persons. Terrifying how ignorance and blind vengeful thinking you spew. The most worthless POS are people like you. I am a rape survivor and I am pretty sure you are not and yet you have the audacity to think that our justice system is a perfect system. That all so called sex offenders are violent or even guilty? You are a sorry sorry excuse for a human being. Maybe they should put all people like you into an experimental study..

  2. Habscrazy says:

    People, read the article!! The people who are heading to this facility have been deemed untreatable, which means they will never be able to be integrated into society. So all this arguing back and forth is pointless!!

    • Tetonmoon says:

      People READ THIS ARTICLE (lol) its a work of fiction, so all the arguments back and forth are pointless. Not really for one, its opened a debate For two if any of you trust our justice system your ignorant. So if you all think that all these 850,000 and rising daily so called sex offenders are non-treatable dangerous people you are more then ignorant. I would trust our justice system as far as I can spit and that is pushing it.

  3. Brandy says:

    I;m not agreeing with what they did… I’m just letting all of you who are whooting and hollering that this is great that it is not going to hold up in supreme court. It will fall under cruel and unusual punishment with violates the U.S. constitution and believe it or not inmates have a majority of the rights we do. In case you are all thinking that I don’t know what I’m talking about I have a masters degree in Criminal Justice. AS a matter of fact I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a FAKE article.

    • Tetonmoon says:

      It states its a fake article. But the scary thing is that it is consider okay dokay to a bunch of dumb MFs who can’t see beyond Fox news and their fairy tale God book. And it doesn’t matter if its constitutional any longer. That ship has sailed. As for this being done it was done, MK Ultra took prisoners and gave them LSD, can you imagine? You are in hell anyway and they give the most powerful Psychotropic drug made. They ( government) have also experimented with the populous for decades. Supposedly stopped sometime in the 80s but I doubt it. Our government is evil and the majority of Americans are ignorant lazy POSs.

      • danny says:

        MK Ultra did a bunch more than what you covered and I encourage people to research more about it. Our government is using everything in Gitmo and I am certain the VA has used drugs on me as truth serum. USA=Evil

  4. David says:


    Fake or Not, This type of article SHOULD foster debate. Experimenting on humans? We seem to have problem in THE USA, We are NOT learning from history! We Label a Human Being and then we justify destroying them without even the thought of the implications down the road. To say that “Sex Offenders” cannot be reformed is another OUTRIGHT LIE!!! The press pandering to political will for the next election and sensationalizing for ratings. MOST so called sex offenders were law abiding citizens who paid taxes, which by way of the law as it stands will take money out of the system and make it extremely difficult to impossible for the offender to pay taxes and CONTRIBUTE back to society to, the tune of approximately 800,000 individuals; that is a lot of tax money! These include children as young as 7 years old, They are made to suffer for life! We imprison our children so,what makes us think we are better than the offender? How can someone learn if you give back NO hope of being treated as a HUMAN BEING again? No Stability? No Peace? and most importantly ,after paying their debt to society an ongoing, never ending cycle of continuing punitive punishment for life with NO equal protections under law that we as Americans hold so dear. You may be next! The laws are VERY broad and far reaching. The politicians should be ashamed of using children to score political points.
    Considering their crime, their re-offense rate (recidivism) is the lowest of most any crime at approx 3 to 5%(GOOGLE IT). GOOGLE W.A.R./YOUTUBE (Women Against Registration} and see the human cost of and the effect of these laws. Statistics do not support such outlandish assertions to expend hundreds of millions of dollars maintaining tracking databases and medical and incarceration cost that could be better spent on counseling and therapy. At $175,000 a year to incarcerate a sex offender? That kind of money could go a long way spent finding the really violent. Murderers are not treated like the new WWII Jews. They do their time and pay their debt to society and are free to become contributing citizens again. These laws, especially the Offender Registry, another scientific and social EXPERIMENT, not only prevent the reformation and the reintegration of the offender back into society, it destroys the family by destroying peace and causes hardship by relatives losing jobs and children growing up in a single parent family. More often than not the laws destroy the personality of the family and there have been many cases of bullying of the children at school to include physical violence. To think that this FICTION could come to pass is frightening, as what is next, DUI, Firearm, Involuntary manslaughter registries? I do not condone cruelty of any type especially against children, I was one of them! Constitutionally and by any standards of The Articles of Human Rights this is wrong! The laws as written seem to want the accused to commit suicide, GOOGLE THAT, Do not forget that these people have family who rely on them and friends and useful job skills. Then using you head and not your emotions; say that the law is just,
    I refuse to allow the actions of one person to destroy my humanity. I will think with my head backed up by FACTS! I WILL NOT become cruel and I know that human rights are for all and not just for those who have been trespassed against by other human beings. Remember the Salem witch trials? The Inquisition? The 6 MILLION JEWS, some WHO THE GERMANS BRED WITH APES! Remember the Lord’s Prayer. Once started down the slippery road it only gets steeper. Remember it could be one of your relatives to be used as a science experiment. We are a creative society so, there has to be a better way. God Bless the USA and may he guide our politicians with mercy.

    • Tetonmoon says:

      When I got this reply notice I thought “:OH my God, what is this ignorant cruel person going to say now?” and want to thank you for your response. I am too emotionally involved to express my thoughts anymore than I hate everyone who is so damn blind to think this or the existing laws and worse it okay. People who state to kill or castrate. People whom somehow can’t wrap their brains around the idea of an unjust system, A system run for profit and votes. So thank you for being so honest and literate. You said what I cannot as for I just want everyone who thinks this is okay to burn in hell..

  5. David Marshall says:

    Drafting women before Feres correction?
    The U.S. Senate stated that, “The Feres Doctrine should not be applied for military personnel who are harmed by inappropriate human experimentation when informed consent has not been given.”, i.e., used as human guinea pigs! + “Every year, thousands of experiments utilizing human subjects are still being conducted by, or on behalf of, the DOD.”  This is part of the December 8, 1994 REPORT 103-97 “Is Military Research Hazardous to Veterans’ Health? Lessons spanning half a century.” Hearings Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, 103rd Congress 2ND Session. A dysfunctional U.S. Congress still withholds military needed for treatment and experimentation identifying records. This is proven by their from 1999 through 2007, EIGHT (8) TIMES rejection of the “Veterans Right to Know Act”. “To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces.” is the U.S. Congress’s responsibility under the 1791 U.S. Constitution, Article I, Sect. 8, Clause 14, and under the Bill of Rights, Amendment VIII is the, “…nor cruel and unusual punishments.” In 2016 Congress’s own to date ignored “hazardous” human experimentation “lessons” learned now span seventy two (72) years without correction, i.e., 1944 – 2016!
    A brief background, with reiteration, follows: In 1950 the U.S. Supreme Court Feres Case determined that an accidental barracks fire death was a U.S. is not responsible “incident to service”. On 26 February 1953 was the TOP SECRET Department of Defense (DOD) Secretary’s NO non-consensual, human experiments Memo; pgs. 343-345, The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code; Human Rights in Human Experimentation! On 22 Aug. 1975 the memo was unclassified. The 1987 U.S. Supreme Court STANLEY decision makes clear that deliberately injured, experimented on and not consenting Military Personnel are “incident to service” guinea pigs!  Approved was a U.S. Military, sovereign immunity Doctrine of the king can do no wrong, injurious 1958 non-consensual LSD experiment. It was in direct disobedience of the DOD Secretary’s 1953 order. In 1994 was the U.S. Senate Report identifying a then 50 years of experiments, now ongoing, on militay personnel. As verified by the continuing rejection of the “Veterans Right to Know Act”. Overlooked by Congress is their U.S. Constitutional responsibility. Ten (10) documentation sources are available on request. Your suggestions on how to accomplish the to-date unsuccessful elimination of the Feres, guinea pig, Doctrine, before drafting women subjects, would be most welcome.
    Thank You.
    David Marshall
    100% disabled 1952-1956 USAF Jet Aircraft Mechanic; B.U. 1957-1961 B.S.M.E.

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