Texas School Gets $200 Million to Find Proof of God

TexasAM<National Report>Bryan, TX–Is there a way to scientifically prove the existence of God?  That’s what researchers at Texas A&M University are about to try and discover.  The school was recently given a whopping $200 million in funding to launch a major study to find tangible evidence of the existence of a higher power with lab-proven, repeatable results, making this the largest and most expansive (and also, the most expensive) scientific study related to God’s existence in history.

Funding for the study comes from an organization called “Christians for Higher Scientific Understanding,” or “CHSU.”  The group spent four years raising the money, mostly through lobbying evangelical “mega-churches” throughout the bible belt, while also enlisting the help of wealthy Christian and conservative figures.

CHSU organizers reached out to several schools in March, including MIT, Berkley, Oxford, and Cambridge, but they were turned down at nearly every turn.  But four American schools — Texas A&M, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Indiana State, and Seton Hall — expressed interest in the study, and placed bids to be given the grant.  Texas A&M overwhelmingly took home the prize in April, and vowed to begin research for the project on Monday, May 5th of this year.

“We’re excited to be working with Texas A&M on this monumental scientific adventure,” said CHSU President Pastor Gregory Mondale Sr., during an interview with National Report earlier this week.  “We have an opportunity to do something on a biblical scale here, no pun intended.  To prove the existence of God with repeatable results is something few scientists have ever really tried to do, I think mostly because so few members of the science community are people of faith.  But I’m confident they’ll find what we’re hoping they’ll find.”

And what exactly are they hoping Texas A&M researchers will find?  For Mondale, the answer is obvious.  “Proof, of course.  Proof that God exists.  I guess you might call it validation of what we already know, beyond a doubt.  But proof of the existence of our heavenly father would end so much speculation and give all people, especially nonbelievers, the gift of faith.  And when people find out it’s the true God, the Christian God, it will end war and conflict all around the world, because everyone will realize that Jesus is real, that God is real, but there is only one God. Gay marriage, and homosexuality in general, would be a thing of the past if people understood, beyond any reason of doubt, that God is real and the Bible is the truth.  Abortion, that would also cease worldwide, we hope.  And people would be allowed to pray in schools, and worship the way they want to, without fear of persecution.  It would be a perfect world.  A Christian world.”

But Texas A&M’s Dean of Scientific Studies, Angela Rogers, says that the school isn’t taking sides just yet.  “We’re approaching this subject with as much neutrality as we possibly can.  We want to explore historical, physical, chemical, and geological evidence, without leaning one way or the other.  We appreciate that this is delicate subject matter and that our findings could have wide-sweeping social, economic, and political implications.  This has the potential to change the world.  And so we want to be absolutely certain that we’re not bias and that our research reflects that.”

Research will officially begin on Monday in Texas A&M’s existing facilities, while nearly half of the funding granted to the school will be poured into building a new science wing which will focus on this study until it’s completion.  The school hopes to break ground on that new facility before the end of the year, and complete it in 2015 or 2016.


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5 Responses to "Texas School Gets $200 Million to Find Proof of God"

  1. SouthernAthiest says:

    200m down the drain. could have helped allot of poor family’s. I cant wait for the day when we a humans can rise above this whole god thing. then and only then will we find peace on earth!

  2. miller says:

    We need no further proof of the existence of God than to point to the reality of pizza and prime rib. Case closed.

  3. Larry Laird says:

    Obvious bias from the start. (our heavenly father)
    We already have proof there is no god.
    First, start by defining what attributes god has. (not SUPPOSED to have).
    Since that first step will fail the study will show there is no god. Quite simple.
    This is supposed to be a school of education??

  4. Master's Johnson says:

    I got you’re proof right here, if there is no God, then what do the initials OMG stand for? Half a billion teenage girls can’t be wrong…

  5. Hattori Hanzo says:

    Aggies already have our god, and his name is Johnny Fucking Football.

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