Tamu Massif Volcano VS Fukushima Death Plume – Brewing Up Nuclear Volcanic Catastrophe

A Recreation Of What The Tamu Massif Nuclear Eruption Will Look Like

A Recreation Of What The Tamu Massif Nuclear Eruption Will Look Like

(Japan) – The Japanese are sitting on a virtual ticking time bomb that could result in a horrific nuclear volcanic eruption. Recently scientist discovered what is now known to be the largest volcano on the planet earth residing directly under the toxic tides of uncontrolled radioactive waste being expelled into the ocean.

As unsuppressed irradiated waste seeps into the volcano Tamu Massif, it is feared that the combination of volatile chemicals will ignite a violent eruption. If said eruption were to occur, it would result in a massive underwater explosion sending toxic debris flying in all directions of the Earth. The fallout would also result in gigantic radioactive tsunamis, earthquakes and enormous casualties in marine life. This catastrophic event could permanently alter ecosystems and contaminate the ocean rendering it permanently uninhabitable.

Once the radiation causes the volcano to erupt it will also create toxic lava which will find its way to the surface and dry into literal floating islands of glowing, radioactive rock which will spew poisonous nerve gas into the atmosphere.

Tamu Massif is located about a thousand miles east of Japan, having been dormant for millions of years. Scientists have now discovered the dome-shaped behemoth has a footprint the size of New Mexico.

Ironically, the only solution that has been proposed is to bomb the underwater volcano with a nuclear warhead. By propelling an explosive device deep into the Pacific Ocean officials hope the resulting blast will clog the mouth of the volcano and effectively nullify any dangers.

Environmentalist call this plan ludicrous and declared the added nuke could actually make matters worse. Not only will the wicked Death Plum more than double in size, but it could also result in the actual turning of the sea tides as well. While the strategy might quell the bubbling cauldron that is Tamu Massif, it still does not account for the mass loss of sea life that will surely result through this “fix”.

Photo credit: Nuclear Weapons Test, Public Domain, Source: http://pixabay.com/en/nuclear-weapons-test-nuclear-weapon-67557/

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5 Responses to "Tamu Massif Volcano VS Fukushima Death Plume – Brewing Up Nuclear Volcanic Catastrophe"

  1. Sabu says:

    This is the most idiotic and unscientific article ever to appear on the internet.

    Firstly, there is no mixture of ‘volatile chemicals’. If there are, please identify and list them.

    Secondly, one cannot use the terms radiation and chemicals in the same context.They are two separate things.Thirdly, one fails to see how radioactive water can cause a volcano to explode

    and if this is the case, please elucidate how this will come about.The type of radiation escaping from Fukushima cannot and will not cause an atomic explosion.I admit that there is much inherent danger in the situation as it exists, but for heaven’s sake,use credible scientific

    reasoning to explain things!!!

    • Ratiug14 says:

      Shes nothing but a crazed old bat who has nothing better to do than cook up unbelievable batshit insane posts…

      You also need to realize that most of the public that reads shit like this, usually runs on ten brain cells

  2. Joel says:

    Apparently she’s illiterate too, considering the ‘cited’ article from the Washington Post calls it an EXTINCT volcano, with no threat of eruption… …too bad people are going to believe her crap…

  3. Tera says:

    I thought this article was very informative, most people do not know about the largest volcano in the world being under the ocean, and how suprised I was to see it was between japan and Hawaii. My first reaction was you have to be kidding me, wow!!!! It almost seems as if the Fukushima Plant was literally and intentionally built on severe lethal ground.

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