George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson Scheduled To Box Live On Pay-Per-View

Some are calling it the most anticipated battle royal of the 21st century. Trigger happy neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, will go toe to toe with this month’s most reviled boy in blue, the one and only, Darren Wilson. The [...]
George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Set To Release Children’s Book Series

It seems as if George Zimmerman has found a new calling in life. One that could possibly help restore his public image and help children around the world to avoid situations similar to the one that cost Trayvon Martin his life. Zimmerman, along [...]
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National Report Poll: Which Ethnicity Will George Zimmerman Murder Next?

(National Report Office California) – America has been watching the Zimmerman Odyssey unfold from the moment he gunned down 18-year-old Trayvon Martin on a rainy February night in Sanford, Florida. George Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence [...]