Liberals Sue As Texas Approves $600 Voter Registration Fee

The Texas State Legislature approved this week a new law which will require all citizens registering to vote from 2016 on to pay a one-time fee of $600 in order for their voter registration to be approved. But while Republicans say the new [...]
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Obama Declares ‘English Only’ Bills Unconstitutional in Arizona, Florida & Texas

WASHINGTON DC – In a sweeping new round of executive orders, President Obama is set to declare unconstitutional so-called ‘English Only’ bills headed to Congress from Arizona, Florida, and Texas, according to congressional sources. [...]
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Time Warner Cable, Texas Corrections Working On “Gladiator TV” Network

If Time Warner Cable gets their way, death row inmates in the State of Texas might soon get a second chance at life, but only if they manage to defeat — or even kill — their fellow inmates in a brutal televised fighting match on [...]
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Textbooks Recalled In Texas After Racist Obama Comments Discovered

[DALLAS, TX] Over 117,000 tenth-grade history textbooks were recalled by the Texas State Board of Education and the Texas Association of School Boards today, after it was discovered that a chapter discussing the presidency of Barack Obama contained [...]
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Texas License Plates To Begin Showing Political Party Affiliation

<National Report>”I think it’s great and I can’t wait until my Ford proudly shows my status as both a Texan and a Republican,” said Burt Gifford, 78, of Plano, Texas. Mr. Gifford is referring to a report that the [...]
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New Texas Restaurant REQUIRES Patrons to Open Carry

AUSTIN, Texas – A new restaurant called Cash ‘N’ Carry is quickly becoming the Lone Star state’s most popular eating place. A sign at the door says, “No Shirt, No Gun, No Service.” You must be armed – with cash and a firearm – [...]
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President Obama… “White Privilege & Christianity Slowed American Progress”

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief Earlier today, President Obama, delivered his report on America’s trade performance and the economy before a crowd of entrepreneurs, businessmen and small business owners at a conference in Dallas, [...]

Killer Of “Tejano Queen” Selena, Yolanda Saldivar, To Be Granted Early Release From Prison

Yolanda Saldivar, the woman who murdered beloved Tejano star, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, could be released from prison as early as January 1st, 2015. The former nurse who later became president of Selena’s budding fan club shot and killed [...]
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Rick Perry Blames Ebola On Gays, Threatens Virus With Pistol

At an early morning GOP fundraiser in Dallas on Tuesday, Texas Governor Rick Perry told a group of about five-hundred conservatives that he believes homosexuals are to blame for the global spread of the deadly Ebola disease, and that if [...]
Texas Ebola Outbreak

17 Texas Kindergarteners Contract Ebola After Exposure To Liberian Foreign Exchange Student

BREAKING NEWS – The unused wing of a retirement community in Wortham, Texas was transformed into a makeshift Ebola ward early this morning after 17 kindergarten students fell violently ill and tested positive for the Ebola virus. It is [...]

Feds Issue Travel Advisory for Texas Following Ebola Spread

<National Report>The U.S. Department of State has issued a travel advisory for US citizens considering travel to and from Texas.  The advisory was posted early this morning following multiple reports of a Texas town that has been [...]
Gov. Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry Suspends High School Football In Texas

<National Report>Texas Governor Rick Perry made a controversial move this week when he proposed suspending all high school football programs in the state. Perry’s proposed ban on the sport comes just after the shocking deaths of [...]
Gamer Swatted senteced to 25 years

15 Year Old Who “SWATTED” Gamer Convicted Of Domestic Terrorism; 25 Years To Life In Federal Prison

DeQuincy, LA — What many teenagers these days are considering a harmless prank, has landed one online gamer in more trouble than he could have ever imagined. In a Louisiana courtroom today, 15-year-old Paul Horner broke down in tears after [...]

Day Three Of The Sarita Texas Invasion: La Raza Militia Leader Speaks

We’re currently on the outskirts of Sarita, Texas, a small town that has been invaded by members of immigration activist group, “La Raza”. This is day three of the illegal occupation, and we have been posted up with the Oath [...]
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Texas to Pass “Name Your Fetus” Bill

<National Report>State legislators in Texas will vote on an anti-abortion bill that some opponents are saying is “the most draconian law” in Texas’ history, as it makes abortions significantly more challenging for [...]