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Obama Invites Perry, Santorum and Jindal to Watch Debates at White House

THE WHITE HOUSE – President Obama, apparently feeling “big-hearted” over tonight’s Republican Primary debate, has extended a personal invitation to the “runners-up” to watch the broadcast with members of his family, including first [...]
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Texas Governor Requests Emergency Federal Funding to ‘Observe’ Jade Helm 15

<Austin, TX>In a top secret memo to the White House, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has requested emergency federal assistance be given to Texas’ effort to ‘observe’ and report on U.S. Military movements throughout the [...]
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Alabama DOT Bans Homosexuals from Highway Rest Stops

Montgomery, AL — Alabama Governor Robert J. Bentley has ordered the state’s National Guard leadership to stop the gay sex epidemic that has plagued Alabama’s highway rest stops in recent years. Citing Alabama’s ‘Religious Freedom’ [...]
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BREAKING: Operation Jade Helm Claims First Civilian Casualty

Porter, TX, – According to multiple sources, Operation Jade Helm 15 has claimed its first civilian casualty Saturday night just east of Porter, Texas. Around 7:15 p.m. Saturday, Pct. 4 Deputy Constable Buford Gleason and two Montgomery [...]
Ammosexuals in Florida and Texas Protesting Legislative Action that may result in blacks having the right to open-carry.  (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

Florida and Texas Considering Legislation to Extend Open Carry to African Americans

In what is being hailed by some as civil rights legislation, lone Democratic lawmakers in Florida and Texas are considering extending ‘Open Carry’ laws to blacks. Democratic legislators in both Florida and Texas are said to be considering [...]
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Obama: Jade Helm 15 to be Scaled Back After Discovering that Some Texans Are Armed

President Obama, in a memo to his top advisers and the leaders of all branches of the military, has given orders to slowly roll back the planned invasion of Texas and parts of the Southwest after intelligence gatherers preceding the invasion [...]
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Gov. Rick Perry: ‘Gay’ is the Saddest Word In The English Language

FORT WORTH, Tex. – In June 2014, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was asked to explain comments he made at a San Francisco event comparing homosexuality to alcoholism. When asked whether he considered homosexuality a disorder, he answered: “Whether [...]
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Marshall Law Declared In Texas

BASTROP COUNTY, Tex. – Fears of a government takeover authorized by Barack Obama spread among the 78,000 residents of Bastrop County, Texas, after the US military revealed that a series of Jade Helm 15 Special Operations exercises would [...]
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Trump Defiant: ‘Bill Cosby’s Doing The Raping, Not Mexicans!’

NEW JERSEY – At a closed-door campaign fundraiser, Donald Trump reportedly turned the late-breaking news about Bill Cosby obtaining Quaaludes – with the intention of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with – into a punch line. “Hey! [...]
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WI Gov. Scott Walker Challenges Supreme Court Justices to Fist Fight

Madison, WI – In a historic victory for the gay rights movement, the United States Supreme Court ruled by a 5-4 vote on Friday that the constitution guarantees the right to same-sex marriage. This SCOTUS decision comes on the heels of another [...]
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FBI Admits To Placing All Registered Motorcycle Owners On Classified Gang List After Waco Shootout

In the aftermath of the biker gang shootout at the Waco Texas, Twin Peaks last Sunday, citizens are looking to authorities for not only answers, but solutions. 170 bikers have been arrested and charged, however citizens want to know what will [...]
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RFID ‘Obama Chip’ Nabs Escaped Federal Prisoner, Says Guard

BEAUMONT, Tex. – Next to the sprawling, 1,500-inmate campus of a Jefferson County federal prison, sits a smaller, minimum security “satellite camp”, temporary home to 500 low-risk offenders, mostly white-collar criminals biding [...]
Cassidy Pen-NR

Texas Tea Party Warns of Purge

Another Edition of Cassidy’s Combat Culture Column Friends and God-fearing lovers of the constitution, it is my duty as a follower of God and patriotic veteran to the red, white, and blue to report troubling news in my weekly “C-cubed” [...]
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Bernice Anders: ‘Sarah Palin Made My Life Hell On Earth’

The quiet routine for retiree Bernice Anders, who shares her name – at least phonetically – with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, came to an abrupt end last weekend, after former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, 66, repeatedly referred to Sanders as [...]
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Palin Warns America: Bernice Anders is a Socialist Vermont Obama!

AUSTIN, Tex. – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin delivered another somewhat rambling speech during a Ted Cruz fundraising luncheon on Friday, repeatedly warning the $2,000 per plate guests that “a vote for Vermont Senator “Bernice [...]
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Texas Implements Three-Strike Law For Marijuana Related Charges

The Texas Legislature has passed a controversial three-strike law for all drug related charges including the possession and distribution of marijuana and all other illegal class one substances. The new law will require all third time offenders [...]