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FBI Admits To Placing All Registered Motorcycle Owners On Classified Gang List After Waco Shootout

In the aftermath of the biker gang shootout at the Waco Texas, Twin Peaks last Sunday, citizens are looking to authorities for not only answers, but solutions. 170 bikers have been arrested and charged, however citizens want to know what will [...]
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RFID ‘Obama Chip’ Nabs Escaped Federal Prisoner, Says Guard

BEAUMONT, Tex. – Next to the sprawling, 1,500-inmate campus of a Jefferson County federal prison, sits a smaller, minimum security “satellite camp”, temporary home to 500 low-risk offenders, mostly white-collar criminals biding [...]
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Texas Tea Party Warns of Purge

Another Edition of Cassidy’s Combat Culture Column Friends and God-fearing lovers of the constitution, it is my duty as a follower of God and patriotic veteran to the red, white, and blue to report troubling news in my weekly “C-cubed” [...]
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Bernice Anders: ‘Sarah Palin Made My Life Hell On Earth’

The quiet routine for retiree Bernice Anders, who shares her name – at least phonetically – with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, came to an abrupt end last weekend, after former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, 66, repeatedly referred to Sanders as [...]
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Palin Warns America: Bernice Anders is a Socialist Vermont Obama!

AUSTIN, Tex. – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin delivered another somewhat rambling speech during a Ted Cruz fundraising luncheon on Friday, repeatedly warning the $2,000 per plate guests that “a vote for Vermont Senator “Bernice [...]
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Texas Implements Three-Strike Law For Marijuana Related Charges

The Texas Legislature has passed a controversial three-strike law for all drug related charges including the possession and distribution of marijuana and all other illegal class one substances. The new law will require all third time offenders [...]
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Ted Cruz Praises Obamacare, Says He Saved Nearly 20% On Health Insurance

2016 Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz surprised many earlier this week when he revealed that he and his family would sign up for health insurance on the famed Obamacare exchanges, but today, he managed to surpass that story with an even more [...]
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Ted Cruz, Canadian Born Texan, Announces American Presidential Bid

**** BREAKING — SENATOR TED CRUZ WILL ENROLL IN OBAMACARE **** WASHINGTON – In a geopolitical twist guaranteed to generate heated debate while being ignored by double standard-bearers everywhere, Calgary, Canada-born Texas junior Senator [...]
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George W. Bush SHOCKER: ‘Bush Will Run in 2016′

CRAWFORD, TX – In stunning news guaranteed to re-solidify the GOP, split by years of infighting among ultra-conservative factions and the rank-and-file, comes word that former President George W. Bush will definitely run again. The news, [...]
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Starbucks Halts ‘Race Together’ Initiative After Burn Unit Overcrowdings

SEATTLE – With race-related incidents dominating headlines, Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz decided to launch an initiative called “Race Together“, in a attempt to stimulate dialogue and debate about race relations in America. Although [...]
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Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program Leads to Rise in School Shartings

Washington, D.C. – First Lady Michelle Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, the federally mandated school lunch program, is not only financially crippling some school lunch programs, but now according to recent studies, could be directly [...]
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Rand Paul Gave Head To Donor During CPAC Speech

WASHINGTON – According to Republican National Committee officials, US Senator Rand Paul, (R-KY) “committed no ethical violations” in connection with an act reportedly witnessed by many audience members at Washington DC’s [...]

Liberals Sue As Texas Approves $600 Voter Registration Fee

The Texas State Legislature approved this week a new law which will require all citizens registering to vote from 2016 on to pay a one-time fee of $600 in order for their voter registration to be approved. But while Republicans say the new [...]
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Obama Declares ‘English Only’ Bills Unconstitutional in Arizona, Florida & Texas

WASHINGTON DC – In a sweeping new round of executive orders, President Obama is set to declare unconstitutional so-called ‘English Only’ bills headed to Congress from Arizona, Florida, and Texas, according to congressional sources. [...]
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Time Warner Cable, Texas Corrections Working On “Gladiator TV” Network

If Time Warner Cable gets their way, death row inmates in the State of Texas might soon get a second chance at life, but only if they manage to defeat — or even kill — their fellow inmates in a brutal televised fighting match on [...]
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Textbooks Recalled In Texas After Racist Obama Comments Discovered

[DALLAS, TX] Over 117,000 tenth-grade history textbooks were recalled by the Texas State Board of Education and the Texas Association of School Boards today, after it was discovered that a chapter discussing the presidency of Barack Obama contained [...]