A color coded calendar of commonly shared birthdays has many light colored days, indicating an abortion was performed about 8 months earlier. (Full size image shown at end of article.)

Popular Planned Parenthood Abortion Days Revealed in New Calendar

(National Report) – A very informative calendar of common birthdays was recently released across the internet by Matt Stiles that reveals some startling facts and raises some uncomfortable questions about ‘choice’ propaganda. There are [...]
forehead 6

Forehead Touching, an Appropriate Kissing Substitute for Sustained Teen Purity and Cancer Prevention

(National Report) – Displays of unruly affection are an embarrassment for everyone. When captured on film, in wedding pictures or posted to the internet, images of couples ‘sucking face’ promote private promiscuity, sexual self-harm and [...]
Are your children aggravating their genitals in the bug out shelter?

Prepper Nation – Is Your Child Probably Aggravating Their Sex Genitals in the Shelter?

(National Report) – While the end times are upon America, the need to live in shelters hasn’t really arrived yet. Many post-apocalyptic homes and hidey holes are uninhabited, filled with only racks of dehydrated foods, ammunition,  supplies [...]