Satan’s Face Seen In Radioactive Clouds Emitted From Fukushima’s Reactor 3

Reactor 3 of the of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is suspected to be on the verge of complete meltdown; A catastrophe that could lead to 89 tons of radioactive waste being flooded into the earth’s sea and skies. This weekend security [...]

Jambands-Satan’s Tools to Brainwash Your Children

A Cassidy Pen Expose on the Dangers of Jam Music Part One: The Ugly Side of Your Children’s Musical Choices My journalistic colleague, Manfred Peregrin has covered with profound depth the scourge of horror rap/metal bands like the Insane [...]

Marvel Comics Controversial Dr. Strange/Scarlet Witch Rape Storyline Outrages Parents Groups

Marvel Comics has received torrents of outraged comments from longtime fans, concerned parents groups and even atheists since announcing it’s plans for a major new crossover storyline involving most of its titles and set for release [...]
nin 2013.09.28-39

Nine Inch Nails, a Downward Spiral…to Hell!!!

By Cassidy Pen, Staff Writer <St. Paul, MN> Death wishes, unprotected sex, neglectful drug use, and sinister worship of the devil, all of these topics can be found in the lyrics and stage content of Nine Inch Nails. The ruin of your children’s [...]

Diablo 3 Wants Your Precious Youth to “Go to Hell”

By: Cassidy Pen <National Report> The realm of video game play has increased in popularity as technology has improved in the last few decades. During this time, gamers have become increasingly enthralled with outstanding graphics and an [...]
The DeQuincy Elementary School

Former Teacher On The Run After Criminal Actions & Telling 1st Graders That Santa, Easter Bunny And Tooth Fairy Do Not Exist

DeQuincy, LA — The parents of a small town in Louisiana have filed a class action lawsuit against the DeQuincy School District over criminal actions and comments made by one of their former teachers. According to the lawsuit, on the morning [...]
Poor Leopold...

Heavy Metal Fans Poison Manfred Peregrine’s Dog

Fellow Christians, this last month has been like the trials of Job for your pal, Manfred Peregrine. Since transferring to this fine editorial, National Report, I have received much derision from the hell-bound members of the Left Hand Path. [...]

Jeff Hanneman Funeral Protest With Manfred Peregrine And The Westboro Baptist Church

<NR>I am honored to announce the upcoming Jeff Hanneman funeral protest and my new-found friendship with Shirley Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. May 6th 2013 we are scheduled to picket at the funeral service of Slayer’s [...]
hell (600 x 375)

Jeff Hanneman Of Slayer Burns In Hell

<NR>Recently a weak-willed servant of Satan drank himself to death after a necrotic spider bite took away his ability to strum the Devil’s chords. Jeff Hanneman was the 49-year-old alcoholic guitarist of the horrendously overrated [...]
Aileen Wuornos Could Not Have Murdered 6 Men Had She Been Aborted

Abortion Debate: Should Legal Abortions Be Extended Through Age 18 Years?

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <NationalReport> As the author of several books on teens and alcohol abuse including, Nigel’s Guide For Teen Boozers, and Tips For Teens Who Drink & Drive, I’ve become somewhat [...]

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